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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Well, I see you guys have been very busy filling up the new pages on the site with information upon information, keep up the great work. As commenter Black Picard has stated, at least now folks can visit specific pages and keep up to date as to what is going on in that particular field.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, remember anything you post on the other pages can always be reposted when Open Mic comes around. You’ve got the floor gents, what’s on your minds for this week, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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61 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. You SEE? Regular everyday people do NOT trust doctors any more. Check out this Russia Today commenter. Spot on! Believe me, Naturopathic Doctors are about to see a huge rise in business globally.

    ‘I’m a doctor and I FEAR we will NEVER regain the Public’s TRUST after Covid’ – 9 Nov, 2021 18:28.
    R. M. Huffman is a physician, author, and observer of culture.

    VallejoD • 13 hours ago.
    How am I supposed to trust doctors who tell PREGNANT women to take an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG?? You don’t take ANY drug during pregnancy that is isn’t absolutely critical. A healthy woman of child-bearing years is at almost zero risk from Covid.

    Are these “experts “ so totally ignorant that they haven’t heard of thalidomide? Or DES? Or the Dalcon Shield? I don’t need studies to tell me that injecting an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG into a pregnant woman is malpractice per se.

    Just as appalling is forcing an experimental drug into young children, whose risk of dying from Covid is .00075% (74 million US children- less than 700 have died from Covid.) Jabbing children is a crime against humanity.

    The FDA has even displayed their incredible contempt for us has by telling us on camera that “we won’t know if it’s safe [for children] until we try it”!!! Absolutely f-ing ASTOUNDING- ADMITTING in public that they intend to use our CHILDREN as Big Pharma lab rats. Jesus F Christ.

    The author is correct: My beliefs about “science “ have been shaken to the core by this massive Big Pharma/fascist governments (sic) fraud.

    But I really shouldn’t have been surprised. When I asked my doctor for pain killers for VERY occasional use, she tried to put me on an anti-depressant- a long-term, dangerous “take forever “ drug risky to get off of. She didn’t even tell me it was an anti-depressant when she recommended it – I had to look it up online!!

    This is what the Medical Industrial Complex has degenerated into.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    What do you make of women who refuse to date short men because I find it very laughable when a woman rejects a short man(5ft 7in tall and below) especially if the woman herself is only a short woman (between the heights of 4ft 10in tall to 5ft 3in tall). I have seen plenty of short women on dating apps stating in their profiles that they are only interested in dating guys that are 6ft tall and above. I am very proud to be a short man at 5ft 7in tall, but woman have stupidly unrealistic expectations in dating men these days in the 21st century.

    1. I pay them no mind about height requirements.
      The best solution is to go foreign – always.
      Even Kevin Samuels is more that 6ft. Almost 7ft and people think he is gay. KS did say few times he is not.
      And what make women think that tall men are potential partners anyway?
      Most of them are probably Muscle bound big-bear Simps anyway to these females.
      Now I hear about this Stepdad trailer, which portrait BM as the proud cuck and that is not funny. I glad that I see dislikes on YouTube.

    2. Quincy,

      Unfortunately your height does not meet the BW’s criteria and consider you undateable.

      However, if you are white man who is 1 ft, 1 inch cock (or no balls), no hands and legs, midget, dwarf who looks like Yoda and a bit of a gremlin, you get picked.
      Why? Because like David Carrol say being the White Man covers all the flaws and you are a god.

      We all seen this. Even Verbs made a topic on it last week when she pick an old White Man:

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This stupid height requirement that has grown in popularity amongst many women in recent times is simply a result of what happens whenever you give in and cater to a woman’s silly wants. Additionally, as Andy C stated, the “he must be 6 feet and over” nonsense is a Western female trend, foreign and non westernised women on the other hand DON’T CARE about your height, their main concerns centre around you being suitable for a long term relationship and you being a good father for any future offspring.

      As brothers here have pointed out before, too many women in the West sound like they worship the devil, everything concerning the man they desire has to be a 6, he has to be earning 6 figures, he has to have a six pack, he has to be 6 feet and over etc, pure deviltry. Like you said, unfortunately too many Western women stay losing because their expectations of dating are steeped in pure fantasy.

      To be honest bro, dating in the West has become an extremely tedious process and these so called dating apps have made it even more of a laborious chore. Any women who begin talking about height requirements need to be avoided like the plague. If men began demanding that the women they choose to deal with must have ample butt and breasts(natural), you’d see how fast so many of these heifers would scream bloody murder, smh.

      This is why most women particularly in the West are garbage when it comes down to choosing men and this is why traditionally it was the father who would go out looking for a suitable man for his daughter. Put bluntly, when it comes to dating, observably most Western women are complete idiots and dummies.

