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Are These Your Queens? But This Is The Black Man’s Fault, Right? #SHORTS


I’ve no doubt that some black woman somewhere will eventually come out and say that this is the black man’s fault, we already know that black women as a collective stay blaming black men for every dumb move they make with their own hands.

Where are the black men who forced black women to do this, I’ll wait? Did black men hold these women at gunpoint and command them to participate in this foolishness or be shot in the head as the alternative?

This simply goes to show you once again how desperate black women are for attention, additionally this exhibition above also clearly demonstrates just how little dignity and respect black women as a group have for themselves.

But as per usual I’m the bad guy for calling this garbage out as reprobate and degenerate, right? Gentlemen, the writing is on the wall and has been there for a very long time concerning the in the gutter image, reputation and standards of the modern day black female, this is why we at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable cannot stress enough the importance of culture and how it plays a pinnacle role in how women of said culture conduct themselves.

Black culture overall is trash which is why black women can frequently be found engaging in trash like behaviour, the worst thing about it is they actually enjoy wallowing in the filth and the mire of their degradation and will berate and disparage anybody who stands up and speaks against what they’re doing, how black society has fallen so far into the toilet bowl. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

This Folly Above Is NOT The Black Man’s Fault Despite What You May Hear

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “Are These Your Queens? But This Is The Black Man’s Fault, Right? #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women on the above video look fucking atrocious and very horrid looking. I refuse to date black women period.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Indeed, the dress code is so inappropriate. Black women as a group are always looking for that attention and will engage in anything to get it. I’m just waiting for the Fake Academic to show up and begin his usual stalking antics again, lol.

  2. Was they playing basketball for real or trying to make a porno? Jokes aside, with black women always putting the blame on black men, trying to make us the bad guys, that is also making themselves a bad look on them too because the more they put down the black man, the more they gonna run black men away. Do black women think they bold putting down the black men? Where do they get off doing shit like that? I’m already starting to see that as black men, we got no woman by our side, in race wise. It’s no wonder why black men go outside their race, culture, ethnicity, or nationality. If we’re not getting no love from women who share the same race as us, what type of women are gonna get us more love? Growing up, and realizing today, I get more love and respect from non black women than I do black women. I was asking the lord was I bless with Jungle Fever.

    To that video, to put it like this, I shouldn’t have to ask this question, but I will: Are black women gonna attract some type of positive attention by being promiscuous, acting like a stripper everywhere they go? It’s no wonder why I don’t mess with the ghetto booty for real.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Black men receive far more love and attention from women of other ethnicities than we do from out own female counterparts which is a huge embarrassment upon black women however they would much prefer that we didn’t have any options outside of them at all.

      I’m constantly getting friendly smiles from non black women while practically every encounter with a black female is a mean mug, a cut eye or a maximum effort put in NOT to look in my direction. As we continue to say, go where you are loved, appreciated and celebrated.

  3. I laughed out loud when I heard Cedric the Entertainer say they’re playing ‘ass-ketball’; all jokes aside, this was a shameful display, the kind that got Lizzo banned from the Staples Center after displaying herself in like manner on the sideline during the halftime show. Whose idea was it to do this, and for whose enjoyment? What’s even more shameful is that women’s basketball is so unappealing that they have to resort to showing derriere to try and get people to watch them play; this is beyond pathetic!

    1. Speaking of Lizzo she is allowed to talk about Chris Evans and give him shoutouts. I am glad he is keeping his mouth shut because if he said squat they would call him either a racist against Black women or Shallow Hal because he doesn’t like BBW’s.

      Adele loss weight and is better for it.

      But like most BW, being fat as fug is okay. The problem is not that BW are BBW’s, it’s that Black men (aka SIMPS) are still willing to have sex with them, validating their condition as okay.


      1. Anthony,

        Yep, the blue pilled simps are the main reason why there is currently little to no positive reform within black female society.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      And you wonder why it is so easy for non black women to swoop down and scoop up quality black men who they know full well are NOT going to tolerate garbage such as the above.

      This unfortunately is what “independent women” do, constantly think up stupid and dumb ideas and run with them without weighing up the possible negative outcomes, smh.

  4. NBA has liberal degenerates such as Lebron James.

    The negro cuck simps and their ape negress females can’t face reality at all.

    African men from Africa are the worst when it comes to simping.

    I’ve seen it from family members, heard it in African songs and watched it in African movies.

    The ass is fucking disgusting at all levels.

    They need a reminder to stop trying to compete against a white conservative woman.


    1. Witwijf,

      Who exactly are black women trying to impress with this buffoonish exhibition? Only the blue pilled black male simps will be giving them accolades and praise for this stupidity. Black women could never compete against even the most basic looking white conservative female, however for some reason they refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      1. But Verbs, the blue pilled black male simps are gassing these daggles up big time. Most black males in the US are blue pilled black male simps, who would find these oil tankers extremely desirable.

