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What Did You Expect Would Happen? #SHORTS!


I really don’t understand what she thought the guy was going to do, she’s wasted 2 months of his time and she honestly expected the man to stick around and fight, really?

This is why now more than ever I encourage heterosexual free thinking black men to deal with non westernised foreign women, there are too many western women out here to be honest who are squarely deep in the toilet bowl, this modern day black female especially.

The man had the sense to cut this black harriet off after she wasted two months of his time, remember, this is the toxic dating environment that many Western women have created by engaging in foolishness like the above, unfortunately there are some men who have facilitated the rapid decline in the dating market by pandering and giving in to women’s vain demands instead of standing strong and refusing to cater to folly.

I honestly feel sorry for the younger generations and those who are actively looking for a long term companion in the West because there are so many contaminated females out here who are haughty, arrogant, prideful and hold their heads high in their dysfunction.

It’s funny how many Western women are calling for marriage(even though they initiate most of the divorces) which is a traditional custom, yet so many of those same females are NOT traditional.

Gentlemen, dating in the West is a complete mess and time is very short, never allow indecisive women to waste your time, at the first signs of any inconsistencies, simply walk away and never look back. You can thank me later. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Time Is Too Precious, Never Allow Dysfunctional Women To Waste It

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “What Did You Expect Would Happen? #SHORTS!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that black guy have blocked that black women because she is wasting his time. Ive been in similar situations with women in the past and I have walked away from them because all they are going to do is to put good guys like us in the friend zone and make us jump 1000 hoops just to get a hello while banging and shagging the bad boys for free. Then these same women moan about where all the good men have gone when these bad boys treat them like shit. This is the reason why dating in the 21st century is fucking crap especially for decent men.

  2. Hear me now!

    I had a Greek chick who pulled exactly the same shit on me. She had an overseas boyfriend (🤔) but wanted the full dating experience with me. She demanded that I hold her hand and take her out weekends. Foolish me thought I was well in there… that was until she dropped the “let’s be friends” over text. I cut it off straight away – word for word exactly what the brother said above.

    Unfortunately with the Convid bullshit many women here fell for the okey doke and are psychologically scarred with fear. If it was tough dating prior to 2020, it’s damn near brutal now. Be careful who you choose out there.

    1. Let me tell you something. If I’m interested in one girl and she wants to date me and then she say that let’s be friends, she’ll never hear from me again you know.

  3. That chick ain’t the only one who has been complaining online about lack of “pressure” from men. Ain’t these the same third wave feminists that have been screaming “no means no” for 30 years? Well, brothas heard them. And they have a plethora of choices. Black Men (I assume she’s talking about a BM) are no longer simping and kowtowing to these defective black hoes’ massive egos, you love to see it. SYSBM.

  4. The reason why he kicked her to the curb is because that she was playing games with him. That use to happen to me in my 20’s when some girls play games with me. And then I try to get it somewhere else. Right, you know when a girl is playing games with you is when you give her money. When you do that, that when she will play games with you big time. You know something. In the so called black community, black women will play games on other black men all the time but not to the thugstas that they love all time. They will put the good black man (I’m not one of them) in the friend zone but not the thug like Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. And them type of men always say to me that don’t give any woman no money at all. There is a chick I was chatting from Jamaica on Whatsapp. I was chatting another slim browning as well (Please don’t call me a player!). She contacted me to ask me a favour. I knew what the favour was. Lord God! And I think you guy know what the favour is. Let me tell you something. She will play games with a guy who is not a thug but she will not play games with a guy who is not a thug.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe tonight especially in the rain because these ghetto hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  5. Taking the black pill is very strong and beneficial than red pill in western societies.

    Taking the red pill is more stronger and beneficial than black pill in eastern societies.

    It is a lottery in my situation to find a traditional white woman in the west who don’t believe in sanctioning divorces but believes in vows, believes in fixing issues than running away from it.

  6. This daggle’s tweet goes to show just how far down the drain dating has gone in the West; she honestly thought this guy was going to fight for her attention. The guy in question played it right: you don’t chase her, you replace her; I believe the reason she’s devastated is because she thought he would simp for her so she can test how much he was willing to be emasculated. Those days are long gone since men figured out the relationship games women play: the best way to win is to not even play. #SYSBM

    1. All this crosstalk between men about female behavior is just what BW and to a lesser extent WW have been trying to stamp out all these decades. I don’t know about you but I’ve seen those cool uncles, older cousins, male mentors, slowly be phased out of a boy’s life. You seen the WW sportscasters pushing up into the male locker room, and the Section 8 BW pushing into the barber shop trying to keep tabs on niggas. YouTube and social media they can’t control has been their worst nightmare as brothas put other brothas up on game. I’ve been waiting 30 years for this. Fu*k these bitches. SYSBM.

      1. “The more the scraggle tightens her grip, the more thinking black men slip through her fingers…”


  7. This is why now more than ever I encourage heterosexual free thinking black men to deal with non westernised foreign women, there are too many western women out here to be honest who are squarely deep in the toilet bowl, this modern day black female especially.

    Spot on, Verbs! It’s a frigging waste of time trying to partner up with Westernized wommin in 2022 — white, black, mixed, whateva! It doesn’t matter. Chasing WESTerniZed skirts with that stoopid idiotic mainstream “thinking” is the kiss of death for any man so avoid at all costs.

    I ran into many Westernized skirts from the First World who worked for NGOs, diplomatic services etc. when I first touched down in East Africa. But I had zero interest in any of them since, back then, the fit smart & feminine College girls whom I used to date treated me like a king, probably due to their conservative upbringing while also going to boarding school which is very common down here: no fake hair, weaves, makeup allowed.

    Remember, this was waaay before the woke SJW ratchet feminism + fake hair idiocy went mainstream over here. My my, how times have changed. The Western boob tube is absolutely toxic on today’s young African minds. Thank u Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj & company for exporting your ratchet HipCrap “programming” to the dark continent. Mission accomplished! 😉

    Interesting times ahead for single men looking to find “decent” non-Westernized women to settle down with. The ZioPress is very “impressionable” on them.

  8. I bring my 2 cents into this:

    The women will say “they are not looking for relationship” or “progress romantically” are one one they finally meet the good men which they want, however they are not use to good men so they will say this.
    The best advice when females say this to you is just move on to the next one.

    Some brother do accept friendzone with these women, however they know they have options too so they can go elsewhere and when they find someone else, the same women who friendzone you will get mad and say how you betray friendship, my response will be ‘you reject me and I go elsewhere’.
    This is similar scenario to brother who get labeled a villan because they got a becky and at the same time she rejects you.

    If you cannot progress with a friendship with a women because she rather stay single, this is a equivalent to a “Dead End Job”. Which basically means you work in a job with no ‘progression’ or ‘growth’ at all.
    I am progressing man, not a dead end man.

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