      Many women claim that tall men give them a sense of protection, however protection is demonstrated via ACTIONS, not via looks/appearance. Finally, never forget that the Chads, Brads, Tyrones, Slim Sauces and 12 Gauge Mikes who were less than 6 feet tall, these same women did NOT subject them to that same height requirement.

    4. Bro I’m 5’8″(5’9″ on a good day) any woman passing on a norma man due to height has problems with prioritization. That person is using base desire for long term mate selection…you wouldn’t want to be with someone that damn stupid anyway. Plus not being 6 ft hasn’t hurt my ability to meet well adjusted women…consider a woman doing arbitrary height screening as someone doing you a favor.

  3. Hi Verbs

    I like to piggy back the old topic about Umar Johnson.

    Something was very interesting, when the brother mention about Pan-African has flaws, however when you corrected it saying that Pan-African is Patricarchy.

    The reason why I mention this because I assume that Pan African is some Bull-Shit tribe, but it turns out the Umar turn it into a liberabal-simp version that most hotps belive in.

    I looked at the whole Pan-Africianism. It was about tribes come together and patriarchy.

    What is happen which you stated which it true that the Dr Umar Johnson has become self proclaim to the Leader/King or Pince of Pan-Africanism and merge with this hotep Red-Black and Green. Now the modern hoteps thinks that interractial dating is wrong and putting BW on the pedestal is the tribal way which is not true. Umar has fed so many lies about Pan-Africanism it is why there are so mnay dick-police.

    Now this gets me to the next bit about the hoteps which I have obsevered:
    Comparing the British/Caribbean Hoteps vs American/African Hoteps.

    I got a friend who is an old-school Hotep, he is a true proper one, unlike you see on Social Media.

    I notice that on the UK/Caribbean Hoteps, they are patriarchy, they still call BW queens, but only if they are wife material or currently married. If they are hoes like you see on Social Media, that is a no-no. Also they do not put BW on the pedestal as that is not a philosiphy. They did not have any rules against interracial marriage. They forgive women if the past are redeemable, example, not having kids with thugs or swirl (that tern do not exist in the UK as we are diverse).

    The US/African Hoteps, they put BW espcially hoes on the pedestal, they forgive BW of all past, even who were ex-divesters, ghetto gaggers, all of it. They simp on hoes, spend hours on YouTube talking about Black-Love which mind you Hotep women do not even respect Black Men at all. They als Dick police Black Men but not Vangina police on Black Women – Yes that is right you heard, they do not vagina police BW as we all know that.

    I even listen to Kevin Samuels video clip that when these Black Men call into the show, they dick police black men and say nothing about BW divesting. Kevin Samuels notice this that these hoteps using money to impress women, but the BM callers are not husband material because they keep on defending and putting women on the pedestal.

    1. The UK doesn’t have any history of banning interracial marriage.

      The hoteps in the UK are either dating white women or light skinned biracial women.

      The dark skinned black females ain’t wifey material at all in the UK, no different than the USA and other nations.

      True pan Africanism is saving one self from liberalism and dating out with conservative values and standards to build patriarchy families without simping.

      True pan Africanism will never be taught in the USA by the fag homo leader of dick policing officers.

      Race purity is a money making scheme by male feminists, which leads to abnormality behaviours.


    2. Mister Master,

      Yep, Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson’s version of Pan-Africanism is completely false, it has nothing to do with the true movement, the dude simply took elements of a genuine philosophy and merged with the Slowtep, red, black and green garbage bag buffoonery.

      Gerbilface is on a mission to rescue his black queenies by attempting to get black men to save them from the consequences of their sins, the same black men these heifers have no problems stating they despise ie the so called “educated lames”.

      Pan-Africanism has nothing to do with interracial dating, however court jester Johnson has made it seem as if the two are related and because most Negroes fail to do their own research, they’re so easy sucked into believing that the two are one and the same.

  4. Mister Master,

    I have also notice the male callers on Kevin’s Video that these men are just hoteps trying to debate him, but they do not understand women like Kevin and the Red Pillers does. Also some dick-policing which look bad on BM.

    I do agree about the whole Pan-African. I did not know myself until Verbs corrected it.
    This was because all that time Dr Umar Johnson has been teaching Black People ‘False Pan-Africanism’.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The black witch’s thirst for materials is off the damn chain, that’s all you ever see these black sirens doing these days, stealing and robbing, smh.

  5. Greetings brothers, in reflection to previous words of wisdom the past two weeks, I am curious of a question on the meaning or purpose of life. To which I will ask that question and is it really to bring children as nature intended?

    1. Blackdjedi,

      The fact that we have a 1% on this planet who are concerned about the 99% having children and are going out of their way attempting to prevent us from doing so as far as I’m concerned speaks volumes. I would suggest that an easier, quicker way to deduce the meaning of life is to simply observe what these so called “elites” are warring against and war against them by doing that which they are trying to stop you from doing, having children though not the be all and end all is a major part of the equation.

