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The Sorcery And Witchcraft Is Very Real #SHORTS


Gentlemen, before I deal with the black witch above, just to let you know that at the excellent suggestion of commenter Black Picard, I have set up three new pages on the website where brothers can post without having to wait for the next Open Mic Wednesday.

The first page is Vaxx Watch, brothers can use this section to post any information on the Convid-1984 scam, vaccines and drugs in general as well as corrupt big pharma and the like.

The second page is Daggle/Maggle Watch, this page can be used to expose general daggle and maggle dysfunction.

The third page is Planet SYSBM, brothers can use this page to post any and all SYSBM related information. Once again, Open Mic Wednesday will still be operating, however you guys now have a few other sections you can utilise in addition to it.

Now, there isn’t much to say on the black sorceress above, this is your typical modern day black female in a nutshell, she’s out to deceive and mislead. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve been out and about and seen a female from the back with long hair(believing she was non black), only for that same woman to turn around and it be a black siren.

Don’t believe weave/wig wearing black women who claim that they’re using the weaves and wigs for protective styles, nope, that argument is a dumb one to begin with because other ethnicities of women don’t have to “protect” their hair, besides, protection from what exactly?

No, black women use weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes as well as copious amounts of makeup because as the boy said in the second video, most of these black heifers are stone cold ugly and they know it, hence why they rely so heavily upon so many external appendages.

Just look at the harriet’s face before the makeup and the weave/wig was applied, is that the kind of woman that you’d want to come home to? Be sure to check out her TikTok page where it’s full of before and after videos, literal Jekyll and Hyde entertainment. 

Finally, note that this chick is from South Africa, yet who is she trying to mimic and emulate? Enough said! If you’re looking for a prime example of sorcery and witchcraft in action, look no further than the above video and her Tiktok page. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Sorcery And The Witchcraft Out Here Is Very Real

Most High Bless

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33 thoughts on “The Sorcery And Witchcraft Is Very Real #SHORTS

  1. “protection from what exactly?”

    Protecting their egos, they don’t want people to see their black features if they can avoid it. They think their Black hair is ugly and would rather weave or glue White and Asian hair over it to hide it, even if doing so destroys their hairline and scalp.

    As far as the large amounts of makeup goes, like you said, only ugly chicks need to do that. Thanks to poor hygiene, poor diet, and poor skin care, along with some of them being just plain ugly, a lot of BW have to lay an inch of makeup on their faces just to look decent. Take away the weave, makeup, eyelashes, ect. and a lot of these BW out here have faces that look like drug addicts.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Yet they have the audacity to call black men us sellouts and self haters NOT because we engage in the same “covering up our natural hair” ritual that they religiously practice, but because we choose to avoid dealing with them precisely because of dysfunctional behaviour like this.

      Black women are just modern day Becky wannabes, however as you’ve pointed out with their receding hairlines and damaged scalp, there are serious consequences involved with engaging in such behaviour.

      I was coming home from work yesterday night and a black female sat opposite me on the train, weave, heavy make up, fake eyelashes etc, in 2021 it’s a struggle to observe a black woman in her natural element.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid dating women who use heavy makeup because when they take off that makeup either they are plain Jane women or they are very ugly women. Black women are the worst at makeup thats why I refuse to date them and I avoid them like the plague.

    1. Quincy,

      BW will be never be plain Jane.
      In fact it is hard to find a BW plain Jane.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The cake face appearance will only get the pro black simps excited, free thinking brothers however know different and recognise the creature underneath the makeup will be very different. Regular makeup use in women normally equates to mental issues as well as hidden insecurities.

  3. This is why people do not understand the term ‘Natural Beauty’.

    ‘Natural Beauty’ is about about being naturally attractive without using any makeup at all.
    The attractive can be increase by being healthy, finding good people and having self-worth.

    I know you lots of topics showing the BW’s witchcraft and the liberals always assume that BM wants hot-modelling women.
    No! we do not, we want quality woman, not quantity woman.

