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Stop Trying To Normalise Being Fat!


I honestly don’t understand how so many black women can walk around looking like oversized aircraft carriers/super tankers and at the same time delude themselves into believing their fat status can somehow be normalised. Being overweight is NOT A NORMAL STATE OF EXISTENCE.

I personally couldn’t do it, walking around grossly overweight but at the same time attempt to normalise and justify that same unhealthy, abnormal position.

These are the fruits of feminism right here, where women throw off that which is feminine and of a high standard and instead embrace the dregs and the gutter pretending that making such a move is noble, honourable and so called “progressive”.

Real and true progression so to speak is recognising that you’re overweight, realising it’s a problem and implementing some sort of plan and rugged steps towards bringing your weight back down within a normal range.

This is how you know that most black women are already mentally defeated, they no longer take pride in the way they look, as a group they’ve allowed their physical appearance to spiral into the toilet and at the same time use every external appendage available to attempt to make improvements to a below the sewer condition they’ve created themselves.

Using copious amounts of makeup to cover up their coarse, spotty skin that has come about as a result of poor eating choices, using weaves and wigs to cover up their natural hair because they are ashamed of their black heritage, using fake eyelashes and fake nails attempting to doll themselves up but actually making themselves look like flamboyant trannies and drag queens.

On a quick side note, here is a prime example of what I’m talking about and NO, I refuse to embed the video because the thumbnail of this particular creature is too horrific to look at and yes, she’s going in on black men as well:

And here is the same creature without any makeup on, things jump from horrific to all hope is lost very quickly, BE WARNED:

Tatting themselves up down to hell because they want to be men so badly, this is the sorry state the modern day black female has sunken into and is one of the main reasons why over here we advise black men with sense and intelligence to walk away and find new pastures.

Unfortunately, as has been discussed here many times before, most black men simply cannot let go, they’re addicted to this modern day black woman and will hold onto her at all costs, even if it means throwing a fellow brother under 10 buses for his “black queenie”.

The simping levels within black male society have sky rocketed to an astronomical scale, this is precisely why most black men can’t be helped and unfortunately have to be abandoned. It’s these simps who are the ones gassing up the heads of these black sirens, this is what is giving black women the courage to walk boldly in their dysfunction instead of addressing it.

In fact, in recent times I’ve been finding that it is black men who have been the ones trying to shut me down, not black women. These dickhead, snitch, tattle-tail, blue pilled, emasculated Negro male simps are everywhere. Where black women as a group have taken up the charge on behalf of racist white men, it is now these simp snitch effeminate Negroes carrying out the grunt work on behalf of the black witch.

Most men don’t want fat women, yes there are exceptions to every rule, however the norm isn’t altered by a few anomalies here and there, again, most men desire women who are IN SHAPE. The only black men who will accept fat black women are desperate simps and 12 Gauge Mike looking to bust a quick nut.

Finally, here is the queen of fatdom Lizzo celebrating the fact that she’s GAINED WEIGHT. When you have female counterparts who actually celebrate welcoming heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, lack of mobility etc with open arms, know that it’s time to cut your losses and run. SYSBM continues to reign supreme, reject the fatness and body positivity:

Obese women simply aren’t attractive and there’s nothing fat black women can do to change this. Fatties must ultimately be rejected, NOT selected. And so many black women wonder why more black men are increasingly choosing to walk away from them, it isn’t rocket science.

Remember, these are the same women telling black men that we can only get with fat and ugly white women while black women themselves remain the fattest specimens on the block, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The entire world is going to hell in a hand basket but as per usual black women are more preoccupied with vanity and material possessions. What person in their right mind worries about luxuries when their rights are being stripped away in real time by corrupt and evil governments? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Always Hold Fat Women Accountable For Their Obesity

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Normalise Being Fat!

  1. These black females remain the biggest fakers and racists of all time LOL. Claiming to be queens, yet being overweight and blaming everything on black men. No different from Chabad Chev from Kiev, Moscow Mike, Lord Napoleon and Homo Nazi Vern who all need each other to survive.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Alongside feminism blame the black man is number one religion of black women as a group. Yet on the flip side they still have the audacity to ask us for protection, smh.

  2. I am not going to say much about this fat BW because it is pure ugly, if they had beards like LGBT, they will be called ‘Creature’ which Minister Jap refers them to.
    I saw the link and I am loss for words.
    David Carroll use to say ‘You put a lipstick on a pig and call them attractive’.

