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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Gentlemen, I have to apologise for not being so active on the website recently, this is due to a knee injury that I’m currently recovering from.

Also, as many of you may or may not know, I’ve recently collaborated with the founder of SYSBM MadBusDriverX as well as SYSBM Knights Kirigakure Jones, Professor J and SKC to produce an SYSBM book which not only delves deeper into the SYSBM philosophy, but also deals with many of the critiques being projected at the lifestyle by its various detractors.

The book is available both as a black and white and a colour version, please see the links below:

Black And White Version –

Colour Version –

Additionally, I’ll shortly be setting up a page on the website to promote the book. It will be very interesting to see what the SYSBM opposition has to say regarding the contents of the work, however as in the case of my book Negro Wars, I strongly suspect that nothing but crickets and tumble weeds will be seen and heard from the other side since the overwhelming majority of SYSBM adversaries are simple minded knuckleheads.

SYSBM continues to grow and flourish while the so called “black community” as per usual continues to trundle downhill at an astronomical rate. “Da Communitah” and its inhabitants are done, however as per usual you’ll always have stubborn mules within the hive who’ll point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

The SYSBM philosophy and lifestyle continues to be the only viable and sustainable way forward for the heterosexual free thinking black man, thankfully many of the younger generations of black boys are realising this and giving these older head sellouts the middle finger.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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71 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Congrats on completing the first book. This is the beginning of the next frontier. I posted the link for my 1st novel in a previous thread. My goal is to create SYSBM fiction and also focus on the children of SYSBM. If Bishop BlueBalls can do his black love fantasy/goth nonsense, then I can write action/kung fu novels about SYSBM heroes and heroines (from the black man’s seed).

    1. FrankBlackMan,

      Much appreciated brother. I’m just trying to do my part to help out black men who have eyes to see and ears to hear, unfortunately not that many of us exist anymore. “Bishop Blueballs”, lol, dead!

      1. I have several names for him. SYSBM will have to network amongst one another, even if it’s not as public as the Negro ManosFEAR.

  2. This Is Why Pro Black KARENS SIMPS Crying About Us Black Man  Dating Other Race Of Women They Are Stupidest Shit They Still Think  They Own Us Black Man  The Last Time I Checked  We ain’t slaves To PRO Wack We Are Free This Is a Free Country To The Love Out Don’t listen Woke Leftist SJW Brainwashed Dead Cell Fools 😒 #SYSBM Date Out Brother

  3. Verbs knee injury was down to climate change, convid and cheering on Spurs… 😶

    I have both the hard and digital copies of Negro Wars and I consider it the black man’s bible. Now the second book has dropped, I shall consider it the black man’s New Testament, out of the darkness and destruction of the communiteh, into the promised land of dating and strong multiracial families.

    Congratulations on being a two time author, that’s twice more than most of us and 1000% more than any durag wearing pyramid head hotep mumble artist.

      1. Verbs is the world’s….
        FIVE TIME
        FIVE TIME
        FIVE TIME
        FIVE TIME
        FIVE TIME…

        SYSBM champion of the world!

        (that reference was deliberate)

    1. Michel,

      Lol, if I crocked it today, tomorrow you can guarantee they’d be saying that Convid-1984 was the cause behind the death. Much appreciated for the kind words bro, I’m actually for three now, a lot of folks forget my church beast book.

      Stay tuned, I’ve got an article coming up where I deconstruct a negative review on Amazon regarding my Negro Wars book.

      Once again, I’m just trying to do my bit to help out the heterosexual free thinking brother, it would be incredibly irresponsible of me having writing skills to stand on the sidelines and do nothing while these black sirens continue to run amuck and drag black men through the mud. Not on my watch.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          I’m going to assume that this question is some sort of prank, you have to be pulling my leg, right?

          1. @Verbs

            With your “Convid-1984” comment, I assumed it was a George Orwell reference, so I looked him up. I found out two things about him I previously did not know.

            A) “George Orwell” is just a pen-name.

            B) He… isn’t from this side of the pond.

            1. Kameron Brown,

              Yep, that’s exactly where the term Convid-1984 comes from, part reference to the Covid plandemic/scamdemic as well as George Orwell’s(Eric Blair’s) book 1984.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Well done on completing the SYSBM book. SYSBM is going mainstream now because you have Elle magazine even talking about SYSBM. The black community is dead and it cannot be resurrected from the ashes. I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit. I am only interested in dating single beautiful childfree non black women so that I can create my own mixed race nuclear family from scratch.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Much appreciated bro. We at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable are ready for the heat. “Da communitah” is a complete goner, unfortunately there will also be those who refuse to accept this and will continue to fight in vain for something that is already dead. As I always say, that’s their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I hope that you recover from your knee injury.

