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You’re Out Of Control – That The Real Problem!


In 2021 these goofy whorish black chicken heads are way out of control. We don’t like you because you no longer exhibit the classic traits of traditional feminine women, we don’t like you because you somehow believe you’re equal to men, we don’t like you because you behave like men, most of all we don’t like you because you represent everything in a woman that men ought to avoid at all costs.

Of course in typical black female fashion this goofette can’t represent herself in front of the camera in her natural state, she has to be sporting a blonde weave, fake eye lashes as well as 1000 pounds of construction site grade makeup on her face trying her best to cover up those massive spots which are still visible.

I find it funny how so many of these westernised female failures as of lately have been coming out of the woodwork thick and fast talking that “men have been suppressing/oppressing us” garbage, yet isn’t it funny how these same women have no problems continuing to partake in the MAN MADE “suppressive/oppressive” infrastructure they claim has been holding them back.

If men have been holding them back, why don’t these women separate themselves onto their own private slot of land and create their own infrastructure free from the restraints and restrictions they claim men bring to the table?

If more men began G checking and NOT allowing loose women like the above to interact within the infrastructure that they’ve created, at that point that many of these same unbridled females would soon realise that they couldn’t do diddly squat without male intervention. Women need men, men DO NOT need women, however many of these feminist bootlicking minstrels refuse to acknowledge that this is the case.

Sitting in her car talking premium smack but the car is made by a man, wearing makeup, fake eyelashes and weave that are all made by men, using a mobile phone to record her goofy video that was created by men, wearing clothes that are made by men, driving on roads, streets and avenues that are all created by men.

These benighted black heifers have had their feminist, sexual liberation gravy train express running at full steam for the past 60 years, yet these mullet headed women haven’t done anything for themselves, nope, instead all they’ve been doing is throwing tantrums like petulant children demanding that MEN give them more rights and even more privileges, ie begging from the same group they claim are oppressing them, the irony of it all, smh.

Gentlemen, you don’t need me to advise you to give knuckleheads like the failure above an extremely wide berth. In the coming trials, tribulations and infrastructure breakdowns that are shortly to unfold in western countries, many of these single fefails are going to realise just how vital good men are but by then it will be too late for them.

Oh well, that’s there problem, not mine. Don’t worry, these same women exhibiting haughty, arrogant, prideful and boastful mannerisms will soon be broken down to the ground and quickly humbled with the horrible events that are about to come upon this planet.

Finally on a side note, the same principles can easily be applied to these pro black, slowtep meatheads who constantly walk around claiming to be “oppressed by whitey” yet at the same time have no problems begging for his handouts and continue to partake in whitey’s system refusing to separate themselves from the same system of white supremacy they claim is holding them back, smh.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Feminists/Misandrist Will Find Themselves By Themselves For Life

Most High Bless

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35 thoughts on “You’re Out Of Control – That The Real Problem!

    1. They always will learn the hard way.
      Then they turn back to Blackistan which they created.
      Look at the ex-swirlers. Even Christelyn Karazin now got a black man because the Pink Pill (aka Pink Penis Package) failed.
      Come crawling back and asking hotep simps for forgiveness which they always do.

  1. I’ll like to see a group of non black women create their own infrastructure without men and without dark skinned females but light skinned biracial women can join them.

    It would be interesting to see the results.

    Then I’ll like to see dark skinned females try to create their own infrastructure without non black women, without light skinned biracial women and without men entirely.

    I know this result would be zero 0%, absolutely nothing at all.


    1. Witwijf,

      Even the most ardent feminists are finally having to come out and admit that without men women are complete and utter burnt toast, however unfortunately the message has still yet to trickle down to goofy, lower level sirens like this delusional broad above.

    2. I’m sorry, but at this point I’m even leery of biracial women. Unless they have a black father..

  2. So typical, any women who need to use shaming tactics, insult, guilt trip need to be avoided.

    Also most modern women are low value and good for pump and dump not relationship material.
    Overestimate themselves,just because simp want to have sex they think that mean they’re worth commitment 😂.

