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Stay Well Away From Women Like This! #SHORTS


Unfortunately I couldn’t find this disjointed black female’s Twitter page, I believe it may have been deleted. I found her Instagram profile but it has been set to private.

Now, your typical black witch would call a black man with his head screwed on straight “weak” for choosing to walk away from a female who welcomes conflict and expects to be beaten up, however seeing as black women as a collective are dysfunctional to the hilt, we shouldn’t be surprised at this.

Your average pro black simp being lead by the nose by his black queenie would say exactly the same thing, how we’re not built to handle black women which is why we’re choosing to deal with other groups of women.

You should never have to “handle” any woman with force, “handling” anything implies that there is some sort of danger or risk involved. Many men counting themselves as being brave(but actually being fools) have chosen to deal with belligerent, violent, aggressive, rebellious women only to learn their lesson the hard way, many haven’t lived to tell the tale.

I hear a lot of dating gurus and coaches talking about female nature, however the nature that is currently being displayed by large swaths of Western women is highly dysfunctional.

Female nature as standard without any malevolent and negative influences from dodgy individuals as well as the surrounding environment is supposed to be submissive, kind, gentle, caring, loving, affection, cooperative, nurturing, pious, humble, meek etc, the complete opposite of what we commonly observe being displayed by many women in the West as well as Westernised women worldwide.

Gentlemen, you don’t need me to tell you to steer clear from these types of women regardless of their ethnic background, as I’ve stated many times before, QUALITY STARGATES MATTER! #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Quality Stargates Will Always Matter

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Stay Well Away From Women Like This! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I stay well clear of dysfunctional women because they are going to destroy my life. Women like this cannot be saved

        1. Agreed with both statements. Same goes for Western women and those with the mindset like that. Avoid those who seek and thrive in dysfunction + pure chaos at all times and costs.


    Yes, stay away from women who profess to only respect men who beat them.

    In fact, stay away from women who have any aspect of the scraggle daggle mentality, period.

    If you can, stay away from da communitah. Stay away from da communitah physically, psychologically, morally; and reject its depraved and degenerate culture and values.

    If you are temporarily stuck in da communitah but have your head on straight, use everything you’ve got to put distance between yourself and da communitah.

    Da communitah is a cesspool of lies, deception, crime, dishonor, matriarchy, stupidity, degeneracy, and premature death.

  3. Same succubus will jump online saying non-violent BM should save and protect them from the same violent Dark Triad incubus they choose, pedestalize and promote.

    Case in point:

    A lawyer investing possibly $100K+ into a legal education, to only be cut down by her own attraction to hybristophilia. Yet, the Commuteps will sweep this under the rug, because Thuggo had a HOODpass.

    Avoid these degenerate succubus, their drones and their hell spawn at all costs.

    1. King Sigma,

      Black women and women in general who continually make irresponsible decisions must be left to their own fate and demise.

      That article you posted reminds me of this bonnet wearing black witch who some years back filmed her own murder on Facebook Live, she thought she could agitate 12 Gauge Mike and get away with it but it sure didn’t work out that way:

  4. Completely normal requirement from a well adjusted young female. You brothers have a chance to tap that if you’ve knocked out a few nighas, preferably bodied a couple. Don’t forget your neck tattoos and gold grills in your mouth. Smell like you’ve haven’t washed in a while too. Give yourself a nickname like Klow-E or Cris-zilla, own a semi automatic pistol with extra ammo, ride in your beemer and frequent Chick-fil-A for easy feeding. Job done.

    Dirty nighas attract dirty daggles. You don’t want that kind of life. Steer well clear.

    1. Michel,

      Yep, we can throw in having your cap to the back, trousers dragging along the floor, throw a gold chain around your neck for good measure as well. But the nay sayers continue to ask the question as to what we’re saving ourselves from, smh.

  5. Stuff like this makes me wondering why black women (and western women) live in a fantasy all day, everyday. What the hell do they see in these ruffnecks type of dudes? They like a dude to beat on them? They like woman-beaters? God, what the hell is wrong with these black women, and these western women? If I use my art, I’m using it to defend myself, not look for trouble. These black women be having the goddamn nerve to say “we can’t handle a strong black woman.” This is completely why black women in America stay losing a lot of times because they keep having this big chip on their shoulders, thinking nobody can’t touch them, they all hot stuff, but that’s just leaves them high and dry in the end. No wonder why the man upstairs is telling me to sense the women who brings nothing but good vibes to me, and is not trying to challenge my manhood.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Black women as a collective simply aren’t right in the head, I’m sticking with my theory with most of them being possessed by evil spirits because as far as I’m concerned there is no way mass dysfunction on such a grand scale can be explained any other way.