  5. Verbs2015,

    Congrats on the book (SYSBM). I have a few comments about the book’s description on Amazon.

    On the Amazon order page, the book is given a negative description. They are not saying it is not a good book. But rather, they are taking shots at the SYSBM philosophy. It seems like they are trying to make potential readers feel guilty for ordering the book and then for reading it. Anyway, I’m still ordering my copy.

    Oh well, haters gonna hate!

    1. I noticed that too. I believe some of us once we read the books should go over there and give it positive reviews to offset that. We all knew that was coming up, at this point the opposition is predictable, ijs.

      Or we just that much smarter than them LOL!

      1. Verbs2015,

        Verbs, It is on the link you provided:

        When I click the link, I get the following:

        “Why would black men abandon the community that bore them? Why do SYSBM adherents believe that black women are inherently flawed? Why do these black men hate themselves? Why are they not smart enough to understand they are falling into the trap of white supremacy? Why do they believe that other races are going to accept them (when everyone knows they will be rejected)? Why don’t they recognize their responsibility to black people?

        If you are reading this, you’ve likely come across SYSBM online via YouTube, TikTok, FaceBook, or another social media medium. On those outlets, people have pontificated, critiqued, commented and even written about SYSBM. Few have been impartial. Perhaps they were unaware of the “whos”, “hows”, “whats” and “whens”. Nevertheless, the most often mistaken concept about SYSBM is the “why”.

        It might just be my interpretation, but I thought they were throwing shade.
        I could also be mistaken, because this could just be a tease. It definitely gets your attention.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          The description has deliberately written in that fashion to raise the typical questions that SYSBM detractors would bring up. The tease aspect of the description is the correct one, designed to draw folks in as well as let SYSBM adversaries know that all of their critiques of the philosophy/lifestyle will be deconstructed within the book.

  6. 11 Natural Foods For Knee Joint Pain,a%20double%20boiler%20for%20about%2010…%20More%20

    I need to finish reading the first book, I’ve just ordered it.

    If I end up having a son in future, my offspring needs to know about these books to not only self improve, not only understanding different levels of female nature per race ethnicities, not only dating out with a white woman, not only learning qualities of what a woman should have but also knowing what to avoid at all costs.

    Congrats on completing the second book, will it also get released on ebay?

    1. Witwijf,

      Appreciate the kind words bro and many thanks for the link, I’ll be stocking up on the foods recommended immediately.

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I now realize what MBD was referring to in a recent video when he made an announcement about a project he was working on behind the scenes. He spike about brothers getting their Indiana Jones on and gave a clue about a “great river flowing through this rainforest” which I now know was a reference to Amazon; also, it turns out that the treasure he said we’d find is the new SYSBM book! I really like the cover with the Knight on it; one of my resolutions for this year was to read more books, so I’m adding this one to my list. Now, let’s address the ongoing trucker protests in Canada:

    I first heard of the trucker protests from(which has been termed the “Freedom Convoy”) from a video sent to me by a friend, and got more details on what the deal was from the IG page of a nutritionist who lives in Canada; I followed him mainly because I was curious about calisthenics workouts at the time, and he is into bodybuilding himself. He’s used his platform to express how he doesn’t agree with the draconian measures the Canadian government has taken to end the plandemic; when the trucker protests went mainstream, he pointed out how the media was trying to spin it to make it sound like a fringe group was behind the protests, but that wasn’t the case.

    I must add that I’m highly disappointed in how many Left leaning media outlets have addressed this issue on their YouTube channels; they have fallen for the narrative that these are anti vaxx, anti mask protestors whose leaders have right wing extremist views. As a free thinking brother, I could care less what these protestors’ political views are; the point is that the freedoms they were promised would return, had they complied with the mandates, have not returned yet. Trudeau better pray that a January 6 type of event doesn’t happen to him and his administration.

    P.S. I wish a speedy recovery for you, Verbs; I do appreciate you continuing to write articles for the site in spite of your injury.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Thanks brother. I normally write up articles in advance, that way if something like this happens, I have a batch I can release until I recover and then I can get back to stacking articles back up again.

