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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, a lot is going on in the world. As we can see these mainstream media outlets are determined to keep the fear vibe in the air via their deliberate misrepresentation and misreporting of the whole Russia/Ukraine situation. Isn’t it funny how the Convid-1984 scam was literally pushed to the side within a few hours as soon as the Russia/Ukraine issue first arose?

All of a sudden poof, just like that, like magic, no more coercing people into getting an experimental jab that doesn’t protect you from the so called “virus” to begin with, no more misleading talk about the jab being “safe and effective” even though we’ve all observed that at minimum the so called “vaccine” is a death trap on steroids.

The mainstream media however are still trying their hardest to cover up jab injuries and deaths, at this moment mainly using the Russia/Ukraine saga as a convenient distraction. This morning I received this link from a good friend:

Expect to see random people flopping down and dying all over the place within the next 3 years while the lefty mainstream media continues to distract with various bread and circuses, the lamestream media truly are a bunch of devils, they revel in lies and deception, they know nothing about real journalism which they decided to throw out of the window years ago and they have no problems misleading the general public.

At this juncture anybody who still chooses to believe anything they report on deserves to be suckered, used and manipulated. What’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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55 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Fellas here’s a question for you. Do you think tats are sexy or do you just grit your teeth and go along with these mentally-ill hoes to get laid? Personally, not a fan of tats at all. I never heard of a woman’s value increasing because she got tats. That’s like closing on a million dollar dream home then setting graffiti artists loose on it.

    And you know these dumb bishes never stop at just one or two little ones but go insane with them.

    The good thing about them is they wear their need for attention, mental illness and daddy issues on the outside instead of slowly springing them on you like the olden days.

    I especially want to hear from y’all millenial negroes on this maybe it’s an age thing for me.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      For me personally I find tattoos on a woman a complete turn off, as far as I’m concerned they’re absolutely disgusting and yet another huge blemish that’s chipping away at the woman’s femininity. I associate tattoos firstly with sailors and pirates. Additionally, back in the day it was chiefly punk rockers and heavy metal pundits who got them, now every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to get tatted up as if they’re doing something unique.

      Tattoos are an immediate disqualification for me, they decrease a woman’s value significantly because it isn’t just the body graffiti you have to contend with, it’s the disjointed mindset behind it as well. My current misses doesn’t have any tattoos, none of my previous girlfriends had any either. I feel sorry for the younger guys as so many of these chicks believe being inked is a normal practice.

      In the current Western culture finding a woman who hasn’t tatted herself up these days is somewhat difficult. For those Negroes who are still choosing to deal with black women, they’ll serious have their work cut out trying to find a tattoo free black female as I find that black women are the worst when it comes to spray painting their bodies.

    2. Tattoos are an instant turn off, period. I don’t care if it’s in remembrance of their grandmother who died from butthole cancer or whatever else, I hate them. At the same time, however, I have to fault men somewhat for being the ones who started normalizing that crap. No class!

      1. The only purpose tats serve is to identify toxic individuals. Case in point: Those fine inhabitants of The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan).


    3. Not a fan of tattoo, either. I can forgive smaller ones, but when you coat entire regions of skin with ink = yuck. Its like ritual scarring to me. Instead of cutting yourself, you’re recovering your own skin.

    4. Millenial here…Tattoos aren’t desirable on a woman, but they do induce an element of sluttiness/erotic interest imho. In short if there are no tats I consider this one of the many physical requirements for long term serious interaction. If a girl has tattoos(personally idgaf if they are small and well hidden either) she would be best as a forever girlfriend type and at worst in a streetwalker category with me. Essentially, nothing can even be taken fully seriously with a person like that.

  2. My mother wants Vladimir Putin assassinated.

    Wishing death on someone eventually has bad karma every single time.

    My response was I’m not against Putin cause Russia is the future of Europe and I’m against western power.

    Her reply was she doubts Russia as the future of Europe and kid you not, she actually said Russia is like Nigeria of higher levels of corruption lol.

    Western Europe is the only region that has history of colonising the whole world, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Caribbean islands, Oceania.

    Funny how the mainstream media ain’t paying attention to vaccinations anymore and starts painting Russia in a negative light to the whole world.

    Ever since I started reading your book, it reminds me why I have to share it with my future white wifey and offspring.

    1. Witwijf,

      The crumbling West needs a huge distraction to take people’s minds off the deadly bioweapons they coerced so many into taking in the name of so called “public health”, Russia is now the big, bad boogieman that the mainstream media is leading the sheeple to hate instead of the elusive Convid-1984 virus.

      Always appreciate the support on the book front, Like I’ve always says, I’m just trying to do my part in enlightening black men to the trickery, the lies and the deceit emanating from the black witch’s death camp.


