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Stop The Cap, You Did What Most Black Women Do


Just a quick breeze through this light, bright heifer’s Tik Tok will reveal the type of female she really is, one who definitely belongs to the streets, don’t be fooled by her soft voice and supposedly calm demeanour, the tattoos, extra long fake nails plus the orange coloured weave/wig on her scalp are serious red flags by themselves, however feel free to flick through some of her other videos just to get a taste for yourselves.

She did what most black women do, that is open her legs to the dregs and the scum of black male society, guys that are NOT cut out for fatherhood or long term relationships.

Of course there is no “bad blood” when Slim Sauce busts a nut inside you and kicks out never to be seen or heard from again, black women like those types of black men.

One of the most disturbing parts about this video is how she calmly talked about going down to the abortion clinic to assassinate the child as if she was going on a daily excursion to the local supermarket to purchase some groceries.

As I’ve demonstrated many times before, these black harriets have absolutely no problems spilling the blood of children no matter what side of the womb they reside on. IF that clinic had been open, she would’ve snuffed out that child’s life without a second thought. Since 1973 over 22 million abortions these black sirens have executed and we’re still counting, smh.

Do you know what else is comical, how instead of acknowledging their shortcomings in opening up their legs to the wrong men and being impregnated by them, black women in typical fashion will rush in to apply the usual witchcraft and get straight to work attempting to turn their negative situation into a positive via using every excuse in the book hoping something will smooth the path and ease the pain.

“He’s a blessing”? Err no, he’s a bastard child, the direct result of you getting knocked up by a dickhead who didn’t want a relationship, and to think you have black men out here who are still holding out honestly believing that they can be different and manage to find “the one” amongst a seething swamp of black females who think in this same manner, smh.

This modern day black female is done, it’s a wrap for her, as long as she is being raised by other black females who avidly pass down this “ratchet, single mother, get knocked up by 12 Gauge Mike, Chunky Bruh and Roof Top Trey but if all else fails roll into the abortion clinic” type culture, don’t expect to find any gold nuggets amongst the heaving piles of shrapnel.

Black women as a collective by default are drawn to ratchet, degenerate, reprobate acts, so called “good black women” in attempting to defend the unbridled members of the “sistahood” have failed, the pro black simps have also tried to cover for their black queenies but have been unsuccessful.

There is only so much you can sweep under the rug before the pile of junk begins to spill back out into the open. Gentlemen, reason 790,058,968 as to why you should NOT deal with black women. As I always say, those black men who still choose to deal with the black witch do so at their own risk and shouldn’t complain when their hands get bitten. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Will Do What Black Women Always Do, Worship And Jump On Thug Dick

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Stop The Cap, You Did What Most Black Women Do

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Unfortunately these days black women in general always have kids with the worst kind of black men ever and I know this too well because I have a couple of black female cousins who also have kids with the thug type of black men and even they tell me that they regretted that decision.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s the same old story with black women, it won’t be long till she’s putting out a tender for a clean up man(if this hasn’t happened already), smh.

      1. She (and others) are birthing the next generation of incarcerated youth. If they aren’t put in jail, shot or put on the path of criminality in the zero tolerance public school system, then they are murdered by these so-called Black Queens.

        Even the Swirl Movement Hoard murders their own children when their Zaddy leaves them.

        This proves 790,058,969 time that they are unfit for parenting, among other things.

  2. I see this one issue as a common problem in the black urban environment, these young black sons like the boy in the video tend to be more girl-like appearance wise.

    One example, these mothers braid their sons hair and the fathers (present in their sons life) allows it. Have they ever heard of a barber shop or a clipper and scissors to cut the boys’ hair and not let it grow out of control only to be braided like a woman?

    As an adult black man, you can grow your hair out and have it in CORN-rows because I can tell what you look like by the masculine facial structure.

    1. Also to add, in this day and time, you can’t tell an adult black male from a female in the younger black generational society due to the influence of modern day black entertainment and culture.

      1. Both statements are true as I am looking into new hair combinations with the dreads I have.

  3. I ask myself this question.

    What would black society look like today if abortion had always banned everywhere in the US?

    These 22 million lives would still be in danger by default.

    Blackistan population would be a lot higher than now at over 100 million.

    Many more no go zones on red lines of travelling.

    A first world mixed with third world nation of USA.


    1. Witwijf,

      The concept of preventing pregnancy is a foreign one to your modern day black female, however the concept of killing unborn children black women as a collective have crafted and made themselves masters and professional at executing.

  4. I clicked the link to her TikTok page, and to my surprise, I see that she is in the Navy! Even when performing an honorable duty such as serving their country, the scraggle daggle can’t help but to get knocked up by Slim Sauce and Midnight Freddy; now, her son will grow up as another statistic that will speak to why the communitah is in shambles. No matter what status they reach in life, the daggle always gravitates towards the lowest dregs of society; I bet it won’t be long before she finds a janitor to perform clean up services for her and her little jit.

