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He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Part 2


At the time of writing up this post(22nd January 2022) all of the above links were working, at the time of releasing this article(Friday 4th March 2022) only the gentleman’s Instagram page hasn’t been taken down, smh. This is what happens when you speak out against these dysfunctional black whores, their blue pilled, black male simp flunkies as well as the joke of a community they run.

Gentlemen, I highly encourage you to check out this guy’s videos, it’s literally like walking into a cave that has treasure chests all around and gold coins spilling out of every box. I struggled to pick out videos to post here because he has produced so many golden nuggets.

These are the kinds of black men we need, men who have no problems checking women when they go astray(especially black women) instead of bootlicking and pandering to females thus giving them even more space to run amuck.

One thing you’ll notice when going through his videos is just like us, in addition to dysfunctional black females, Moses Tha Prophet also has to deal with a lot of these soft, weak, blue pilled, black female first, red, black and green, we worship black women unconditionally pyramid heads coming out of the woodwork thick and fast ready to defend their “queans” at all costs, smh.

Now, unfortunately for Moses, though he fully acknowledges that modern day black women are the biggest stumbling block to the progression of black men and the nation as a whole, he like too many other black men is still of the position that black women are worth the struggle and somehow can still be redeemed, however as mentioned before, as long as there are hoards of simps who will jump up to defend the black witch even when she’s in the wrong, I’m sorry, it’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female and any possible redemption of her character and soul.

As we continue to say over and over, SYSBM is for the VERY FEW, NOT THE MANY. Most black men refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning the current in the gutter state of black women regardless of how much evidence you bring to the table clearly demonstrating they(black women as a collective) are quite happy channelling Jezebel and have absolutely no intentions of altering their path away from the road of death and destruction.

There are no incentives for black women to change their ways for the better, they already know that most black men will stick by them regardless of how deep they sink into dysfunction, degeneracy and reprehensibility. They don’t want to be taught better either, they simply aren’t interested in anything of iron clad quality black men have to offer them.

The overwhelming majority of black men simply don’t have the testicular fortitude to call out black women and for the small minority of black men that do, they’re immediately confronted by a million and one blue pilled, black males simps waiting at the door ready to literally fight to the death on behalf of their black female overlords.

The black male simp has become even more of a curse and a pestilence than the same black female who created him, as such the black female, the black male simp as well as the communities they inhabit must be left to burn down to the ground.

Those black men who are wise will plan their escape with the quickness while they still can, foolish black men on the other hand will remain behind believing they can save that which cannot be saved and as a result will suffer the same fate as the damned.

The “unicorn” black female is NOT COMING, this is an incredibly hard pill for most black men to swallow. Lastly, how are decent, upwardly mobile brothers meant to fit in with a group of fake, plastic looking women who day after day state in no uncertain terms that they want NOTHING to do with them but instead much prefer dealing with thugs and criminals ie 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey and Two Snacks? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Witch Is Done, At This Point Only Foolish Black Men Believes They Can Save Her

Most High Bless

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46 thoughts on “He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Part 2

  1. Verbs 2015.

    This is the reason why I refuse to date black women because they don’t know how to be a feminine woman and they refuse to submit to their black men unless he is a white man or other non black men. I have given up on black women and the black community a long time ago and I don’t regret it one bit. The reason why black men date non black women at a massive rate in 2022 is because those non black women have grown up in stable two parent homes where they see a proper relationship between a man and a woman and they see their mothers catering and being submissive to their fathers so therefore those non black women will have a blueprint on a to treat a man properly in a long term relationship or marriage. Whereas black women grew up in crappy single parent homes seeing their mothers treat their fathers like shit and bringing that negative feminist energy to the relationship so when these black women start dating black men especially decent black men these black women treat us like shit because that was the only example that they was shown to them at home and unfortunately black women make catastrophic stupid life choices especially when they become single mothers who have lots of kids from different bad boy baby daddy’s and that makes them damaged goods to the point where no decent childfree black man would want to date them.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      What you’ve stated is true, the overwhelming majority of black women have been raised in single mother households where all they saw was their mothers bringing different men into the house, thus their daughters believe that this is the way they’re supposed to interact with men.

      It’s understandable why black women cheat and feel absolutely no way about it, because of the disjointed blueprint received from their janky mothers, they honestly believe that juggling multiple dicks and getting impregnated many times over by no good dudes is the norm. Sad, however this is the reality we live in.

