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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

On the last Open Mic Wednesday/article of 2021 I bring you the sad news of the passing away of David Carroll, I was informed about his death Monday evening. It makes sense as to why he hasn’t produced any new videos in 4 plus weeks. Additionally, it should be added that in these times, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the most probable cause of what happened either.

As far as I know David Carroll did not have any underlying health issues. We already know even though Carroll loved smoking his cigars, that habit wasn’t a regular one plus we also saw him undertaking an exercise regime. Therefore my strong reckoning is David Carroll took the jab and unfortunately paid the price for trusting in a government that has NEVER proven itself to be trustworthy at any stage of its history.

I’m seeing this a lot amongst the elder generations, they believe they know more than the younger bucks even though the youth are much more savvy and more in tune to how the modern world operates and as a result could genuinely help many Gen Xers and Boomers get clued up and rapidly bring them up to speed on how things really run.

I will NOT be one of those individuals who refuses to “connect the dots” and note the heavy correlations with those folks taking the Convid-1984 bioweapon with all of these so called “sudden deaths” as well as heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, seizures etc the lamestream press is attempting to portray as just “random” occurrences with no origin point or connection.

The amount of people who are dying from taking the jab is much higher than the so called “official” figures being put out there by government agencies, much higher. David Carroll talked a lot about Negroes being stubborn and not listening, however if my suspicion of him receiving the bioweapon is indeed correct, he’d have to be placed into the same hard headed, non listening category as the rest.

Even though we may not have seen eye to eye on a few issues, I’m still eternally grateful for David Carroll’s input and breakdown of black female dysfunction as well as his accurate deconstruction on the average garden variety maggles these sirens created, he was one of the first guys I ran into who broke it all down without censorship. RIP David Carroll.

Finally, a legitimate question, why does it seem that nobody else in these black digital spaces is discussing the Convid-1984 hoax or the death jab, why are the overwhelming majority of black content creators eerily silent on these issues at hand?

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, the last for 2021. As I stated in my article on Monday, I’ll be back on the 14th January 2022 refreshed and ready to make bigger moves despite the Covid hoax garbage going on around us. Gentlemen, as always your continued support is much appreciated.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and feel free to post things you come across in the comment section here as well as on other pages on the website relevant to the topics at hand. You’ve got the floor gents, enjoy, roll that dice and see you in 2022.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind), Keep The Faith, Stay Strong And Hold The Line

Most High Bless

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91 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. On a related note, I found out that a close family member had also died in very similar circumstances.

    He complained of not being able to breathe, then suddenly keeled over. He was no health baron but wasn’t overly unhealthy either.

    My conclusion is the same as David Carroll – the shot took him out.

    I complained about the hard headed Gen X Black Men who like to flex on the younger brothers on some “head negro” vibes last Open Mic. Well here’s two of them now lying on a metal slab with tags on their feet, both “died from Convid”. If only they listened…


    1. Michel,

      These “sudden deaths” out of nowhere in times pre Convid-1984 bioweapon were a rarity, now all of a sudden folks are keeling over and dying left, right and centre but we’re not supposed to factor in the new chemical death shot variable that’s been introduced since December 2020. More Gen X black men are going to learn the hard way for refusing to pay attention to what the younger generations are pointing out. Have a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year bro, see you in 2022.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I can’t believe that David Carroll is dead because I just watched one of his YouTube videos last night because he was a great YouTuber. I have my own mum and uncle trying to convince me to take covid jab because they tell me that if I don’t take it then I won’t be able to travel the world or go to the shops and I told them that I refuse to take the jab because its going to either kill me, make me seriously ill or sterile so that I can’t have any kids in the far away future plus I want to live a very long life. Unfortunately my mum and my uncle believe in this covid bullshit because they both took the jab. I really hope that this covid bullshit ends soon in 2022 so that things can finally go back to normal and that I can travel to different countries in the world without getting vaccinated. I hope that you have a great Christmas Verbs and a happy new year 2022.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Indeed, despite a few shortcomings David Carroll was the iron rod the so called black community needed, bringing the truth straight with no chaser. Too many elder generation Negroes are a lost cause, surprisingly my mother actually listened to me when I advised her not to take the shot(something I’m still in shock about).

      Elder black folks especially in the UK forget that in 2019 this same government that now pretends to care for them was sending them back to their home countries because they didn’t have the papers that the government was supposed to have given them many years ago(Windrush Scandal).

      Additionally, hasn’t this skullduggerous UK government just passed the draconian Nationality And Borders Bill in which at any moment for any reason without notice they can strip you of your citizenship and status? guess who will be significantly affected by this unconstitutional garbage, that’s right, blacks.

