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38 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. This is something for Money Cultural:
    I am piggyback your topic about the simps and stalkers from your website and bring this to Slaying Evil;

    I know you made so many topics on your website about ex-simps such as Tyrone, Clifton, Monty as they were the former captain-save a hoes because they use to declare war against Tommy Sotomayor.

    I am going to give you a history of those guys and Tommy Sotomayor:
    Some of the YouTubers were created by the hate of Tommy Sotomayor, now popular because of him.

    I call these people ‘Broadcast Stalkers’. I use the term Broadcast because they use create YouTube create Channels based on hatred on one guy (Tommy).

    Unlike haters and stalkers, the Broadcast Stalkers, not just troll, but spy on people like Tommy, they will say stuff like ‘I don’t watch his videos/channels’ or ‘go on his social media page (such as Facebook)’. Then the next thing you know they made another video about him, even his whole YouTube channel is dedicated on one person they watch every move on you. Just like ‘True Freeman’ who he spends everyday 24/7 talking about him and never stops.
    Some one them just like him has got Girlfriend/wife and they got kids too.
    I feel bad for their family seeing their man making video stalking another guy 24/7.

    I remember Tyrone Thompson made a Facebook Page with Tommy’s brand name called 100k BM vs Tommy. Still up.

    I do not watch Tommy like I use to but he always have new rivals, nemesis every 6 months/year to take down Tommy.

    Why do Broadcast Stalkers do this?
    1. They think they can save the hoes from Tommy
    2. They believe that taking Tommy of the Internet will save the communitah in real life.
    3. One guy thinks that he can get Tommy broke and take him back in the hood to get gay rape by Pookie and Ray-Ray.

    At the end of the day his opinions just like Kevin Samuels does not affect the Communitah.

    Now you got this new Broadcast Stalker name Aaron Fountain Jr who like expose the manosphere. who make friends with an Hispanic incel such as Kem123 and the Latina reject name Carolina Hermes because she declares wars against the White Manopshere.
    He will say things like ‘I don’t watch your videos’ ‘or spy on Verbs’. Then the next thing you know he upload a snippet from a 10 hour live stream or making comments on Slaying Evil Website which we all see.

    What really happens is because Kevin Samuels and Tommy Sotomayor getting a lot of support which made men become more self aware of reality of women’s nature, especially with BW, because BW always put out trash on Social Media anyway. When a brother listen to Tommy, Kevin, Red-Pill and SYSBM on the internet, they take that knowledge back into the real world and become more wiser. For an Example: Not dating Single Mothers, leave the communitah. Realising that when they have true worth and mortal virtues taken, they realise it was taken for granted by the liberals and when they regain their moral virtues, they have options to date out and go elsewhere. Away from the hood, ghetto, communitah, negative and toxic environment.

    That is why the haters like the Broadcast Stalkers gets mad and you got these only in the America, not UK – the Dick Police Units, like Umar Johnson who speaks this False Pan African, yes ‘False’ because he turn the True Pan African into the Bull-Shit version.

    1. Mister,

      I cannot believe that 100k vs Tommy Facebook page is open.
      I never forget Tyrone Thompson how he stalk the hell out of tommy to bits.
      I think this was because his ex-wife became more self worth after listening to Tommy. Before that Tyrone and is ex was bigging up Tommy. As soon as his ex left him, he went on a personal war against him, he watched every video and every Facebook post he make. The next day ha makes a video about Tommy’s Facebook post, he even stalked Tommy’s ex Lana. If tommy just left the ghetto mindset he would be free. The good thing that MadbusDriver learned from Tommy and he founded SYSBM.

      Since he squash beef with Tommy, no one watched his video anymore.

      Then you had True Freeman who has a wife and kids. This guy will even give up his friends and family, yes his wife to eliminate Tommy.
      True Freemen even told Tariq when Tommy is schedule to had an interview with DJ Vlad, exact time and location. This was then Tariq with the Coon Train Award at the DJ Vlad and tried to punk Tommy.

      Now you have Aaron Fountain Jr. Luckily King Sigma is putting his foot down on his ass with the flagging.
      He is now complaining about how he is making enemies with the big YouTubers whilst he is a small YouTuber.
      I say this: When you got against the big dogs you will get bitten big time.

  2. What’s up SYSBMers??
    I mentioned here in a Vaxx Watch! comment the unreal reality of the black church being hyjacked & used as a vessel to promote the death jab to its sheep flock masses thanks to Satanic charlatan pastors.