      As for Canada, the Canadians need to recognise that the government they voted for is NOT working in their best interests and must be removed, the State has become an enemy of the people. I’ve said this before and I’ll once again repeat the same, there are no peaceful resolutions whenever dealing with tyrannical governments who are attempting to literally enslave their own citizens.

      All around the world we now have so many governments that are proving themselves to be nothing short of jack booted thugs who are herding their own people into a digital enslavement arena. I have to laugh at all of these commentators who somehow believe that they can resolve these serious breaches in freedoms and rights being eroded via “peaceful means”.

      For example, if the police landed on your doorstep and stated that they were transporting you and your family to an internment camp(which would be a blatant infringement on your God given common law rights as well as your human rights), at that point what so called “peaceful” methods can be used in order to prevent yourself and your family from being carted away, I’ll wait?

      I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, even he recognised the need to “deal” with tyrants with a “hands on” approach:

      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  8. Verbs, 4 things I want to bring up:

    A) I’m sorry to hear about your knee injury, I hope you get better soon!

    B) Is there anywhere I can buy this book BESIDES woke Amazon? I really DO NOT want to give them any of my money.

    C) (copied from my own Facebook post) I’m no fan of Putin, but the way that the propaganda machine has gone into overdrive against him has me at the very least asking myself “is Putin REALLY the bad guy here?” If you look at what’s REALLY going on in the capital, they still have basic utilities, gas, and Internet access. If Putin was such a villain (as the war/propaganda machine would have you believe), would he have warned civilians to evacuate before striking SPECIFIC BUILDINGS in Kiev?

    Seems to me like Russia is trying to minimize collateral damage, both living AND non-living.

    Sure, propaganda is all shiny and pretty, but that doesn’t make it true or valid.

    Reference: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Remember what happened to the guy who went straight for the shiniest prettiest cup. Let’s just say that he did NOT live to regret his error.

    You would think that our side wouldn’t buy into the propaganda… after all, we are the people who figured out that the media was lying to us about Covid. What I find to be weird is that our side believes that the same media that has lied to us about coof for the past 2 years is now telling us the truth regarding Ukraine.

    D) Due to the above situation, the company behind the Sonic 2 movie (Paramount) has decided to indefinitely postpone the release of that film in Russia, as well as all of its future releases. I think that such an action is nothing more than a woke virtue signal; punishing a significant (?) chunk of our potential customer base just because their leader is an asshole (or perceived to be one), one who the Russian people may NOT have had a hand in choosing. Besides, if this action truly were about taking a stand against human rights abuses, then WHY THE HELL DON’T THEY PAUSE THE RELEASE OF THIS FILM IN CHINA??? They’re guilty of worse human rights abuses. Don’t believe me? Ask the Uighur Muslims there.

    1. E) China has just come out and said that they won’t levy any sanctions against Russia. Now let’s see if Paramount will withhold their films from the Chinese market…

  9. Well done for the book big man. And I hope you recovery from your knee injury as well.

    Here this now. A book like this will make the simps come after you like crazy. The never ending battle with the simps and SYSBM will never end because black men who are SYSBM will not deal with these scarggle daggles that these simps love and worship. Every time SYSBM battle with these foolish simps, we eat them for breakfast. We always thirsty for simp blood.

    I’m a screenwriter (you guys know that) and I send my work Ashley to one of the agents. The work is about a young ambitious man from Highbury, North London who is struggling financially, have a bitter feud with his ratchet family members some of them are women from Jamaica, has problems with his mother meets this classy woman who has her own escort service. He becomes a male gigolo and then he begins a passionate affair with her.

    I haven’t got a response to him. I will send copy to another agent. As I look at this book, these simps are goanna talk about this on YouTube. Oh boy. We know how the simps are like.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe as these scarggle daggles and the simps are coming after non black women.


  10. The following was sent to me via text message:

    What important things are being mostly ignored right now because of Ukraine…?
    – Vaccine Pass: SMART Health Card
    – Moderna 2016 Patent Matching C19
    – Trudeau Financial Ties to Pfizer
    – WHO International Treaty
    – Clinton spying on Trump
    – CDC withholding data

    1. Misdirection brought to you by The New World Order. Just another play in their book to run game.


  11. Wow, this is fukin UNREAL – the hatred & treachery against Russia for cleaning up that illegitimate NeoNazi regime in Ukraine which allowed bioweapons “research” labs on their territory.