      Back at you bro, enjoy your Christmas and have a happy New Year too.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Wow Verbs I didn’t realise that the government has the right to take away your British citizenship without you knowing. I still have my British passport and my UK birth certificate proving that I was born in London, UK and I don’t have dual citizenship. Like I said before Verbs I am still not taking the vaccine.

      2. As you mentioned, why TF are these black folks suddenly do trusting there given RECENT stuff involving the government? Wasn’t there also a similar incident in your neck of the woods in the early 2010s?

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          In 2011 we had the shooting of a young mixed guy by the name of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan police force which then sparked off the London riots in which strangely enough the police were told to stand down and let the rioters riot, now where have we seen that inaction from the police before?

          As you’ve so eloquently pointed out many times before, those black folks who are constantly harping on about whites and the inequalities they bring actually LOVE white people and the system they’ve set up, folks mustn’t be fooled by vain pro black ramblings.

          1. @Verbs

            As I like to say, these pyramid heads and eternal victims DON’T hate white supremacy; they just hate their positions in the pecking order.

            They don’t hate the system; they just want to be in charge of said system & have the keys to the kingdom.

            1. BOOM!!💥💥💥


        1. War criminal Tony B Liar who plundered and pillaged the Middle East is serious talking about us being idiots? He can go fuck himself in a toilet.

          A million Iraqis he sent to hell want a word with him.

          1. Ohhhh, he (Tony Blair) won’t fuck himself in a toilet, he’d rather do that with a young boy. In the 1970s, he was arrested for dirty shenanigans with a young lad, in public toilets somewhere in London. He was charged and found guilty under his actual first name, Lynton, I think. Check it out. This man is beyond evil!

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I thought you would write something about the passing of the Hon. David Carroll AKA “The Intellectual Juggernaut”; I had only just heard about his death a few hours ago when I was checking up on another content creator who made a short post about it. I then checked on Akwesi100 to see if he had anything to say, given that he and David Carroll were close friends; here is Akwesi’s video giving his respects to Dr. Carroll:

    I, too, questioned whether or not he had taken the jab or the booster, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions; aside from all of that, he has most definitely left his mark on the Black Manosphere with the Rabbit Hole series. I’ve not seen every video he produced, but now I want to go back and see it all for myself; no telling what else he had to share, but he has done so much. He will be greatly missed. RIP Michael David Carroll

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Indeed, even though we don’t know if it was the jab that took him out, that is the conclusion I’m going to be rolling with simply because like so many others recently, his death is sudden and so out of place. I guarantee if we investigated, we would discover that he took the bioweapon. I’m amazed at how so many black folks are silent when it comes to the so called “vaccine”, they believe that keeping quiet and saying nothing will save lives as opposed to speaking out.

      Again, why aren’t the prominent faces in the Black Manosphere speaking up and talking about the overt dangers of the bioweapon? It’s just like commenter AmericanBlkman said:

      “The so called Black Manosphere is mostly silent on Covid. But I’m sure it tolls the government line.”

      “The so called Black Manosphere is a joke. A lot of the so called Black Manosphere is about teaching more and more exotic ways to simp. And daggles are controlling the content.”

      “The so called Black Manosphere seems to consist of scammers, sellouts, simps, idiots, and daggles.”

      1. “Again, why aren’t the prominent faces in the Black Manosphere speaking up and talking about the overt dangers of the bioweapon?”

        My answer to that would be either these Manosphere figures are for the vaccine and have already taken it, they real lk y don’t know, or they can’t address the vaxx issues unless it’s from a culture war perspective; at the end of the day, both sides of the political aisle are bought and paid for by Big Pharma, so any politician who profits from Convid needs to go.

  4. In David Carroll’s last Rabbit Hole post he had mentioned in passing that he was making it short because he was coming down with a cold, and you could hear it in his voice. In more normal times that wouldn’t be a big deal, but by strange “coincidence” cold like symptoms are now seen as evidence of moronic, opps I mean omicron variant, so maybe he let them test him…

    David Carroll did a lot for me, he was entertaining, informing, fearless and totally uncompromising in his condemnation of the black woman’s choices to destroy the black family. Very few have the courage to do that today, even fewer had the courage to do that when he started in the late 2000’s. It was refreshing to see an uncompromising black man with such high intelligence and eloquence backed up by scholarship, a rarity amongst the majority of black men populating the manoshpere. That is why even though we didn’t see eye to eye on everything, I never made a big deal out of it, and always gave him the time of day. If there was one thing he taught black men, was that it was okay to disagree with each other without becoming enemies and having the discourse degrade into an dozens content.

