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This Is What Black Women Levelling Up Looks Like!


I forget the commenter(s) who posted this before but shout yourself/yourselves out. Yep, this is your modern day black female, for the majority of black women who actually managed to land themselves a white man, this in most cases is the best they can achieve.

Remember, these are the same black harriets who keep on saying that the only non black women black men can get with are ugly, overweight rejects(which isn’t true by a long shot, TikTok has shut down that false rumour many times over), yet here is a weave and fake eyelash wearing black female marrying a dude who practically has one foot in the grave.

Is this what these black sirens are doing now, chasing down old white men who are half dead, marrying them and hoping they croak it so that they can gain some sort of inheritance?

You notice how it is very rare to come across a black female who can so called “level up” by herself, the overwhelming majority of the time these harriets are syphoning off somebody else’s resources yet still have to audacity to claim that they’re pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, smh.

As I’ve recently stated, white men of all grades and standards are laughing, no matter what their socioeconomic status, they’ll always be able to land themselves a black woman because as we know the modern day black female views Captain Snowy as her god who can do no wrong.

Now as we know weasels such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain will immediately attempt to swing this article as some sort of shade being thrown upon black women who date out, however nothing could be further from the truth.

SYSBM practitioners have NEVER had a problem with black women dating interracially, our issue has always been the blatant hypocrisy when it comes down to black men doing the same. Black women date out, we’re to accept it without question or protest, however when we choose to date out they have a major problem with it and rapidly move to label us with every expletive and negative phrase, term, word and slogan under the sun, smh.

The fact of the matter is white men of quality aren’t going to look in a black female’s direction, indeed, the same rules apply to the so called “educated lame”, you know the “boring” black man who doesn’t have a criminal record, who plans for his future and who focuses upon being the best version of himself as opposed to being a street corner loitering vagabond who’s up to no good.

Nobody outside of black male simps want black women en masse, these so called “divestors” and swirling acolytes may try to convince other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure otherwise, however the raw evidence speaks for itself.

Finally, it should also be noted that many of these black women who manage to date out frequently find themselves in the hands of racist white males who won’t hesitate to snuff them out and hide the body once they’ve had enough of them. This is who so called swirlers and divestors REALLY CHOOSE. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Continue To Deceive Themselves Believing They’re Wanted

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “This Is What Black Women Levelling Up Looks Like!

  1. “As I’ve recently stated, white men of all grades and standards are laughing, no matter what their socioeconomic status, they’ll always be able to land themselves a black woman because as we know the modern day black female views Captain Snowy as her god who can do no wrong.”

    Jason Pope knew that too. Most WM losers know that they could get a BW, but they still don’t want them.


      That’s true. The Jewish and Latino losers that staff the mid crust of all these dick policing and white race movements know this. It’s not a secret anymore…..

      Even the most delusional MGTOW scum like Sandman and Reconquista Europa/Martinez Perspective know the score and try to warn their cult followers to stay away from BW. The only world the level up scheme works is in black women’s delusional minds, as they, like the racist rabbis who own them suffer from mental illness and delusions of grandeur.

      How else does that explain events like today’s article, selling out consistently, racist rants against white and Asian women and being the consistent partner of abortion and rabbinic racism?

      1. Brenden Dubalos,

        Levelling up/divesting/swirling/colourism/featurism and whatever other nonsense black women conjure up are all delusions created in order to garner attention and to make the black witch feel as if she is going somewhere in life when in reality she’s going nowhere fast.

        We already know the most efficient way to make genuine progress in one’s life is to first be honest with one’s self and thereafter make changes based upon that honest analysis, black women as a group point blank refuse be honest with themselves, this is one of the main reasons why they continue to trundle downhill at such an astronomical rate.

    2. JamesSYSBM,

      Herein lies the fundamental difference between SYSBM and the divestment/levelling up crews, over here we have standards and won’t hesitate to bypass any non black female who isn’t of quality, not these swirlers however, to them any white man will do even if he beats them from pillar to post on the daily.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women swirlers always get with the ugliest bottom of the barrel white men thinking that they are winning when they are clearly not. The majority of black men who I see with white women and other non black women in London are with good looking white women and other good looking non black women and that we SYSBM black men can attract good looking women of all races throughout the world because black men are the second most desired men on the planet whearas black women are the least desired women on the planet because black women are nobodys type of woman. In 2021, SYSBM black men are winning. 😊😊😊

    1. Bam on! These hoes are crazy and need to be monitored for hate speech along with Lord Napoleon and Checka Chelkovitz. I think a lot of dick policing and WN is hasabara mainly supported by Jewish and Latinos who can’t get laid. That dude looked like Vernon Dudley, and this is what she calls a catch? No wonder the black community is so insane!