          1. The Russians can have her. Send her dyke ass to fight the Ukrainians. If she survives she can go free. If not we’re rid of one shemale dyke bitch. Win win all ’round. SYSBM.

  2. Would you protect that fat chick in the third video? Hahaha she’s on her own. Your man Moses is breakin’ it down for these thankless heffas. I agree with him 100%. Even the same far-left white non-binary, polyamorous feminists who clutch their purse and lock their car door when you walk by is demanding blanket protection. The answer is no. Either get a husband or call your father if you want somebody to care about you.

    If I am not dealing with her sexually, if she is not attractive, if she is not a friend (my choice), associate or family member, these hoes are on their own. They are strong and independent. It’s what they fought and voted for, so be it!

    SYSBM for the few, not the many!

    1. Even the same far-left white non-binary, polyamorous feminists who clutch their purse and lock their car door when you walk by is demanding blanket protection.

      You’ve noticed that kind of fake sneaky shit too, huh?

      Karens and their soy boy meth head sons ALWAYS with half an eye on a brother. SMH.

      1. They falsely Cosby you with one breath, then cry for blanket protection the next. Listen close at these new age white feminists, they’re taking on BW talking points and demands word for word.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      This idea of blanket protection as standard is a ridiculous one, a dysfunctional idea that has been been conjured up by black women who believe they can treat their male counterparts like garbage but at the same time demand protection and security from the same, NOPE.

      Let them rely on their strength and independence to save them in the day of distress. Random women who believe that men ought to protect them by default seriously need their heads examined.

  3. You’re right Verbs. These black women are crazy and delusional as well

      1. Moses Da Prophet & Kevin Samuels are the best friends Black Women have. As for me? The Hell with them!

  4. I feel compelled to comment on Kevin Samuels’ s adamant position on masculinity and manhood. He says ” you want a woman to respect your masculinity your manhood because you have an xy chromosome. It don’t work that way”. Then he says “any woman that you choose to deal with, her money should be no good to you if you are a 100 percent man”.

    In the past, I avoided criticizing Kevin Samuels because I enjoyed the verbal beatdowns that he puts on delusional, entitled scraggle daggles. But in this video Samuels betrays his true nature as a homosexual masquerading as an alpha male. I’ll explain why I say this.

    Ever since I became sexually mature enough to have sexual desires, I have always been very discriminating about females. I would put forth more effort for some females than for others. I believe this is normal male behavior.

    I have never equated manhood with bearing the full financial burden for a woman, especially when she has her own financial resources. And in this day and time, when General Blizzard goes to extremes to make sure black females have easier access to financial resources than black males, this idea is patent nonsense.

    But most importantly, Samuels’s comments betray the fact that at his innermost core, he does not have the same desires and motivations as a 100 percent heterosexual male.

    A high quality heterosexual man will expend resources to get a woman he desires in the sack, especially when money is no object for him. A high quality heterosexual man will even have sex with a woman that he normally would not be interested in, if he is confined to a situation where females are scarce.

    A high quality heterosexual man is not going to expend a lot of resources on a woman who is only convenient sex to him, ie Ms Right Now. That same high quality heterosexual male is not going to carry the full financial load for a woman, even if she is fine, unless she is bringing a lot more to the table than just sex. Under no circumstances is a high quality heterosexual man with great self esteem, going to be an ATM for any woman, especially for a woman who has her own financial resources.

    In fact, a high quality heterosexual man would be insulted by any woman who tried to use him as an ATM. Samuels doesn’t seem to understand how high quality heterosexual men think. This fact, and his feminine peacock ways, leads me to believe that he is a homosexual masquerading as an alpha male.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Now you see why the “high value man” philosophy is a crock of garbage, as I’ve stated many times before being a so called “high value man” is only based upon the superficial ie what he can provide for a woman materially and financially.

      When you deal with a man of high quality however, this position deals more with the man’s character, personality, moral code/standing, principles etc, the things that ought to be the most important to a woman when choosing a mate.

      Samuels is stating that you should lead with your wallet, however this is an extremely bad foundation for a relationship as all the woman will expect from you will be money and gifts and if you happen to fall short, she’s out the door.

      A man should NEVER enter into a relationship leading with money and materials, he should always lead with his personality and his character and if the woman isn’t checking for that then that tells the man everything he needs to know about her, she belongs to the streets.

      Samuels is parroting the same talking points as the black witch because these are the women he is trying to set black men up with, as he’s stated before, he’s all about black love just like his right hand man Obsidian.