    My comment was related to this informative COVID Blog post which was a total eye opener for me: 👀👀
    Matthew 6:24 – Thousands of U.S. Christian churches are serving the wrong god by facilitating mRNA and viral vector DNA injections – December 14, 2021.
    comment link:

    However, I would also like to add my response to Verbs that church goers have no backbone. Such pitiful patrons (most). They’re always the first to be compliant to tyranny just like the sheep they are. If the Black church were truly authentic & sincere, Africa wud not be in the position it has been since Independence in the 1950s.

    Anywho, a lot of naive Christian blacks in the US are about to experience serious health issues down the road due to naively letting their guards down. It’s like they’re getting punished (vaxxed) for being “criminally naive” — too easy to fool & manipulate.

    1. Black Picard,

      I did mention months ago that most religious leaders has been religiously and spirtually brought because no high power religion supports science and technology.
      Vaccine is one of them.
      So they been bought out by liberals to promote Vaccines.
      Once religious leaders get bought, they sold out the community. Especially Black Churches.

      That way no one can be religiously excempt from the Vax.
      Once the faith is bought out, no faiths are excempt from the Vaccine.

      They made sure of it.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! A friend sent me this very insightful video where a financial investor gives her concerns about the vaccination passports being used as data passports (which have some “mark of the beast” parameters):

    Now, we can begin to understand why the 2 weeks to “flatten the curve” keeps getting pushed back and why children are being included in the vaccine trials; it’s a crying shame that nobody in America’s mainstream media (not even conservative media) is pointing this out (but then again, American media is controlled by corporations). If there’s any good reason to reject the vaxx passports, this lady just shared it with anyone who’s willing to listen.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t feel sorry for black single mothers or single mothers of other races because they are always making stupid life choices by having their kids with the worst type of men. The joke of it is that when these single mothers return to the dating scene they don’t go after single fathers but instead they go after childfree men like myself because they want us to be the clean up man. I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 39. The funny thing is that these are the same single mothers that when they was in their sexual prime years when they were childfree women they wouldn’t have given guys like me the time of day because we wasn’t a bad boy thug, we wasn’t rich or we wasn’t tall enough for these women. These single mothers now have to live with the consequences of their poor life choices because no childfree man who has his life together is going to date these single mothers. Single mothers sexual market value has decreased forever and the best they are ever going to be is side chicks because again no decent childfree man is ever going to wife them up.

  5. Quincy,

    This will cheer you up about Single Mothers
    Facebook sign in required. It is called ‘Say no to single mothers’

    When you enter the group, answer the correct questions as they are very secretive.
    They do not accept blue-pillers and simps so they are very strict on vetting.

    If you manage to get in, my tip is only view, do not post or post any comments as they will vet you.
    They will not accept fake manospheres.

    Same to Verbs and Money Cultural.

    I did not use my Facebook profile to join the group, I use the other account to join. You will see a lot deeper side of Single mothers.

  6. SYSBMers, u gotta check out this stinging article by one of the best Alt-News “out in the field” blogger/writer/journalists, Linh Dinh.👀

    Ya’ll know how I’m ALWAYS ragging about the superior pro 2nd Amendment “conservative” snowflakes for, well, being snowflakes in light of this unprecedented vaxxine medical tyranny on them & their offspring by Lord Euro. Right?? 👀

    I kinda find it bloody ironic that this diabolical vaxx shot is perpetrated by the patriotic snowflakes’ very OWN “superior” elite Anglo kin who btw absolutely hates the traditionally stable white middle class liberal/conservative Amerikan household they represent. Chew on that hard reality, snowflakes! 🤔

    Well, Linh kinda took the words right out of my mouth. Check out what this fantastic Vietnamese American writer, who blogs from many interesting destinations around the world, said about white Unz “nationalists”. I have snipped the “interesting” parts.

    Another thing. I absolutely LOVE the way Linh highlights how obsessed the dangerously distracted whites are with “nigg3rs, nigger$, nigg3rs” while elite whites are imposing medical tyranny on them.😂😅 smdh

    Darkest Christmas – December 12, 2021:
    …With Uncle Sam blocking cheap natural gas from Russia, many Europeans will freeze to death. Suicides, domestic violence, food prices and vaccine fatalities, especially among the young, are way up. Soccer players collapse during games. Most Christmas markets in Germany and Austria have been canceled. Normally, they last over a month, with each night a carnival. Wurst and gluhwein, plus lángos, too.

    Across Europe, hundreds of thousands of people have protested for months the Covid health pass, lockdowns or toxic jabs, but most Americans have no idea, as they’re brainwashed and tranquilized relentlessly by their Jewy government and media.

    Their uniformity alone should wake you up. If the New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News and the Economist, etc., all push the I’ll-wipe-you-out-and-dash-your-children-against-the-rocks Yahweh vaccines….

