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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, Verbs and Slaying Evil is always proud to provide a platform for free thinking brothers to speak their minds freely without the unnecessary censorship, ridicule, mocking and laughter of braindead, indoctrinated and bewitched scoffers. The floor is wide open, what’s on your minds for this week fellas, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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60 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I like to Piggy back on last week as sometimes I advise Quincy and Money on obstacles about women’s Devil number preference (6s).

    I sometimes listen to Kevin shows and I bring up his reference which ties in with few topics.

    I got this theory about this as I notice for over 10 years now.
    I call this theory the ‘God-Devil preference’, meaning the Status of ‘God’ and character of the ‘Devil’.

    What does that mean Status of ‘God’ and character of the ‘Devil?
    Basically means Kevin mention that how only BM have to be god to meet the BW’s criteria meaning, physical and financial with number of 6.

    6 feet tall
    6 inch cock
    6 figure salary

    the 4th six is usually 6 pack belly.

    So why does a status of a god have to be a 6? Because of mating selection.
    Now the character of the devil with all the 6 the man have to be. We all know about the bible about 666 is the mark of a beast.

    Also notice on the preference did not mention anything about the man’s morals, character, if he is a husband or boyfriend material, standard, self worth, goals, family. But just physical, financial and materialistic description.
    This is also a reason why they prefer bad boys over good men and ending up weeding out good potential men who are under 6 ft of height.

    Even the western females find the man with the 6s, what make them think they are the best mate to pick?
    Some men who have the 666s or 6666s are not always husband material anyway also height does not mean if he is a protector. Also note even than with the 6s has the perfect gene to have a child, the females need to realise that child can also inherit the woman’s gene’s too.

    Example if a hoe, trash daggle have a child with the perfect god, the child will be fucked up why because of the child also passed on the hoe, daggle’s DNA. So they can talk all shit about the man’s gene but if she is trash, she passes trash onto the kid. Also the upbringing in the environment is also a factor of the child’s morality.

    Something Verbs stated, these preference does not apply to Thugs and bums.

    This is just my thoughts.

    1. @Andy C
      Don’t believe the hype, these hoes are not living nearly as good as their fake instagram and social media accounts would have you believe. There just aren’t that many alpha males to go around, and you can only resist nature for so long. A trip to your local mall will confirm this. There is a big difference between what you want and what you get, and most average people are with other average people.

      SSRI psychotropic drug use among women is catastrophically high (1 in 3 in the west), as well as substance abuse and depression. Quite simply, they are not happy, and will end up “settling” for an average man, or a cat, a box of wine, and a vibrator. Black women are 75% chronically single. They don’t got nobody, but every once in a while someone will come by and tap that ass and leave not to be heard from for a couple months. That’s their true reality, don’t believe the hype.

  2. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I came across this video where this man breaks down brainwashing, starting with Pavlov’s experiments on dogs and traces it down to the modern day with social media:

    I can see this information applied to a lot in our current social climate, but let’s discuss this here.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The government are now forcing people to get another covid jab. What is this world coming to. 😔😔

    1. Verbs, I suggest a page of a glossary for meaning for each type of Bad boys.
      Example: 12 gauge mike is the guy with a guy or Drug Snow guy is the guy who brings crack to the community.
      You got all these names of the type of thugs, what is ‘Rough Dread’ or ‘Downlow Dillon’.
      Make a page for each meaning please. This will be great.

      1. In that glossary, I would also add “hood” pics or videos that portrays the typical Rae Rae/2Snacks/Slim Sauce/Field Mouse thug lifestyles along with their ignorant mentalities. Then contrast these thug pics with SYSBMers – use GIFs! That would be awesome. A left (thugs) & right (SYSBMers) GIF for each hood name.
        It’d also be a great way to poke fun at that degenerate feral lot while also shining a bright spotlight on their degenerate thinking for all Netizens to see.
        I would also have a pic with side-by-side pics Rae Raes compared to the classy SYSBM pic to right with fine intelligent non-Westernized woman.
        Image is EVERYTHING!