    David Carroll, win or lose could have held his own against anybody, and would have been way too much for most. And like all men of note, he had his quirks. Though I’m sure he understood SYSBM he wasn’t really down with it and seemed to believe in “the political re-education of the negro” as a solution to black problems and a possible future reconciliation between the black sexes. He often spoke of men who “talk black and sleep white” which strongly implies he did not agree with inter-racial relationships. Even though I disagreed with him on Christianity, and some books he often cited as evidence (Bauer, Drews etc) have been thoroughly debunked, I did agree with him wholeheartedly on the black church and who was responsible for it’s demise. Carroll acknowledges that it used to be a force for good before the civil rights era and the imposition of the welfare state.

    He also went to great lengths to state he did not subscribe to “conspiracy theories” and seemed to me to be one of those “trust the science” guys. That attitude may have lead to his demise. None of us are perfect.

    His meme making was second to none and on numerous occasions had me lol’ing for real. It would be a noble undertaking to archive them all.

    David Carroll preached a brand of tough love born out of genuine love for his people, which went over the heads of many, who as he stated were not on his intellectual level, and only saw his message as one of unrelenting hatred and ridicule. Those of us with the ability to read between the lines could see the truth, and he told a harsh, harsh truth, which would be necessary to turn around the sinking ship that is black America.

    Even in his fair and balanced critique of the black woman he never abandoned her, even to go so far as to be against brothers who dated out. I hope they have enough decency (yeah fucking right) to withhold the vitriol and gloating upon hearing this news.

    The true greats can never be duplicated. David Carroll fought his battle on the front lines with his heart on his sleeve, and the force of his convictions as sword and shield and proved himself a most worthy warrior, more than deserving of a first ballot hall of fame entry. A true giant amongst us. If ever there was a man worthy of such a lengthy eulogy on it is David Carroll. May he rest in peace.

    1. Upgrade,

      A eulogy well worth reading and accurate on all fronts, three thumbs up from me. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  5. Been busy for a bit but wanna say just as much before 2022. First:

    I figured once Schadenfreude pointed out Carroll’s absence what had happened, though I didn’t wanna believe it. I figured David Carroll smarter than to fall for the okey doke, but anyone with two eyes can now see what happened.

    It’s truly sad. Though I wouldn’t consider Carroll part of the “manosphere,” he was one of the few in that realm that was actually worth a damn. Sadly, this also meant he was one of the few actually calling out black women.

    As he would say, it is what it is.


  6. In regards to negroes’ silence, it’s what I’ve pointed out before: black women are at best the only issue that black men will talk about, if that. They may complain about da big booty hoes and of course the white man, but not much else. In fact, they’ll quickly run back to the daggle to bust a nut and suck on momma’s proverbial titty (Tommy Sotomayor).

    Getting them to take a stand on anything is a fools errand. This is why black folks worldwide suffer: they are blind to their actual problems, which is why you currently see so many foreigners raping black countries unmolested.

    Black folks are also many times liberals by Nature, and thus if you can define opposition to something as being for “whites and republicans,” blacks will support it without question. This includes the killing of their children through abortion, which black folk will support wholeheartedly while still bitching about slavery.

    Most black folks have no morals, religious or otherwise. Notice that NO organized religion has spoken out against this, but definitely not these shucking and jiving, jumping and jamming black churches. RELIGION and those who believe in them are the reason why so many others don’t.

    1. In borrowing from Verbs post on people potentially loosing their rights of British nationality..

      This lack of morals is why many lost their nationality back in the 16th-18th centuries and instead of reclaiming their natural rights they decided to beg ol’ massa for some some special benefits called “civil rights”s in the 20th century. Meanwhile everyone else in the “diaspora” was claiming their own national identity (perhaps still controlled in the background by the British but atleast it is a step toward some sort of independence potential).

      Meanwhile those who know, know another man can’t give you rights. Yep the okeydoke once again.

      You are looking at the original “FAILED STATE” the model for all culture failure in these current era of time.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, and I see as per usual that a large portion of Gen Xers are only too happy to tow the government line even though many of the elders saw the true colours of these same treacherous governments manifest themselves into full view only 50-60 years ago, smh.

      Indeed, these same mullet head, mammy worshipping Negroes will run back to their black female overlords and report on what heterosexual free thinking black men are doing in their own spaces not causing a bother to or harming anybody else, the crabs in the barrel mentality is very real with them.

      Where is Dr Umar Johnson speaking out against the convid-1984 scam, the bioweapon injections being deliberately mislabelled as “vaccines”, the untold amount of deaths the bioweapon has caused, nowhere to be found, but the grifting flunky will post nonsense like this though:

      As you keep on saying, most black men unfortunately are a lost cause, deadweight, highly detriment and a serious threat to those black men who are able to think and reason for themselves as well as do things outside of the box.

  7. RIP David Carroll.

    I saw this GoFundME page to cover his funeral expenses:

    I always enjoyed his rants. That ticking clock is what attracted me to his videos. It became a Saturday afternoon routine to wait for his rants. Very eye opening, very educational.