      I’ll continue to stand by my statement that Samuels is indeed a fruit who eventually when the time is right will come out of the closet and declare his true sexuality, in the meantime however he’ll continue to milk the “high value man” gravy train and fleece foolish heterosexual men for as long as he can.

  5. The isssue is the attractive bw are hedonistic wicked narcssistic piles of shit but unatatrcative bw cey colorism etc and are issually pick mes or bitter angry manlike women.

  6. He is saying the truth but I hope he ain’t purple pilled like Tommy Sotomayor.

    I hope he is actually red pilled or black pilled that automatically means staying away from all ape negresses in the world.

    I would rather date out with a white wifey that has qualities or live in the wilderness than deal with women in general that have nothing to bring to the table in relationships.

    1. “He is saying the truth but I hope he ain’t purple pilled like Tommy Sotomayor.”

      The fact he’s taking the time to make these videos proves he still cares about these hyenas.

    2. Witwijf,

      I’m afraid he’s purple pilled just like Sotomayor, it’s a shame really because the guy’s not stupid, he’s quite intelligent, however as with most black men, he refuses to read and accept the writing on the wall regarding black women.

      Mind you, it is black women and their pro black male simp flunkies who keep getting his TikTok accounts removed, make that make sense. Black women are openly warring against the man without remorse and yet he still believes they can be saved, smh. As with Sotomayor, the logic is seriously lacking.

  7. I’ve seen this guy on an Instagram page where they address men’s rights issues, the gynocracy, feminism, and the like; he was spot on with all of his retorts. I got to hand it to him, he’s very long winded; he rattled off all of his points without taking a single breath. I nkticed his TikTok account has been removed, which should come as no surprise to us; TikTok has become so sensitive, even YouTuber Tra Rags was banned from the platform, and he does comedy! TikTok has become another repository for cringy content by millennials, Gen Z’ers, and crazy liberals; you can’t point out the root cause of the stagnation of the Black communitah without running into trouble with the social media overseers.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      All of that intelligence and the guy still cannot bring himself to accept the obvious conclusion, that black women as a collective are a lost cause and ought to be abandoned. I believe he’s one of these guys who still believes that one day very soon he’ll find the unicorn, however we all know and accept that the unicorn is not coming.

      TIkTok is no different from the rest of these social media platforms, I’ve seen and heard folks talked about being banned from the site for much less, smh.

  8. In the UK, 60 per cent of black men are with non black women. Why? Because that they will not deal with the ratchetness of black women. They will refuse to deal with the dysfunctional scraggle daggle. So it was like they ain’t goanna deal with this. And when black men are with non black women, simps like Simp Boy 360 put down SYSBM because they will not deal with the ghetto dungle that he likes. But these ghetto hoodrats don’t like a dude like him. They like the worthless types like Broke Man Lenny, Weed Trafficker Clyde, Long Cocky George and Tipsy John. So I don’t know why theses simps chasing these scraggs and these ghetto hoes want the hopeless man that they desire and obsessed with.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe from these ghetto harridans and their simps as they are coming after non black women.


      1. Yeah man. The black men in the UK are not ramping there when it comes to non black pum pum! Black men are not goanna deal with the black UK women because of their ratchet behaviour. So black women in the UK, they are struggling big time here. These ghetto ratchet scraggly black women are nothing but miserable because they are trying to look for a man but it’s impossible for them. And we do have simps in Britain but it’s not a lot because that the simps in Britain will get torn apart by SYSBM.

      2. I believe its even higher, at 70%. You’ve just gotta look at either YouTube from Britain or come visit London (not the obvious tourist bullshit like Oxford Street and Buck Palace), visit Real London like Stratford, Camden, Brixton and Islington and you’ll see for yourself how strong SYSBM is out here in the streets.

        1. “I actually believe it’s higher” – The late, great Dr. David Carroll

    1. Money Cultural,

      The 60% plus dating out ratio amongst black men in the UK is no joke, it’s indicative of serious problems within black female society over here that have yet to be addressed. The thing about it is the Moses guy knows that black women love the dregs and the scum of black male society, he’s seen first hand these ungrateful heifers pass over guys like him for 12 Gauge Mike, Spoony, Field Mouse, Sheggy, Roof Top Trey and Chunky Bruh yet he still can’t bring himself to conclude the obvious, smh.