    …In Vietnam, only 35 people died from Covid in 12 months before “vaccines” were introduced. In eight months since, 27,600 have perished. Last week, three teens were killed immediately after their second Pfizer shot. A hundred and twenty ended up in the hospital.

    A Saigon friend is very sick after being Pfizered twice. Divorced, he has a 12-year-old son he raises alone. I can’t imagine how terrified this kid is. Quiet and smart, the boy’s big treat was an occasional trip to the KFC. Last time I saw them, we watched Vietnam playing somebody at a café.

    Fearing arrest for using fake Covid vaccine certificates, a German killed his wife and children, aged 10, 8 and 4, then himself. So many unnecessary tragedies, with millions more to come, if not billions. There has never been a crime on this scale, with each life in every country affected….

    …Notice that all the white nationalists at Unz have said nothing about this “vaccine” genocide. They’re too preoccupied with niggers, niggers, niggers and the brown horde,😂😂😄 but the same people encouraging black crime and brown illegal immigration are killing their white children, but hey, let’s just play it real safe, like smooth sailing Sailer!

    “Hey white man, they’re killing your kids!”

    “It’s OK, I’m looking for the nigger.” 😂😂😄

    I swear, man, I often feel like the beard on an Angry White Pussy Pride Parade.

    It’s past time we get serious. This Covid madness will only stop when there’s a leader of a country or US state who dares to resist, and I mean totally, not just with a few gestures like DeSantis of Florida. I see no one in the US who’s likely to do this. There are people speaking the truth, but they have no power base….


    More Linh Dinh:
    – Mass Child Sacrifice in Plain Sight:
    – Killer Cure:
    – Cull, Track and Control:
    – Fleeing Lockdowns, Death Jabs and Health Passports:
    – America Arrested:
    – Amazon:
    – Magnificent Cape Town, Quiet Windhoek, Sane Africa:
    – Postcards from the End of the American Empire:

    1. In regards to the murders, I will say two things: follow the money and population control. Also, it is very sad that despite the sinister acts in play, many Europeans are still obsessed with Black men.

    2. Hey, white man, they’re killing your white kids!
      It’s OK, I’m watching the nigger.

      National Motto of the United States.

  7. Good Open Topic Wednesday morning of Mid-December 2021,

    Welcome to the 3rd winter of COVID-con.

  8. LMAO. I knew you watch my content. I bet you saw my recent livestream about colorism. And you think I’m dumb, you’re the same person who thinks I’m going to perish because I got vaccinated. And yes, I got a booster.

    1. “LMAO. I knew you watch my content.”

      It is always wise to gain intel on the enemy.

    2. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

      Don’t get too happy squire, only when somebody alerts me to a buffoonish video you’ve created about SYSBM.

      Don’t worry, you’ll soon find out why you should never trust the government and why you should’ve conducted some serious research before taking those jabs.

      If only you’d put as much effort into investigating the so called “vaccine” as you do SYSBM, smh.

    3. When the first time you took the jab, you say you was falling ill and now you got the booster? Jesus Christ! After you got the booster are you goanna continue to stalk other men? Have you ever seen a therapist for what happened to you when you was a child when your mother beat the hell out of you? It seems like you won’t.

      1. He’d rather risk jib injury than solve the main reasons for him stalking other black men.

        Sad, but God will deal with him from now on.

      1. Michel,

        He’s on his way out, we’ve already read about so many who were arrogant and lofty before the shot took them out, dude’s end won’t be any different than the rest, watch and see.

  9. David Carroll hasn’t posted in 3 weeks. Anybody know what’s going on?

  10. Premier League clubs may start fining unvaccinated players

    Ghana to fine airlines £2,640 per unvaccinated passenger

    No jab, no job: Google will fire unvaccinated employees

    No Jab No Food Mandates Land Quietly in Canada

    The future ain’t pleasant.

    Can’t work, can’t eat, can’t travel, can’t find a quality stargate without a bioweapon jab.

    The whole world wants to segregate vaccinated people against unvaccinated people.

    Many are complying to medical tyanny guidelines and that is the main issue.


    1. I find it strange that EXACTLY when brothers started talking openly about passports and freedom, and Black men started posting video proof of their travels and non-black conquests and leaving the plantation behind, COVID is unleashed on the world by China, and our movements are now being curtailed and policed.