        Most of the black men I know are blue pilled black male simps who fain for this sort of thing. And this includes black male simp relatives, as well as African and Caribbean acquaintances of mine.

        This is why, even though I know quite a few black males, I give them a wide berth unless I know they have stopped simping. I find that black males who simp, tend to have other character issues that I find unacceptable as well.

        1. Speaking of oil tankers, I always see BM with huge BW, I mean typical Mammie looking BW that they complain about in Tom & Jerry cartoons. Is how they ACTUALLY LOOK. Complete with caps are their heads to protect their hair (from what?, we know what Verbs has broken it down more than once).

          Black male simps have no self-confidence, but that’s no reason to try and gain some.

          Problem is simps, always has been.

  5. This simply goes to show that black women do the most shameful, uncouth, classless and embarrassing things for just a little NEGATIVE attention that it boggles the mind! There were no black men consulted before they engaged in this reprehensible behavior just like there are no black men consulted before they decide to start any other disgusting trend that catches their fancy ! I don’t know about you guys but I’m decades past being tired of being viewed as a lesser being by other races of people simply because they automatically group me in with the most degenerate reprobates in western society merely for the crime of sharing the same skin pigmentation!
    Sad but true, if it’s not the culturally oblivious BW cooking up some new highly inappropriate way to display stupidity of her OWN volition, it’s the unaware simp positioning himself in the wings with a ready made excuse to throw out when the head shaking inevitably begins! Personally I’m done gentlemen it’s every man for himself when dealing with the vast majority of modern day black people as a whole! You know the solution as always! S.Y.S.B.M now and FOREVER!

    1. Andre,

      I feel you on that one. I’ll tell people straight up to their faces them folks don’t represent me, nor speak for me, period. So lesson learn to these people that be trying to group me in with these other black folks, be careful judging a book by it’s cover.

    2. Andre,

      Boom, this is the problem right here, the association with these buffoonish creatures whenever they decide to do something stupid or out of pocket just because we share the same skin colour.

      As I’ve stated before, separation is a good thing whenever dealing with dysfunctional societies, could you imagine having to stick with degenerate black females as well as the spineless, thirsty black male simps who worship them unconditionally?

  6. Andre, I feel you dog. Personally, I don’t like it when other folks group me in with ignorant black folks. Them people may share the same race as me, but they don’t speak for me, they don’t represent me, They’re not my allies, and they damn sure ain’t my friends. The next person that tries to group me in with them other black folks, I’m a be right in their face telling them straight up that them folks don’t speak nor represent me, or for me, period.

    1. Maybe I’m an outlier (not for the first time) but I couldn’t give five fucks about who groups me in with any ol’ crack tooth nigha or degenerate daggle. If Lieutenant Lime thinks we all look and act alike, that’s his faulty perception problem, not mine.

  7. Even you have a feminist Island full of BW, no men in sight, even out of the picture, they will fins a way to place a blame on BM.
    Heck BW can have a planet where no man is allowed and they find a way to blame them.

    This reminds me on the previous topic about the White Woman who worship Satan and the troll asking why we put the blame BW even the White Feminist has got nothing to do with it?

    I tell you the answer why we put BW with White Feminist because BW follows and join them. Verb’s article clearly stated that ‘this is what BW follows’. Which is basically that. They are just willing participants.

    It does not matter how bad White people are, BW follows. That is simple.
    White men bring drugs, but the black communitah said ‘yes’ to drugs,
    White men introduce Welfare state and BW said ‘yes’ and kick BM out of the home.

    You know something Verbs which this is interesting:
    I remember a video where Brian Solange has a interview with the CEO of Ghetto Gaggers and he said that there are so many BW applicants to join the Ghetto Gaggers.
    They cannot blame BM for reject them after they join Ghetto Gaggers. BM did not force them to join, they chose to at their own accord.

    1. That’s exactly how I look at it. Even if the U.S. Government did in fact bring in illegal guns and drugs into black communities, there had to be people that WILLINGLY decided to use and sell these items. It’s not like they were forced to use and sell them.

    2. Mister Master,

      Black women still believe they can get a top tier position at Admiral Frost’s table, hence why they will go out of their way to do anything for their white lord and saviour. Notice how to date Major Sleet has never said to the modern day black female, “you’re accepted, welcome into the fold”, however this hasn’t stopped the black witch from dreaming and believing such a day will come(which it NEVER WILL).

      We can’t do anything right by black women, this is why SYSBM recommends taking a completely different path ie walking away from the so called “black community” and the degenerate females that run it.

      1. In the US, the Democrats are steadily losing power. What this means for the scraggle daggle, is that her days of enjoying a free ride on the tax payer’s dime are quickly coming to an end.

      2. “We can’t do anything right by black women, this is why SYSBM recommends taking a completely different path ie walking away from the so called “black community” and the degenerate females that run it.”

