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The Real Problem – She Can’t Meet The Standard!


Really heifer, she honestly went there, attempting to shame men for having a preference for NORMAL, traditional women as opposed to these bust down, ran through whores that have heavily saturated the dating and mating arena in recent times.

The main reason why a woman like this would come out and attempt to shame men for desiring a classic, traditional, feminine female is simply because she herself DOESN’T FIT THE BILL ie meet the standards good men require.

You already know me, the first thing we have to do is strip the face of all that makeup so that we can see who we’re really dealing with, too many women out here who love throwing on the witchcraft in their efforts to deceive, however we’re not deceived over here in the slightest.

This is what this woman’s face looks like without the makeup, a very different looking creature indeed. Mind you, these women also love using Instagram filters to hide facial flaws and imperfections, something which men are certainly not afraid to face:

Women who are modest, obedient, quiet and homemakers once again are NORMAL, functional women, however women who are “strong and confident” are typically problematic and dysfunctional, hence why men with their heads screwed on straight want nothing to do with them and avoid them at all costs.

I can guarantee you that this post wall harriet above is single, yet here she is dishing out janky advice to younger females in order to ensure they venture down the same road of calamity she did. Once again we have a case of elder generations trying to march younger folks into familiar traps instead of giving them the tools to avoid them.

There is no doubt in my mind that this cake faced siren wasted her younger prime years getting her back blown out by fast lane boys. The next thing she knew, she was at the end of the road and still hadn’t landed a man for keeps, oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

Gentlemen, don’t allow gaslighting weasels like this post wall, ran through harridan above to bait you into defending a position which is quite normal. More and more men are realising just how jacked up the dating situation in the West is with large swaths of Western women demonstrating on the daily how they simply aren’t fit for dating yet alone long term commitment.

Brothers, hold your standards up high and NEVER COMPROMISE THEM. Remember, these are the same women who have no problems declaring their endless, ridiculous, in many cases impossible standards and putting them in your faces all day everyday, yet men wanting a woman who is cooperative, submissive, quiet, obedient and a homemaker is somehow a problem? Get outta here with that garbage.

Leave these ran through, rinsed out feminists on the top shelf to collect thick layers of dust, that is where they belong, there are plenty of women out here who don’t mind operating in their natural, traditional, feminine state, CHOOSE THEM! #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Feminists Stay Losing For Life

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “The Real Problem – She Can’t Meet The Standard!

  1. White liberal women have to be avoided at all cost in the west, they are the biggest enemies to white conservative women.


    1. I can’t like this statement more than once and that bothers me haha.

  2. This is why BM get hated, because these liberal women like this listen to BW and these feminists.
    They really believe that being a wife material equates to slavery and oppression.

    When Females (yes I use the term females because BW find the term offensive, well they are because they do not behave like a women) thinks like this, they will never get picked in the dating market.

    In reality, Black men never equates wife material to slavery or even remotely thinks like this at all. Period!
    Just like BW really believes that Black Men hates nappy hair, I have near any Black Men say this.

    Like you said Verbs, ‘Its a wrap’.

    1. MMT,

      Feminists and those who support them are a scourge, a pestilence and a curse upon society and indeed, they must be avoided at all costs. I really don’t understand females who think they can behave in ways unfeminine and still get chosen by decent men. Once again, leave them to the simps, let them deal with these deranged harriets!

  3. Verbs 2015.

    There is nothing wrong with men wanting a quite submissive feminine traditional woman. It’s called having high standards. Women in the 21st century boast about having all these unrealistic expectations that no man can ever meet plus its no wonder why these feminist women stay sad and single with cats, but nobody questions them on their stupid unrealistic expectations. As soon as a man demands his high standards in the type of woman that he wants to date then nearly every woman on the planet loses their fucking minds as if men are not allowed to have standards in this world. I thought that women wanted equality. I fucking hate feminism and feminists. I have high standards in the type of woman that I want to date and I am not lowering it for anybody. The only type of woman that I am willing to date is that she has to be childfree with no kids, she has to be good looking (at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above) must have a nice easy going personality and is willing to be with me throughout the good times and bad times in life, she must live in London like me, she has to be in shape like slim build or athletic build plus she has to be a Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women, Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women plus she has to be between the ages of 25 to 39. The type of women that I refuse to date is black women, ugly women, fat women, feminists, single mothers and women that I used to go to secondary school with.