    All these pro-black and Cynthia G’s supporters who talk shit about White Women always call them ‘Plain Jane’. Yes they are plain Jane because they are average looking without makeup.

    Cynthia G and BW can shame White Women all she wants whilst she using makeup. Meaning plain Jane is more better looking that her without White women using makeup.

    Another note why ‘Natural Beauty’ is important, that is when she is with the man 24/7, going to bed and wakeup in the morning because they have to take off all the makeup.

    Men wants to be with a woman without her wearing a mask.

    We are not like those white men (mostly simps do) who like to bang an ugly women when she is covering head with a paper bag.

    1. So when ni66as want to say SYSBM is either only about dating non-women or inclusive of foreign born BW, only one is right.

      However as a grown man you can choose you want.

      The lick is this, far too many BM are sticking their pee-pees in women who look like that or worse.

      That young brother is correct and has been said many times by BM. BW don’t need mask at Holloween….

  4. That broad looks like a drug addict without the make up. Everyday is Halloween for the Black Witch! These broads as a group are the most unattractive women on the planet!

    1. Val Zod,

      The fruits of feminism on display right there, this is exactly what happens when women throw their femininity and womanhood to the kerb.

      1. When it comes to throwing away their femininity & womanhood the Black Witch is the GOAT!!!

      2. When it comes to throwing away their femininity & womanhood the Black Witch is the GOAT!!!

  5. I love that little kid, he already knows the deal. As I always say, make up should be illegal, or at least those who wear it must disclose their make-up status. Straight up witchcraft and intentional deception.

  6. It is a headshaker that certain black men of the urban culture still find these BW queans attractive due to the hypnotizing artificial western black entertainment image of the 21st century. You can put a Cardi B with no makeup on outfront and these dudes will get wet in their boxers in need of some male version of maxi pads (men-xi pads).

  7. This is what happens when you have parents saying vulgar words in front of their kids.

    The kids will end up swearing and setting a bad example to other kids in primary schools/secondary schools.

    There is obviously a difference between the kind of language for an adult conversation versus a conversation with small children.

    Single mothers can’t tell the difference between the two types of conversations, especially negresses.

    No such thing as a plain Jane negress.

    It don’t matter whether they have natural hair, weave, makeup and no makeup.

    All black females have always been too ugly by default.


    1. Witwijf,

      The overwhelming majority of black women rejoice and jump for joy when their children begin emulating their foul language and dysfunctional behaviours. On all black women always being ugly by default, I personally wouldn’t go that far, however in 2021 I would say that they(attractive black females) are much more of a rarity unless you begin mixing the bloodline(Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia etc).

  8. Note how this gremlin looking daggle’s demeanor and confidence level changed as soon as the witchcraft was applied to her face and scalp; her skin also looked a shade or two lighter than it naturally is. I took a peek at her TikTok page, and she is emulating the typical Western raised daggle’s aesthetic: heavily made up face with weaves/wigs; talk about a Jekyll and Hyde transformation! I’m reminded of a classic Facebook video where one brother found the hard way he was under a spell when he saw his girl without her weave for the first time:

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      “I took a peek at her TikTok page, and she is emulating the typical Western raised daggle’s aesthetic: heavily made up face with weaves/wigs”


      Do you see how the Western daggle’s dysfunctional culture has spread far and wide, scan the entire globe and you’ll struggle to find a black female who hasn’t been influenced in someway or another by the stragg of the West.

  9. When you see a black woman with weave and make up is that they are hiding. What they are hiding? Their insecurities. They are some black women who are unattractive that putting on a huge amount of make up just to cover their face. And we know why black women are wearing this weave trying to compete with the white woman and trying to snug up a white man. How many black women we see with weave and heavy make up? Tones of them. And you wonder why black men are dealing with black women, especially in Britain. Well one of the reasons. And when you see a black woman with eye lashes, what will happen if she gets a stye? She will have a difficult time popping that. And if she peel off the eye lashes, she will see only yellow stuff and blood. Yuk!