    A question though for ignorant libtards & other idiotic sheep:
    WHERE the fuk were all of these sanctions aimed at the US & their NATO slave vassals for warmongering against Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yugoslavia, El Savador, Grenada, Panama, Honduras, PALESTINE via Israeli aggression…?? Hmmmn?? 👀🤔👁 T
    The HYPOCRISY & fake concern for Ukrainians is off the damn chains — just like that “INSURRECTION” bruhaha.

    Anywho, here’s my take regarding these psychotic sanctions which are simply a warning to China, Iran & other multipolar players:
    1) Expect a boomerang effect while the braindead EU sheep masses will be SCREWED thanks to unelected bureaucrats & their NWO bankster masters. Remember, Russia produces a lot of raw materials (steel, aluminium etc) these sanctioning Eurotards NEED for their economies. The bear is going to strike back hard once the dust settles – guaranteed!

    2) Russia/EurAsia will become even stronger as they delink from the unreliable, moody, psychotic “Western” marketplace. I am going to do my best to create trade links between Africa & EurAsia by encouraging my African brothers & sisters who are business minded to SEE this potential synergy.

    3) SYSBMers, THIS is the time to strategize & form new businesses or relationships with EurAsian producers & consumers. Start an online shop that caters ONLY to the non-Western global community. Lots of ideas are running through my head right now.

    4) An viable ubiquitous alternative payment system (crypto, etc.) is desperately needed to get away from these AngloZiostein banksters. Starve the beast!!

    5) Economies in the West are going to go down the toilet with these sanctions & stuff gets more expensive. Here in Africa, I can go outside my gate & buy tons of fruits, veggies, eggs, meat from LOCAL growers & suppliers right here in my community without even going to CarreFour or another supermarket. Ya’ll in the urbanized West better start looking into food security a bit more.

    via RT News Telegram Channel: 👇🏽

    ⚡️ EU bans the sale, supply, export to Russia of Euro banknotes.

    ⚡️ EU introduces ban on projects co-financed by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

    ⚡️ EU confirms it has banned broadcasts of RT’s TV channel and Sputnik agency sites in the bloc – effective March 2.

    ⚡️ EU disconnects seven Russian financial institutions from SWIFT banking network – putting into effect sanctions placed by the bloc (DPA)

    ⚡️ Meta has disabled applications of all RIA and Sputnik media content – press release

    ⚡️ Google Discover & Google News restrict all RIA and Sputnik content – media group blasts “censorship”
    “We believe that the artificial blocking of our materials in Google’s main news distribution channels is a hidden censorship and manipulation of the information agenda,” the international news agency statement read.

    ⚡️ Russian ambassador to UK says severing diplomatic relations between Moscow and London is a possibility.

    ⚡️ PM Johnson and President Zelensky agree on the need for new sanctions against Russia in the coming days – Downing Street spox

    ⚡️ Aluminium price hits record high of $3,532 per tonne on London Metal Exchange (AFP).

    ⚡️ Sberbank shares collapse to £0.01 on the London Stock Exchange – a 94% drop.
    The value fell after the Russian bank announced its withdrawal from the European market due to sanctions.

    ⚡️ Russia was ready for sanctions but did not expect them to target athletes, journalists, representatives of cultural sector – FM Lavrov

    ⚡️ Third world war would be nuclear and destructive – FM Lavrov

    ⚡️ Russia will not allow Ukraine to acquire nuclear weapons – FM Sergey Lavrov

    ⚡️ Honda and Mazda to stop exporting cars, motorcycles and components to Russia – Nikkei.

    ⚡️ Russian steel giant Severstal suspends sales to Europe amid sanctions
    The move has come after billionaire owner Alexei Mordashov was sanctioned by the EU. (Bloomberg)
    Serverstal sold around three million tons of steel to Europe per year, and is now looking for alternative locations.

    ⚡️ Apple CLOSES Russia resale stores

    ⚡️ Price of gas in Europe smashes past $2,200 per 1,000 cubic meters .

    ⚡️ Spain to supply offensive weapons to Ukraine – PM

    ⚡️ DHL announces a delivery of goods and documents suspension to Russia and Belarus
    The international delivery company joins FedEx and UPS in suspending service to Russia.