    1. Quincy,

      These liberal females never respect men, especially BM because we have self-worth.
      Yet, they expect us to have the 4 devil digit number 6666. Which are 6 figure salary, 6 inch cock, 6 pack and 6ft tall.

      Even if she meet a man with the 6s. When Kevin ask this simple question, why should they pick these liberal BW?
      They either got no answers or they get mad which is a valid question by the way.
      Simple question: Why should the man of the 6s choose them? Whilst these women they are competing against foreigners.

      They can’t even meet the basic standards of being a lady. Heck they do not even respect good men and being loyal to them.
      I do not even blame April Mason for quitting from being a coach.

      Keep your self worth up and remember what The Anti-Simp brother said “Fine! We got 190+ countries to choose from!”

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These feminist/socialist breed of females is exactly what you get whenever you continue to cater towards women’s vain demands. A lot of men don’t seem to understand that they way you keep the quality of women high is via LIMITING THEIR OPTIONS, not increasing them.

      This is because women are not built to yield power, that is the man’s position. Women cannot handle power period which is why they quickly derail and swirl down the toilet whenever they get some. Keeps your standards bro, never give them up and never be shamed into doing so either.

  4. Since when is being rude, loud, potty mouthed, belligerent and violent synonymous with female strength? A woman’s strength has always been in her ability to subtlety guide and influence her man and children through her NURTURING and LOVE. Men are stronger and more aggressive than woman by nature, why would a man desire a woman who tried to act like him (an inferior version btw), if he himself was masculine and heterosexual? Only the sexually suspect and homosexuals would want anything to do with these skrong indapenden wimans. Maybe that’s why they raise there sons to be weak and effeminate, to keep the vicious cycle going.


      ding ding WE HAVE A WINNER!

      To play advocate…if it was genuine independence they would pass the same attitude on to their sons and we would have seen different outcomes, but in many cases we see that they were competing all along! Not all, certainly some women had to adapt to survive, but that should not have overturned basic maternal instinct or the Spirit to do Right by one’s children…

    2. Upgraydd,

      I believe one of the main reasons why there are so many of these liberal women roaming about believing they can be uncouth harridans and get away with it is because of the hoards of simps lurking who are more than ready to take these dysfunctional sirens onboard.

      No decent man worth his salt is going to deal with a harriet such as the above, I really don’t understand these types of women, whenever they spew toxic garbage from their mouths, all they’re doing is marking themselves to be bypassed. Like I said before, let the simps deal with them.

  5. It’s a shit test.

    I hate that she had to rattle off the same old tired BW talking points but she’s shit testing.

    I also suspect no one is hitting her up, but as a Latina, she’ll fall straight in line and be all homely with a Latino who won’t tolerate back talk.

    She also told on herself – anyone here bored and want to pump and dump, you know what to do. Me? There’s younger and hotter.

    1. Michel,

      I believe she’s South Asian(possibly Indian), peep these videos here:

      Very sad to see when Desi women begin rolling down this road, however she’s living in the liberal hellhole of California so such behaviour is to be expected. Again, as I said to Upgraydd, whenever these women speak, they simply mark themselves to be bypassed and given a wide berth by any decent men in the vicinity.

      1. Originally I typed Desi instead of Latina. Should have gone with my gut feeling 😅

        If she’s Desi, then the Liberal programming won’t be as deep as a BW, therefore any sniff of a man of substance she’ll be dressing in floral skirts pretty quickly. But what a damn shame nonetheless.

        Throwing out demands as if she has any sort of power. Women don’t have any bargaining chips other than their vagina, so it’s telling they would inform men of who they can’t be (and who she actually is). Men choose who they want, either appeal to that or get left for scraps.

        1. Michel,

          “Women don’t have any bargaining chips other than their vagina”

          Exactly, however because of the pestilent infestation of simps constantly gassing them up, these same women have been lead to believe that the whole world is in their hands. When the rubber meets the road many of these women find out the hard way that society has taken them for a massive joyride and that they and their so called “demands” aren’t even looked upon by high quality men.

  6. I didn’t know traditional women are a fetish now; is that what’s good in the streets? Let’s consider the definition of the word ‘fetish’ for a minute:



    1. a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.

