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They Live To Cause You Pain And Misery #SHORTS


This is what your average modern day black female lives for, causing the maximum amount of pain, grief and suffering to as many black men as she can. Of course we all know the story too well, they mess around with the wrong types of Negroes, as per the predictable outcome they get messed around and thereafter desire to execute vengeance on all black men, yep even the guys they deliberately passed over and dismissed that didn’t do them any wrong, smh.

You can’t deal with dickheads and expect positive results, there are too many women roaming around who don’t seem to want to grasp and understand this concept.

As I’ve stated before, all the best to those black men who still choose to deal with these women, it should be apparent by now to any black man that this modern day black woman is NOT his friend, unfortunately however there are many mullet headed Negroes in existence who still believe they can make things work out with such a toxic female counterpart.

These are the women that Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson wants you to get with, a bunch of angry and bitter black harriets who didn’t have the courage to exact their revenge on the guys that actually did them wrong and who are now out baying for the blood of any black men they run into, smh.

Brethren, always remember that it isn’t your job to rehabilitate broken beyond repair women, you don’t have to “prove yourself” to any woman who has unresolved issues from previous unfruitful encounters with men, don’t entertain them at all, instead simply move on.

This is the difference between men and women, in general men upon exiting a relationship will renew their minds and clean themselves up in preparation for the next female, women on the other hand tend to leave themselves in the same messed up state moving onto the next man bringing their unwanted emotional baggage with them.

This is why as of late you’re seeing so many videos of angry and bitter women who’ve got so much smack to say about men, many point blank refuse to heal and decontaminate themselves from negative past experiences and now want ALL men to pay for the sins of a few.

I point blank refuse to be a sacrificial goat for the transgressions of the dickheads a woman dealt with in the past, no, I will NOT be proving to you that “I’m different”, if the female concerned is not willing to give you a fresh clean slate as she did the knuckleheads who previously wounded her, she’s NOT worth the trouble.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

NEVER Volunteer To Be Any Woman’s Punching Bag And Sacrificial Goat

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “They Live To Cause You Pain And Misery #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date women who has previous issues with their ex boyfriends or they are still in love with their ex boyfriends. I tried that shit before and it never works. I am not playing second best to another man because I know my self worth as a man when it comes to dating and relationships. I also refuse to date single mothers because I refuse to be the clean up man for someone elses stupid choices in life for a situation that I didn’t create.

    1. Most women who are just disgruntled because their ex.
      My advice you you when you meet new people and they had ex.

      Ask them questions like:
      1. Is he out of the picture?
      2. Has she got over him?
      3. Has she healed and have closure so she can move on and forward?

      If she has not then avoid.

      Also if you meet a female friend who is single and she said she enjoys being single, leave her alone because Kevin said single friends keeps you single which is correct because it is like working in a dead end job without progression.

      Friendship is based on progression. Not timewasters.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Problematic women must be given a wide berth and must be avoided at all costs, if gotten involved with all they will do is bring nothing but drama, strife and contention to the relationship. Too many men unfortunately believe that they won’t be able to find somebody better, this is NOT TRUE, it’s just a case of being diligent and as you said knowing your worth as a quality man.

  2. Typical BW always posting stuff about how they hate BM.

    They talk tough and talk gangster on Social Media about BM and how to make them pay.
    But they won’t put that energy when it comes to White Men.

    It remindes of a post where the 19 year old girl got disowned because of Ghetto Gagger.

    Here is full clip of it on FS Avenger where she talk super ganstar then you see GG Clip she was all submissive, where is that gang talk at GG? Exactly.

    I put thihe link on the Daggle/Maggle Watch

    The you have Aaron Fountain talking about why BM have hate towards BW. Fail to realise that it is other way round and BW put it up on the internet.
    Oh I forgot, Internet does not count as evidence according to Aaron.

    All the people going on about this is just only internet and does not happen in real life.
    It goes like this: BW put their personal real life stuff on the internet. Look at WorldStar HipHop.

    Even these thing does not happen in real life, 90% of BW takes and apply the advice from the internet such as Derrick Jaxn and the Simp/Pimps. That is why you see all on the news how destructive BW are. What you see in real life, ghetto, trash, Child Support, train wreck and they speak with poison venom.

    1. MMT,

      The fake academic Aaron Fountain believes he’s some sort of authority over what evidence can be used to indict black women, however the truth of the matter is he knows he’s up the creak without a paddle trying to defend his queenies because he knows deep down they cannot be defended on any level.