        BOOM. Why is that so hard for blue-pill simps and beta male stalkers to digest?

  8. genteel: [adjective] having an aristocratic quality or flavor : stylish. of or relating to the gentry or upper class. elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape. free from vulgarity or rudeness : polite.

    My ideal woman. Everything the modern day black woman is not.

    The decontamination process continues…

    1. Upgraydd,

      Unfortunately most black men aren’t willing to take the decontamination process to the next level ie walk away from the same black females who have placed them in a position of deficit and detriment to begin with, this is precisely why SYSBM is for the very few, not the many.

  9. You know Verbs, I’m glad that you did this article. Today I went to Wood Green, North London just to buy some Nike trainers. I might go back there again to buy some Fila crep. I went to Primark to buy clothes at the mall. When I went in Primark, I saw this black woman with brown skin with some of the widest hips and the biggest ass I’ve ever seen for a long time. She has some tattoos and she had that weave like most of the black women have. She stared at me and I stared at him. She just smirked at me and I did the same. And then she stops smirking. I did the some as well. And there was a Goth girl I saw on the jubilee line, one curvy non black woman on the Piccadilly line with all that jelly and a brownish chick that come on the train, listen here, a woman’s a woman, star. As I saw the video with the black women playing basketball with their behinds showing, it’s like they a craving for attention. And black women cannot blame black men for this. No way, they cannot black men for this at all. No one put a gun to their head saying “Do this or your dead.” They are doing this just for attention. Why? To get attention from other men. Let me continue to listen to Aaliyah’s final album.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe as they are in danger of getting assaulted by the scraggle daggles and the simps.

  10. Black women have BECOME a shameful product, just like the white man. Both of my grandmothers were honorable upright women. Their daughters…

    Look at the average white man. Soft of body, effeminate and weak. Yet he blames his woman for no longer being attracted to him. The same as the black woman blames us for not wanting her, never considers that their lack of standards are to blame. The only downside is that the black woman is so far gone that not even the weak effeminate white man wants her. But somehow it’s our fault (the upright black mans) who she has wholesale rejected, for not being a compliant puppet waiting in the wings to be her clean up man.


    Until both of those loser groups come to terms and CORRECT THEIR BEHAVIOUR, the rational of their kind will find better alternatives. Oh well, their problem, not mine. Who can’t hear (or change) must feel.

    Brothers the cold should is the only remedy, and if you think you can change them, you are a damn fool.

  11. Showing off their backsides and offering sex is the only way they can get a man’s (mostly simps) attention, they are invisible to most decent men otherwise.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Indeed, black men worth their salt are repulsed by this type of behaviour and find it completely unacceptable, black women can only appeal to their hoards of blue pilled simps with garbage like this.

  12. Aint go lie bro i find black women to be utterly disgusting bro for some reason all of them even when working with them i feel sick to my stomach i swear they look like animals weave eyelashes and stank breath and they talk like crackheads smh a sick set.

    1. Granny Teeth,

      Black women as a group have turned into horrible looking and bad smelling creatures and they’ve done this to themselves. The weaves, the fake eyelashes and the long fake nails I’m really repulsed by, and these are the same women who have the audacity to talk about other races of women trying to emulate them, smh.

    1. Michel,

      While at the same time folks are still waiting for his boy’s academy to open up, done been waiting for the past 10 years and nothing has materialised. Ask him what the hold up is and he’ll resort to calling you a coon, smh.

  13. Who thought these short fat hoes and their cellulite running the court was a good idea? That last knock-kneed chick could barely walk. SMDH. But as has been pointed out, plenty of chubby chasing simps think that’s hot. I’ll pass. SYSBM.

  14. The sadest thing are those thirsty niggas who enjoy watching this ratchet sh!t which encourages yet more ratchedness from the maggles & scraggles.

    Now, I do believe I’ve said REPEATEDLY something to the effect that “Westernized black wommin are a no go zone.” 👀
    And to u feminists peeking this post & reading my comment here, prove me wrong!

    Go on, show me examples of quality FEMININE, shapely, natural/real hair, child free, conservative, attitude FREE black women in Amerika. I’ll wait!

    1. “Go on, show me examples of quality FEMININE, shapely, natural/real hair, child free, conservative, attitude FREE black women in Amerika. I’ll wait!”

      You won’t. If they do, they date White Men anyway.

  15. Black women are on a continuous downward spiral of destruction. They really are passed the point of no return. Lmfao and they still can’t figure out why Black men don’t wanna deal with them. Haha but the Asian women, Latina women, White women, and all other types of non black women love it though because they appreciate us Black men waaaaaayyyyyyy more than black women do and they just keep snatching us up and treating us like kings, so it works out for us perfectly. Black women don’t have an ounce of femininity in their bodies.

  16. I’m a butt guy & this is a major turn off to me. Nothing is left for the imagination. Bw’s now days hygiene sucks. I’m sure that arena smelled “lovely.”😷

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