    JUST like with convid, if you dissent from the official narrative, you’re an istaphobe and a bigot! If you can’t question the official narrative (9/11, covid, 2020 election) without being deemed a domestic terrorist, it’s because said narrative is BULLSHIT.

    Also, fuck the money laundering child trafficking hub known as Ukraine.

    1. I used to believe about 10 percent of what was put out by the lamestream driveby media in the US. And I only believed that much because of the theory that, to make a lie credible, you put in a grain of truth.

      Anyway, nowadays I find it very difficult to believe even 10 percent. I still believe the US is a corrupt, decadent, evil society bent on making its masses into mindless worker slaves, ruled over by a small, corrupt, decadent elite.

      In this respect, I see no difference between Democrats and Republicans. And the ongoing saga of racism is just one of the many tools they employ to manipulate their masses. Europe is probably the same on steroids.

      If anyone has doubts about the evil intent of the US elite, ask yourself the following question.

      Why would any society prioritize the most worthless, beastly, unproductive segment of its female population to the detriment of more productive members of society ???

      To America, the most beastly scraggle daggle is more valuable than the most talented black male. Make that make sense.


    Exactly! Say what you will about Putin, but this whole thing is suspect. Y’all STILL think the NWO is a conspiracy?

    I ain’t crazy about the Bible, but what does it say about anyone who’s universally propped up and has their ass kissed without question like Zelensky? RUN from them!!!

    PS would **** the NWO out of this chick and breed a few litters out of her. She’d just be a concubine though.

  5. The juiced up will be on the hunt for politicians, doctors and employers who forced them to take the jib and take them out.

    My own family members are slowly waking up to the Convid scamdemic, and yet 2 years ago, they couldn’t be told. Conspiracy theorist, anti-vaq, tinfoil hat wearer etc. I told this person ‘once it’s in, you can’t get it out’. Now they’re either going to develop AIDS or drop dead.

    It was a wicked trick Fauci/Whitty/Hancock played on all of us and now it’s time for the Lord to deliver brutal justice. Hague trials followed by the Saudi crane and rope. Whoever shunned and mocked us will also get their just desserts in being humiliated and humbled. Can’t wait.

    1. >Hague trials followed by the Saudi crane and rope.

      To quote Elon Musk: “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” A quote I actually agree with.

      Gotta get medieval on this one – as in the rack followed by drawing and quartering.

      Or the Romainian treatment (see Nicolae Ceaușescu).


  6. Verbs 2015.

    I thank God that I am not vaccinated because I don’t want to die within 3 years and I want to live a very long life. Unfortunately you still have people in the world being brainwashed into taking the vaccine. The bad situation that is happening between Russia and Ukraine and that nobody on the news is talking about the covid 19 vaccine jab and social distancing has made me realise that the whole Covid 19 jab situation was a hoax and lie to begin with.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I watched the whole Convid-1984 plandemic unfold, I watched folks parrot the lamestream press talking points, I watched as people rolled up their sleeves after being suckered into the mainstream media maelstrom of propaganda, lies and deception.

      Many people around me who were strong at the beginning soon crumbled and succumb to the witchcraft and sorcery.

      Now the same sheeple are buying into the Russia/Ukraine propaganda being pushed and promoted by the same media that blatantly lied to them about Convid. Some people unfortunately deserve to be enslaved and taken advantage of, this is sadly a harsh reality of life.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! As you mentioned, the COVID scare has just vanished only to be replaced by the Russia-Ukraine war propaganda; like clockwork, media pundits are quick to manufacture consent about which side to take in this “White on White crime” in Eastern Europe, but one thing being glossed over is the possible release of deadly pathogens that could happen as a result of Russia invading Ukraine:

    In the event that the labs lost power and the pathogens were to be released, could that be the next big scare for the masses? There are plenty more questions that could be asked, but we shall see how this unfolds.

    1. Putin supposedly did surgical missions to eradicate these bio labs there. If he’s really Hitler Part 2, he really sucks at it.

        1. But it’s NOT linked! Homos have never preyed on kids and turned them out, ever in history! It’s all a horrible lie, like BLOOD LIBEL! I mean, fay-gotts SUED the Boy Scouts for the right to be openly gay Scoutmasters to PROTECT boys, not have access to them! This bill in FL is NOT to influence minds that are TOO YOUNG to think about sex and gender, it’s just open information that we should all know, like how a dick and a male butthole go together, or how a man is instantly a woman if he puts on a dress and a wig. I wish someone taught me that when I was 8 years old! The “Don’t Say Gay” also known as the “Anti-Grooming Bill” is HATEFUL!!!! Boycott FL by actually going there and spending money. That will show them!