    One time while requesting a rabbit hole video, I suggested a topic to him, providing link. That man replied, rebuking me to hell for dong such. (I wish I hadn’t deleted his reply!) Imagine my smirk when he actually did a rabbit hole on one of my suggestions that very week. I can at least take personal credit for influencing topic choice doing Rabbit Hole Pt 522

    1. Thanks for the info.

      His gofundme page says he died on Dec. 14 from complications of Covid-19.

      So, assuming he didn’t take the jab, he must have had other health issues.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        “Died from complications of Covid” is the new code the mainstream media as well as the doctors, nurses and hospitals who are going along with the skullduggery use to cover up anybody who croaks it from the death shot.

      2. There are two theories outside the c-19 jab that might be the cause of his death. Some believe that he had problems losing weight and was on the heavy side and another belief is that he had heart issues.

    2. I listened to a live by Akwesi100 and Brian Solonge recently and they are calling this GoFundMe suspect, as no one in the family has responded to ANY inquiries about it. In fact it seems the family is not responding to ANYONE concerning his death.

      So hold off on donating there.

  8. Black men David Carroll’s age and older, generally fear the medical establishment. They are acutely aware of the Tuskegee experiments on black men. Evidently, he thought the government had changed.

    In David Carroll’s case, he might have died of the jab, or his jab might have been laced with something to guarantee a quick death.

    I’m not trying to be sensational, but David Carrol had a lot of haters. And most of these haters are celebrating his death. There are lots of daggles giving out the jabs. And daggles really really hated David Carroll.

    1. I have found it the other way with career minded baby boomers they especially the corporate ones are far more likely to believe in the American medical system. I may not agree with a few points he said, but never want to see he bro die. May he rest in peace. We agreed to disagree on many things but what he was right on he was 💯💎

      check out my Christmas eve video stream

  9. TouchDOWN!

    If this is happening on national t.v. and they’re still denying it, imagine how many civilians have dropped out that we’ll never know about? I also think shedding is real as I felt a bit funny when around the vaxxed on various occasions, so try to keep your distance.

    I can honestly say 2021 has been the most interesting, adventurous, and fucked up year of my life. My fellow man has confirmed that he is indeed an idiot.

    To Verbs and the rest of the crew, keep your spirits up, try to forget about the nonsense for a while, and keep your distance from the vaxxed.


  10. The only vid I’ve seen from David Carroll was released years ago about why white women are better.

    Although he did say the truth, for some odd reason he was still against interracial relationships.

    He is a different breed cause he also was stating the truth about the black community as a whole, similar to tommy sotomayor but more intellectual than him.

    I haven’t seen his other vids but my speculation is the bioweapon jab that took him out.

    He didn’t take extra precautions to use the required supplements that can eliminate all spike proteins and graphene oxide in blood cells.

  11. Its been a little while since I last replied. I heard of David Carrol RIP to him.

    I’ve been very busy these past few weeks. Witnessing everything that is happening with covid, geo and world politics and what is to come is interesting. If anything that is to be confirmed is that most of the British public lack a backbone to stand for anything. As for me I will not lift a finger to help or to prevent the calamity that is to come it must all fall. Corruption is rife in the government and its institutions cannot be saved and must be left to fall. As for stripping of citizenship it is a disgrace. I’d say as a fellow black man let the system fall apart as it did not benefit us at all, it only benefit other groups at the expense of us.

    As for the jabs now there’s talk about a fourth jab, when will this madness end. For me I won’t have it all consequences be damned even if it means scorched earth tactics by the gov to enforce it I still won’t change my mind.
    Regarding those that under 25 its been very hard for them not be nihilistic as all we’ve known is austerity, cuts often to being forgotten in important matters, futures cut short, lack of aspiration. Employment in the UK is a challenge despite there being a job shortage. During my 24 yrs of life so far I’ve seen the damage nepotism and wasted potential can do.

    Have you heard about China & Taiwan as well as Russia vs Nato plus Ukraine. I predict if war happens both Russia and China will do their invasions at the same time. The US can’t fight war on two fronts like it did in the past.

    What are all your opinions?

      1. Same here I haven’t had any and plan to keep it that way. There’s been so much contradiction and constantly moving the goalposts yet most of the public are too stupid to realise.

        Christians have been one of the worst for not making a stand. Prayer without action is useless in my opinion. My issue is that Christians just want to pray and that’ll be it.
        I understand that sometimes is best to nothing in situation and other times action is required.

  12. Good Open Topic Wednesday 2021 finale.

    Dr David Martin: Who is really behind all this murdering ( stay to end, WOW)

    Dr David Martin – The illusion of knowledge – 🇺🇸 English (1h32m36s)

    Check out the Fauci Dossier by clicking this link.

