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How Is This Anything To Be Celebrated? #SHORTS


This is your typical Section 8 single black mother who is proud to be sponging off the Admiral Sleet long term. You know I hear a lot of these pro blacks talk about how more white women are on government assistance than black women, however what these knuckleheads don’t seem to understand is the word RATIO.

When you represent only 6-7% of the US population but are just a few percentage points underneath white women in claiming government benefits, that is a serious problem. Additionally, unlike the black witch the overwhelming majority of white women DO NOT see government assistance as a permanent fixture in their lives, it is only used as a stop gap until they get back on their feet.

Not this modern day black female however, to her the government is god, hence why she’s always keen to involve the State in anything she does especially when it comes down to calling the police on black men.

Having the government involved in paying your mortgage is NEVER a good thing, I assume that by doing so they now have a heavy stake in your property which means that they can levy that against you if you run into trouble or you refuse to play ball.

Typical black liberal female mentality, reason 560,448,826 as to why black women should be avoided at all costs. Of course, the black witch wouldn’t need to be begging the government for help if she’d have kept her legs closed to Slim Sauce, Breezy and Cheezy Grillz.

The sexually reckless single mother saga with short term thinking black women continues. This is one of the main problems with black society at present, there are too many black women within it who believe that permanently scrounging off Major Frost is cool and normal. Black women and racist white men, two sides of the same decadent, rusty coin. #SYSBM

Just to let you guys know that this coming Open Mic Wednesday(22/12/21) will be the last article/slot of 2021 and I’ll be returning on the 14th January 2022. Have a wonderful and fruitful Christmas and a happy new year fellas, despite the garbage that is going on, I’m still looking forward to making better moves in 2022 and I refuse to let evil governments and malevolent individuals stand in my way.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Section 8 Single Mothers Definitely Belong To The Streets

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “How Is This Anything To Be Celebrated? #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t respect black single mothers who have lots of kids with different baby fathers even if they can’t afford to have kids just to live off the government for the rest of their lives. The reason why I don’t have any kids yet is because I can’t afford kids right now and it will be irresponsible of me to have kids when I am not in a strong financial position to have kids because I will be putting them in a disadvantaged position in life and I believe that every kid should have a good start in life.

    1. That is a smart thing to say about not having kids, even not yet. Because I would not have kids in the messed up world anyway.
      Why would anyone bring up a kid in the liberal-matriarchy world anyway?
      On top of it all, we got this Pandemic.
      Even you are in the strong financial position, the child still be exposed to liberal environment, scraggle daggles, then you have these White Men try to push and shove LGBT down children’s throat.

      I would not worry about having a child, I say focus on your grind.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      In order words you’re being a responsible adult realising that you currently don’t have the means to support children. If black women took the same approach, there wouldn’t be so many single mothers roaming around in black female society but then that would require them NOT to play the victim and actually be responsible, something that is not going to happen with them anytime soon.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Thank you Verbs and I fully agree with you bro. Black women are always making stupid life choices by having their kids with the worst type of black men and then blaming everyone else for their foolish life decisions. This is the reason why the black community is fucked and its going to get worse.

  2. Governments should not give anyone a free ride solely because of their gender or their race.

    Governments should not be in the business of shielding people from the adverse consequences of their bad behaviors and decisions, solely because of their gender or their race.

    For the past 50 years, the US government has been enacting laws and regulations to shield women in general from the adverse consequences of their bad behaviors and bad decisions. It often rewards such bad behaviors and decisions. It does this for women in general, but it disproportionately does this for black women.

    And the fact is that, the more government gives unfair advantages to women, the more it disadvantages men. This is a zero sum government policy, that is totally unsustainable.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, governments especially in the West have gotten too big and involved in way too much. Rewarding women for their bad decisions and shielding them from the consequences of their jacked up actions while at the same time bringing down the hammer upon men with no mercy is straight up nefarious and evil.

  3. Hi Verbs

    This is why I feel bad for American Brothers, even I live in the UK.
    Because you look at Social Media when the BW goes on and on about how Black Men are dusty, broke, trash bags because they live in an basic apartment working Blue Collar jobs and they say how BW got a house, Degree (aka BullShit Degree. In the UK we call it ‘Mickey Mouse’ Degrees), car and luxury. Also work in some corporate jobs.

    What they do not tell you is that they are in debt and use Government Assistant to have those lifestyles whilst Black Men get no support, no assistance, fend from themselves and they are on their own.

    BW get all the Support (and some simps will bail them out) for being reckless whilst Black Men get screwed.

    Whilst BM have to do the hustle and grind to the top of the ladder whilst BW can sleep their way to the top.

    Like you see here how she can get their house pay by Welfare whist average brother cannot even get onto the housing ladder.
    If the BM cannot pay he is called a bum and homeless whilst if BW cannot pay some simp will always bail them out.