    ⚡️ Airbus reportedly announces suspension of engineering site in Russia (Sputnik)

    ⚡️ Arkansas Gov. Seeking Review of State Ties to Russia
    Asa Hutchinson has told agencies to check whether the state has any contracts with Russia – and if so to potentially scrap them. (AP)

    ⚡️ Inflation in Germany Booms – energy costs skyrocket to 30-yr-high.

    ⚡️ Brent crude oil exceeds $112 per barrel – first time since July 2, 2014 (BBC).

    ⚡️ Biden SOTU slip: “Putin may circle Kiev with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”
    Taking geography lessons from his VP perhaps?

    ⚡️ Former German Chancellor’s Staff Quit over his Refusal to Resign from Russian Energy FIrms.
    Gerhard Schroeder’s entire staff has reportedly quit due to his close personal friendship with President Vladimir Putin – and ties to a number of Russian energy companies. (The Globe and Mail)
    The employees allegedly quit in embarrassment over Schroeder’s prominent roles in the Russian gas industry, including presiding as chairman of shareholders of the Nord Stream pipeline company.

    ⚡️Russian Citizens Around the World Targeted
    Reports of Russians being discriminated against are spreading far and wide on the internet (National Review).
    Congressperson Eric Swalwell has joined in, calling for universities to kick “every Russian student out of the United States.”
    It’s followed reports of individuals facing hate-filled attacks, diplomatic buildings and athletes being targeted for exclusion.

    ⚡️ Serbian president challenges pro-censorship forces to unseat him – if they want Russian media blackout – (730 comments).
    “Some of them would like to put all of us who think differently in a camp,” President Aleksandar Vučić said, commenting on the recent EU bans of RT and Sputnik amid Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine.
    “When they say they need freedom of the press, they’re thinking only about freedom for themselves,” Serbian leader continued, pivoting to the upcoming general election in the country.
    “…We’ll see who’s going to win — their consensus or a free democratic Serbia”.

    ⚡️ British Gas Cuts Ties with Russia’s Gazprom – (746 comments)
    Centrica has followed Shell and BP’s leads in cutting ties with the Russia-based energy giant. (Guardian)
    “We intend to exit our gas supply agreements with Russian counterparts, principally Gazprom, as a matter of urgency,” Chief Executive Chris O’shea said.

    ⚡️ EU accuses Russia of “geopolitical TERRORISM” – (441 comments).
    European Council President Charles Michel has slated Russia for “geopolitical terrorism” in a speech to MEPs on Tuesday for invading Ukraine, claiming “international order, democracy, human dignity are also under attack”.

    ⚡️ Boeing suspends major operations in Moscow and temporarily closes Kiev office – (575 comments).
    Ukrainian leader Zelensky said, “We have also suspended parts, maintenance and technical support services for Russian airlines.”

    ⚡️ Thousands of Russian tourists stranded after flight bans – (405 comments).
    More than 27,000 tourists have been left marooned around the globe, according to the Travel Agencies’ Association of Russia – after the EU and Canada closed their airspace to Russian airlines.

    ❗️ Russia’s biggest bank [Sberbank] banned from operating under direction of European Central Bank – Austrian Regulator

    ⚡️Universal suspends release of its films for distribution in Russia.

    ⚡️ Ford suspends its activities in Russia – (925 comments)

    ⚡️ Apple has apparently stopped selling its products in official online stores in Russia – (764 comments).
    Like Nike, Apple has reportedly suspended selling products from official dealers online in the country. After selecting a gadget for delivery, prospective customers are met with notification “currently unavailable.”

    ⚡️Apple stops all product sales in Russia – RT and Sputnik removed from App Stores outside of Russia (Sky News) – (566 comments)

    1. Add another one to that list: Paramount temporarily halting the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and all of its other films in Russia.

      I’d like to point this out: NOT ONE of those f*ckers will stop doing business with China; they have come out and said that they will NOT levy any sanctions against the Russian Federation.

      Which tells me that this boycott is NOT about “taking a stand against human rights abuses”; China is guilty of much worse, ESPECIALLY against a certain group of its own citizens (the Uighurs).

  12. Congrats on the book, Verbs. I’ll be getting my copy. Agreed that SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable path forward for the thinking Black man. When you see tweets like this on your TL, it’s time to abandon ship.