    What is sexual about men desiring a woman who has all the qualities of a wife, a mother, or a homemaker, and where is this taken to an abnormal degree? How am I an insecure boy for seeking out traditional women? To be honest, to seek out traditional women for marriage is the most masculine thing a man can do, especially when most men are fixated on “taming” broken women to gain sexual access in today’s sexual marketplace (which is where the real fetishization takes place). Don’t listen to hoe babble like this; she told on herself that she is an obstinate, uncooperative female who would rather prioritize her own goals over building a family with a responsible, hard working man.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Indeed, which is very unusual with Desi women because marriage and family are still very much high priorities in their culture, however living in California will turn any woman into a unfeminine monster eventually.

      Just like the black witch, you already know these disjointed females who repeat the black female’s talking points, they commonly use words that simply don’t fit.

      Again, desiring a traditional, classic woman is normal, she threw in the fetish garbage because she knows she doesn’t cut the mustard for attracting a high quality man.

  7. After looking at that video, when women starts talking like that, they’re automatically disqualified. My best bet for them is to go lesbian if they gonna be talking like that. What is the deal with chicks that be acting like being traditional, having qualities that’ll have them keep a boyfriend/husband long term equal being a slave? At some point, women got to start asking themselves this: Is being strong, acting like a boss B, trying to be dominate, acting like you better than somebody, having good “sex skills”, all them ridiculous traits are gonna have them attract a boyfriend/husband, a “real” man? I’m a be honest, it’s not gonna go well. Even if they do attract a dude, nine times out of ten, he’s a sucka tryna live off of you. I swear to god, when women starts talking crazy like this, I just have to turn around, and walk away, because they making themselves unattractive. There’s like ton of videos of MGTOW and Red Pill dudes talking about stuff like this, and telling men to stay single, practice nofap, get a sex doll, all this crazy talk, but from my perspective, Western dating, especially in America, needs a complete reset. The stupid shit ain’t gonna last longer. A lot of unnecessary traits some folks have, are not gonna last longer. When women hit you with that “oh you looking for a slave, a strong woman don’t bow down to no man”, I look at them, and say to myself: The more women talk like this, the less men they gonna attract. Plus, women need to take Strong, and slave, out their vocabulary when describing themselves because A) Strong is a masucline term, and B) Slave, really?! Women: Having feminine qualities and traditional values don’t make you a slave. It’s makes you more attractive to men. Lord, I not gonna say nothing when these women in the west start acting real desperate as hell because they can’t find no “good man”, because they still got them high school tendencies when they are grown adults. When you an adult, leave that high school shit out the door for christ sake. I don’t know what the future will be like for western women because how long they gonna keep this up. This is why I say to myself, I’m taking my good graces elsewhere in somewhere foreign, because all this high school fantasy shit, no-no. They think after having bad relationships to bad relationships, now all of a sudden, they want someone like Brad pitt, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Idris Ebla? Please, this is not a Tyler Perry movie. This is real life! What they offering me here in America, I’m cool. I’m looking for a woman, not a pornstar, not a prostitute, not a second mama, not no fake boujee chick, a WOMAN! Period. When I get my passport sometime soon, maybe this year, or after tax time, I’m gonna plan my first trip, either Mexico, Panama, or Costa Rica. I’ll save Colombia and Brazil another time.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The bottom line is Western/westernised women are to be avoided at all costs, men should run a mile whenever they hear any misandrist/feminist garbage spring forth from a woman’s mouth.

      Traditional/classic women are the way forward, let the simps manoeuvre through and deal with these defective banshees, not me, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  8. When you see a woman like this especially a black woman, you have to back away. Now I can cook, clean and wash my own clothes but when I see a woman like this, I’m backing off quick time. And I know that there are some black women are like this and them ones can cause problems to black men most of the time. The more a man sees women like this, the more he will remain single.

  9. No words can describe the lack of comprehensiveness from that woman. As to be feminine does not equal weakness at the slightest. And the word “strong” and “independent” is a contradiction given the dysfunctional and destructive habits of women who are like her.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      These liberal women stay rattling off their forever changing feminist babble which only makes sense to them, as I’ll keep on saying, such talk will only cause quality men to give them a wide berth. It’s NOT our job to rehabilitate broken beyond repair females, the simps can have them.

  10. Dropping a video in 15 hours on Halloween this is the intro Will be on my patreon for free. About the origins of Samhain what all the symbols are about. I shall debunk all the BS bro’s

    1. G1,

      Remember, as per the long standing ruling, the links to any SYSBM content you create can be posted in the comment section of any article, feel free to post the link here once released.

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