    As for the Simps who try to shut down your website.
    It is usually the blue pillers because they like to do the feminist/liberal and now LBGT’s dirty work.
    Remember Verbs that Liberal, LGBT and feminist alliance cannot take down red pillers so they need some dick police simp cuck to do it. Also feminist never get their hands dirty only weak men does. Simp males are like Cannon Fodder to them so they are replacable.

    This is because:
    1) They want to get laid with feminists and sometimes transgenders which will never happen anyway.
    2) They believe that shutting down people like Tommy Sotomayor and getting people like him, Kevin and Red Pillers off the internet will make the black culture/community flourish better.
    How the hell shutting red pillers/SYSBM off the internet will improve the community?
    They believe that putting smart men back into the plantation will improve the communitah. Sorry to say this, but this ain’t going to happen

    1. MMT,

      I couldn’t bring myself to embed the video links into the article because the heifer looked too horrific, I refused to do it.

      Like I said before, these blue pilled simps have become even more of a pestilence and a curse than the black women they fawn over and worship.

      They believe that shutting down those like myself who call out the dysfunctions of the modern day black female as well as the pile of ashes and rubble she runs called “da communitah” is a better solution than actually facing the problems and dealing with them head on, smh.

      This is exactly why black men who are worth their salt checked out of black society a long time ago and many more are following suit slowly realising “da communitah” is a lost cause.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Fat black women and fat women regardless of race in general are not desired because they are unhealthy and they are putting their health at risk for this progressiveness and this feminism bullshit telling women that being fat and obese is beautiful when it really isn’t. I find fat women and obese women a huge turn off because I am only attracted to slim women or athletic women who go to the gym and they keep their bodies healthy and in shape plus I am a in shape dude myself and not only that these slim women and athletic women can give me healthy children plus we go well together if I was to walk street with a slim woman or athletic woman. Also I hate fake looking women and unfortunately 95 percent of black women worldwide are fake looking from head to toe and I refuse to date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      When you look at black women pre feminism the overwhelming majority of them were in shape, apart from the “mammy” type black female, fat black women were hard to find, not anymore however.

      Outside of not being attractive, the health aspect is another issue that black women refuse to take seriously, promoting and bragging about being unhealthy, where is the responsibility and accountability?

      These deceitful miscreants be out here falsely claiming that the number one killer of black women are black men when it is actually heart disease, smh.

  4. I thought Lizzo was trying to LOSE weight. And look at that flat ass, yuck. Weird how fat white celebrities like Adele and Rebel Wilson have lost the weight and now look incredible. But I thought it was impossible to get skinny. Oh I know, they’re rich, they’ve got trainers, nutritionists, etc, any excuse.

    Lort knows I like a thicc white girl but these fat black heffas are completely out of pocket.

    None of this is new. When I was a kid in the late 70s, early 80s me and my best friend used to talk about how black hoes in our town would get their nails did, hair did, makeup, mani and pedi, literally ANYTHING except lose weight. And then as now, Black men were expected to deal with these hippos exclusively. Unlike the old days, Black men with their shit together now have options.

    Look out for the Agent Smith simp negroes out here gassin up these wide load trailers, brothers. The enemy looks just like you. SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Lizzo at one stage did actually lose some weight, however the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure dog piled on her for looking out for her health, how jacked up and dysfunctional is that? So she’s gone back to the Michelin Man/oil tanker regime.

      It’s amazing how white and other non black women as a collective view losing excess weight or at least staying in shape as a necessity, black women on the other hand value being unhealthy and will berate and disparage anybody who tells them otherwise, no wonder more and more brothers are checking out.

  5. Hey Babatunde that thing in the fist YouTube video looks like it escaped from her primate enclosure at the zoo. This is why they’ll remain the LEAST dated married and desired group on planet earth.
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      I just couldn’t do it, I refused to embed those videos into the article for our own health, safety and sanity.

  6. Damn Babatunde, you gave ample warning about the nasty heifers au natural video and I still wasn’t prepared! Daaaayumm! Keep in mind that this is what these negro simps expect you to be satisfied with pursuing while at the same time ignoring the bevy of in shape beauties vying for the average bm’s attention, from all around the world no less! Efff that noise! Every and I mean EVERY other group of women from all over this earth offer a better deal to the thinking bm than the average western bw and we’re not supposed to notice!? Make it make sense please! Anybody!

    1. Andre,

      Yep, I don’t think any warnings could prepare a man for that sight, it was very bad. Guaranteed they’ll be some simp out there who’ll call that monster a queen and be prepared to cuff her.

      This is what those black men who still choose to deal with these heifers have to choose from, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      Sorry, beauty standards amongst non black women are much higher, that’s the truth that most black women and their pro black, blue pilled simps don’t want to hear and accept.