    The least desired, least married, most likely to be a babymama, most likely to be an angry, bitter, ghetto-gagging dyke bitch. As an older guy, I love that Gen Z is avoiding this shit like the plague. I’m absorbing these hoes hate and despair like Emperor Palpatine. SYSBM forever!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Thanks bro and much appreciated for the support. Another dickhead black female who loves gaslighting on Twitter because she’s chronically single and chooses to instigate trouble with random black men online instead, smh. Ain’t no dude out there worth his salt checking for this creature:

  13. As many have stated, most of this stuff about Russia from the news is BS. While I don’t think Putin is a saint, the western media, despite being “anti-nazi,” has conveniently ignored his surgical targeting of the Neo-nazi forces in Ukraine. Add onto the fact that the images they’re using of the “heroic” Ukrainian leader are old pictures from YEARS ago, and it’s obvious we’re being lied to. Soros supports Ukraine and opposes Russia, I wonder why? A Ukrainian woman also said straight up in a Fox News interview that fighting for Ukraine is fighting for the NWO. Fuck Ukraine.

    Most of these brainless NPCs have literally switched from Covid to Ukraine, it’s a joke. They’re masked profile pic has changed to a Ukrainian flag, cuz they literally have no identity otherwise. You can say “thinking about Ukraine” all day long, it won’t actually change anything. I wanna fuck the brains out of Zendaya doesn’t mean it will happen.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I’ve been coming across many images and video clips that the mainstream media has been using regarding this so called Russia/Ukraine conflict, only to later discover that they have no relation to the supposed conflict at all. Once again just in the case of the last 2 years, the mainstream media are working their witchcraft and wizardry engaging in pure lies and deception.

      I honestly have to scratch my head, the same mainstream press that has told nothing but lies for the past 2 years concerning Convid-1984 all of a sudden are reporting on the truth regarding Russia and Ukraine?? There is a sucker born every minute, however I’m NOT one. Once again we witness a load of sheeple who are unable to think and reason for themselves being lead by the nose to throw their support behind a country the overwhelming majority of them know little to nothing about.

      I completely agree with you, Putin is no saint, his hands are dirty just like the majority of these world leaders, however one thing that can be said about him is a least he’s not trying to initiate a world war and to be honest, with all of the relentless demonisation he’s suffered at the hands of the West, I have to take my hat off to the man for his incredible patience:

      1. @Verbs


        As I’ve repeatedly stated, Vladimir Putin is no angel–but there’s a valid reason why the propaganda machine has gone into overdrive AGAINST him.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          Just like the black witch is the right hand flunky of General Sleet, Ukraine is a willing flunky of the West. Putin got wind of the fact that the West had set up various chemical factories in Ukraine which they were secretly using to produce small pox disease that they were soon going to unleash on the Russian populous. The West knew they couldn’t attack Putin via a full military frontal assault, so instead they opted for a backdoor biological attack on the Russian people which Putin received intelligence concerning and subsequently shut that garbage down with the quickness.

          Putin has the full right to protect his people, he’s done nothing wrong, he’s specifically targeted those chemical weapons factories only, however the lamestream media have gone into overdrive working their magic and sorcery to make it seem as if the Russian military has been bombing innocent civilians. Some people don’t learn, look at how many suckers yet again have bought into this “stand by Ukraine” propaganda even though the same mainstream media straight up lied to them over the past 2 years regarding Convid.

          It makes sense, the same West that brought small pox to the Native Americans wanted to repeat history once again, smh. We already know, whenever the mainstream media demonises an individual, that individual ought to be looked upon as the hero. They did the same thing to Trump even though outside of his calamitous Operation Warp Speed, Trump pre Convid-1984 was trying his best to put American back on the right track.

          All of these sanctions the West has launched against Russia are simply being carried out as a distraction to save face from the embarrassment of their chemical weapons attack plans being foiled. President Putin must be saluted to the maximum degree for his actions and swift response:

          1. @Verbs

            One of the “photos” used regarding a supposed Ukrainian air strike was alleged to be taken from a video game (which I have personally played): Arma III.

            I’ve played this before, and that photo looked VERY similar.

          2. Verbs2015,

            The fact is neither the US nor the Eu have the moral standing to criticize anyone about civilian casualties in warfare, whether collateral or intentional.

            Millions of Arabs have been slaughtered in recent years by US Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan, to name a few. Currently, the US is supplying Saudi Arabia with every sort of bomb to use on everyday citizens in Yemen.

            Historically, Ukraine was a province of Russia and the Soviet Union. Lately, Ukraine has been wanting to join Nato and the EU while persecuting its ethnic Russian citizens.