    1. This is exactly these hoes back-up plan. But fewer and fewer good black men are willing to play clean-up, that’s why they’re so frustrated.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Unfortunately there’s always a clean up man lurking and waiting in the wings ready to perform janitorial services for these used up, ran through, rinsed out black harriets.

  5. I am not surprised of her lack of judgment and decision-making skills as with all Western women.

    Also didn’t any of them heard the word condom? They are free these days if not affordable.

    1. Black females are allergic to every type of birth control, whether it’s free or not.

    2. Blackdjedi,

      The black female’s propensity towards allowing herself to be impregnated by dregs and scum is something else to behold.

  6. Chalk up another sexually-suspect son-husband in the black communitah. Gays and “Yas Queen” simps are not born, they’re made. Even a stint in the Navy can’t come between a black hoe and raw dick. Shameful all around.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Yet Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson expects free thinking brothers to date, marry and procreate with these multiple nutted up in broads even though he’s still unable to snag himself a black queenie.

  7. Right, when a ghetto scraggle daggle sees a good black man who wants to raise that child in a two parent home, she will reject him in a heartbeat but when a she sees a good for nothing thug dude like Des The Drunk, she will open her legs to him quick time. And when she has his child no matter if what the gender of the child, the thuggish dude that she prefers, he will run off like a 100 meters sprinter. Right, as that kid is now on the earth with no father around because he’s busy running around, I bet you that she is hunting for a good black man. And I know that she is hunting. Bruno Mars and Anderson did a song called Smokin’ Out The Window. You need to listen to the lyrics of the song.

    1. Money Cultural,

      It’s always the same with large swaths of black women, get dicked down and impregnated by Two Snacks but thereafter seek out a so called “educated lame” to help ease the strain of single motherhood, smh.

  8. For some odd reason, I just have to laugh at black women and their mating choices because it does not make no sense at all to me. Black women are suppose to be the “most educated” right? Why the hell they don’t educated themselves in their poor ass mating choices and birth control? Is it that hard to either say no or tell the dude to wear a condom? Common sense is the answer to these type of scenarios. When it comes down to sex, I’m always gonna have condoms on me. I’m no dumbass. The only time I’m not gonna use condoms is if I’m married, and ready to start a family, with a woman who got no kids. I just don’t understand certain people when they act like they too good for birth control. Talking about they have good “pullout game,” Okay, that pullout game is gonna leave you with 2 things you don’t even want, and that’s on you bruh, and I’m not saying nothing. I’m just gonna mind my own business.

  9. Black women stay making bad choices and blaming everyone else. There’s no hope and no change possible for them until they admit one major thing: these chicks are at the BOTTOM of the dating pool, the whale crap bottom, and the “good looking” ones are much higher.

    Thus, they HAVE to jump through hoops of their own making to simply be seen in a sympathetic light, let alone felt sorry for enough for a man to want them. Likewise, their crap will be put up with a loss than any other group of women. That’s life and that’s the sexual market, that’s how it should be, too. The best leg hole gets the man, and vice versa. If you don’t like it, go be a liberal and beg for handouts somewhere else.

    As we’ve pointed out, black women and white men are two dudes, uh, sides of the same coin. They want to be not only accepted but worshipped for simply showing up.

  10. Shawn James here.

    (From hereon forth, I will no longer talk about my relationship with Kinoko-chan here. I will also take everyone’s advice and try to not make my relationship so public).

    That being said, I’d like to premier my latest article here in honour of my SYSBM Knights. This may be a little controversial, but I believe it is a topic worth tackling. Here you go.


    This year has been a memorable one, in not so many good ways. With the pandemic and all, you’d think that coonery and buffoonery among the black community would have decreased. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Modern coons have found new and innovative ways to tap dance and become massa apologists. Here, I have complied the 10 ten offenders of the year.

    Although I agree with Dave’s take on the overly-politically and aggressive LGBT community, his audience still comprised of an ever-growing number of white folks waiting to see what ol’ Nigger was going to say next… and he was ready to oblige. Sure, he ‘gave up’ on millions of dollars years ago, but that apparently isn’t the case now, especially with that Netflix money. Also, Dave, the shaved head and big goofy smile isn’t doing you any favours.

    The Fresh Prince stopped being fresh years ago. No longer satisifed with his millions of dollars making comedies or action flicks, he is now desperate for an Oscar – which means making race-baiting films to guilt trip white liberals. Unfortunately, even they weren’t impressed with his tap-dancing eagerness as none of these movies got any award attention. Go do another Bad Boys, Will, that’s your forte.

