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The Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Smh! #SHORTS


At this stage when it comes down to black women as a collective, you simply cannot make this stuff up. Hollywood producers couldn’t draft up scripts to rival the modern day black female’s Tom foolish statements and behaviour.

So let me get this straight, she claims that she’s not going to settle for lazy men while at the same time looking like a wide load cruise ship/super tanker, smh.

Don’t you find it funny how most black women will openly declare how they won’t be settling when it comes down to the type of men they want, yet when dealing with themselves, they’ll slack off, compromise, be lazy and settle for less all day.

A prime example of this would be black women and their unhealthy addiction to and obsession with European style weaves/wigs. Once again, slacking off when it comes down to putting on display their own natural hair as well as looking after it in general, yet these are the same females who want to talk about not settling for a lazy significant other?

The same can be said for wearing copious amounts of makeup instead of looking after their skin, fake eye lashes, fake nails, the black female’s serious shortcomings when it comes down to sexual health and many other things that can be mentioned.

There is a saying that goes like this, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. In other words if you’re demonstrating the same type of behaviour you choose to criticise others for, it’s best to keep your mouth shut until you can remove yourself from the same said hypocrisy.

Women like Keenya Kelly have no place to be talking about not settling for lazy men while at the same time looking like a linebacker or a quarterback. Lose some weight first before talking about other people being lazy.

There isn’t any mystery here, Keenya Kelly is single because she’s unattractive and overweight, period. Black women and their blatant double standards continue, smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hollywood Script Writers Could Make This Stuff Up

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Smh! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Keenya Kelly is living in dreamland to think that she can attract a top tier man as she is looking really ugly and fat and she can’t be bothered to lose weight and get a gym membership. I have been going to the gym for 5 months now because I know that if I want to attract a good looking woman then I have to improve my body for health reasons and I want to look athletic and have muscles so that I can maintain my good looks and my youthful appearance for a long time especially because I am going to be 40 years old in early June 2022 because at one point I was underweight for my height at 5ft 7in tall. Black women are the laziest women on the planet because they have these simps blowing smoke up their arses telling them that they are beautiful when really they ain’t beautiful because the majority of black women these days are at least a 4 out of 10 in looks or below because they are looking fake from head to toe and what self respecting black man in his right mind is going to date a fake looking black women trying to be white when he can date a real white woman or other real non black women who has her real hair on her head and non black women are always looking real from head to toe that’s the reason why black men date non black women at a big rate at 60 percent in the UK when it comes to mixed race relationships between black men and non black women and the percentage is only going to get bigger.

    1. I think the percentage of black men dating white women in UK is closer to 74%

      1. Notice how the latest UK census (which people rightfully didn’t trust for information purposes) is a little quiet on the actual number of BM dating out. I also think that it’s higher than 60%, more like 75%

        1. Michel.

          I hope that you are right bro. People get so offended when a black man dates a non black women especially if she is good looking (6 out of 10 in looks or above) because it destroys the racist propaganda and the racist dating power structure in that black men can only date and attract ugly non black women or ugly black women and that the white man is god in every womans eyes no matter what the white man looks like. Its okay for other races of people to date each other when it comes to mixed race relationships but when a black man gets into a mixed race relationship with a white woman or other non black women then all of the sudden it becomes a fucking problem in that black men are being disloyal to his race because he is dating outside of his race.

          1. Let the haters continue to hate. As for thinking black men like us:


        2. “I think the percentage of black men dating white women in UK is closer to 74%”

          “I actually believe it’s higher!” – The Hon. Dr. David Carroll

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with you bro. Most black women stay delusional hiding behind 3000 pounds of makeup, fake eye lashes, weaves, wigs, fake nails, tattoos etc. This is in addition to the fact that most black females are overweight and don’t like exercising because they don’t want their lace front wigs to get sweaty, smh.

  2. Witwijf.

    Is it really 74 percent now because if it is then I am not really surprised by that percentage because black women are the worst wives/girlfriends on the planet and they are the worst mothers on the planet. I am so glad that more and more black men in 2022 are dating non black women because black men are now knowing their real self worth in that they don’t have to stick to black women any more because they have so many other options out there to date so many beautiful childfree non black women.

