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A Super Simp Looking For A Cheque! #SHORTS


This goofy Derrick Jaxn 2.0, non thinking knucklehead, where do these mentally challenged, court jesting simps get off? Apparently I hear this goofy Scooby snack pandering weasel is a supposed “ex criminal” who liked to give his women a beatdown, pimped them out and has been to jail for the same. Not surprised at all as this is what 12 Gauge Mike and Slim Sauce type Negroes do.

So wait a minute, on the one hand this guy is telling you to spend unnecessary amounts of money on your girl just to make her happy(which we already know cannot be done with most women, hence why gifts and treats should only be given out on an OCCASIONAL basis but as usual always dependent upon obedience, cooperation and submission, not just because she’s a woman), yet on the flip side dude was smacking his harriet upside the head, lol.

I’ve come across this dude before but I haven’t bothered with him because it was and still is obvious that he’s trying to chase a cheque copying Derrick Jaxn rancid playbook, however unlike Jaxn this guy doesn’t stand a chance getting off the ground because his criminal history as well as his “way” with women has already been put on front street.

As you saw this dickhead’s Instagram is above for anybody who wishes to look though it and observe all the goofy nonsense he posts. By the way, did you peep all the wigs that were hanging up on the wall, yep, we already know what type of female this dude is dealing with, yet he wants to lecture you on women and how he believes you ought to be treating them, smh.

This clown is fresh out of jail but he believes that he can throw out his ultra simp ramblings and somehow what he’s saying will be accepted and taken onboard. Any black women or women in general who fall for this lughead’s garbage already knowing his turbulent history are simply proving themselves to be far dumber than he is, you’ve been forewarned.

A street dude who used to beat up his babymothers trying to preach to productive, non criminal black men about how to treat women, you simply cannot make this stuff up. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Simps Stay Goofy For Life

Most High Bless

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15 thoughts on “A Super Simp Looking For A Cheque! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I have no respect for simps whatsoever. No woman is worth simping over because she will put you in the friend zone faster than Road Runner.

  2. Simping always leads to friend zone.

    Buying gifts and treats regularly is allowing her to take advantage of him very easily.

    A real relationship with a significant other would voluntarily buy me gifts and treats without me asking for it, without me expecting it then I do the same in return.

    Mutual situations are key to any relationship.

    I don’t see mutual situations at all in this vid cause the whole image looks one sided.


  3. This dude isn’t a simp, he’s another Snake Oil Salesman. Another Whore Profiteer trying get attention. Besides, that house is basic AF! It’s not like that’s a walk through closet.

  4. So an ex-criminal who has a lengthy criminal record decided to go above and beyond for a woman who’s probably ugly based on the wigs and weaves in the room if not so a transformer.

    No comments other than this serves as a lesson to always focus on yourself and be smart in terms of your decisions and actions.

    Besides that, I see a man desperate for action for the wrong kind of women. Oh well.

  5. This clown calls himself “Pastor Papi Don”, a name that not only suggests he preaches to men on how to conduct themselves as it pertains to relationships, but also suggests a pimp like attitude; we can see where that attitude comes into play when he beats women upside their head. His simpin makes it easy for women to take advantage of him; that’s likely what happened to him in the past and he got caught in his feels so he took his anger out on them violently. Also, am I the only one who notices he keeps turning his head to flash that ugly tattoo on his neck? It’s the most cringe thing to behold.

    The fact that he popped up so soon after the Derrick Jaxn fiasco should’ve been a bigger red flag than China’s national flag; dude is clearly trying to be Derrick Jaxn 2.0 with the pandering, which is probably his last resort to get a cheque since he’s an ex con who, due to his criminal record and thuggish appearance, can’t land a regular job. Aba & Preach did a video on this guy before:

  6. Isn’t he the type of grimy thug that BW love? So why get in the way of him scamming Daggles? It’s not as if the communiteh is getting any smarter these days…

    1. This right here. A criminal record of him beating hoes upside the head, face and neck tats, and simp talk got these black bitches gushing like Niagara. I’m with you, leave them to it.