      1. I see. From my understanding so far regarding the elites, they are against individuals in terms of freedom of choice which can go from how they spend their money, produce offspring of their own, etc.

        Especially in the BS-19 saga given the number of information confirming that the coronavirus historically, is nothing more than a common cold. The elites love control of other people and will do anything to maintain it.

        1. @Blackjedi
          The elites (mainly joos and their public representative lackeys) are against God, humanity and everything decent. Their plan is to eliminate the population, that is what this whole pandemic is about, agenda21 and agenda2030. Those who take the shot will be gone in the next 2 to 5 years and the ones who remain will be sterile, that’s why they want it in the kids so bad.

  6. Man, I have been busy all week writing my third draft of my script of the action packed thriller and finishing the touches of the North London drama as well. Writing poetry, having ideas of a short story and shit, trust me, I’m a busy dude but happy Wednesday for everybody. Right have you heard that a scraggle daggle with long weave with five children rejected a dude with one child? The guys on YouTube did a video on her. Here this. You know why the scragg will not deal with a man with one child is because she is looking for a man who is childless who can take care of their children. She is looking for a sucker to take care of them. We know that the scraggly daggles with children will not be with a man with children. I know that but they are on a vicious hunt to find a childless man so they want him to take care of another man’s baby. And Dr Foolmar Johnson wants us men to take care these ghetto ratchet women? This man sniff too much coke.

    1. Money Cultral,

      Have you got a link to the video regarding Single mother with 5 kids refuse to date a guy with 1 kid.

        1. Thanks Money Cultural,

          If I find a link to the original, this should be a either Monday or Friday topic for Verbs to put.

          I find it sad because he was just being polite or friendly, but she is just spewing ghetto.
          She reject the brother because he got 1 kid and she said she got lots of simps she can pick.

          What make her thinks that a man with no kids, clean record and child Free is going to pick her? No chance in hell.
          She did him a favour because she would of put him through the ringer as she was just flat out interrogating him with all those materialistic questions she was asking.

    2. There’s YouTube reaction videos out there somewhere. Aba and Preach maybe?

  7. Good Open Topic Wednesday night to everyone,

    You have heard that the parent/holding company to the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp brands changed its name to Meta Platforms, Inc from Facebook, Inc. to “reflect its focus on building the metaverse”.

    The word “meta” comes from the Greek language and means “beyond”, indicating the futuristic motive but in this case for Facebook.

    Meta (from the Greek μετα-, meta-, meaning “after” or “beyond”) is a prefix meaning “more comprehensive” or “transcending.”

    But the term in Hebrew has a whole different, opposite meaning. Yep, it could be heading down the route of MySpace and YouTube.

    1. I know about this.
      I prefer the word from a Hebrew meaning (Dead) than the Greek meaning (Above and Beyond) because I like to live in the Real World, not Virtual World.

  8. Looks like we’re up shit creek, both family members will have lost their jobs due to the prick in 10 Downing Street who isn’t Boris the Twat mandating the jib for care workers, even casual work requires a Convid false test.

    I want every single one of those parliament cunts to be military tried and executed.

    1. Michel,

      Continue holding the fort, it isn’t over yet. Remember, originally the so called “deadline” was supposed to be November ie this month, however now the date has been conveniently moved back to April. The bottom line is if undergoing any medical procedure is NOT part of your contract, legally and lawfully they can’t sack you so they’ll have to make up and use “other excuses”. Don’t walk out, let them sack you first, then you can take them to court.

  9. Travis Scott and Drake jusyo to get in. Kids passed out and died there and they (main stream lying media) claimed it was because the the people got crushed to death as there was no room/overcrowding yet all footage clearly shows that was not the case. These kids having heart attacks and falling dead was most likely from being double vaccinated and their story is just a cover up. Here are some links.

    1. That was a satanic ritual, Travis Scott is a empty demon zombie who was calling upon the souls of the double jibbed to join him “on the other side”. 8 flames on the stage = 8 deaths. It’s the kind of stuff the dark cult usually do underground, so to do it at a public place is scary.

      It was also the test run for the bio microwave tech to activate. Those who attended said there was a lack of oxygen which led to the passing out.

    2. Yep, I think it was some satanic sacrifice stuff. People have even said the whole thing felt demonic.

      Sadly, notice that black men are being made the face of this: i.e. Lil’ Fag X and his Satan shoes.

      1. There are some in SYSBM trying to give Travis Scott a pass just because he’s with a wealthy Kyle Jenner and has a child with her. Scott is being referred to this generation’s Jay Z by someone in the group.