    Most are average the 1-10 but also body wise, that’s why they delusional mind believe that their real SMV is when they got on makeup on, fake butt, fake hair, fake waist, fake nails.

    And I’m glad that u use the new anthem of men ”She belong to the streets” made by Future.

    Even tough Future has made a lot of bad decision, u can respect the fact that this man completely understand FEMALE NATURE perfectly.

    U remove the bad decision he make and u can see that Future
    use reverse hypergamy against women and manipulate them perfectly.

    I could never respect a guy like Russel Wilson or Will Smith man who are TOP tier but still got a SIMP/BLUE PILL MINDSET disgust me.

    1. Tyrone Nyx,

      They complain about the declining environment they’ve helped create, smh. These modern day women will need to turn towards the simps that worship them because men who are worth their salt won’t even be looking in their direction yet alone be stretching out their hands to save them in the up and coming days of turmoil, tribulation and distress.

  3. Verbs,

    These 2021 goofy whorish black chicken heads (you referred to them as) has never exhibit the classic traits of traditional feminine women to begin with in the 20th and 21st centuries. A great deal of them here in western society descended from the era where white women wanted the right to vote (women’s suffrage) and the modern day BW queans’ female ancestors backed them up during the 1900s-1920s. Those same black women ended up joining the Communist Party USA in the 1930s which nominated one of them to be a candidate for President of the United States in 1968, three to four years after black folks was given the privilege to vote.

    That 60-year steam of benighted black heifers’ feminist, sexual liberation gravy train express is more like 100+ years (early 20th century).

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      The gravy train is coming to an end, all of this business concerning the state postponing the negative consequences of bad decision making is shortly about to expire.

      Modern women are about to find out what REAL LIFE is truly all about just like women in foreign countries already know about and experience.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid feminist women and black women like that blonde weave headed black woman on the above video. They are the reason why dating is fucking shit for men in the 21st century because the majority of women these days are way too demanding of men and have stupid unrealistic Walt Disney expectations of the type of men that they want to date.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why back in the day fathers or male family members would go out and look for companions for their daughters because as is clearly evident in 2021, most women haven’t got a damn clue when it comes down to choosing a suitable mate.

      The Walt Disney delusions of grandeur expectations with the overwhelming majority of modern women are very real.

  5. This stragg is delusional, with a capital D; they will make up any old hogwash narrative to deflect from the fact that they are not wife or girlfriend material. Supposed power and potential doesn’t keep a man satisfied nor the children happy and healthy; it only gives you a false sense of worth that makes you unbearable to be around, a lesson April Mason had to learn the hard way. She says they no longer care what what men think, but best believe she’ll be calling Kevin Samuels one day asking about a “high value man”; we all know how that one will end.

    I shall end this with a quote from André 3000: “Sad, but one day our kids will have to visit museums to see what a lady looks like. So, if you find one, I beg of you, hold her tight. Yes, if you spot one, good sir, treat her right.” #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These dysfunctional Western heifers talk as if they’ve established something of substantial value on the planet. This so called “new generation of women” this broad is prattling on about are NOT women, they are merely females and should always be referred to as such.

      Just as Tiktok put to bed the false narrative that black men who date out can only get with fat, ugly non black female rejects, the same platform has clearly demonstrated the uphill battle men have ducking and weaving around these ultra dysfunctional fallen harriets.

  6. These women are out of control. These women has lost their minds. And the black harridans are the ones will give any man problems and really don’t care. As you see the scraggle daggle with weave in her hair and talking nothing but crap, when a thinking black man talks about her, these simps will come after him just to defend her. We have seen so many simps doing that over the years. Like I said with black British men, they are don’t deal with black women because of the dysfunctional behaviour we are seeing. For them, it was like “Fuck that, I’m not dealing with this shit.” Keep your white honey safe at all cost now because of these scraggle daggles are coming after them.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Jessica X is a classic example of a dysfunctional UK daggle who was able to finesse a group of black male simps to the point where her platform is now so many times bigger than those same simps who exalted and propped her up.

      Now those same simps are upset that she doesn’t grace them with her presence on YouTube as frequently as she did in the past, oh well, that’s what happens when you put hoes before bros.