    Another thing which I will bring this up:
    People say that Kevin Samuels is talking shit about ‘Cold Winter’. Cold Winter is real and the reason why people saying Cold Winter is not going to happen because of 2 type of people:

    1) The Liberal Government will bail them out, liberals cannot make BW homeless.
    2) Simps – plenty of them, they will always bail them out no matter how bad and cold the economy is.

  4. Leave it to the scraggle daggle to celebrate using Section 8 vouchers to buy a house; on top of that, she’s cooning in the TikTok video by dancing like an idiot with her daughter beside her. Oh, and where’s the father? Nowhere to be found. Isn’t it funny how single Black mothers always expect praise for doing what they’re supposed to do, especially after they’ve already made bad decisions that set them behind the rest of society? They can never just do things correctly from the start; this is why we say quality stargates matter.

  5. No one would bail out a black man but many simping black males would bail out an ape negress.

    Black single dads don’t get section 8 support.

    Black fathers automatically lose custody of their kids.

    Even if I was in a better financial situation of affording kids, I question myself is it worth it?

    I don’t want any kid of mine getting exposed to LGBT and being targeted through liberal propaganda machines.

    I don’t see any other ethnicity races of women dancing and celebrating welfare.

    I feel like this is truly the end times.


  6. I did my final article for 2021 today called You Can’t Dominate Me and I explained a conservative MP says that the £82,000 salary is not enough and they want a £20,000 pay rise while they are making cuts around the UK, but this one here, I’m not shocked to be honest Verbs. The reason why the scraggle daggles who are single mothers go on the welfare system is because she can get free money from the government. And they can get housing as well. These scraggle daggles will not have a child with a good black man because he wants to raise the child in a two parent home and the good black man will not live off the system. He’ll go out there and work. But she will get breed up from Street Mice, 357 Jimmy, Rum Head Frasier, Machete Man Briggy and Knife Man Priest, she will get that free money from the government.

    Two things. To SYSBM. Make sure you keep your white sugar honey safe for 2022 because these simps and the scragglies are coming after the white sugar ladies who are with black men. And to the simps out there. Leave the bomba claat scraggle daggles alone. Leave them to the gutter but you simps na listen to mi! Yah na go listen to me!

    1. Its seems as if the more intwllignet a blakc male is the more open he his to sysbm no wonder educated bm marry out the most its nature way of brain draining.

  7. You would think a successful attractive man would be a prize for any woman of each race however in black community these men are denigrated and hated on by both scraggles and daggles lol there no other choice but to he sysbm.

    1. Kungfumovieguy,

      Indeed, I’m going to be talking about that in tomorrow’s Open Mic Wednesday, I don’t think anybody needs to be a genius to figure out what happened to him and why.

      1. Verbs,

        You called it, brother. Was it the death shot? Anyone know?

        1. Schadenfreude,

          I don’t know for sure but that’s my strong suspicion. He didn’t smoke cigars all that often and I remember seeing videos where he was undertaken an exercise regime. It seems the Convid bioweapon is the obvious culprit to me.

          How many will talk about this angle though? I’ve noticed that hardly any of these so called Black Manosphere members even raise the topic of the Covid hoax or the death jab, smh, Slaying Evil seems to be one of the very few corners in black digital spaces where these issues and more are being discussed.

          1. Verbs,

            I’d be curious to know when he died, whether he dropped dead suddenly, or whether he took ill first and lasted a while? I am also curious about the official cause of death? I couldn’t find anything on the web about his death.

            The so called Black Manosphere is mostly silent on Covid. But I’m sure it tolls the government line.

            The so called Black Manosphere is a joke. A lot of the so called Black Manosphere is about teaching more and more exotic ways to simp. And daggles are controlling the content.

            The so called Black Manosphere seems to consist of scammers, sellouts, simps, idiots, and daggles.

      2. Really sad about Dr Carroll. Him and MBD were all I listened to on youtube

    2. This one hurts deep.

      He championed the Black Man.

      He was a Titan when it came to exposing the duplicity and dysfunction of the modern day black female and da matriarchal black communitah.

    3. That’s a damn shame man.

      Never watched his videos but I know of him through this website and MBD. I’ve a lot of respect for him going in on Daggles and worthless simps, he was our SYSBM elder.

      Unfortunately being an elder makes you a target for the current demonics out there that want to take out learned black men.
      Rest in peace, his musings will last the test of time.

    4. I literally began shaking when I heard the news last evening.
      What a legend!

      What is irritating me the most right now is that one his most recent YT video, these vile “mental disorders” (as he calls them) have begun to poison the comments with open disrespect.

  8. RIP David Carroll. Just got the news today about his death. I remember the video on YouTube he made called White women better then black women. And that video cause a huge outrage to the scraggle daggles and the simps. And he use the term “Manginas!” And I said what the hell is a mangina? That video really got the scraggle daggles rip their weave out in complete fury.

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