  13. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. This year has been the worst of my life by far, and to cap it off i can’t work because i have a suspected torn pcl in my knee. MRI hopefully soon to confirm, get surgery and start rehab if needed.

    I need to get out of this state because it keeps getting worse, mask mandates (which luckily people are giving the government the finger and aren’t complying). People are fed up.

    As for the covid bio weapon, if you’re stupid enough to take it you deserve the possible outcomes. Take the time to research and come to your own conclusions about everything.

    This is a war on ALL fronts. Keep your spirits up, and stay clear of stupidity. Hope you’re all well and Merry Christmas.

    I’ll be more active on here.. until next time

    1. FDC,

      I hope you heal that wound quickly and i wish you a speedy recovery. New York is one of the worst states on the block, relentlessly moving forward with Joe Biden’s draconian measures just like California.

      The problem is most folks today are too lazy to conduct their own investigations and research, on the one hand they know the mainstream media is untrustworthy but on the flip side when it comes down to Convid-1984, they’ll quote the mainstream media word for word as if on this occasion they’re telling us the truth, smh.

      The “official narrative” continues to fall apart at the seams on the daily, yet unfortunately we still have a large number of knuckleheads who are still buying into the narrative and still believe that this virus is legitimate.

      How quickly they forgot about the previous cons of Swine Flu, Bird Flu and H1N1, all which just like Convid-1984 are flu/common cold related. A simple change of the name has given these so called elites an upper hand in the game.

  14. I want to piggyback on this article of the guy that killed both ex-wife and his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

    It was shown on Facebook days ago the identities of the two women he murdered. One or both women were non-black. If that’s the case then here comes the opposers on the blk side jumping for joy saying that the grass isn’t greener on the other side for black men with non-black women, western or non-western.

    1. One of his exes was Asian of course, the one that blasting all over the media. His wife was black and from the Caribbean.
      As for this being used against SYSBM, FACTS! Of course you know this. Especially Brothers who are so-called allies of SYSBM. IN SPITE OF US PUTTING OUT OUR STANDARDS, OUR TENETS. AT THIS POINT, THAT’S A DISINGENUOUS ARGUMENT THAT THEY USE AGAINST US. AND OF COURSE THEM CLAIMING THAT THIS IS THE PITFALLS INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS, WE PUT OTHER NON BLACKS ON THE “PEDESTAL” (WHICH IS REALLY THE ISSUE, EVEN IF THEY’RE THE FIRST ONE TO DRAG BLACK WOMEN ON THEIR FUCKERY), we don’t talk about the negatives of interracial relationships, etc. And then claim that they’re being genuine and doing it to help us out, even though we don’t solicit anyone like that for help. Apparently these idiots think you were born yesterday. Just because we may have our preferences, don’t mean we don’t know the good bad and the ugly. We are men. We know women are women. AND UNLIKE MOST GROUPS, WE ACTUALLY EMPHASIZE ON VETTING THESE WOMEN. And honestly, we’re more red pill than the black manosphere, I said it.
      They sure do love regurgitating old ass talking points that we debunked almost a decade ago.

      SYSBM Wins!

  15. The final open mic Wednesday of 2021. Hope everyone is doing well.

    I heard the sad news of David Carroll. The first video that I watched from him called White Women Are Better and that was in 2013. The video cause a huge outrage on YouTube and the video was taken down because I was trying to find the video and it wasn’t there on YouTube. Sad what happened to him. RIP to him.

    I was watching a video from Tommy Sotomayor. And he was explaining about a black guy who was chatting up a black female and the black chick say that you don’t have a car and no money; you know the scraggle daggle shit. As he got his car which was an Audi TT and some money, the scraggly showed in him which she wants what he has anyway. Here now. If you see a woman that has that kind of mentality, you got to keep it moving. She is just there for what you have. And when that’s gone, she’s gone.

    And the vaccine. I swear to God this vaccine is just taking people’s lives. When people took the vaccine, they begin to drop on the ground and dead on the spot. And I think to myself “The blood claat ting ah make people drop out!” And while people are dying from this poisonous jab, Bill Gates is just counting his money, smiling. I’ve never seen a man wicked like this in my life people. And the government, they are on nobody’s side.

    I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas which I’m not celebrating and a happy new year. To Verbs, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year as well, blud. I need a rest from blogging, get me so I’ll be back on 17th January 2022. And also, I wanna say thanks for you guys for reading my articles on Money Cultural and I hope to get more followers as well in the new year. And one more thing I have to say. Keep your white sugar honeys safe and hold her tight right through the Christmas and new year. These scraggle daggles and the simps are coming after the white sugar honeys in 2022.