  10. Money Cultural,

    BW always knows deep down in their souls that, they need to compete against the White Women.
    People like Synthetic G and all the BW can go on Social Media and say what they want about them.
    They can talk all this ‘White Women are BW wannabe’. As you soon as you see BW saying this on any Social Media, what do you see? Makeup and Weaves all the time.

    BW can talk shit about WW Plain Jane but we got ‘eyes’ and we see it for what BW are.

    BW cannot accept the truth because like Minister Jap said ‘They are allergic to the truth’.

  11. As pointed out by those above, black women (with and without fakeup) have skin that acne-laden teenagers will feel sorry for them over. Keep in mind that this is grown black women in their mid twenties and thirties. Why are we shocked? After all, this is the same group who want let a drop of water touch their scalp for months on end just to maintain a “fresh weave.”

    Black women have dirty faces, scalps, and cooches, all of which smell like Starkist. Keep in mind the fact that most of the black chicks you see on the street have this stuff caked on like a baker and STILL look manly and horrible. In other words, just image how bad they REALLY look. Dating a black chick is like reverse Scooby-Doo: they look even more monstrous under the mask.

    People supposedly can’t handle a real black woman? They can’t handle their own faces! Granted, neither can I.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The not washing hair for months on end is a serious hygiene issue that black women have attempted to normalise, with all the dirt, bacteria and grease build up underneath the weave, it’s no surprise that eventually those conditions would begin to manifest themselves on other parts of the body.

      We’ve asked this question here so many times before, since black women are going so much out of their way to look like white women, why deal with the copy when you can go straight to the original?

      Black women as a group via their own hands continue to demonstrate that white and other non black women are superior to them every time they throw on a weave/wig, 1000 pounds of makeup to make their skin look brighter or worse still bleach their skin.

    2. The number one beauty accessory is a clean face, body and hair. By that standard alone the vast majority of them don’t qualify. And we’re not even speaking about demeanor or character. Total lost cause, not even a miracle can save them at this point.

  12. What’s strange is, they would look down on black men when dolled up in fakeness.
    like a superhero with an alter ego. When the truth is they’re just a few layers away from monstrosity.

    Verbs have you heard about the girl trending on black Twitter, whose grandma caught her on ghettogaggers and disowned her?

    1. MrZero,

      “Verbs have you heard about the girl trending on black Twitter whose grandma caught her on ghettogaggers and disowned her?”

      Yep, I believe Kid Organic recently did a video on it. These modern day black females know no bounds, they make the decision to go into the porn industry and they typically head straight for the most gutter, degrading and dehumanising porn known to mankind, they’re not even getting paid that much to do it either.

      Ghetto gaggers has a long list of black women waiting to be exploited and covered with the bodily fluids of General Sleet, they’re not short on applications. As I always say, the sad thing is she can bring her Ghetto Gagged blackside back to the so called community and there will always be a low self esteem/low self confidence pro black simp ready to take her onboard, smh:

    2. She’s bragging about $2000. I guarantee that it’s already either gone, or close to it and was only spent on b.s. In around 10 years she’ll be taking pink pill femininity courses, pretending to be classy. Nothing but lipstick on a pig. I serious believe women in general have no concept of the consequences of their actions or consider future repercussions after immediate gratification. That instagram (root word instant) fame ain’t worth it and is as fake as their make up caked face.

      1. Upgraydd,

        “I serious believe women in general have no concept of the consequences of their actions or consider future repercussions after immediate gratification.”

        Boom. This is exactly what I’ve been thinking, somehow so many women in the West believe that they deserve some kind of reprieve/respite from the consequences of their bad decision making antics and the fact that Western nations for the longest have rewarded these heifers on the one hand as well as helped postpone the pending fallout hasn’t helped the situation either.

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