      The simps didn’t want to promote and build up the black men who were looking out for them, nope, but as soon as a mixed British chick came along with a different accent, these dudes were more than ready to throw their coats over puddles for the broad, lol.

  7. These daggles are out of control. But at this point, its all on the black male simps. Let me expound. I have noticed that most daggles will lose that dysfunctional daggle attitude when they are in a predominant white environment, especially a predominant white male environment.

    I have seen daggles get confrontational with white males when there were plenty of black male simps around, who were willing to be their attack dogs. But usually when a daggle is in white society without her backup of black male simps and hotep matriarchy, she quickly loses that dysfunctional daggle sense of entitlement.

    I give daggles a wide berth. There are very few living in my zip code. And when I conduct my day to day business, I avoid places where daggles are likely to be present. In the US, it is not difficult for the average black man to minimize his interactions with scraggle daggles.

    The fact is, most black men in the US are actively looking for scraggle daggles most of the time. And the daggles know this. Therefore, these men don’t have a leg to stand on when the daggle shits on them. If the daggle was left alone to fend for herself, she would perish.

    The black male simp population keeps the daggles empowered, emboldened, enriched, and out of control.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Agreed, black women won’t run their mouths in a predominantly white male environment without their attack dog black male simps being present because they know that white men will not tolerate their lip and won’t hesitate to punch them upside the head or even worse still bury them 6 feet in the dirt.

      Daggles are indeed a problem, they are the ones who have created these simps who themselves have become even greater of a problem, both need to and will burn in the fire.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if the beast is a typical single mom who got pregnant by Draco mike. she’s bitter as usual, after pookie dumped her, either that or captain frost used and dump her .that’s usually how it goes for these hateful types.
    she knows no decent and sane man would want her after pookie left an unsavoury imprint on her psychologically. only option left is to go carpet munching.

    1. MrZero,

      Typical black witch, messes around with and gets knocked up by dickheads yet still expects miracles to manifest from engaging in such unions, smh.

  9. This is funny when she said that.

    Men use to be at young age use to be intimidated by women’s’ status because we were competing, but when we get older it does not bother them because they are looking for a wife and want to have a family, so their education is meaningless to the men.
    On the Childfree women group (run by white women), they state that once you have kid, you flush your degree an education you put into down the toilet with the debt you got pay on top of it which they are right.

    Let run with what the BW said on the video:
    This video reminds me where they always saying that how men are intimidated by their status, self worth and potential. They always talk abut how educated they are and how BW have the best instinct of finding a mate.

    So if the BW has the best instinct of mating and choosing, then why do they purposely turn down good potential men who are husband material and choose thugs and bums.
    So if the BW has the best instinct of finding a man to breed a family, why are they having kids with Pookie and Ray Ray instead of Educated Lame (which they call them). Why are they are so many single mothers.
    They all talk about they have better family instinct skills than non-western women, then why do we see on Social Media, all the neglect, ghetto, ratchetness, twerking, sexual acts in front of children?

    What potential has the BW got for men, except of education? Nothing, they are just liberals and not wife material.
    Either be a wifey or do not get picked at all. Simple as that.

    Something you said Verbs which is correct about oppression.
    BW always saying how BM are oppressors and dictators, if you ask these liberal BW how are we oppressors, they cannot give you an answer. Why because it is 100% Bull shit. BM never oppress women at all and no history of it.

    Another note you mention, this is something MGTOW mention, how the buildings and materials were made by men and I got the picture of it.

    I am glad you bring up hoteps and simps into this because what they do not understands and I going to explain on this website why White Men are butt hurt when White Women pick BM:

    We all know in America that White Men introduce Interracial Law so only the White Men can have options.
    What they did not notice that when they give White Women equality, right to vote and work is White Feminist countered Interracial Law because White Women has the right to have mating options, meaning they can get a man of any race, especially Big Black Cock if they want to because Women rights allow them to which another reason of White Men Incel.
    Look at the original hoteps in the UK and 1970’s era how they got with White Women. What they saw that the original hoteps were masculine, patriarchy and diverse. Unlike the fake ones like Umar Johnson.