          1. Schadenfreude,

            These ultra liberals talk about there being no link with homosexuality and paedophilia while hoping people either don’t know about or don’t find out about and investigate NAMBLA(North American Man/Boy Love Association).

  8. This British woman is an anomaly:

    She has the kind of diet that every child would love to have: chicken nuggets, french fries, potato chips, and nothing else. She does admit she’s not excited about eating because she wishes she could try other foods; this reminded me of a similar story I saw years ago of a girl who ate only ramen noodles, but the effect that had on her health was the opposite of this story. It’s quite the marvel that this girl is completely healthy feasting on only chips, chicken nuggets and fries, but she’s at a healthy weight and, physically speaking, has filled out quite nicely; I also felt compelled to share this when I saw who she’s in a relationship with. SYSBM for the win!

    1. That type of diet has an oil tanker effect on the scraggle.


  9. Gentlemen,

    It looks like the US government has been rumbled big time, Russia is now claiming to have found bio weapons in Ukraine with US fingerprints all over them in addition to the US admitting that it has bioweapons labs not only in the Ukraine but all over the world, this is getting very messy indeed:

    1. Yep, saw it on RT and Gateway Pundit. This COVID replacement was sloppy from the get-go, but they’re already getting their narrative knocked in? Pathetic. Let’s go Brandon and #fjb!

      1. Afrofuturism1,

        I can’t even get RT on Youtube now, I get a message that the channel is no longer available in my country, what kind of bollocks is that? They’re really working overtime trying to stop the truth from getting out, smh.

        1. You can still stream the live channel via its website but damn… And I’m not even a Putin fan boy but the way the Russian nation is being shunned like a scapegoat makes me want to root for them.

          1. Michel,

            These liberal mainstream media outlets are so dumb and stupid, they honestly believe that by making it more difficult for people to access alternative news sources, somehow this will make people magically turn back to the same poisonous sources of information they no longer pay attention to and have been trying their utmost to get away from. The left is destroying itself, however it’s determined to take as many people down with it as it can, smh.

    2. Whoa, talk about a bombshell! This revelation really speaks to the sad state of journalism in the U.S.; Americans truly don’t know the half of what’s going on in the world. The words of Ra’s Al Ghul still ring true, “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”; these words also sum up the yellow journalism and deliberate misinformation KC shuffles that every mainstream media network employs to keep the masses in the dark.

  10. What’s up SYSBM. Money Cultural here.

    When the war happened and Ukraine, we haven’t heard about the Convid thing. All I’m hearing that people who took the vaccine are dropping like flies. Some of my family members have taken it. And the thing is that we have been mocked for not taking the death shoot. And now the fools who have taken it, knows that the government was deceiving them.

    It seems like Putin is losing the war against the Ukraine. The Ukrainians waited for him to make the first move and that what he did. You might disagree with me but I’m goanna say it anyway. You know how Putin attack the Ukraine is the same thing what these simps attacking SYSBM blud. These simps are still on the rampage attacking SYSBM from all corners because black men will not date these ghetto scraggle daggles that they love with a passion.

    As you see a black woman with curves, it’s common seeing that. Not all black women built like that. I don’t mind a curvy mix chick. I see it all the time but when you see hips on a white woman, ah shit! It’s a very beautiful thing. You know why I did the article SYSBM Curves because I like curvy white women as well. Like a Christina Hendrix type woman.

    I know I shouldn’t be talking about women because I should be focused but what the hell anyway. And it’s SYSBM as well so the simps will be pissed off when I’m talking about it. I was looking at this website and they where some tall white women. Guys, them pretty, them, pretty, them pretty. They where over six feet plus and they where gorgeous.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe from these scragglies as they are coming after non black women.


    1. “As you see a black woman with curves, it’s common seeing that. Not all black women built like that. I don’t mind a curvy mix chick. I see it all the time but when you see hips on a white woman, ah shit! It’s a very beautiful thing. You know why I did the article SYSBM Curves because I like curvy white women as well. Like a Christina Hendrix type woman.”

      A white woman with curves and a big ass is rare, a black woman in shape with an athletic (not masculine) build is rare.

      The white woman is packing on curves and a big ass to attract Black men, the black woman is staying in shape to attract white men.

      Because we all know that black women do not consider Black men worth getting in shape for, we are supposed to be happy with Lizzo and Gabourey Sidibe.

      Get your Christina Hendricks and be free brother


      1. Imagine if Miley Cyrus had curves. Imagine Ariana Grande had a big ass! Oh goodness! Let’s see if I can get a curvy white chick.