      Black mothers take pleasure in beating their children and thus open up the path for those evil spirits to be passed down and thus the dysfunctional cycle is able to perpetuate itself. Avoid them at all costs and any other females who demonstrate the same.

  6. According to this daggle, her man must violently assault her if he wants her respect, not by showing confidence and leadership qualities; this kind of backwards thinking only makes sense in the communitah where women lead the men. She admitted out of her own mouth that she desires conflict in exchange for submission; she’s a walking red flag who wants you to hit her so she can run and call the cops on you. Save yourselves because it’s not worth the headache fighting dysfunctional women for respect and submission. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      She’s the type to get bashed in the head and shortly afterwards post pictures of her injuries on social media alongside a long statement or even a video looking for sympathy and attention, we already know how most of these black sirens roll, we’ve seen the same scenario play out time and time again.

  7. I don’t consider dark skinned females as women.

    Physical abuse is the answer for dysfunctional relationships.

    I stay away from dysfunctional liberals in general.


    1. Witwijf,

      I believe you mean dark skinned black females because dark skinned Indian women for example don’t behave like this.

  8. So this woman says if a man doesn’t bruk her up, he doesn’t love her? Yeah man. These harriets are really dysfunctional, star. As you see guys these women do prefer the bad boys, thugs and worthless me, so does some of the black women we talk about. Let me tell you something. When a nice guy wants to date a woman, she will reject him in a heartbeat. And if she starts a relationship with her, she will make a narcissistic move and play games with him. But when she sees Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta now, she’s getting wet between the legs. And then when it’s all over for them getting ram through, then they go for the nice guy. Let me tell you something. Money Cultural is a hood boy. I know these type of women that will choose a man that will frigg them up in a heartbeat. When a scraggle daggle say that she is looking for man to give her a box, the next moment she’s on the Steve Wilkos show.

    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women can deal with Slim Sauce and Chunky Bruh all they want, they just have to know that those gutter black males as well as the simps are the only options for them, good black men are NOT going to be stepping up and performing clean up man services at all yet alone after they’ve gotten their heads bashed in.

  9. So basically she’s saying that she needs a box. Which she does. While that sentiment is messed up in general it’s nice to hear that she knows exactly what she needs. Her and all the hoes like her need a box. Here’s an example of a daggle getting what she ‘s asking for. Thank me later.

    1. Upgraydd,

      That video is a true classic, by rights Left Hook Harry should’ve stomped out that brat just to put the icing on the cake.

  10. Beating ppl into submission…. Where’ve I seen that before?…. Oh yeah, slavery!!

    Again, so many facets of black women’s psyche is based in slavery and white supremacy. When they can’t get real deal ghetto Gaggers, they want Pookie and Ray Ray to beat them up before subsequently calling the cops on them.

    I don’t respect any woman that takes an ass whooping she doesn’t have to, but when you actively BEG for it, you’re mentally unhinged. Black women are the issue in the black community, both for its violence and its spiritual downfall. When your ROMANCING involves outright beatings, OF COURSE the community will be violent.

    Also, why does no one feel sorry when black women are beaten? Cuz of shit like this!!!

  11. Verbs and Gentlemen

    There is something I have observed for many years, some men may have violent mindset which because BW instigates them.
    I remember one Kevin’s show, there was a female caller saying that she divorce her husband because he was abusive, when Kevin ask her deep questions about the origin of the abuse, it turns out it was her the BW created the drama, before then he was a good man but when the BW want drama and disfunction that is where the problem lies.

    I also remember may years ago on Tommy Sotomayor’s’ flagged down videos. Him and the hotep was talking about black men not manning up for BW. I remember the conversation, it went like this:
    The hotep was asking why the Black men does not step up to the plate to because real men of black women and his response was if the man stand up to the plate and man-up the BW will call 911 (police) because he showing manhood.

    Then she will turn the man from a negro to a n1gger. What ‘turn negro to a n1gger’ basically means is that you put the man who had a clean record and now into the system. You know, he gets arrested, mugshot, on the legal system because he got arrested. In the UK, that stuff in confidential so no one knows, except for sexual charges. In the America, it is public record which is use for references.

    This is another reason why the haters will bring up Tommy’s 10 year old mugshot and Kevin’s 30 year old mugshot and all their arrest record.

    With the arrest record the man got because he lose certain rights such as Passport or job, she can now use his arrest record as a leverage against him.

    The point of this is that they only understand toughness and violence. They are not use to peaceful and nice environment.

    I say to any women that if she wants a man to be abusive or a wife beater, I am not for her, she can find someone who can treat her like shit. I am not interested.

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