        Show the world, visually, that SYSBMers are “different” & a definite benefit to society (compared to thugs!) based on the SYSBM Tenets. In the glossary, also provide a link to the Tenets. That glossary could, potentially, be a very disruptive blog page that would be shared all over the Net in forums, blogs & on social media. Also add the text “These are NOT SYSBMers!”

        I could also do the glossary myself & have Verbs edit it. But I need some dope Rae Rae/2Snacks/Slim Sauce/Field Mouse thug pics for the GIF collage I’m about to make. 🤔🤔

    2. I had this meeting in the Care Sector about this.
      In April 2022, they are doing a American Styles Stipulation that just like in the US, that if you do not get a jab by next Tax Year, then you either resign on get sack on the grounds of no jab.
      Basically jab to keep the job or sack.

      Also in the EU rules, you are a free man if you got a jab or go on curfew for non-vax. Austria has been imposing this.

    1. Man, you and Black Picard are blowing up that Vaxx watch page. Salute to that. The only thing I will say is this, even if the goal has been achieved, I don’t care if people say it’s too late, these mofos are not gonna get away with any of this shit. I don’t care if they got lots of money, or high power lawyers or others, or they immune to the law, they’re not escaping the blood and bodies piling up.

  4. Verbs, I suggest a page of a glossary for meaning for each type of Bad boys.
    Example: 12 gauge mike is the guy with a guy or Drug Snow guy is the guy who brings crack to the community.
    You got all these names of the type of thugs, what is ‘Rough Dread’ or ‘Downlow Dillon’.
    Make a page for each meaning please. This will be great.

    1. I support this idea, Verbs, make a page. Just like you did for Black Picard for Vax, Scraggle and Swirl Mountain.
      Also not just a page for the names of different type of thugs, make another page for the Dick Police please, because these DPU are one of the dangerous people in Black America and brother can post stuff like Dr Umar Johnson.

  5. UK brothers do you believe that some UK driving examiners are racist?

    I was looking at the guardian article and the figures are dismal.

    I had my practical test the other week which everything went well but once we had the debrief the examiner told me I failed my test and made up excuses. There was minor thing that happened but nothing serious although I guarantee, had I been of another background it would be ignored or a minor fault given. Double standards I’d say. Bare in mind the covid rule states that “if a candidate fails they must return to the test centre immediately” In my case this did not happen instead I drove to my full time without incident.

    I guess this is part of the so-called UK hostile environment. Its a disgrace, how can a black person drive properly and cannot be accessed without bias. At the same time I understand not all driving examiners are like that but in this day and age its still happening. Then others like to say that driving tests aren’t fixed. I don’t know anymore. It just seems some things in the UK are fixed really, doesn’t matter how hard you try or how good you are at something. Apologies for long message, I had to get if off my chest.

    What areas in London would you recommend that I could take my test and be accessed fairly?

    1. Jon,

      I passed my driving test the second time in Loughton, the first time I failed I took it in Chingford. I strongly believe there is definitely a quota system in place for a certain amount of passes and fails per day, I don’t doubt that at all.

      Additionally, we have to remember that the government is trying to get everybody onto public transport, they don’t want people driving their own private vehicles which falls right in line with the climate change hoax.

    1. Wow, fascinating story! Once again, we see the honourable, SUPERIOR, freedom loving nature of Lord Euro & his merry colonialists in literally sabotaging Africa’s development by Japan. Such a tragedy too.
      I’ve always been big Japanese fans. I would much prefer them ascending above the Chinese. But alas it is a simp nation now.

      Great insights!!