  7. I’m not into fat women in general but the truth is a fat white woman is more attractive than a slim negress and a fat negress.

    My future white wifey has to be healthy and slim period.

  8. Just when you think the scraggle daggle can’t be anymore ridiculous, they prove you wrong! What is a “fat bodies liberationist”? What exactly is she liberating fat bodies from, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Is she fighting to break free from the stronghold of healthful living? How is any of this empowering? Speaking of which, “empowerment” has sadly become code for stagnation; they never seek to improve themselves, but rather attempt to normalize their dysfunction. There is no luxury that will help “fat Black bodies” aside from a certified nutritionist, gym membership, and a physical trainer!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      #BOOM. This is the black feminist mindset on display right here, make excuses for their dysfunction instead of dealing with the dysfunction, smh. It has become a very rare thing to run into a black woman who is health conscious and promotes responsible, healthy living and eating as opposed to the opposite.

      1. “It has become a very rare thing to run into a black woman who is health conscious and promotes responsible, healthy living and eating as opposed to the opposite.”

        And when you do, she is doing so to snag a white man, not a brother. We are not worth getting in shape for.

  9. You know when the ratchet black women say that when black men date fat white women when it comes to interracial dating. I wanna tell you this. Black men are with fat black women more then fat white women. Simple as that people. I know that there are black men that with fat white women but it’s not like black men who are with fat black women. Look like I’m goanna do three things why black men are with fat white women on Monday on Money Cultural.

    I know that over 80 per cent of black women are overweight because they eat a lot and don’t exercise. I saw the two videos of the fat black women and I tell you that frigging weave guys makes things very off putting. A fat woman especially a fat ting can’t force a man to date her or be in a relationship with her. Listen here, these simps who are defending these scraggle daggles, the women don’t even like them. They don’t wanna be with or want them to live with them.

    They want Rum Head Frasier, Des The Drunk, Street Mice, 357 Jimmy or a shit like me. I’ll cause problems to them. I had my shares with fat women. I breed up one fat gyal in 1995. I was 13 and she was 12. She obviously abort the baby. The fatty is on Facebook. And the last black woman I was with was a fat black woman who’s a single mother and a weed smoker. And her house was dirty. No man don’t wanna be with a drug addict. That is crazy. But I had some sexual encounters with fat women.

    I did an article called black men are black women who are fat. Most of these men are with fat black women and living off them. They need to get the fuck up and work their money and stop living off on women. Damn simps.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all time. You know why.


  10. Right, two of my exes are fat women. One is Jamaican who is nothing but a gold digging shit and the other one is born in North West London but she’s Congolese/Jamaican. They say that fat women love a man better. As I look at it, I really think they are making it up. I have chat up many fatties in my days. Some come to me sometimes and some of them are white. When a man has lots of money, he’ll never be a fat woman with him. He has more then one woman obviously because he has ‘nough dough on him and he can get any man he wants. When I was watching a live stream on Mad Bus Driver X (shouts out to him) The Straight Shooter says that he unapologetically likes fat white women. There are some men like fat women but of them don’t like them. A simp will say that you can normalise fat. No, you can’t simp. there is no way. You know the Porn star Pinky XXX. She has now gained weight. Some guys say that when a woman is thick, she gains weight. Look at Christina Hendrix. She’s white and she’s curvy.

    One more thing. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew.

    Enjoy your weekend SYSBM. I need a rest big time.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Yep, Straight shooter is one of the exceptions to the rule, however even he will acknowledge that being fat is not the norm. Simps will say anything they believe will get them laid, yet Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Two Snacks and Shorty Fist however treat these women like garbage and still manage to get their willies wet.

  11. Verbs
    This points to a much larger issue that black women have when compared to their counterparts of both genders. Usually when a woman is lacking in some physical feature she will try to make up for it in some other way. Take for example a girl I knew in Germany. Not the greatest face honestly but she compensated for this in a variety of ways. She was extremely feminine, educated (I mean a real education from a leading university in Germany and not a degree in black feminist victim hood) and had overall an amazing body that she kept up by working out.
    As a man who is only 5’2 I do similar things. Try to keep somewhat in shape, I dress well and act respectful. Back in the day I was heavy into weights cause women loved my arms. My point is black women are the only ones who do not put any effort into improving themselves and then complain that black men…and most men…are avoiding them like the Black Plague.

    1. Jedi Master Coon,

      Once again it comes back to the slave master mentality most black women have, they feel that they are above black men and thus in their eyes we are NOT entitled to see them at their best.

