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This Is Who Black Women Listen To! #SHORTS


I’ll try to keep my words brief, check out this chicken head’s Tiktok, she “appears” to be all in for the devil. Note that the top video was made in August 2020. I really have to laugh at these young Satanists who believe that they can enter into the religion of Satanism and redefine it ie remove the original foundational pillars, it reminds me of black folks who believe that they can redefine the N word and turn it into a positive, smh.

This is who black women have been and still are listening to. This ultra liberal white female strikes me as the type who doesn’t really understand what she’s involved in, you know the type, those who only wish to dip their feet in the water instead of diving into the deep end.

I can guarantee that if she saw a mouse scurrying along the floor, she’d be the first to jump up onto a chair or if there was a moth flying around in her kitchen, she’d be screaming, running as well as ducking and weaving trying to get away from it.

She honestly believes she can remove Satan from Satanism, you cannot make this stuff up, that would be like trying to separate wetness from water or heat from fire. Most Satanists in reality are NOT ready to meet their master even though they talk a big talk.

One thing that needs to be pointed out that most Satanists fail to acknowledge is just like Freemasonry, there are different levels to the religion. Outer level participants(which the overwhelming majority of Satanists reside on) are only given the information they require to function ON THE OUTER LAYER.

Additionally, just like Freemasonry, deception is built into the Satanist religion, it’s only when you begin to ascend into the higher levels is when you truly begin understanding what Satanism is really all about. These young folks walking around screaming “hail Satan” believing the devil is a cool dude honestly don’t have a damn clue and would immediately soil their pants if they met the guy in a dark alley.

Whenever dealing with liberal minded females, always expect the expected craziness that usually comes with them. Gaze upon this ultra liberal white female and understand that this is the type of creature that most black women have emulated and used to mould their own mutant brand of feminism.

Remember, most black women are indeed Satan worshippers, however unlike the female above these black sirens instead use Christ, the bible and the Most High as a smokescreen in order to blindsight so they can execute their evil works and carry them further and deeper without being questioned or protested.

I really feel sorry for the younger generations of men in the West who have to wade through nothing but sewage and slop in their never ending quest to find a decent woman, the bottom has really fallen out of the dating market and liberal women alongside stupid and ignorant cucked males were and still are the ones who’ve turned it into a pile of smoking ashes and rubble. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

You Cannot Make Deals With The Devil And Come Out On Top

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “This Is Who Black Women Listen To! #SHORTS

  1. She cannot get an abortion due to religious reasons in many states. That is why the state of Mississippi is about to win and defeat Roe Vs Wade.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Indeed, it seems that Roe Vs Wade is on very shaky ground, protecting the lives of unborn children is always a good thing.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I didn’t realise that satanists existed. Black women have always been brainwashed to listen to feminists.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The worse thing about it is black women are too prideful stubborn to admit that they’ve been taken for a joyride, have been bamboozled and totally duped.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women never admit when they are wrong and thats the reason why they are the least desired woman on the planet. Black women are way too manly for my liking.

  3. Awkward, ignorant WHITE girl: Makes video about satanism that has utterly nothing to do with black women.

    Fruity, odd ball negro dudes: How can we turn this on Black women? Ooh, that’s it! “ThIS iS wHo BLaCk wOmEn LIsTen To!”

    1. Anonymous aka Dickhead,

      This is who black women listen to and get their talking points from, what, did black women juat pluck feminism and all related branches from the sky? No knucklehead, it was handed down to them from women like this.

      Aren’t black women taking full advantage of abortion? Haven’t you noticed the increase in black women getting involved with witchcraft?

      Don’t be a dunce all your life. Why do you keep on returning to a forum where the views expressed you clearly don’t agree with, how is such behaviour intelligent?