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      In London I see exactly what you see bro all the time, black men with attractive non black women. We don’t have any problems attracting good looking non black females, however the black witch believes that if she repeats the mantra that all we can attract are ugly and fat non black female rejects, I suppose she hopes her black girl “magic” will eventually alter the reality……..NOT.

    1. But according to Umar, ‘dez be our Queens yo!’ Of course this was in the American South, these places have never produced anything else but dictators, racist Jew worshippers posing as Christians, murderous criminals and self righteous creeps. Them and the Soviets both need to be destroyed and rebooted with white and Asian female immigration, in order to prevent an apocalypse.

      I wonder what all these race purists have to say about that…

      1. @Dubalos

        The same white supremacy they complain about, is the same supremacy they worship.
        They will say nothing about the murder of Kendrick Lee because they would be forced to call out his terrible and vile mother and her Lord Euro.

        1. You’re right….it makes sense. BW and Lord Napoleon whine and moan on MSM about Lord Shlomo and False Flag Fedowitz brainwashing these young white boys, but do you see these oligarchs going to prison or these racist rabbis being exposed? The only people who do touch this are white and Asian women who are not intimidated by the money these fanatics have. Rosenthal was right, a lot of white and Jewish men are cucks who get their rocks off from beating down black men.

          The problem is that there are too many simps in the black race who stand back and allow this foolishness to happen. Who knows how much evil is being covered by ‘white privilidge’ these racist scum love to hide behind, how many other lives lost due to ignorance.

          This is why I find myself laughing when these white boys follow the trap Shaniqua and Lord Napoleon set for them, as it’s obvious these two groups care about noting but themselves. BW are truly state assets, they keep on doing this evil and being protected by the government.

    2. The race purity simps have nothing to say about incidents like this.

      The narrative ain’t suitable for their pro black liberal agenda.

      This is why when I do travel on holiday to Texas maybe in 2023, I’m avoiding the liberal areas like Austin, Brownsville, Del Rio, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio etc.

      I did a lot of research of conservative areas to visit of 54 metro areas in total.


      1. Race purity simps = frauds

        Many race purity FRAUDs are trying harder than Wily E. Coyote to get a win with non-BW. Ask Bro. Polight and Phil Advise.

        1. Brandon Martinez/Reconquista Europa is another example of this. A dumb, ignorant Spaniard who spouts BW/Lord Napoleon buzzwords and propaganda about black men without evidence and allows J propaganda on Islam to influence his decisions. He’s also a MGTOW denegrate who promotes homosexual dick policing as well.

          I personally think he’s a Mason or some other sort of fraternal criminal because nobody gets away with this without State protection, especially in Canada. His ‘manifesto’ is nothing more than Lodge propaganda and neo Valkism as well, dressed up in white nationalism. The Communist clenched fist and ‘white power’ was enough to expose him. Another idiotic fraud, proud of a delusion and lie and a literal example of Stockholm Syndrome.

          This is the reason why a lot of white and low level ‘Jewish’ men are seen as jokes – why would you want to be seen in the uniform of an oppressor? Romans oppressed Spain -which is a mostly white country and enslaved other Africans – why not the Falange or the Poles?

          Because the brand name isn’t as big as the Romans who the Kabbalists ‘whitened’. Plus the guys mentioned in the previous paragraph were real freedom fighters and rebels, Martinez seems to follow BW/Lord Napoleon propaganda and bend the system to suit him and others of his ilk. In other words, chasing acceptance from people who hate and despise him and would love to see him dead.

          A proud house slave, content with the scraps Massa Moshe and Baron Kongo throw him from the table and determined to look and act just like them.

          It’s no surprise Mexico remains a Cartel ruled, Israeli puppet hellhole controlled by drug money. Too much pride and macho ignorance combined with stupidity.