      1. The dysfunctional face tat would be the first red flag I’d notice from 20 metres away which would signal to me that this dude is TROUBLE, confused, messed up or all 3.
        No need for me to even hear one word out of his stooopid mouth. But that’s just me though using the common sense I have.

        I guess the dumb scraggles process info differently from me when JUDGING who to court & who to avoid like the plague. Not even my weed dealers look, talk or act like this flunkie who needs to be mRNA vaxxed ASAP. Niggas like THIS is what make good black men look reeel BAD.

    2. And that’s WHY I posted links to these 2 articles in the Planet SYSBM comments as a reminder to brothas WHY most Western black wommin are so toxic:

      📌 7. Black Women Create the Men They Complain About🤔

      8. Why You Must AVOID The Women Who Love Pookies & Ray Rays 📌

      Verbs, it might be time for u to put up another page similar to Daggle Maggle Watch. Perhaps Pookie / Simp Watch or just Simp Watch: or

      This would be my first entry: 👇🏽
      Investigators: Paterson Man, 19, Shot, Killed In Poconos Over Alleged $100 Debt:

      Look at these fukin 19 year old niggas & a pink haired scraggle accomplice.👆🏽 Murder over a fukin $100 weed debt. smdh

        1. Aaah, thank u Sir!
          It’s time to turn up the heat on all dysfunctional black simps, Pookies & Ray Rays EVERY WHERE! Them & their scraggle daggle cohorts should be deemed Enemy #1 to all sensible, clear thinking SYSBMers for the destruction they have brought on the black communitah.

  7. At the end of the day, his actions reflect his character. S/O to Lion of MGTOW.

  8. I’m just tired and I needed some rest but as I see this knucklehead, I wanted to back to sleep again. What’s up people. Hope you have a good weekend. So we have found out that this simps is a ex criminal who use to fuck up women and went to jail for it. Here this. This fool is only going for woman who are hoodrats. He will goanna end up with women are for the roadz meaning for the streets. And when I saw the wings hanging on the wall, He’s dealing with a wig wearing black woman with a collection weave trying to compete with a white woman. This simp is telling men to buy their women gifts while he’s doesn’t have a dime? If a man does that, then the woman will play games with him. I’m from North West London and let me tell you something. There are gold digging women there will play games with a man but when it comes to them, we just drop them and leave.

  9. The abundance of tattoos creeping up and down his neck, face and such were the first sure fire signs of low intelligence. Copious amounts of tattoos should be reason for sterilization in my book, let alone when they’re blatant.

    Dude showcases how honestly the line between pimp and Simp is basically non-existent. Dude is on one hand catering like a slave whenever the chick even smells a new bag, yet also beating her up like he’s trying out for the MMA circuit. Hyper emotional AF. Again, these are the supposedly hyper masculine dudes that the black community produces, yet all that testosterone gave him was a deep voice apparently.

    As mentioned, simps and pimps are the same, they’re both based around pleasing and keeping around women who they essentially rely on in some way.

    These dudes logically should have options (tattoos not withstanding) but they squander them with this nonsense. And of course, we saw them damn wigs!!

  10. I call the term Simp-Pimp.
    Usually Simps and Pimps are opposite.
    However there are such term as Simp-Pimp as this was done for many years.

    Basically means the Pimp gets paid for being a Simp and pandering.

    Usually Pimping Pastors and Derrick Jaxn fits the description.

    I cannot stand these type of men because they are straight up pandering. What is even worse about these men as you go on Facebook seeing these BM who are macho wearing these Simping cuck T-Shirts like ‘Praising single mothers’ or bigging up ‘Stepdaddy’.

    When I see these pandering, I see Macho Thug being castrated.

    I no supporter of Kevin but at least he is the opposite.
    It is a damn shame that a Flamboyant guy is more Alpha Male than the Muscle Cuck Derrick Jaxn and that Paster Simp-Pimp.

    I think that is reason why the manophere need LGBT to lead because these Macho cucks like Derrick Jaxn are selling the BM and BW lies by pandering. Meaning making money purposely setting them up to fail.

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