    This also reminds me of the old topic Verbs put about how this Desi Ghetto woman (Leena Jay) said Wife Material equals fetish.

    The reason she said this because her culture does not tolerate shit. She is one of the Indian rejects and just like BW who just come to the Western countries like America talking liberal shit about their men. If that is in India she will get a huge ass-whopping there. I know about their culture in India very well and the do not play. My friend’s brother mention we have in the UK Indian Men Incel (CurryCel) because these women has option so what they do is they go to India and force marriage those women in that Country and treat them like shit.

    1. Michael MisterTea,

      The counter law is accurate because when Men vote for women’s rights, they gave White women right to date whoever they want. The White Men basically dug their own grave.

      Something I like to add, especially on Kevin Samuels’ reference as we all know this:
      Because BW has so many options they were taught at young age that they have to be Anti-Patriarchy and they have freedom against it, now with their freedom, they are miserable because they have no structure.

      They go on Internet and brag about Black Male Oppression (which never exist to begin with) with their friends, buy when they get home with their independent life, off the internet, back into the real world. They are deep down sexually frustrated, femcel, bitter and miss the masculine presence.
      What I mean by masculine presence is basically mean a man next to him in bed or come home to.

      When women especially BW said they enjoy their peaceful freedom, it basically mean they miserable because they are not design for peace, but drama.

      One wise man on Facebook said do not let internet fool you with their Single Mother glamour and their materials and bling because off the internet they are living in the messy lives with drama.

      1. Mister Master,

        As I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. They should’ve cashed in their chip early and chosen right from the beginning instead of riding the dick express 1st class believing the glory days and their fun in the sun would last forever.

  10. A hard head makes for a soft ass, and these daggles have the hardest and softest of all. They love running their mouths and acting like they’ve got it together, meanwhile they’re two seconds from e-begging. Notice these chicks never retire, they just die.

    The average age of “we love you black men!!” Is getting younger and younger, because more daggles are ruining their lives earlier and earlier. They suddenly BEG for help from those same men that they claimed to be independent from, namely cuz they can’t even work as administrators or secretaries because NO ONE wants to deal with daggles in a professional environment. LET. THEM. DIE!!!! Now is the perfect time to see these creatures made extinct.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, just like I said, they chase after and open their legs to dickheads but still expect miracle outcomes, choosing to follow in the footsteps of their dysfunctional mothers instead of using common sense, logic and wisdom to walk a more productive path.

      As I and many others here have stated before, the worst thing black women as a collective could’ve done was diss their own male counterparts believing they could find salvation, refuge and protection amongst men of other races. How is that working out for them, answer, IT ISN’T.

  11. “They love running their mouths and acting like they’ve got it together, meanwhile they’re two seconds from e-begging.”

    We all seen this e-begging all the time on Facebook.
    First they brag about how they do not need men, the next you see on Facebook are their screenshot of bills, mostly massive amount utility bills and huge food bills.
    They expect some simps to pay the huge debt of bills they occure and bail them out.

  12. Verbs,

    I’m like you, still waiting for that real life Themiscyra or Paradise Island, where it’s all females with no horrible, toxic men to hold them back. I want to see them build it from scratch with zero male help. Especially these black bitches. We see already what their matriarchal cities look like, it ain’t Paradise Island and no Wonder Women coming from there.

    According to this video, there are “male deserts” in the UK, no men in sight. Kids running wild, high crime. But I thought men were the problem?

    SYSBM is undefeated.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Just look at any natural disaster and you’ll see women lining up ready for instructions, guidance and rescue from who, MEN. They want to be like children, do what they want and be irresponsible but return when things fall apart and expect men to pick up the pieces for them. These modern women can’t build diddly squat, the black witch is especially up the creek without a paddle. So called matriarchies are a complete and utter failure.

      Regarding that video you posted, it’s just like I said the last time I was on one of TPOT’s livestreams, the UK government has adopted the same “reward single mothers for being sexually irresponsible” program as the US, the male deserts and the ultra high single mother rates especially up in the north of England are all by design.

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