      Regarding that nasty black witch and her GG episode, it’s not even like the heifer checked in to engage in a standard porn scene, nope, she went to the worst of the worst company on the market just to pick up a cheque.

      If any man with his head screwed on straight wish to kill an erection stone dead, just watch a few minutes of some Ghetto Gaggers porn. What gets me is Ghetto Gaggers aren’t even running short on applications, these dirty black harriets are lining up around the block ready to be straight up abused, dehumanised, humiliated and contaminated on camera, smh.

      Like you said, Captain Snowy can do whatever he wants to the black witch but she’ll have no fire in her chest to rail against him, and these harpies have the cheek to call black men weak, smh.

  3. I’ve been that simp dude that tried to rehabilitate a damaged woman. She got regularly ran through by a gigolo that discarded her when she approached the wall.

    Now I know better but that was the most painful experience ever. Since then there have been others who viewed me as a side piece, but that was my fault for being “nice”.

    Anyway, one red pill and a cleanup later I’m good. Not everybody reflects and decides to clean themselves up after that calamity but it is worth it, only for the self respect.

    1. Michel,

      Do not feel guilty about your simp past.
      We all been through it because we were taught to do it by liberal society when we were young
      However we learn the hard way the Red Pill gave us the truth to overcome it.

    2. Michel,

      And herein lies the very point I made near the end of the article, at some stage you decided to be honest with yourself, you examined your behaviour and realised that some serious changes needed to be implemented which you eventually went ahead and executed.

      The problem with attempting to rehabilitate damaged women is the fact that the overwhelming majority of them refuse to be honest to begin with and admit that they need to heal and decontaminate themselves from past negative experiences, liberal women are primary culprits with black women being the tip of the spear when it comes down to this issue.

      You did well to walk away and reform yourself bro, you could’ve ended up like former commenter Black Caesar or Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James.

      Honesty and thereafter a determination to right wrongs are the keys to any man wishing to keep himself in check.

  4. I’ve been looking at the 4 answers on and these are the replies.

    McKayla Kennedy response – Studying psychology

    Generally, the same way you cause any human being to emotionally suffer:

    You withdraw from them.

    But, you see, to cause emotional suffering, first you have to engage with someone on an emotional level. You need to be kind and empathetic, even friendly. Maybe you even tell them you like them. This part needs to be sincere because real human beings can sense each other’s emotions and respond to them.

    Every time the person trusts you more, you need to up the ante. Give them more of yourself. Show them your investment in the relationship. Get them to rely on you by being there for them all the time.

    Trina Wade response – world traveller

    I would personally not do something like that intentionally. If that person made me suffer in some way, then they would have to face consequences of their actions. It is never my intent to cause suffering.

    Dave Peters response – Attorney and relationship coach

    The answer is well known by now.

    Throw sex at him like a porn star, be sweet, and helpful. Have babies with him after the wedding. Then divorce him, take away his children, and his income and alienate his children from him.

    The usual works best for your purposes. You go girl!

    Almost 60% of soldiers who commit suicide do so within 24 hours of a Skype fight with their wives/girlfriends. I don’t think you girls need any help making men emotionally suffer. It seems to come naturally.

    Dave Kinard response – works in national security

    These answers lack Imagination. Give him the chemical cyproheptadine which will prevent serotonin production, making him unable to regulate moods. Give him concentrated doses of dramamine. It will make him experience a realistic nightmare hallucinatory state. Cut out his eyes, put maggots in the sockets and cut the nerves connecting his spinal cord to his brain. Cut out his tongue. Explain to him that he is in hell and will stay here for eternity. Then pierce his ear drums. Connect him to an IV of enough nutrients to keep him alive. Put in the drip the previous two chemical plus nalaxolone, opiate blocker that will simulate heroin withdrawl and make any sensation of pleasure or happy thought impossible. Allow a mechanism for waste removal and keep his alive as long as possible.

    Or, alternatively, accuse him of “mansplaining.”

    After reading all their answers only reminds me how vetting is very important in relationships and choosing the right conservative spouse without simping.

    The responses from white knight cucks should be illegal for them to breed kids.

    The vax would sterilise them including all the simps who take it without precaution.

    I’m avoiding white liberal women and avoiding all liberals in general.

    All dark skinned negress females are liberal by default.


  5. Shawn James here.

    And you negroes still put me down for being in a relationship with a Snythetik Real-Doll. Kinoko-Chan will NEVER have vengeance or hatred in her heart for her man. She will forever be submissive and obedient to her Black King.