      Marriage Alliance: The Union of Two Imperiums, Japan and Ethiopia?
      Paper Presented to The Annual Meeting of the Florida Conference of Historians.
      Fort Myers, Florida April 15-17, 1999 – Jacksonville University.
      In the first half of the 1930s, the nations of Japan and Ethiopia drew closer together to the acute concern of all of Africa’s colonial powers, most especially Italy. Much came to trouble Rome about Japanese activities including their economic and political encroachments into Northeast Africa. Rumors exaggerated the extent of the threat. Particularly vexing were reports of increasing Japanese military influence in Ethiopia. The threat of Japanese political, commercial, and military intrusions into Ethiopia to statesmen in London, Paris, Moscow, and elsewhere seemed sufficient to justify Italy’s military preparations against Ethiopia from 1934 on.

      One issue for many came to symbolize Japan’s expanding influence in Ethiopia, that is, the proposed marriage between Araya Abeba of Ethiopia and Kuroda Masako of Japan. Many mistakenly believed that this was to be a royal wedding.

      The genesis of the proposed marriage lay in Ethiopia’s desire to model its modernization after Japan, and Japan’s romantic vision of Ethiopia. While this might sufficiently explain the motives of Araya and Kuroda, other individuals were also involved. Most important were several Pan-Asian, nationalist Japanese who were promoting the marriage to leverage a prominent role for themselves in commercial exchanges between Japan and Ethiopia. Interestingly, neither government in Tokyo or Addis Ababa promoted the marriage idea; neither lamented when the proposal died sometime in 1934; and both suffered international complications because of it.

      As I’ve stated over & over & over again, the “Western” Anglo Saxon “European” is vastly inferior to their “Eastern” European EurAsian white counterparts — by a landslide. Please note that Russia was “occupied” by imported parasite Bolsheviks. As usual, the superior snow flakes are UNRELIABLE & flaky when it comes to the liberty & freedom & justice of non-Anglos. Something needs to be done about this.

      Now imagine where Africa would be TODAY with Japan industrializing her. 🤔👀 It boggles the mind. Can u imagine beautiful mixed Japanese-Ethiopian kids? Tall, intelligent, athletic, fit feminine women, 2 strong cultural fusions…

      Another thing… When u think about it on a deeper level, one realizes that World War 2 was merely to keep a superior Japan & Germany from rising against Lord Anglo.👀 If that union took place in the 1930s, there would’ve been better military support for the PanAfricanists in Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Zim, Burkina Faso, Biafra, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia et al.👀🤔

      1. Ethiopians are already n’er conquered and some of the best looking black people (at least the women). With Japanese admixture they would’ve been unstoppable. Again, being with daggles is a CURSE.

    1. He would’ve been better off with her than Jada, and likely wouldn’t have had such a fruity son.

    2. Him and Margot Robbie would have made him happy, but would have ended his career.

  6. One thing that needs to be mentioned is this: many feel that teachers are underpaid and under appreciated. I disagree IMMENSELY, as look how crappy today’s schools are. Likewise, these teachers and especially these teacher’s unions are the main reason that all if this common core leftist crap is taught in schools atm.

    On the other hand, you have ppl who homeschool their kids, are NOT recognized as teachers and untrained in the craft. And yet, these homeschooled kids are many times far smarter and more educated. If “laymen” can do it better, why gas up these shitty teachers? As the saying goes, those who can do, those who can’t, teach. In other words, teachers are the flunkies of their field.

    1. @AfroFuturism1
      Agreed. Teachers are not only over rated they’re over paid and almost impossible to fire not matter how horrible their performance is. Public education is a scam to dumb down the population and is a central tenet of communism. Public schools (re-education camps) are indoctrination centers for communism, feminism and faggotry. A grade 8 education in the 19th century is equivalent to a college education today.

  7. No Christmas lockdown.
    No Tesco QR bullshit.
    No mask mandates.

    Yes military trials.

  8. If I had a stargate and she gets the jab or already been jabbed, I would make sure she takes any supplements that can help to detox her body such as zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, NAC, selenium, glutathione, iodine, quercetin etc.