      The overweight cruise liner is just as arrogant and haughty as the black female who is in shape, as far as the fatty is concerned, black men should accept her as she is and be grateful.

      Black men of high quality as stated before are simply bypassing black women in stealth mode because of issues like this, and black women wonder why more black men are walking into the arms of non black women, this isn’t rocket science.

  12. Verbs2015,
    This is Another Common Trope that Most Black Females in America Have, Being Walking Mastodon’s. It Don’t Surprise me that Someone like Lizzo is Promoting this Being ”Overweight is Normal” Genre. When She Couldn’t be More WRONG. Let Me Tell you What is Normal, Being Tall is Normal, Being Short/Petite is Normal, Being Slim or Plus-Size or of a Different Race, That’s Normal. Overweight on the Other Hand is Not Normal that is a Health Hazzard. I Mean is it Normal for Someone like Lizzo to be so Large in Weight, that You get Automatically Exhausted just from Walking a Short Distance from your House to your Car or So Overweight that You Can’t get out of the door to your own Home if there’s an Emergency? This is Another Example of How Black Female in America got no Problem Stereotyping themselves to the Masses. Yet When the Media/Hollywood make Mockery of them in Either TV or Film. it goes over their Heads. In Fact, Eddie Murphy did that With that 2007 Movie ”Norbit”. Where he Portrayed a Simp Character Named Norbit & Then he Portrayed an Overweight, Always Horny, Mean Spirited & Downright Hostel AF Black Woman Named ”Rasputia”. Now it’s Amazing How Black Activists Didn’t like that, But to Go Off Track a Minute, Black Activists Were Complacent With Seeing A Black Actress like Keri Washington Play a Bed Wench on a TV Show like ”Scandal”. Never Raised any Outrage over that. I Guess it’s a Pick & Choose Tactic Either Way Neither is Good. It’s Not Good for a Black Female to be a Bed Wench Nor is it Good for a Black Woman to be a Walking Marshmallow, Yet Both are Seen as Acceptable/”The Norm” here in America. Which is very Disturbing. SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,


  13. Fat black women deserve luxury,… smgdh. Black women are literally self minstrel shows at this point. Keep in mind that since slavery, this has been the image of black women. I remember an old racist banned cartoon called “Scrub Me Momma With a Boogie Beat.” There was a light Lena Horne looking woman in the cartoon who actually had a feminine shape, meanwhile the old black mammy was fat and sloppy looking.

    Now lizzo (note the shade) is glad cuz she gained EVEN MORE WEIGHT?!!! When you think about it, you kind of have to TRY to get even fatter as Lizzie while having her life. Even with endless treats at her fingertips, you’d think ripping and running on stage would at least keep her ass from getting even fatter. After all, how many big fat ass male rappers or singers do you know?

    The reason why other women can be thick and still look good is because they’re thick on top of an actually feminine frame. Black women are thick on top of Reuben Studdard’s frame, with shoulders the size of Buicks. In my experience, most white women that have butts NATURALLY have them way more than black women, too. Black womens butt will look like misshapen play-do, no matter the age.

    Excess testosterone + linebacker frame + hog maws and chitlins + incest + shitty genetics already = a mutant strain of “female” life.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The longest running joke in history and they had these blue pilled, feminist simps such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain churning out endless videos trying his utmost to defend that which cannot be defended.

      He finally realised that he couldn’t successfully defend these high octane black female failures on any reasonable level, getting a new job was only part of the reason why he finally threw in the towel.

      You cannot defend a group of females who revel in their own dysfunction and have no problems recording the same and splashing the videos all over social media for all to see.

      Not once did the dude ever address any of the overt ratchet behaviour that black women shamelessly engage in, whenever it came to black women and their questionable antics, without fail Fountain Top always adopted the position of “nothing to see here, move along now”, smh.

      He made a video around 2 months ago stating that the late David Carroll was NOT a legend, yet one of the things that Carroll stated that has never been refuted is the fact that once again, you cannot defend that which cannot be defended, Aaron Fountain found this out the hard way.

      Black women continue to clown themselves, it’s always interesting to see different clown Negro males step up in their attempts to defend their “queenies” only to look incredibly stupid when their black female overlords go right back to doing some dumb stuff.

      Case in point, remember the dude Mohammed who bricked out the window of the Chinese nail salon in the so called “defence” of black women? What group of females were in the shop the following day getting their nails done as if nothing had happened?

      Another case in point, remember the Korean Beauty supply store owner who punched the black female in the mouth, when he announced a sale with 50% off in order to dissipate the heat from his actions, who were the ones lining up outside of the store deep looking to get a discount off their weaves and beauty supply products? Enough said.

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