    Speaking of which, I am hereby announcing a Patreon campaign for Kinoko-Chan – I need finances in order to maintain her hygiene and cleanliness. When she arrived for the first time, she came with a bottle of cleanser that was to be used to ‘flush’ her privates out after sexual congress. To my surprise, the refilling of said cleanser is not cheap.

    As an exchange for your donations, I am willing to send you signed photographs of Kinoko-Chan and I dressed in our most exciting cosplay outfits. Some have suggested that I make videos of our sexual romps for the more generous patrons, but I am not very comfortable with the idea. Do let me know your suggestions.

    PS – I will be formally introducing Kinoko-Chan to my family during our monthly Sunday dinner.

    1. MGTOW guys want a sex doll but you’re on the wrong forum to be posting stuff for your patreon campaign and should research websites that are catering to MGTOW forums online.

      A sex doll won’t save you long term.

      You want to be seen as a laughing stock for the rest of your life, not eating healthy, not looking for work.

      You need to clean yourself up but you can’t expect real traditional women to clean all your mess for you, its too much pressure on them.

      You’re telling me you can’t date out and find a conservative woman.

      I prefer a real functional woman that has conservative values and standards.

      I’m team traditional women forever.

      Don’t allow liberal women and all liberals in general to control you and dictate who you can be with.

      My answer below is always.


    2. Come on, you aren’t the real Shawn James. The real Shawn James likes gothic white women and his action figurines sitting on his dresser behind him in his room. 😄

    3. The family dinner being the Big Tower Burger meal with extra coleslaw and mushy peas.

    4. @Shawn James
      Whatever you do DO NOT introduce “her” to your family. That will confirm to them your mental instability and may make them commit you to an institution. I’m not trying to be funny or to put you down.
      The fact that you are even engaging in this behavior is disturbing enough, but putting it out publicly is beyond the pale. I do not kick a man when he’s down, or who obviously needs help.
      What you have shared with us is some of the most disturbing self admissions I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. They make horror movies based off of FICTIONAL characters who engage in things like you’ll telling the world you’re into. Before I would have told you to buy escorts but your mental state is obviously not suitable for intimate female interaction. At the very least you gotta stop telling us about it, that’s some secret shit you should take to your grave.

    5. Shawn James,

      Why even bother with an inanimate silicone doll sir, you could simply use the tube of a vacuum cleaner, that way your nut would automatically be sucked into the machine and you wouldn’t have to worry about performing janitorial services after the messy deeds are done.

      In all seriousness, as commenter Upgraydd said, YOU NEED HELP. Once again, where is the self improvement, where is the dignity, the integrity, the self respect, the renewing of your mind, answer, nowhere to be found, why, because you refuse to be honest with yourself concerning your current in the gutter condition.

      Take note that your approach to dealing with mental trauma and past issues is exactly how liberal women deal with them, that is THEY DON’T!

  6. MGTOW guys want a sex doll but you’re on the wrong forum to be posting stuff for your patreon campaign and should research websites that are catering to MGTOW forums online.

    A sex doll won’t save you long term.

    You want to be seen as a laughing stock for the rest of your life.

    You’re telling me you can’t date out and find a conservative woman.

    I prefer a real functional woman that has conservative values and standards.

    I’m team traditional women forever.

    Don’t allow liberal women and all liberals in general to control you and dictate who you can be with.

    My answer below is always.


  7. They have that same attitude toward their children, especially Black boys. I used to feel sorry for some of my freinds because of the way that their mothers would talk to them. BW make fucked up decisions that lead them into having hard lives and then take their frustration out on the people around them, including their own kids, often times mentally and emotionally damaging the kids in the process. Thinking BM have to stay away from them and sadly may have to keep your kids away from theirs as well.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      They have that same attitude toward their children, especially Black boys.”

      Which is exactly why I’m so glad to see so many younger generation black boys giving these dark sirens a wide berth, as I’ve already stated in Negro Wars, black women have to be left to stew, marinate and burn in their own failures BY THEMSELVES.

      The damage the black witch brings to those around her is off the damn chain, there is very little if anything positive one can say concerning your modern day black female.

      Mention the words “black women” to any random individual and negative images will immediately be brought to mind way before anything positive.