    It should permanently prevent sterilisations, blood clots, heart inflammations, uncontrollable seizures, immune deficiencies, Alzheimer’s diseases, and permanently remove spike proteins, graphene oxide, heavy metals of aluminium, cancer etc.


    1. I was thinking the same thing about my future Stargate of quality, whomever she may be.

  9. What’s up people. Busy week for me, one of the ex birthday today and the other one was on Monday. Yeah I know. Right, Shawn James post something on the comment section about Verbs lady of his life who is mixed. What things got to do with his girlfriend being biracial? The man has never had a girlfriend for over 30 years. Yo, dick policing is coming in 2022 people. Every time a black man has someone who is non black, other black men are hating and come after them. What for? Let me tell you something, these simps love defending these ghetto ratchet scragglies all for some pum pum. That is just it really.

  10. Overweight black woman gets rejected by a literal Chad ( Football jock) white guy and cries.
    She was actually surprised. LMAO. They REALLY think white guys, especially the desirable ones are checking for them? It’s so funny when they get the reality check. “Good looking” black women can mostly only pull losers and average to unattractive black women think they have a snowball’s prayer in h3ll? Bwahahahaha
    And notice she put the rejection on the internet for the whole world to see. Would she have even recorded it if it was a black man?

    1. With fat-ass Lizzo out there and simps on Instagram and ratchet culture gone mainstream, those weaved-up hoes really think they’re viable. What was messed up to me is her so-called “friend” was laughing at her and taping it. Black hoes ain’t shit even to each other.

  11. The Vaccine is the mark of the beast.

    I’ve been telling everyone who will listen for the last 4 years, GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER! This is no joke! They are not turning back on this, the evidence is overwhelming! The population is so fucking stupid I don’t even blame the elite for killing them off, look how many athletes have died, and we only know about them because they can’t hide public figures. Imagine how many Joe Blows Have died. Even people who know what’s up are in denial,
    Did you know that Canadians cannot leave the country anymore? Or even travel within provinces, or get on a plane or train period?
    Keep making excuses. The unprepared (99.99%) will die first. You have been warned.

    1. Upgraydd,

      I wonder if former commenter Black Caesar would still be claiming that there is no conspiracy at play now. Canada just like every other country in the world has gone from “2 weeks to flatten the curve” to now needing the digital trap ie vaccine passport to travel nationally and internationally, smh.

      But there isn’t a plan to trap and enslave humanity right? I agree, those who are fast asleep will be the first ones to perish.

      1. @Verbs
        The level of denial is so strong I don’t think he’ll admit it until they throw his ass in a camp or he gets the complications. Some provinces have even now created zones within them that you’re not allowed to leave. A government whistleblower released the plan over a year ago, and the P.M. denied it, but so far it has happened right on schedule with the exception of one order the cops refused to carry out so that bought them a couple months but now it’s back to business as usual. You can check it out here.

  12. So it appears Captain Lager is joined by their Yorkshire counterpart Lord Whippet in the racism stakes.

    England cricket player Rafiq speaks in front of Parliament select Committee of his decades long racist abuse by White cricket players. Being called p**i, one saying ‘there are to many of you lot, that needs to change’ and referring to black players as “Kevin”. One white player named his black dog Kevin.

    Yorkshire is in the North of England and is known as a bit of a redneck county for their backwards attitudes towards everything. Bradford is heavy on South Asians, Leeds has a couple of Blacks.

    The heads of Yorkshire Cricket have gone into hiding after being called out, their corporate sponsors have cancelled contracts and the little Englanders vile racism has been exposed once again, straight after the Euro soccer final. Just have a look at the various “black cunt” comments after three black players missed their shootout penalties.

    Lord Sleet’s gang are a bunch of cro-magnon cowards, the whole lot of them, but Brexit was supposed to have returned Britain to glory, how that’s going?