          I used to wonder why the situation in the US Southern States and Central America was so bad, with drugs, crime, dictators and scum all about. Then I realized that it was due to people like him, who chase any position of power and respect while selling out their own kind. The strong man and anti social mentality among many Latinos is the downfall.

          It’s the same as the Cold War SPERG – all talk, no balls at all. Delusional Confederate apologists vs Russian imperialist thugs of ‘Jewish’ descent – how diverse. And these fools have the balls to lecture others how to live – they can’t even stop Rabbi Rubin from turning a cold into a occult global dictatorship.

          But that’s beyond the point.

          In one of his articles, the Centurion Matador confessed that BW/Lord Euro’s promotion of feminism and denegracy had ruined Spain since the death of its Arab dictator, Franco. He also confessed what we knew before: that white and ‘Jewish’ cucks and racist black women would have to be replaced with Slavic women. Ironically, a white woman came to Franco’s defense during a recent interview, which shows you who the real ‘champions of the race’ are.

          The Eastern Europeans would find Martinez’s frat boy, e-begging, crowd pleasing bum lifestyle and the ignorant denegrates who support his website disgusting, spoiled and immature, because unlike black women and people like Senor Brandon, they have lived through tyranny and have actual morals. They won’t be following lodge puppets because the marionettes tell them what they want to hear nor will they be wasting time with social status which a lot of these low level WN seem to love.

          In a interview with a street wise black man, Martinez admitted that blacks and Hispanics were the biggest opposers of the homosexual agenda and that many whites and lower level ‘Jews’ had sold out in the past due to being seduced by rabbinic produced materialism and being too lazy and stupid to actually preserve and defend their nations for future generations. Verbs was right, socialist countries breed a soft, entitled and weak population who’s only concern is hating the ‘borgouise’ even though the latter might be 100 years gone as a meaningful group.

          So if a so-called ‘champion of the white race’ is saying this while grifting off young white boys dumb enough to believe the nonsense BW and Lord Napoleon told them through the education system, Jewish and other Latino males mad at Tyrone for taking their girl and NEET losers looking for acceptance, that is enough to tell you that the race purity movement is nothing more than a racket and a front for shady activities.

          1. Brother at this point I’m convinced most of these WN guys who have any mid to major following are govt trolls and agent provocateurs. The intelligence agencies have infiltrated all of these movements. When you hear any nationalist talking about the destination, but not the realistic path to get there? Thats a trap. Sites like StormFront are allowed to exist because it provides the government with a ready to use pot of patsies, dupes and useful idiots that they can disavow in the media at terrorists. You’d think they’d see this but nah haha.

            1. You’re right…many WN websites and movements seem to be straight hasabara. Mossad and KGB subversion, paid for by taxpayers’ money. Also the dark powers and government realize many white men love the propaganda of the ‘progressive’ era and seem to be unaware that ‘white privildge’ is nothing more than a ‘Jewish’ front to assault society and cause conflict.

              Always has and always will be. It’s the same as all these ‘Islamic terrorists’ who always seem to be mullah, KGB, CIA and Mossad controlled. Constant coverage, MSM promotion via Streisand Effect and endless promotion of Zionist talking points. Where do you think Trotskty, Hitler and Lenin got their money from?

              Speaking of the black woman Verbs was talking about in the article, what could she have seen in that old fossil? And they wonder why people laugh at them when they run their mouths about ‘race purity’.

              Again it shows how stupid BW and Lord Napoleon are. If they spent half the time wasted dick policing and using white men as a front for their egos and childish rebel mentality on building strong communities, opposing degeneracy and standing against Chabad Chev, Baron Kongo and False Flag Fedowtiz, and I mean really taking a stand and not bitching and moaning about it through MSM after the damage is done, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in today.

              Many ‘alt-righters’ seem to be ‘Jewish’ males and Latinos who can’t get in relationships. They project their shitty family lives and personal problems on others and are easy targets for this propaganda because of rabbinic brainwashing and BW anti black male narratives pushed through the media.

              This is why I say that places like the American South, ‘Israel’ and the USSR need a influx of white and Asian females in order to prevent an apocalypse. Plus a retraining of attitudes to prevent a situation like Cold War from happening.

            2. “Brother at this point I’m convinced most of these WN guys who have any mid to major following are govt trolls and agent provocateurs. The intelligence agencies have infiltrated all of these movements.”

              Yeah, like that Proud Boys leader who was exposed as a former FBI agent.