  3. My first thought was the same as yours: she says she won’t settle for lazy men, yet she is the physical embodiment of laziness; I also couldn’t shake the thought that maybe there’s something else about her that explains why she’s still single at 39. I clicked the link to her TikTok, and I didn’t even have to scroll down very far to find the following video:

    Well, there you have it, misandry on full display coupled with delusions of grandeur and lack of accountability; the video gives off “I’m a strong, independent woman and I don’t need a man” vibes. She’s a career oriented braud who doesn’t respect a man’s advice where relationships are concerned; she also employed the make up witchcraft which slightly altered her appearance. Keenya Kelly is the textbook scraggle daggle; SHE is the reason why she’s still single!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You really have to laugh at women like this, they honestly believe that their business achievements carry some sort of weight when it comes down to forging and maintaining a prosperous, fruitful and successful relationship.

      The career oriented women are the worst because once again they feel that their career/business can infuse some sort of life and value into a relationship.

      Keenya Kelly has been sitting on a dusty shelf waiting to be picked up by a man for ages, however men of quality aren’t going to check for a sassy, overweight, haughty feminist who believes she’s above reproach.

  4. “So let me get this straight, she claims that she’s not going to settle for lazy men while at the same time looking like a wide load cruise ship/super tanker, smh.”

    Yep. Based on her appearance lazy men and pookies might be the only men approaching her.

    1. Even the actual cruise ships / oil tankers take one look at the scraggles and say “Damn! they got us beat…”


    2. JamesSYSBM,

      It wouldn’t surprise me if at some stage she’s sponsored a Pookie believing she could “change him”, God knows how many times we’ve seen that scenario play out.

  5. Do you know how many ratchet black women we see on Tiktok now? We see so much black women on YouTube and no on TikTok. We soon see Dr Foolmar Johnson on it. the behaviour with some black women is making them single. That is way black men are not choosing them when it comes to relationships and marriage. Look at the UK with black men dating out in a high number. I was looking the book review of Negro Wars on Amazon and there some simp named Imbolc and he says that: He bashes Black women for having too many children and doing so out of wedlock with really bad men. He complains of Black women being poor and wanting something from men yet bashes successful career Black women for not wanting children and expecting a mate to be on their level. And, the submission stuff! Is he for bloody real? No woman needs or is required to submit to any male, period. Replace the word “woman” with an ethnicity and see how far this submissive nonsense would not fly. Listen here, I don’t need a woman to submit. I can do things myself but it’s just another simp dude.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these scraggles are coming after these non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Don’t worry, I’m got an article coming where I deconstruct a negative review on Amazon of Negro Wars. Black women and their pro black simp flunkies can keep on trying to use the “he’s bashing black women” wizardry, however black men with sense and intelligence are simply bypassing black women in favour of women from other ethnic backgrounds under the radar.

      Black men worth their salt aren’t going to sit there going back and forth with a group of females who point blank refuse to be responsible and who refuse take accountability for their actions, they’ll simply avoid them and head in the direction of cooperative, submissive, feminine ie traditional women, stealth mode.

  6. Another day, another skrong independent single black female girlboss who at the first sign of trouble will soon be bitching about not being protected by the very Black men she calls “lazy.” Nothing to see here, gents. Keep the wall up. SYSBM.

  7. So true LOL. These black female losers stay moping, no wonder their only allies are Chabad Chev, Lord Anglo and Missa Chin who exploit the degeneracy promoted by Soviet cucks and BW’s WASP buddies to generate endless amounts of incels and pro black simps who cause chaos. BW and WASP claim to be the ‘master race’ yet can’t seem to see that their lord and god doesn’t even care about them in the first place and is replacing them with white women, Asians and Latinos because they’re no longer useful.

    “B..but black men dating white women is gonna genocide muh white race LOL’ is what these clowns normally say on Reconquista Europa and Renegade Tribune when they think no one is looking. Never mind the poor dating habits, racism and ignorance, dick policing and covert homosexuality seems to be the norm for these clowns. And they wonder why the kids are jumping on Soviet Stormfront, Rabbi News and Know More News and/or getting involved in crime and drugs.