  11. The following was sent to me by a friend who received it from a friend of his who is from up north:

    “Good morning… this is whats happening in Canada 🇨🇦 from a fb group chat Im apart of

    “Oct 30 was last day for any unvaccinated people to travel without the covid passport- we wait for a long time to receive our new born baby passports! We got passport 15 days after due date- Ontario requires vaxx proved to travel by air train or sea.
    We are pretty much stuck in Ontario- every where asking for vaxx proved- our unvaccinated teens are not able to join any sports at school anymore -many churches in Ontario are still closed and the ones open has to follow a rigid protocol- in Ottawa some play parks you need to show your vaxx ID I know this because a church friend sadly couldn’t take her 2 sons under 7 years old to play in the park!😞 and many more changes coming up as we know things will NOT get better”

    1. You can’t say this man didn’t know what he was buying. She’s probably fu***** a few of the groomsmen on the DL as we speak, while the groom gets a Scooby Snack, a pat on the head, and the bill.

  12. Right, I was watching a couple of videos of gold diggers getting prank but the thing is that it was in Jamaica. The little island where my parents are from exposing these ghetto ratchet gold diggers and it’s about time too. I know about Jamaican women because four of my ex lovers are from there. When the Jamaican men expose these gold diggers, the Jamaican women feel shame and they just walk off. And there was one girl who is dressed in yellow and she’s in her early 20’s has four children, all ready.

    And another thing, a black woman was murdered by her boyfriend in Florida. You guys must be wondering who is the boyfriend? Some thuggish dude? Her man was white. She was in a violent relationship. I heard that 20 per cent of black women get murdered when they go into an interracial relationship but at the end of the day, it’s messed up for her though.

    But the guy with the beard looks crazy!

    One more thing before I go. There was a live stream of a black boy cursing am IQ model out hard. it was an E date which I don’t know what it is but they way he was cursing the girl our was crazy. I have never seen a someone curse like that before.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight because these scraggle daggles and these simps are coming after her.


    Excerpt from the article: “The war on words is real and it is being fought at high places. This article listed examples from the European Commission (the executive branch of the European Union), the American government, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the medical journal The Lancet. All of these entities are implementing a plan that was hatched, years ago, by elite think tanks. The ultimate goal: The create a uniform, global culture that would supplant the cultures, identities, and traditions of individual nations. Through the creation of a real-life Newspeak, the elite is attempting to suppress concepts such as genders, nations, religions, and history in order to instaurate a homogenous culture that can be applied worldwide. Anything that goes against this agenda is now deemed offensive. In other words: Thoughtcrime.”

    1. @blue collar trevor

      well we clearly know the so called negroes of the USA were the test group of this newspeak and supression of sex, nationality, and religious constrict – and hence legal protections. I by negroes of the USA I am including the pales and the darkies, because we can clearly see they are the only human on earth that do not identify by national origin.

      Why is this? We must look back to the creation of the race/caste system in the English-American colonies particular to Bacon’s Rebellion, the events of which led to the colonial government bestowing privileges on their “white servants” and legal disabilities on their “black servants/slaves/indentured workers” to prevent them from teaming up against their “superiors”.

      In other words it was a bribe to one side to break up the union and an incentive to have them become the “strong middle man” as long as they stay above the blacks. Divide and conquer. Be mindful of the hand which has given these privileges which many talk about today unknowing of the historical roots and legal formation.

      And although we can look at all of these people as “different nations” there has been places and times where they all lived under the same nation or legislative power. I will end here.

      Summary: Do not trade in your armor and protections for someone else’s recreated version, unless you wish to be at their control. (But if you are dead broke then what shall we expect you to do?)

  14. Black Picard,

    I did mention months ago that most religious leaders has been religiously and spirtually brought because no high power religion supports science and technology.
    Vaccine is one of them.
    So they been bought out by the liberals to promote Vaccines.
    Once religious leaders get bought, they sold out the community. Especially Black Churches.

    That way no one can be religiously excempt from the Vax.
    Once the faith is bought out, no faith are excempt from the Vaccine.

    They made sure of it.

  15. I’ve had it up to here with older black brothers. Obstinate, unempathic, stiff necked with a chip on their shoulder and a paranoid outlook on life. And in running into such people on a weekly basis in London.

    One example: Whilst trying to get to the train platform, one such burly brother refused to move from the narrow staircase going up to from the overground. “I’ve got all day” he said, whilst I wait for an opening to go downstairs.
    All I could think of was “which bitter black whore raised you?”

    Other Gen X dudes at work just have that “head negro in charge”, you can’t tell them nothing. Humourless, always wanting to teach someone a lesson. Usually it’s the chef, some ex prison jailbait security or some random.

    Far too many Gen X older black men running around behaving as if the world collectively shit in their breakfast bowl. Some will blame their attitude on “racism” or “post traumatic slavery” or something.

    The more I experience my own life the less I want to deal with anybody black. Woe betide any of them talking to me about “keeping it real” or “you’re too white”. Fuck off.

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