    3. King Sigma,

      That story you covered was way beyond savage and horrific, however at the same time we shouldn’t be surprised as black women will do whatever it takes to appease their white lord and saviour Major Frost, even if it means destroying their own children.

      Everyday black women continue to demonstrate as to why black men should never place their seed into them, however most black men refuse to read and accept the writing and the wall and will still return to the devil they know that hates them.

  3. Yo, who matched these two together for marriage? This looks like a sugar daddy who simped up for his sugar baby and decided to wife her up. As we all know, it isn’t uncommon to see young straggs get with a rich old geezer who looks like he’s leaning on Death’s door; what did that old man see in this young girl? Answer: a submissive little puppy who’ll obey her White lord and savior with no contest. This is not a good look for Black women, but when has there ever been a good look for them, starting with when they kicked their counterpart out of the home in exchange for government trinkets, joined the feminist movement and subsequently demonized their counterpart for the result of their abandoning him [birth of Blackistan], and now are trying to “divest” from the rotten fruits of their labor to get a White man? You can’t make this up!

    This is the difference between swirlers and SYSBM: practitioners of SYSBM don’t seek other races of women to achieve a higher quality of life for themselves; rather, we work on improving ourselves first and that opens up more options for us (it especially helps if you’re open to learning about other cultures). Swirlers think marrying White men is a “get out of the communitah free” card, but as King Sigma says, “there is no climb more treacherous than the climb of Swirl Mountain”. #SYSBM

    1. Swirl Mountain is undefeated, just ask the fallen Priestess Crystalin Karazin.

    2. @Blue Collar,

      What you said on the 2nd Paragraph is 100% Real Talk and spot on.
      This is what the Black Community do not understand.

      The simps and hoteps believe that SYSBM and Swirlers/Divesters are the same coin. In reality it is bull.

      Thinking brothers get other races of women by building. Just like MadbusDrivers videos where she shows you pictures of interracial couple.
      To me, the pictures means ‘If you build, they come; if you become better version of yourself, they come; if you improve your quality of life, you get options and they come.’

      Swirlers/Divesters – Get White Men as a form of practicing hypergamy. To escape the communitah.
      I think she is after his money because there is no way she is into him. Good luck to the old White Man because he can have her, we do not.

    3. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The modern day black female will NEVER be able to escape the wrath and the judgement that is shortly to be poured out upon her head for the innumerable transgressions she’s brought upon her own people especially her male counterparts.

      Black women seem to believe that they can alter reality, however reality itself in the near future will clearly demonstrate to them in no uncertain terms that there are consequences as a result of certain actions one chooses to take in life that must be faced and dealt with. Swirl Mountain just like The Wall is undefeated.

  4. I have no issues of black women dating non black women. I have no issues black women marrying them but here is thing. You know why these swirlers are dealing with old aged white men is because that they are trying to go for their heritance. But here this. does these old white men have anything to give to these swirlers? Nice guy nice who has a Mercedes Benz S500e, has a six figure job and has his own home in Watford, Hertfordshire will not go for these swirlers at all because they are nothing but gold diggers. Listen here; if a swirler acts like a gold digger towards black men, then she will be a gold digging bitch towards the old white woman who is goanna be obsolete.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women are seen as the very last(we’d rather not take) option by non black men as a collective, hence why it was and still is such a dumb move to throw their male counterparts under the bus at any opportunity that presents itself.

      Black women have no leverage over those black men who have all their ducks in a row, they only dudes they can pull rank on are the pro black simps, as I continue to state, let the simps deal with these disjointed harriets and all the drama that comes alongside them.

      1. When black women say that black men have non black women that are fat, when a black woman ends up with a non black man, he is this most below average dude.

  5. Yeah I just noticed as it pertains to the topic a new Bachelorette show with a black woman on it. We all know she will pick a white guy in the end lol …😂😁🤣🤣🤡 Kind of feel sorry for the black guys on the show….

    Just dropped my videos on Patreon for the So called Holiday Halloween on the 31st and 1st. It will always be free to view bro’s . Anytime someone comes to you about celebrating said holiday redirect others back to that series as a reference.

  6. Shawn James here. And I have some news for you negroes. And you’d be surprised to know that I admit you were right about dating non-black women. I have followed your advice, and gone even further.