    This shebeast mentioned in the article looks like a linebacker but whines about nobody not wanting to date her. What a joke….if this and the fat slobs of the Alabama basements are what BW/racist liberals call ‘the master race’ no wonder Rabbi Rubin from the Azov battalion decided to get rid of them.

    Somebody needs to go Al Jazeera and investigate as well as expose the love affair BW/WASPs have with Chabad Chev from Kiev and Missa Chin, because nobody could be that stupid to support a enemy who hates them by buying weave to replace their own hair, helping that enemy to loot and destroy supposed ‘allies’ in the name of power and allowing a key ‘ally’ to maintain its close relationship with said enemy in the name of ‘power blocs’.

    These Shaniquas stay losing and being the cash cow for Chabad Chev and Missa Chin, ah well, not my problem. Race purists are truly delusional

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      But if this fat heifer saw you in the street with a non black women, guaranteed she’d immediately be disgruntled and muttering expletives under her breath or maybe she’d be brave enough to shout out some disrespectful garbage, we already know how the overwhelming majority of these black sirens roll.

      Like you said, these black witches stays losing but deludes themselves into believing that with every loss they’re somehow winners, smh.

  8. I guess this lady fancies herself a businesswoman who wants a so-called “high value man” like they all do. If she hit the gym, lost some weight, saw a dentist, stayed off TikTok, and humbled herself, she might be able to get an everyday guy on her level, but like all black jezebels, she stays delusional. I saw her cat in the background of one of her videos, that’s her husband right there. Sad ’cause she’s not totally ugly as BW go, but they are their own worst enemies. Another great find, Verbs, you wade through the garbage so we don’t have to.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Men of quality aren’t even checking for fatties like this, they most certain don’t care about any of her business achievements, they’ll want to know what kind of woman she is first and foremost. This chick is way outside of her prime years, the business achievements have gotten to her head, she’s clearly forgotten that she isn’t in her 20’s anymore.

      Like you said, her cat is her husband, the pet shop is the fate that awaits the overwhelming majority of career oriented women.

  9. Any woman over 35 who wants a man but can’t get one: SHE is the problem. Do you know how easy it is to give away tail? Men do not ask for much, hell even with her appearance, as Schadenfreude pointed out, she’s not even the worst of the worst as far as black women go.

    She could easily snag herself a down to earth dude of any walk of life if she just toned down the “stank” attitude. Any woman coming with that crap can blame themselves for being single. That’s like walking into a bank and then saying “ayo, I don need to fonky ass loan no wayz!”

    Wtf happened to SWEET fat women? They used to know they were fat and acted accordingly. The worst part is, I bet this bitch can’t cook a good bowl of cereal.

    Black women especially love running their mouths while being plum worthless. Pathetic whores they are.

    1. “Wtf happened to SWEET fat women? They used to know they were fat and acted accordingly.”

      I personally blame Instagram & TikTok in particular. Every fat bitch now thinks she’s a “plus-size model.” Simps are busy gassing them up no matter what shape they’re in or how fat they get, so they’re in a constant state of delusion. All these hippos really wanted is to be able to act like bitches and shoot dudes down like their slimmer, better-looking counterparts, and they want the same kinds of unattainable (by them) fuckboys. Oh well good luck with that. SYSBM.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      You already know the score, unfortunately most black women who have some sort of success career or business wise believe that these merits can be converted and put towards what type of man they reckon they deserve.

      Most black women choose NOT to keep things simple, hence why they continue to remain chronically single at such a high clip. As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      They’re already at the bottom when it comes down to dating and they purposely choose to make the situation even more difficult by being haughty, prideful and arrogant for no viable reasons.

  10. Yeah, a lot of them are deluded, always on some social media, recording videos with filters, playing some strip club music in the back, Twerking , Titty Cam shots , flashing hair that isn’t there’s, talking abt they are bosses, queens , 0% feminine characteristics, living their best life while parading around like a street walker…… How are we not marrying these creatures more often??! , lol

    1. Issuez7,

      The social media witchcraft and wizardry has really spellbound too many of these delusional sirens out here, add to this the untold amount of attention they get from these spineless, yellow bellied, no self respect and no standard having simps and we can see why so many of these broads believe they’re something they’re not.

      Social media is pure lies and deception, there are so many women out here pretending and too many suckers falling for the pretence, smh.

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