    This ghetto chimp really only got mainstream attention when he caused the deaths of some young white people during his concert. I’d never heard of him, and I was baffled to see how wealthy he was. Sadly, Travis, the white liberal audience who paid for your mansions will leave you just as soon as they find another no-good rapper that will shuffle for them.

    7. VERBS
    I regret to include the owner of this website and fellow SYSBM member Verbs on this list. However, it should be noted that for all his talk against black women, Verbs’ South American girlfriend is HALF BLACK. This is not something I made up – during a mediated debate some time ago between Verbs and I, he mentioned this fact. Verbs, I urge you post links of this debate (if there are any) so that brothas can make a fair judgement.

    Once the token ‘black’ Transformer, Jazz was a jive-talking cool cat autobot who always knew to remain chill and cool, as well as transform into a sick ride. Over the years, he has gradually become White Massa Optimus Prime’s pet negrobot who always has a ‘Yes Mister Optimus suh!’ ready at all times. The last real incarnation of Jazz we saw on the big screen, he basically spoke ‘hood’ and was in fact quickly (and rightfully) torn apart by Jewish stand-in Starscream.

    Oh how far the mighty has fallen. Ol’ Zel used to be the epitome of the strong black man, playing power characters that often faced the might of white supremacy. His latest film, however, is the lead in a Shakespearean adaptation. Really, Denzel? The lead role in a white man’s play, all just to win your ass another Oscar? This isn’t Shakespeare, this is plain old spear-shaking.


    1. Son of a bitch stealing my end of year Top 10 list…

      Never mind, Shawn James “Coon” List is brought to you by KFC’s Bargain Bucket Meal, now an inflation busting price $29.95 plus tax. Black Friday just got even Blacker!

    2. Shawn James,

      You’re not going to run an Obsidian, I’m SYSBM Kansas City Shuffle up in here bruh, we don’t sell out to rubber dolls, we keep it REAL over here, literally. Verbs, myself a sellout because my girlfriend is mixed(half black), are you for real?

      That’s still well within SYSBM protocols as the black bloodline has been diluted, you’re not even familiar with the dating, mating and marriage concepts of the lifestyle. Besides, at least I have a REAL woman, you on the other hand decided to sell yourself well, well short and resort to nutting up in silicone moulds.

      Where is the renewing of your mind, where is your testicular fortitude in facing your demons(being afraid to interact with REAL WOMEN), where is your work ethic, where is the acknowledgement of your shortcomings, you’re as far from SYSBM as the East is from the West mac.

      A word of advice, the saying “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” strongly applies in your case.

      1. I do not understand how Verbs is a sell out, BM does not turn their back on the Community, it was the black culture and BW turn their back on Black Patriarchy. Good BM just left. When they made laws to make sure that the Black Community will never regain black patriarchy, brothers say ‘The Hell with it’.

        In the Black Liberal Matriarchy, they do not respect successful BM, they either get screwed or robbed.

        And the Pro-Black talk all this Pro-Hood and down with the Hood, do not live even in the hood themselves, why because they know fully well they get butt-fucked in the ass by the matriarchy.

        Oh, by the way, this whole ‘Sell-Out’, ‘Coon’, ‘Uncle-Tom/Ruckus’ thing does not work on UK, that only in the USA
        So people like me, Mister Master, Money Cultural, Quincy, Verbs and others live in the UK, does not apply to them, so you can keep that Race Purity out of Britain.

        As for Race Purity and the black culture dies out, that is not going to happen, why? Because they have plenty supplies of Pookie, Ray Ray and hugs to breed from.

    3. THE Shawn James! The man the, the myth, the legend! The same Shawn James that used to be red pill now turned blue pilled! You need to take the black pill!

      1. Shawn “Blockhead” James clones are just multiplying like rabbits.


      1. It’s a satire account but they keep falling for it.

        Him saying Verb’s gf is mixed isn’t the own he thinks it is. The theory is the lighter the chick the more cooperation you’ll get, so Verbs is well within guidelines.

  11. Verbs and gentlemen,

    I will translate this video for you:
    The reason why she is not holding a grudge and being kind and cool in the video because her Baby Daddy is a thug (Pookie/RayRay).
    What brother fail to understand (some here may) that they forgive Thugs when they bust a nut in them.
    When the Thugs get them knocked up and leave them, they tend to go seperate ways.

    However if this was an average brother or a good BM, you will see the different outcome of the video, you would of see the bitter hatered, she would name and shame the man, they will put him on child Support in a instant, make him pay and have all this revenge, she would even use a child against him and put him through hell.

    What you saw on the video is she is showing kind heart and legit because she forgive the Thug.
    If that was a good man she got knocked up by, she will make him pay and punish him hard.

    Remember in the communitah, they punish the good man but forgive the bad ones.

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