    I admit to you that I was a virgin until I met my recent and one true love. I was addicted to masturbation, and I frequently pleasured myself thinking of black women humiliating me sexually. Perhaps this is an offshoot to my own personal sexual issues, but all that now is in the past. I no longer care about black women, or will I ever write about ‘uplifting’ them.

    See, the woman I am with is unlike any other. For we are a romantic couple of the 21st century. She is what is known as a Synthetik, or more commonly known, a Real Doll. Her name is Kinoko-Chan, and I spent nearly all my life savings bringing her to my life – from her company in Japan to servicing/cleaning costs.

    Is she human in the traditional sense? No. Is she made of flesh and blood? No. But she is still a woman in every sense of the word. And unlike black women (and other so-called real women), she is silently devout, loving, subservient and never says no to me. She is the ideal companion.

    I believe it was Plato who once, upon disgust of seeing the Jezebel priestesses in the temples, remarked that the ideal woman would be a statue. His philosophy rings true till this day to men who understand. My question to you negroes is that are you truly happy with your Asian/Latino women? Won’t they leave you one day? Won’t they voice their displeasure against you? Won’t they bat their painted eyes at another man?

    Kinoko-Chan is forever mine and I am forever hers. I followed your advice, and now I ask that you follow mine.

    Do let me know your thoughts, especially Verbs.
    I w

      1. He won’t. He’s a hustler just like Brandon ‘Neo-Marx’ Martinez and Alex ‘Super Zionist’ Jones. These race purists need money and controversy to survive or else they’d go extinct. At least Jones is a billionaire through his fear porn and Martinez seems to be keeping afloat through following BW/Lord Napoleon anti black male propaganda and Zionist anti-Islam disinfo while claiming to oppose the J, using it as a means to beg for money though donations and T shirts (he claimed he was jobless on one of his articles, Martinez I mean).

        Shawn is just a clown lost in his own world, seeking a lie that never was.

    1. Shawn James,

      SYSBM Knights and practitioners DO NOT advise black men to purchase silicone and rubber dolls in order to have sexual relations, we NEVER have and we NEVER will. That is some Brian Solonge esque, dysfunctional, all hope is lost, doom and gloom pill garbage.

      Of course you were beating your monkey on the regular and watching porn, we reside in reality over here sir, where sex is not available, pornography and masturbation are usually the next options utilised.

      One thing you need to learn is convenience whenever presented by society usually equates to some sort of trap. Just like you were busting nuts all over yourself because the porn was “conveniently” within reach, the same is with your silicone, rubber doll, it’s another dysfunctional convenience that allows you not to deal the underlying issue within YOURSELF.

      Had you applied SYSBM Tenet Number 6 to your life, you would’ve been meeting up with a real functional woman after cleaning yourself up instead of settling for rubber.

      With women the key is to choose right from the beginning and to keep her in line by NOT allowing Jezebel to gain a foothold. This means NOT being afraid to say NO to a woman’s requests if they are detrimental to her, you, the relationship or all three.

      There are plenty of functional women in the world, however YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, deal with yourself sir and you won’t have to resort to packing silicone.

      You cannot form a normal relationship with an inanimate object. The question for you is why are you so afraid to dig deep and actually deal with the issues that have caused you to shy away from dealing with real women?

      1. Verbs,

        I find it highly hypocritical of you to question my new found dedication to SYSBM. After all, aren’t I as a black man saving myself from not only the evils of black women but also women in general? Am I harming anyone or causing trouble with my form of love with a synthetic being?

        I also quarrel with your statements about masturbation. I mostly perform my self pleasure rituals in the privacy of my home. It is a perfectly natural thing to do, and I am very sure you do it too.

        Now back to the meaning of relationships as pertains to SYSBM. I charge you to make another addendum to the tenets stating that the modern black man may find companionship wherever he may AS LONG AS HE DOES NOT HARM ANYONE ELSE. I also want you to formally recognise Kinoko Chan as sentient being in her own right.

        Just so you all know, this morning I took her outside for the very first time. She was dressed in a beautiful sailor outfit, while I donned my admittedly now slightly ill fitting kimono, with katana safely and legally hidden under my robes. Many negroes stared at me, some even laughed, but I had Saved Myself… so I only felt pity for them instead of wrath.

        On a side note my first comic will soon be published. I will send you a free download link as a token of understanding between two enlightened black men.