    This is Money Cultural, straight outta North West London. Laters!

      1. Same here; my own mother even says we need to get our passports.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Just recently renewed my passport, it was due to run out in a couple of months. I don’t know what things are like in the US but here in the UK the entire renewal process can be done online including taking the new photo and uploading it.

    2. Can’t fly internationally or enter other countries without proof of vax and recent negative test. Curious to see how the “Passport Bros” reconcile anti-vax…unless they’re just talking big garbage about traveling to other countries and not actually doing it.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Only a few countries cannot be entered without having proof of vaccination, most countries at the moment require a covid test and a few such as Mexico and Costa Rica don’t require pre departure testing at all, you simply roll in. Additionally, depending on what country you reside in will depend upon what is required for the final destination(it’s all politics, this has absolutely nothing to do with public health).

  16. With this COVID crap, I ask again what I always am forced to wonder in the South: for all those “freedom isn’t free” types, PLEASE fill me in on Joe sending young people overseas to get blown up over irrelevant bullshit kept any of these lockdowns and mandates from happening?

  17. It is sad to hear about David Carroll passing.
    I thought it was a joke that he was gone. When I watch Brian Solange who made a video about it he post a screenshot of his sister posting it, I had to check on Facebook to confirm this.
    I thought he was taking a break and some brothers thinking something is not right.
    Akwesi and Shawn James made a Tribute Video about him.

    People saying he was against Interracial Dating, he was not against it, he was against the hypocrisy side of it.
    What I mean by hypocrisy side of it is you have Pro-black hoteps talk all about Pro-Black, black love, Back to Africa, call BW queens and goddess. Then you catch them marrying to a Becky. Also they dick-police BM like SYSBM.
    It is like saying how Tariq and Oshay going on about how they are Pro-hood and pro-ghetto at the same time they do not live in those areas, but call average BM Sell Out because he left the hood.

    In reality, Pro Black Swirlers hates White Women, but love White Men whilst the Pro-blacks hate White Men, but love White Woman. You see we all know about hoteps which David Carroll points out.

    The reason why he always say he takes the sticks (10 out of 10) over women because some women are not worth having sex with. Most Pro Black simps do not understand about the David Carroll’s Cigar stick reference, because they would bang any hoes they can, especially single mothers. They all think about pump and dump. But what they do not realise that if you pump and dump wrong type of females especially scraggle daggles, you can get into deep trouble. This is another reason that SYSBM do not preach this pump and dump as it is better to avoid them at all times.

    Akwesi introduce me to David Carroll when he was originally called 5723michael.
    I know some of you brothers miss the classic White Women vs Black Women video David Carrol post.

    Thanks to Verbs he upload it as a classic.

  18. First of all, Happy Holidays to everyone in the SYSBM and Passport Bros. Just dropping my last two cents before 2022 hits.

    1) With the whole Pandemic, it’s getting way out of hand. Now talking about a new “virus” called the Omicron? I’m seriously predicting that they gonna pull the same shit like they did with this Covid-19 shit. The more damage these psychos cause, the more blood money in their pockets. Let them collect all that blood money because they better pray nobody doesn’t find them. These forced vaccinations, covid passports, segregation between vaxxed and unvaxxed (which will backfire), crazy ass surveillance technology, putting unvaxxed in camps, the goalpost moving, HOW THE HELL DID WE LET THIS ALL HAPPEN? Even if their agenda went successful or not, these psychos, and whoever they send after me and the unvaxxed people, better be prepared for a fight.

    2) This right here got me thinking. It’s something about black folks that stay looking at a person race or color, which makes them look like a weirdo. Why do some black folks stay focusing on somebody’s race or skin color? What are black folks achieving out of this? In certain situations, what does someone race or skin color has to do with it? I just want y’all thoughts on this.

  19. As I will continue to say, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top. Additionally, those who choose to carry out the works of Satan must always be prepared to pay the price for doing so when the bill is due:

    1. Whenever I see a post like this, I can’t help but think of my younger brother; things are going to get ugly in the near future.

  20. Gentlemen,

    What is it with these politicians and supposed clergy who are out here claiming that Christ would’ve gotten so called vaccinated?

    Pure lies and untruths, firstly Christ obviously would’ve outright rejected the bioweapon for the blatant witchcraft and the sorcery that it is, furthermore he would’ve upbraided big pharma and those pushing the death shot bioweapon under the guise of a so called vaccine.

    Additionally, Christ would’ve also heavily reprimanded those who blindly chose to take the jab ie choosing to trust in men who have proven themselves to be untrustworthy innumerable times over.

    Didn’t he talk about false prophets and dodgy saviours who are actually wolves yet present themselves to the people as sheep? Didn’t Christ also talk about knowing an individual by the fruits he/she bears?