      1. Yeah mon. These scraggle daggles love the thugs them! They go crazy for these type of Negros. And when the good black man (I’m not one of them) gets pushed to the side, that’s when they date non black women. Even marrying them.

    2. Broke Man Lenny, Weed Trafficker Clyde, Long Cocky George and Tipsy John.

      Yo! But you’ll find all four at the local bookies trying to win £2.40. 😂

  9. Salute to this guy, his videos were damn good. So of course he’s going to get flagged

    I just hope he understands that as I said before. Women generally, and especially black women, do not care about the plight of a man. Especially Black men. He and others “negotiators” (Like Sotomayor) can discuss it all you want to the women, they don’t care. The BW particularly has a belief that all men are supposed to come out knowing what they doing. “You’re supposed to understand this,” “I should not explain anything to you.” “Why I have to tell you how to be a man?” (Even though she has no idea how to be a man and get their ideals from society and lieutenant snow yeti) They think that a man comes out the womb with masculinity and strong self-esteem. They don’t understand the process, because they have it easy. They have people to protect them, they themselves screw up that protection
    But yet the BW will blame us because despite them having easy, they still screw up. Not because of us, but because of their OWN decisions. That they won’t take responsibility for because it’s not a part of nature.
    Look at that Paris Melania chick video on YT. the chick that look like Rasheed Wallace. Blaming BM for the death of that Asia Maynard. When that chick put herself in that situation with her loser bf, DJ Mayonnaise


    Salute to the homie tho

    EDIT: This EurAsian girl is staring hard at me on the squat rack. But she’s trying to be smooth and make it look as if I’m staring at her, lol! So of course she decides to do a Romanian deadlift. Bending over while I’m on the other side of the gym at the rack. Soon as I look in the mirror and rack up the weight she’s bending over. I usually don’t do this doing my workout, but I may take a shot at her while I’m here. This chick here LOL

    1. MacK G,

      This is why I have to laugh whenever these pro black, back to Africa pyramid heads talk about wanting to be with a black female because she “understands the struggle”.

      Black women especially don’t care about the black man’s struggle, they’re only interested in what black men can do for them financially(the simps) as well as sexually(the lower dreg gutter boys).

      At this late stage I don’t feel sorry for black women in the slightest because they are the ones who have raised the same sorry, weak black men they’re now complaining about, talking about how they want “real men” yet they’ve spent every waking moment emasculating and effeminising young black boys whenever the opportunities presented themselves, smh.

  10. Yeah man. The black men in the UK are not ramping there when it comes to non black pum pum! Black men are not goanna deal with the black UK women because of their ratchet behaviour. So black women in the UK, they are struggling big time here. These ghetto ratchet scraggly black women are nothing but miserable because they are trying to look for a man but it’s impossible for them. And we do have simps in Britain but it’s not a lot because that the simps in Britain will get torn apart but SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Even Nasheed’s tweet has now disappeared, these trifling black sirens love Twitter, they’ll go running to their white father to report a black man in a heartbeat.

    1. Sorry if I sound callous, but I couldn’t care less about anything to do with this carpet munching, amazon, scraggle daggle freakazoid.

      Again, another example of black females with too much testosterone. That’s why she’s a carpet muncher.

      The line gets blurred more and more between testosterone overloaded black scraggle daggles, black transgender beasts, and black straight up faggots.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Agreed 100%. She better be glad I’m not in charge, I wouldn’t pay shit for that dyke. Let her rot. Hahaha.

        “The line gets blurred more and more between testosterone overloaded black scraggle daggles, black transgender beasts, and black straight up faggots.”

        White gender studies think tanks have foisted all this made-up “gender spectrum” jargon and bullshit onto the world and babymama-raised negroes have lapped it up more than any other group. Then after creating, raising and socializing all these freaks ALL BY THEMSELVES, BW stay asking “where are the real men”? You just can’t make this shit up. SYSBM.

  11. Black women wont submit to a damn thing besides maybe General Frost, that’s it. Why else would they call halfway decent black men educated lames? Hell, they submit more to Pookie and Ray Ray than decent dudes.

    These chicks are not family material, PERIOD. You can’t build with them, they’re animals of the highest order. Hell, African black women with little interaction with westerners are still WAY worse mates than Eastern European and Asian women (and WAAAAAAY worse looking).

    These chicks are like bad kids, have to be beaten from pillar to post just to make ‘em shut up and not raise hell. Who wants that in a woman?

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