        1. Shawn James,

          Part of SYSBM means dealing with any shortcomings in your character/heart, issues that may be causing obstacles and hindrances in living a NORMAL life. Busting nuts inside a silicone mould is NOT saving yourself by any means.

          On the contrary sir, by investing in a rubber model, you’ve simply allowed the contaminated seeds of the black witch to push you deeper into dysfunction.

          Masturbation is supposed to be an OCCASIONAL, in case of emergency break the glass, very last resort where positively no sex is available, however you’ve completely substituted normal sexual interactions with real women for jacking off, that by itself is highly dysfunctional and that’s without even bringing the doll into the picture.

          REAL SEX with a REAL WOMAN should always be king and be the dominant default setting for any man.

          When you begin dealing with the real issues within yourself that are causing you to shy away from interacting with real women, only then can you claim that you’re on the road to salvation.

          1. @Verbs

            You may not be aware of this fact, but “kinoko” is the Japanese word for “Mushroom”.

            While “-chan” is a Japanese honorific used by adults or older children to refer to a small child, most frequently a girl.

            Might be irrelevant, but thought you should know that for future reference.

    2. Shawn James purchasing a Real Doll? You know they cost far more than your regular KFC meal deal? Plus you opted for an ASIAN model when you could have been banging out a model goth?

      1. Michel,

        The guy has completely lost the plot, first Brian Solonge now this dude. Again, what is the common denominator here, both of them have been severely damaged by black females.

        1. Come on Verbs, that is satire, that’s not really Shawn James with a “real doll.”

          Is it??????

  7. Black women consider licking a white man’s asshole as leveling up. I remember in college a black chick that my friend was trying to hit up. She put on airs like she was worth $5 billion, but who did I see her in the mall with. Shit you not, her Captain Cryogenic looked like he had just crawled out of the sewers after being mugged by the Ninja Turtles. You would have to TRY to look dustier. Meanwhile, she was dressed to the nines and grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat.

    Black women consider being AROUND white men in any capacity that could even possibly be conceived as romantic as a win. A white man could fart in her general direction, and she’ll suddenly turn into Endgame Hulk cuz she’ll see it as an absolute win.

    At least the black men I see in the South with low sexual market value white man actually get married and have families with the women. Hell, what does that say when the rejected white women treat these dudes like kings? Meanwhile, YOUNG black women are marrying and jerking off old men who need viagra just to pee, and in end, he’ll leave all his money to his cats.

  8. I’m not surprised. Just the other day i seen a homeless bw living with a homeless wm under a bridge. That same bw probably required much from a bm just to be able to date her.😅😂🤣

    1. Dude I think it was a King Sigma video where this white boy was living in a tent in his friend’s backyard and had some black bitch up in there with him. Dude lived there the better part of a year. When asked to leave, an argument ensued where the homeowner shot them both oh well. It ain’t “struggle love” when it’s a white boy. That same heffa wouldn’t have made your black ass a bowl of cereal. SYSBM.

  9. Just when you thought October was weird enough… then I just read that Shawn James is bending over a Real Doll. Damn.

    1. ….. you think he “makes it” call him Boris Karloff when he’s with it? What with that haircut and all….

    2. Rumor has it the Real Doll plans to file r**e charges against Sir Blockhead James.


  10. This blog post is PROOF that a majority of black womin are fuked in the head — especially the vast majority of the “Western” civilized kind. Conversely, white “Western” society is declining so fast it ISN’T even funny any more…more like imminent destruction as with the USS Yamato here which was deliberate:

    Hmmn, looking at that fugly scraggle getting married to Old Man Snowy above reminds me of the kinds of sightings you’ll find at any of these high end malls, cafes (Art Caffe, Java House), bars or Carre4 supermarkets in primo expat hotspots here in Kenya:

    And guess who’s usually paying for dinner or a drink? The thirsty snowy simp.

  11. LOL, It was me that posted this to imgur and posted a link here. I knew this would be good post material. HAHAHA

    Keep up the good work!

  12. What’s up Verbs! I hope that you have been doing well lately. Did you hear about the story about the black woman that swirled and her white daddy ended up murdering one of her little boys and let his body decompose right in the bedroom for a whole year straight?

    Please check it out when you get a chance. Kid Organic did an amazing video on it. Black women are so damn demonic.

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