      1. Lol I knew you’d pull feminism out your ass, poor thing. I don’t know if you rejects realize that feminism was NECESSARY, or you just simply ignore that fact about it. It was meant to free women, educate them, create opportunities for them and give them equal rights with men. Before it men stepped on women as much as they pleased. Not surprisingly, black males, out of spite, envy and incompentence want to cease BW from emancipating themselves becoz they know at the back of their minds, deny it as they may, that through feminism not only will men of other races continue to OUT-DO them, but so will their own women. Because that’s just how lazy the lot of you are. Yes, some women have mistaken the concept of feminism as it is simply meant to uplift and give women an equal footing not to step on men’s heads. But you cannot tell me a woman far more educated and wealthier than you will take you seriously enough to submit to you lol. That rarely happens. That’s the real problem black men have with feminism they can’t compete with most non-black men so they desperately want to lutch unto whatever little power they have over BW( which is literally no more than “hey I have a dick and you don’t so kneel before me.”) BW however, just like the rest of the world, don’t notice black men’s power and thus continue to be the most educated women in the states. This alone lets black men know just how little they have so they mask it under the tired facade of “Black women being masculine” why? Because they’re educated. Inotherwards, if they were uneducated and inemancipated stay at home chicks they’d deemed “feminine”. You want to know why African women submit to African men? It’s because African men have social, economic and political power and relevance in their countries and continent thus earning the respect and submission of African women. African American men on the other hand, NOT SO MUCH. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter if bw got the idea of feminism from white women. The point is it finally gave blk women an upper foot and that’s why black men are triggered. They’re now left behind more than ever. Lmao. Freakin’ bastards! Don’t hate what you can’t change, change what you hate.

        1. Anonymous,

          Your statement clearly illustrates just how much of a mullet head you are and how you know NOTHING concerning feminism, its origins and true intentions. Feminism was popularised, promoted and sponsored by the Rockefella Foundation for two main goals, destabilise the nuclear family structure and introduce women into the workplace so they could now be taxed.

          Rattling off the usual mainstream talking points surrounding feminism believing that you know the real deal, poor sod, I’d almost feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a numbskull, learn something from somebody who actually talked to the people involved before his passing away, Aaron Russo:

          Black men have never been in any position to stop black women from doing anything, black women with a wicked, spiteful mind chose to abandon their male counterparts believing they could “get one over on us” and “get ahead” while and the same time snuggling and slumming it up with their white lord and saviour General Sleet.

          A woman’s education only means something to her and the system she’s able to utilise it in, so called education means little to nothing these days. Besides, quality men aren’t interested in a woman’s education as it serves little to no purpose in a relationship, when the rubber meets the road femininity is what really counts, something which the overwhelming majority of black women have abandoned because feminists told them to and they foolishly listened.

          As stated before, men of quality aren’t interested in a woman’s educational status at all, they won’t hesitate laugh in her face if she attempts to bring it up, give her the boot and simply find another more cooperative woman to deal with, it’s that simple.

          Black women can keep feminism, it doesn’t bother me as I no longer deal with them. Black women overall have taken many steps down into the sewer since embracing their beloved religion of feminism, a few successes here and there doesn’t brush over the rampant single motherhood, the strong desire to look like white women, their blind worship and admiration of white men, their abysmal failure at relationships as well as their general failures at life as a whole.

          Only the black male simps desire to keep the modern day black female under lock and key, black men worth their salt aren’t bothered in the slightest where black women choose to go. We still talk about black women over here because many of us still have to interact with them under capacities outside of dating and mating and unfortunately those experiences more time are NOT pleasant.

          1. Verbs,

            “Anonymous” is obviously a masculine black bitch smh. So “superior” to us lowly black “oppressors”, yet follow us where ever we congregate. She should be happy we no longer deal with them, why is she so angry?

            If I had Bezos money, I’d establish a brick and mortar gentlemen’s club based on the SYSBM philosophy, and laugh as we keep these bitches out. Black men in interracial relationships only and even then, only men allowed in the club.

            Continue to walk away, gents.