            Ukraine’s Jewish president is trying to be a celebrity. He encouraged Ukrainians to go to the streets and fight, issuing guns to everybody who wanted one. The US and the EU have armed his people to the teeth.

            When Zelensky first asked to join Nato and the EU before the conflict started, he was told Ukraine didn’t qualify because of its history of extreme corruption. Now this Zelensky is cashing in, using fake social media and the 24 hour drive by media to pull the world’s heartstrings. He and his cohorts are not the noble good guys that the fake media is selling them as.

            Zelensky is responsible for any damage to civilian infrastructure and any civilian casualties. At the beginning of the conflict, even Biden advised Zelensky to leave the country and form a government in exile. Putin just wanted him out of office and a new Ukrainian government that wasn’t constantly threatening Russian security. Putin didn’t really want to use his guns. If Zelensky had left, Putin would have gone back to Russia.

            1. By the way, didn’t Crimea (as well as 2 other Ukrainian provinces) actually sign on to be with Russia? Actually, those 2 breakaway provinces wanted to be independent territories, and the Russian government recognized them as such.

  14. Anyone catch the State of the Union? ‘‘Twas a shit show, Sleepy Joe called the Ukrainians Iranians. For as much as they talked about Trump’s gaffes, Biden could probably misspell his own name. Don’t forget his literally being led off of a stage by his wife once.

    1. @Afrofuturism1

      Jill Biden? The same woman I’d like to bend over and (censored) (redacted), then (censored) (censored) (redacted)?

      1. 🤢🤢🤮🤮

        She looks like she smells like white vinegar LOL
        I rather take Melania Trump any day! 😁😁

      2. “Jill Biden? The same woman I’d like to bend over and (censored) (redacted), then (censored) (censored) (redacted)?”

        You got a thing for those old white hags, don’t you lol. The women you dig are beyond GILF status, they damn near walking dead. Pussy looking like the Mummy’s Tomb lol. Oh well, to each his own. As long as they got money, I’m with it.


    Good on DeSantis for trying to break the cult mind control and fight for normalcy for these kids. Of course, the worthless media said he “bullied” them. This is why Trump might as well run in 2024, cuz anyone else will still get the same shit treatment whether their tweets are mean or not.


    I have to take my hat off to this woman and the group she’s with for uncovering the financial incentives behind the schools’ mask mandates and the protocols followed by the hospitals; it has nothing to do with the health and safety of the American people. So while parents are shouting at school boards about masks in the classroom, that bribe money from Big Daddy Government is screaming louder than any parent who stands before them; it’s the same with the hospitals: you mention anything about nutrition, zinc, or Vitamin D, they’ll say it’s not apart of their protocol. Hospitals are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars for every COVID patient they have; no wonder you don’t hear much about other diseases anymore.

  17. I can’t get RT anymore on the TV or online. Fam this anti Russia thing is getting way of hand. Putin must have demolished the Rothchilds secret stash of adrenochrome or some shit…

    1. Disqus also dropped RT, so now they have a terrible comment section to prevent folks from talking about the anti-Russian bullshit being spread.

    2. Michel,

      They also dropped the RT app from the Google Play Store, however I managed to find it elsewhere. Like I said to Kameron Brown, Putin foiled a planned chemical weapons attack on his people by targeting chemical weapons factories being used in Ukraine(a flunky of the West) to produce small pox disease.

      This is why the anti Russian propaganda has gone into maximum overdrive, the West is trying to distract the people from finding out the truth via all of these anti Russian propaganda pieces as well as using the sanctions Kansas City Shuffle.

    3. RT is closed for good. Guess you’ll have to get your disinformation from the West like God intended.

  18. Gentlemen,

    Where are the standards, where is the self respect? The dude actually had a relationship and slept with this masculine looking, Set It Off type creature, smh. Yes, that is a chick:

    1. There are 2 more parts to this case; I watched all 3 of them. This guy looks like an upstanding gentleman, yet he was dating a braud that looks harder than him; even her name [Monteil Reeves] sounds like a dude’s name.

    2. This is the kind of modern relationship that they pushing in y’all’s media…soft soy boy male feminist cuck male and masculine-ass, wide-necked, deep-voice, mustached shemale. Damn lol

      1. Schadenfreude,

        “Y’all’s media”? This is what the lefties are pushing, this is your democrat/liberal media, this has nothing to do with me.

          1. Michel,

            I’m still here. Throwing passive aggressive shade at a fellow Black man is poor form. Get it together, bro.

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