        One so-called SYSBMer claimed Scott didn’t invite anything from the clips he saw. More excuses from dude include “He stopped the show when he saw the ambulance in the crowd but the media clipped that part out and only show the part where he proceeded the show after the ambulance left and most of these folk posting these videos are just chasing clout.


    Good on the polish, to hell with these “rEfUgEeS!”

    They’re taking it upon themselves to my be invaded. In my opinion, don’t allow one Arab or Muslim male in, child or adult. The women will make good wives though.

    Notice also that thus refugee crisis only started up again when a certain someone was out of office……


    Another dumb athlete is vaxxed, to his detriment. Here’s a comment on the article:

    “ I bet this guy researches and knows everything about every food, drink, and supplement he takes.. But the vaccine… Imma jus’ gonna take it.”

    I hate health freaks in general cuz they’re hypocritical as hell. Bragging about not drinking soft drinks but can’t live with alcohol half the time, smgdh. Likewise, this dude probably checked every bit of carb and calorie info on a piece of bread, but this vax was A-OK. Dumbass, he’ll be handing me my Burger King order sometime soon. Bye bye diving!


    The Philippines will likely never recover in our lifetimes. It was already the ass end of Asia, and now it’s gonna be a permanent ghetto for a while. Interesting how it seems to be designed that the poorer performing Asian countries are those of darker skinned inhabitants, that’s definitely not by design.

    It’s sad that Duterte went full retard worse than China, but they’ve likely gotten him bent over worse than Ving Rhames. When elites sell out their people, only the people suffer.

    On the other hand, Filipino women will marry and throw it on ANY dude, so if you want a wife and have a pulse, you’re in the drawing.

    1. Don’t cheer lead his demise, if he goes we get Harris who is worse, and I think that was their plan all along.

      1. Given that no one is disguising their hatred for her, it might actually be a blessing in disguise.


    Anyone remember who this man is? If you haven’t heard of him, this is James Whitfield, the first Black principal at a majority White high school in Colleyville, Texas; he’s been accused by some of teaching critical race theory (CRT) to his students, but that isn’t the only complaint levied against him. This is the same guy who had an anonymous parent complain to the Texas school district about a picture of him kissing his White wife on social media:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      They got rid of him because he has an attractive white wife plain and simple, the CRT was their smoke and mirrors sleight of hand. It’s funny how Admiral Frost and his acolytes can pull out all the stops to get a black man removed from a prominent position, yet when it comes down to standing up against their own in the form of a tyrannical government, the courage and the testicular fortitude is seriously lacking, smh.

    2. Like I told y’all here in the UK Captain Lager will chase your black behind for even talking to “his bird”. But dealing with the demonic government and their shifting goal posts? No appetite, guvnor.

      1. When it comes to fighting the elite: “we’re all in this together!”

        The second they see a black man with a white woman: “That ****ing niggar loving whore! I bet she’s had 7900 cocks! #MGTOW #whitegenocide”

        1. White genocide is literally happening with the vaxx deaths of the elderly, adults and more kids. But can you find the race pimps to call this psychological war out?

        2. @Afrofuturism1

          And that is usually (only) when the white woman is halfway attractive.

          If she were built like Dr. Robotnik (with a matching mustache to boot), no one would care.

    1. Remember, if you don’t vote for him , you ain’t black. Anybody got any hot sauce?

      1. Look here, fat! I’ll have you know I rustled ol’ Cornpop’s jimmies in my day. He was a dog faced pony soldier!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      It amazes me how so many folks who you’d think could and would liberally exercise intelligence and freely use common sense and logic, all of a sudden drop every reasoning and thinking faculty at their disposal when it comes down to this bioweapon. The fact that these vaccine companies have a liability waiver meaning they cannot be prosecuted or sued if you suffer a severe injury or croak it after taking this “jab”, by itself should set off loud alarm bells.

      What is the guy talking about regarding travel, there are very few countries that won’t allow you to enter if you haven’t taken the bioweapon, many require a negative Covid test(which is simply another con all by itself), some require nothing at all for entry. It simply goes to show you how the mainstream media witchcraft and deception of having people believe that they’re required to take the jib jab in order to travel is in full effect.

      Additionally, note how too many of these hospitals, clinics, medical centres and the staff therein have turned into cold hearted monsters when it comes to aftercare relating to adverse reactions, these doctors and nurses jab up an individual, immediately kick them out the door and quickly move onto the next sucker, those who have foolishly taken the bioweapon are quickly discovering that they are truly on their own.

      Once again, since these so called medical professionals are happy play the role of Joseph Mengler 2.0, as I always say, when the devil comes around for repayment, they’d better be prepared to cough up and settle the bill.

  14. Notice how he said he had a metallic taste in his mouth? Heavy metal poisoning in the shots, no big deal. If these idiots didn’t get their shots how else could they virtue signal?

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