        2. LOL @ this bird babble. Nobody cares about you masculine heffas much less try to keep you down or make you submit, it’s obvious by the way y’all disappear and nobody goes looking for you, or when white zaddy beats you down or kills you it doesn’t even make the news lol. Hate you bitches, white zaddy come get your women.

    2. You know, I despise the level of obtuse, brain-dead “thinking” that routinely come from our detractors when commenting on a site they should loathe visiting! No belief system of anyone, anywhere just materializes out of thin air! The black woman’s rebellious world view that constantly tries to challenge normal gender roles that have existed for thousands of years (unsuccessfully), came from THESE type of white women originally dumb-ass! The trick is that there’s enough variety among white women that the girl above COULD conceivably recant her current beliefs and hide amongst her more conservative sisters and nab a sucke**, ahh “man”, while the average bw can’t, seeing as how most think and act as a near monolithic group. If you deal with one black woman, the chance is pretty good that you’ve dealt with them all!

      1. Andre,

        Well said, for some reason this particular knucklehead continues to return to the website even though he/she disagree with what is being said here. Mullet heads like this typically don’t have any constructive talking points to rebut the ones put forward here, and so as per usual they’ll attempt to shame examiners, critiques and scrutinisers into silence.

        What you mentioned about black women as a group thinking in the same manner is key, this is why their claim of “not all black women are like that” is already a dead duck out of the gate, as has been pointed out here many times before, there is very little diversity amongst black females worldwide yet alone in the West.

  4. I totally agree that black women were complete fools to try to emulate white feminism.

    But I still say that here in 2021, what is sustaining the scraggle daggle, what is gassing her up, what is motivating her to sink to lower and lower depths, is the pandemic of black male simping.

    This pandemic is kept alive and fueled by the Chabad media/intertainment industrial complex.

    When I watch African movies on Netflix, the African simping that I see being depicted, is even worse than the black male simping in North America.

    1. Are you referring to those ridiculous sitcom shows that portrays Black Women as victims in an abusive relationship?

      Because in all honesty they are annoying and can brainwash men who believe the “Black Women is God” nonsense.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Yep, black women got the ball rolling by listening to white liberal feminists and thereafter taking that same religion of feminism to the next level. However as you continue to point out, it is these black male simps who are currently propping up the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure just like the FED continues to step in and pumps money into a failing economy.

      I don’t even bother watching those African(Nollywood) movies, the simping in them is off the damn chain.

  5. This girl comes off as someone who got involved in Satanism because she thinks it’s fashionable and trendy to do so; there’s nothing trendy or cool about what this girl is involving herself in. Note how she linked Satanic abortions to the “pro choice” position: thanks to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, Satanists can’t have certain restrictions enforced on them as it pertains to the abortion process; we can now begin to understand the true spirit behind abortion. Also, she ends the video by saying “thy self is thy master”; that statement sounds very similar to the “my body, my choice”, “bodily autonomy”, and “woman’s right to choose” mantras that feminists have recited as their defences for why abortion should remain legal. This is another solid reason why I, as an SYSBM Practitioner, could never be with a woman who’s pro choice (which automatically disqualifies the scraggle daggle); quality stargates matter more than you think. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Indeed, a lot of young liberals get caught up in the religion of what is trending, this is why you see them swinging from one extreme to the next. “Thy self is thy master” also sounds like what Satanist/Occultist Aleister Crowley said, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.

      Yep, abortion has always been satanic in origin, it’s only these delusional liberals through the passing of dodgy legislation who believe that because it is legal that makes it right. We already know which ethnic group are the chief users of abortion, enough said.

    2. But when it comes to vaccine mandates, you never hear feminists and liberals say “my body, my choice”. They are hypocrites.

  6. It would actually be a miracle if I complete my side quest of finding a quality stargate in the west.

    Western societies are far away in a deep end and could eventually drown in a river, lake, pool, atlantic or pacific oceans.