    1. Deep Tanner,

      Reuters???? The biggest propaganda machine on the planet besides AP, get outta here with that garbage. You can’t argue with stats that are coming from official government sources with so called “fact checking” articles, sorry, try again. By the way, more or less the same thing is happening in Canada:

      Here is yet another article confirming the same for the UK, your so called “fact checkers” are a bunch of deceivers who have no problems sucking people like yourself into their web or lies and deception:

      1. @Verbs

        “Fact checkers” didn’t exist until the truth started coming out.

  11. Verbs, is there anywhere else besides Amazon I can buy these SYSBM books? Don’t want to give them any of my money.

    1. Kameron Brown,

      You’ll have to check with MBD on that because he’s the one dealing with sales and the distribution of the book.


    I doubt this gets too much press in the mainstream.

    At the same time, I don’t exactly feel sorry for the Africans when they keep going back to whitey and others for help, despite clearly being unwelcome. Likewise, they will lay out the red carpet for those folks when they come to African countries.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I have to agree with your statement. Even Putin talk about Africans getting respect only when they learn to respect and stand up for themselves. Look at how many African leaders were assassinated over this Convid-1984 plandemic, you think the powers that be needed to send in white folks to do the killings, nope, because there are too many flunkies in Africa willing to do the job for them just to get that high rise apartment and penthouse suite in Miami, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I can’t stand to hear stupid Negro chatter. My relatives come up to me trying to engage me with rants about ‘Putin is Hitler, Putin is the Devil’.

        I tell them I won’t discuss this with you because I don’t know what the truth is in Ukraine, and neither do you. Then they tell me ‘I saw it on MSNBC, I heard it on CNN’. All I can do is shake my head and walk away. They did the same thing with covid and the jab.

        How can grown ass Negroes be so gullible as to believe everything put out by the fake media? And I mean they believe every word, verbatim. Niggers should know better! They have had every type of crime against humanity commited against them by General Blizzard, and they still hang on his every word.

        I want to say a few words about Ukraine. Lezensky has said there are 10s of thousands of foreign military personnel fighting for Ukraine against Russia. He said he couldn’t say what countries they are from. I immediately thought they must be elite Israeli commandos and pilots. You know they say pound for pound, the Israeli airforce has the best pilots in the world.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          Unfortunately there are a lot of people out here who cannot be helped, they lack ability to think and reason for themselves, they expect the mainstream media to do their thinking and reasoning for them, exactly what the late Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about in his book Between Two Ages which came out in 1982, we’re now living in the time that he predicted would come over 40 years ago.

          Like I said to Quincy Fitzpatrick, sadly some people because of their lack of critical thinking skill deserve enslavement and to be taken advantage of.

          Negroes because of their rough and turbulent history with Major Frost ought to be extremely cautious with anything that precedes from his mouth, however like you said, despite his untrustworthy track record, they lap his words up and believe in them as if they are sent down from heaven, smh.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      You really have to scratch your head at those who have been mangled by the shot but yet who still recommend others to take it as well as claim it’s “saving lives”. These so called jabs are meant to kill people off, since when has Bill Gates been in the business of saving lives, I’ll wait?

  13. I just received the following via text message:

    🇷🇺 BREAKING – 🦇🦠🦢
    The Russian Defense Ministry reports on a US project in Ukraine:

    “Migratory birds were preparing to be released to infect with deadly viruses. Also in biological laboratories on the territory of Ukraine there were experiments with samples of bat coronavirus. During the ongoing military special operation, 2911 objects of the military infrastructure of Ukraine were destroyed (including 97 aircraft, 107 unmanned aerial vehicles, 141 anti-aircraft missile systems of air defense, 986 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 107 multiple launch rocket systems, etc.)”

    All parties involved in what was going on in these labs should be charged with crimes against humanity; Adolf Hitler and his inner circle would envy our government today in terms of how easily they have committed their crimes while the masses are kept preoccupied with bread and circus.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      To be honest, the Ugandan government will have an extremely hard time pushing this through especially in light of the fact that 80% of the continent has natural immunity as has been reported by many media outlets coupled with the fact that Bill Gates himself said it was “sad” that the Omicron(Moronic) variant did what his so called “vaccines” couldn’t.

      Some countries are late and still behind the curve, they don’t realise the Convid-1984 plandemic gravy train has already derailed and hit the sand drag. I have to give Africans their props at least in being the least jabbed people on the planet, they’ve got some sense on that score.

  14. Another one for Swirl Mountain. This time the white man literally cooked this black hoe. “Accidentally,” of course wink wink. Needless to say the white man was not charged, she “forgave” him eyeroll (yes she lived). These DIEvesters would literally be burned at the stake than be a decent woman to a good Black man. Yup, it’s “who they really choose.” LOL. Where’s King Sigma when you need him???????

    1. Elissor,

      You know, this video came across my YouTube feed a number of days back but I haven’t watched it yet, thanks for posting, will be checking it out shortly.

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