  8. The more the black woman badmouth the black man, the more she’s gonna drive the black man away. To tell y’all a little secret, I’ve been shitted on, called all sorts of insults and labels in the book, been having my kindness taking advantage of, but at the end, you know what it made do? It made me more of a stronger man than never. You know what, if they wanna playing the game of shitting and putting down the black man, let them play the game, but see how long they gonna last because they gonna be playing a game of they looking stupid as hell because they can’t find one decent man to be with. “How to make your ex miss you?” No disrespect, but ain’t there’s gonna be a time where you need to move past your exes and find new people to connect with? I don’t like it when women be having a whole another dude, and they constantly bragging about how their ex did this or did that, like forreal?! They remind me of Jada, she still have feelings for Pac, but the dude been dead over years and she got will, which they need to be divorce by the way.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The bottom line is to know your worth and NEVER tolerate being used as a punching bag by any woman. Devil spawn females who seek to bring pain and misery to men need to be left in the dungeons and dark, musty, damp catacombs where they belong.

  9. I say these ghetto ratchet harridans are only good for is just make a man unhappy, a black man unhappy. When they finish making a black man unhappy, she will go to the hairdressers and spend her money which she got from the government and glue weave in her head. I know she will try to do that to a good black man and she won’t even think try to do that to someone like me but she will never in a million years she will do it to the thugs, the bad boys and the worthless men she desires more then any black man. Why? Because if she tries, the thuggish dudes like Corner Boy Ronney, Street Biscuit and Hood Gravy will knock her down on the ground. She can make a man’s unhappy if it’s a good black man but when it comes to those ruff neck men, she will know what will happen if she very ever try that.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Nope, these black heifers won’t be nasty towards white men or thug Negroes because they know that both groups will NOT tolerate such behaviour and won’t hesitate to clap a black witch upside the head. General Sleet and your man Corner Boy Ronney will not think twice to put their boot in the side of a black female’s head if she plays the fool.

      1. Yeah, that’s true. General Sleet and Corner Boy Ronney will take them down with one tump in their face if they bring that crap towards them. If a scraggle daggle heifer says “Let’s see if he can handle me” bull shit, them thug dudes and the bottom shelf dudes will give her the Mike Tyson right hook!

  10. It is said that in a healthy relationship you must learn to fight fair, which means there are ground rules and things that no matter how angry you are should never be done or said. In other words appropriately express your anger and never intentionally permanently would your significant other. In my experience and extensive observation black women do the exact opposite. Their objective in life is to inflict the most pain and humiliation as possible, especially when they don’t get their own way, or are mad. Don’t believe me, look into your own life, your family, friends and neighbors. Other women for the most part aren’t like that, once it’s over they move on, but they don’t try to hurt you. All of us have experienced or witnessed a black woman doing some evil vindictive shit, and even go so far as to enact actual witchcraft. This post does not surprise me at all, I’m just surprised there aren’t more of them. Here is a David Carrol classic.

    1. Upgraydd,

      What you written above is exactly the reason why most black women aren’t fit for relationships and marriage, they stay on that petty, vindictive, evil vibe and rarely if every feel sorrowful or remorseful for the wickedness they engage in against others.

      You stated that we should look into our own lives in order to confirm the above, sadly most of us have experienced that nasty side of the black witch and for so many the first black female to execute evil against them were their own mothers.

      This is why I have to laugh at the “you’re mother’s black” shaming tactic most black women love pulling out of the hat whenever you call them out on their garbage because most black mothers are trash.

  11. There you have it, folks; the scraggle daggle collective wants to make your life miserable because they are miserable themselves. “What are you SYSBM dudes saving yourselves from?” We’re saving ourselves from everything a relationship shouldn’t be: stressful, burdensome, emotionally draining, and so on. The very fact that there were even responses to that question shows that these Western females are a no-go; this is yet again a public service announcement for #SYSBM.

  12. 23.7K followers and followed by Questlove smh. Bitter black hoes and their constant victimhood is so tiring. These are the ni**as they raise, the ni**as they choose, the ni**as they buss it wide open for, and the deadbeat daddies they drop babies with and the cycle continues.

    SYSBM remains the best option for the thinking black man, leave these retrograde hood bitches in the dust with the Midnight Freddys and Shorty Fists that they prefer.

  13. ABW’s, AW in general their ability to pair bound is finished. Just the other day i was in line at a Baldino’s, this cute asian woman over heard the music on my earbuds & chatted me up about it. We hit it off & were going to the movies next Wednesday to checkout Welcome To Raccoon City. Nobody even cared that i was in the room until she spoke to me. Got nothing but evil stares & under the breath chatter afterwards. They could’ve done what she did but they didn’t, out of fear of rejection i think…

    1. The sustahood doesn’t think you are good enough to approach, but gets big mad when the Asian girl does it. They are their own worst enemies. Another good brother sniped by Mitsouko. Enjoy the movie! SYSBM.

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