    All liberals need to be replaced by all conservative women.

    Satanism is exactly the same thing as paganism.

    Santa = Satan, this is why I don’t celebrate any pagan holidays and don’t have any christmas decorations in my home, no tree at all.


    1. Witwijf,

      Finding a quality woman in the West since December 2020 got even more difficult with the introduction of the Convid-1984 bioweapon which is deceptively being promoted as a vaccine. I personally wouldn’t touch any woman who’s had the jab as they’ve been contaminated with gene altering chemicals that I don’t want to come into contact with under any circumstances.

      I agree with you on Christmas, it is pagan and the bible points this out in Jeremiah 10:2-5. Why people still associate Christmas with the birth of Christ is beyond me, smh. Christmas is actually the birthday of Nimrod but we can talk about that another time.

    1. Stop trolling clown …damn give it up …but I’m getting the sense that you probably already did

    2. What is it with misandrist Black men and Live streams? Nighas with nothing better to do than talking shit for 8 hours. What happened to getting a job in the real world?

      1. Michel,

        When Clowntain first came on the scene after his viral anti SYSBM article, MBD on many occasions invited the dude to come onto his panels, however Fountain Top much preferred to lurk in the chat and continually made up excuses as to why we couldn’t join the panels.

        Now we’re expected to readily accept a livestream invitation from a sexually suspect individual who continues to stalk black men online relentlessly, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. Verbs,

        I would not do it.

        Years ago when he first time come in, it would be good at the time with MadBusDriver to debate him..

        Now since his fanbase is full of liberal Feminist, Bitter BW, simps, I say to you and Madbus now don’t do it.
        I would never go to the panel with full of feminist, liberals. The environment is foul there. I just stay away.

        1. Sherrif X,

          It’s a no brainer, going on a livestream with him would be no different to getting interviewed by the mainstream media, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. I agree, his audience is full of degenerate, non thinking liberal knuckleheads who I want NO part of.

        1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

          Coward??? Coming from the same dude who continually refused to panel up when invited onto MBD’s livestream, lol. The nerve of these court jesters.

  7. I don’t advocate abortion at all.

    But when Shaniqua and Slim Sauce produce a brood, and neither has the means to raise these kids, nor the intelligence, nor the know how to teach them anything wholesome or productive, what do you call this ?

    On some level, this behavior is evil too. Because even if their intent is not evil, their actions have evil consequences.

  8. The reason why black men are not with feminism is because it destroyed the family home of the black race. There was a man in the family home known as a father, but during the civil right, the white feminists said to the black women that “You don’t need your black man to take care of you. You have the government to take care of you.” So, black women leave the black men behind, kick the back man out of the home as well and live off the government. That is one of the reasons why black women are living off the welfare system. So they can get money from the government when they are raising children by herself. If the girl is young and she got pregnant at 12 or 13, well she is too young to have children and I know about teenage pregnancy. However, when if a ratchet black women get breed up by 357 Jimmy, Cell Block Srappy, Ruff Neck Desmond, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta, she will not abort the baby. she’ll keep the child. She will not have children with a good black man and she will never have children with a simp.

  9. Whats up Verbs!
    Did you hear about the story that just happened about the Lord Euro who killing his swirling daggle and buried hear in the woods!?!?!?! Please do a article on it when you get a chance! Here’s the link to a guy that did a video on it!

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      It doesn’t stop with Admiral Frost and his killing of the black women he chooses to deal with. This is what black women call “levelling up, divesting”, being snuffed out by their white lord and saviour, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        If that’s “leveling up” and “divesting” I say please proceed. I’ll help them pack.

  10. There’s a saying that “women will tell on themselves” regarding their beliefs and thinking.

    This is a prime example of it to which she has a number of issues to resort to something that dark. Something that ABW and those with the same mindset express a lot.

  11. Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan or any God. They just use satanic imagery to mock religious people. They are just liberals who don’t give a shit.

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