    Finally Christ would’ve called out all of these religious clerics and leaders either on their silence concerning the bioweapon and the scamdemic in general or their facilitation on the continuance of the scam by encouraging their parishioners as well as others to get the jab.

    1. The Archbishop of Canterbury has a boss with horns, so it doesn’t surprise me he and his Great Reset scumbags are pushing the deathshot.

      Besmirching the good name of Jesus… He would have smited every single one of those false prophets and sent them straight to hell. Now you know what we’re dealing with, pure evil, also with 23 million pure bloods in the UK they are extremely desperate.

      1. Michel,

        Yep, 23.5 million which the UK government has attempted to deceptively appear to be only 5 million. I personally believe the number could be even higher, possibly into the early 30s. Agreed, Christ would’ve run up in these so called “vaccination centres, kicked people out and dashed everything over just like he did in the temple in his time at Jerusalem. These institutional church beast clerics stay carrying out the devil’s works under the guise of serving Christ!

        It just goes to show you how domesticated most of the British public have become, their government is engaging in blatant Democide against them and they’re still going along with the killing program without asking questions despite so many Freudian slips manifesting as well as the untold amounts of goalpost moving, smh.

        Talking about the Archbishop of Canterbury, here he is calling for compassion on those who wish to enter into the UK illegally and get freebies, you can’t make this stuff up:

        1. I think the UK is done. Its citizens are gripped with primal fear and nothing will shift it.

          Went shopping at my local Sainsburys shop and EVERY LAST PERSON is hiding behind cloth! Then the train is filled with more scared mask perverts. I rock up with my Boris pass and the look of terror of soy girls and soy boys…. then they assume because I’m black I MUST be from South Africa and are OBVIOUSLY carrying the Moronic. I also wear leopard skin, run fast and chuck spears, right? Liberals showing their hand.

          It’s not “woke” blacks or immigrants who are ruining the UK, as per GBFakeNews, its the cowardice of regular white folks happy to follow the Pig in a Suit to participate in their own genocide.

          1. Michel,

            They’re done, At my local Sainsburys I’m seeing the same garbage, knuckleheads who are unable to think and reason for themselves walking around perpetuating their own enslavement. I take the Overground to work, more people who travel on those services are not wearing masks however the proportion of wearing to non wearing is still at least 85% to %15.

            Again, this is what happens when you don’t believe in a higher power and believe that ALL of your rights come from the State, you’re ripe for the picking and will be taken advantage of. 23.5 million people according to the government haven’t taken the jab, yet so many of these drones are still going along with other State protocols relating to this convid-1984 scam.

            The indigenous white folks are not even lions with no teeth in this country, they’re more akin to domesticated moggies with no teeth nor claws who make a lot of noise but when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, what little courage they have immediately vaporises.

  21. Theses mental disorders even had a livestream about him. The SAME ones who were being disrespectful in the comment of his last video

    Now this stream was hosted by the land whale witch “Crystal Swirlz” That Mr. Carroll called “Crystal Meth”. a supposed swirler.

    DC’s best videos about her was posting a a copy of the live she made crying about being BEATEN by her crackhead yt zaddy and him roasting her into oblivion. “One hour, eighteen minutes and five fucking seconds!” – DC

    Anytime I want a good laugh, I go to those particular Rabbit Hole videos about her.

    1. It was a meth-smoking white zaddy she stabbed to death with a smile, not a brotha. Like the late Dr. David Carroll (RIP) used to say, “Better him than me! Put her buck naked in the bed next to a box of cigars, 10 times out of 10 I’m takin’ those sticks!”

      What I *will* say though, is this is just the kind of mixed light-bright that many of y’all SYSBMers fetishize.

      1. “What I *will* say though, is this is just the kind of mixed light-bright that many of y’all SYSBMers fetishize.”


        My point has been proven

  22. Couldn’t get on earlier. Daggles trying to take down the site again? Or was it big pharma this time?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I think it was that dickhead Negro who came here and objected to the recent article I wrote on the dude that shot dead his ex wife and pregnant girlfriend because they both threatened to restrict custody of his children. Because I stated the witches deserved it, I believe he decided to report the article and send in screenshots of our comments. The more important issue I have is the fact that the host suspended the entire website, not just the article concerned.

      I’m definitely going to be looking for another host this year, I’m not dealing with knucklehead Tom foolishness again. The hosting company has shown its true colours, website owners are not protected and can be snuffed out at the drop of a hat just for somebody claiming “hate”.

      Not even YouTube suspends your entire channel straight away over so called hate and abuse content, at least they’ll remove the concerned content first and only after repeated infractions will they terminate your entire channel, smh.