    1. Michel,

      Lord Sleet always believes that somebody else is at fault for his downtrodden state, not the fact that he’s a yellow bellied coward and a sloth who has allowed his rich elitist brethren to run roughshod over his backside.

      Like I’ve stated before, Colonel Blizzard has plenty of fire in his chest for “blacky” missing penalties but how quickly is that same fire snuffed out when it comes down to facing and dealing with government corruption?

      It’s no wonder more white women are abandoning ship and heading in the direction of quality brothers, something else Lieutenant Lime has plenty to say about, smh.

      1. The white man, just like the black woman doesn’t want to accept that what was once a quality product is now inferior and defective, and are banking on home town discounts. Nobody’s taking the white mans woman, and nobody’s taking the black womans’ man, white women and black men are just choosing better options. If they don’t like it they can improve themselves. But they won’t.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      So many states have filed lawsuits against this unconstitutional vaccine mandate garbage, this is why OSHA have suspended the mandates, yet the Biden Administration isn’t going down without a fight, they’re still advising businesses to enforce it, smh.


    Get jabbed get slabbed. Again, these minority “leaders” are only leading their ppl to the grave, when you blindly follow the white man’s commands, STOP bitching about him!

    These drunk Abos love perpetuating stereotypes, and I’m sorry, but they truly are an ugly looking people. If the Wilford Bremley looking guy in the article is the tribal leader, he’s mixed as hell to the point of not liking Abo at all. Isn’t it funny how these groups always worship the most mixed among them? Who does that sound like? Colorism my ass.


    I don’t feel sorry for the dumb f**k. These idiot athletes are proving every dumb jock joke true, ironically it’s the big buff football players who are speaking out the most. This moron had NO need for the clot shot and now his career and likely life are ruined.

    A hard head makes for a soft ass, and those who don’t hear must feel. Don’t ever feel pity for those who become sacrificial lambs for society to learn a lesson.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      My issue with these clot shot recipients is they are the very individuals who have enabled this entire agenda to move forward due to their lack of due diligence in conducting basic investigations into the bioweapon.

      A 99.98% survival rate for people aged 20-49, the jab doesn’t even stop and individual catching and transmitting the so called “virus”, yet I’m still expected to roll up my sleeve and play Russian Roulette, nope, not me, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.


    Poland should do the world a favor and eradicate all the Muslim Arab savages that try to invade. These Arab men aren’t worth a shit sandwich, and always mysteriously going to the WAYCIST white man for hand outs and gibs. Their women are great, but a bunch of Arab and paki men is a grooming rape gang waiting to happen.


    All parents who get these jabs for their kids deserve death, pure and simple. After all, it IS child abuse. And how many of these “mishaps” have happened without us knowing it? Don’t get the flu shit…. Err, shot either.


    Man, I feel SO sorry for him…… NOT!! More idiot athletes! Bodybuilding in the modern era is unhealthy anyways, people just think it’s healthy cuz it involves physically activity. It’s nothing more than the male version of female anorexia and bulimia, but honestly worse cuz at least that stuff is criticized. There’s NO reason to look like a He-Man toy, and it can cause all kinds of health and heart issues. It thus leaves you open to death via clot shot, as shown by this muscular moron. Feel the burn… in hell!!!

    1. Is there some practical reason for looking like a shaved Viking? Is he working on a farm and needs to collect redwood? Or is it just peacocking for vagina?

      1. Michel,

        The dude said he wouldn’t cry at my funeral, just like Afrofuturism1 I actually laughed when I read the headline. I don’t feel sorry for him at all especially in light of his occupation. South Asians ought to know better than to trust Bill Gates and his “magic potions”, it’s not like he hasn’t already run through many of their countries wreaking havoc with his sorcery under the guise of “vaccine programs”.

  18. I’m about to take a trip and I want to bring my dog with me. Did you know that your pet has to have a passport, a microchip and the vaccine! Soon the humans are going to need all three as well. What a bat shit crazy world we live in.

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