      Saying that, it could’ve been the Fake Academic Aaron Fountain responding to me turning down appearing on one of his lifestreams. Most Negroes have become so soft and feminine, I fully understand why you continue to talk about abandoning the overwhelming majority of them.

      These days it’s not even black women who are throwing spanner and obstacles into the paths of free thinking black men, nope, instead it’s these effeminate Negro male simps.

  23. Hello, free thinking brothers; I’m back after being absent all week, but I assure you all is well. So, I wanted to share this interesting nugget of information I found regarding the selection of the current variants’ name (per the Vigilant Citizen):

    “Right when people were getting into the holiday spirit, a new variant came along. And the COVID marketing department decided that this thing needed an ominous name. Variants are usually named following the Greek alphabet so this new one was supposed to be called Nu. However, the marketing department concluded that Nu was “confusing”. Also, they decided to skip the next letter (Xi) because, I’m guessing, the WHO did not want to hurt the feelings of Xi Ping, China’s dictator (China is one of the main funding sources of the WHO).

    “So they went straight to the letter Omicron. The marketing department was pleased with this evil-sounding name. That’s the energy they wanted to convey for this holiday season. Weird fact: Omicron originates from the Phoenician letter ayin which means “eye”. The symbol representing Delta is a triangle. The combination of the two = the ultimate symbol of the occult elite.”


    So, not only are the names of the two variants together an anagram for “media control”, their symbols combined form the eye in the triangle, the symbol of the occult elite who control all of mainstrean media. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED:

    Stay vigilant, stay informed, and continue to deprogram and decontaminate from the lies and deceit from Big Brother. #SYSBM

  24. If you go on Coronaviruscirclejerk, an anti COVID Reddit, even it’s full of apologists. These idiots will admit to being jabbed themselves! I don’t care if you don’t want it mandated, participating in the theater:

    1. Prolongs it
    2. Prices you aren’t very intelligent

    You can not be intelligent and inject a mystery meat “vaccine” into your body, especially you’re supposedly so discerning with your food and diet.

    You can’t see the athletes being drug off in stretchers and say “the fear porn is on both sides.”

    Yeah, I’ll say it: there are too many good people dead and too many idiots still breathing for me to feel sorry for most people.

    1. Nicely put. Even Jordan Peterson (a supposed intellectual many Gen Z kids idolise) took him 2 years to figure out the convid plandemic jiggery pokery.

      Again the Gen X King Kong “I ain’t moving, I’ve got all day” stubborn as a mule, hard headed “Head Negro In Charge” Salt and Pepper government supporters refuse to listen and are now dead/crippled/scared stiff/further entrenched in the system that they rail against (in words only) but run to once a little fear lick them. They can sure “teach” but have a hard time hearing.

      If them nuh hear, then dem must feel.

  25. Good morning, and Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2022, and I look forward to going further in my pursuit of freedom and fulfilling any resolutions made; whatever comes in the months that follow, let’s not lose focus on the one thing that has brought us together on this site: saving ourselves. Enjoy your weekend! #SYSBM

  26. Very sad news about David Carroll. I knew there was a problem when he’d gone a month without new uploads. A real loss for actual Black manhood right there. A giant. His use of repetition and catchphrases were shrewd trademarks. A confluence of recent life events and Dr. Carroll’s (and MBD’s) videos over the past few years helped radicalize me, even though I didn’t need much of a push to be a misogynist. I used to be Team White Woman all day, now the majority have finally climbed into the dumpster right along with the ignorant, weaveheaded, musty, twerking, elephant ass Section 8 black buffalo she loves to emulate. It used to be that the smart, productive black man could at least date white chicks, but now even your cutest girl next door white female knows all the words to Cardi B, Lizzo and other black ratchets, have internalized their ghetto pathology, and are chasing the same Pookies as black hoes.

    Disagree it was the jab that did David Carroll in. His last two videos he complained of “cold” like symptoms and he had obvious trouble breathing. I think it was the virus, not the jab that got him. If it was the jab he would have just keeled over from a heart attack. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t with the plandemic.

    Wishing you brothers the best for 2022 and thanks as always to Verbs for providing us with this forum. Stay vigilant, our enemies are all around us. And most of them look JUST LIKE YOU. Any of these black bitch worshipping, male feminist simp niggas is a potential Agent Smith (classic version) so watch your “friends” closely and be careful who you tell about SYSBM.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I second your kudos to Verbs for providing us this forum.

      Whatever the case about how David Carroll died, he was a Titan at exposing the fuckery and dysfunction of today’s black female, as well as her army of black male simp sycophants, as well as the cultural cesspool that is da communitah.

      I liked your warning to the brothers to be circumspect about who they trust, because a black man’s enemies are everywhere.

      Never think that everyone with your skin, is your kin !

      I like to think of myself as an army of one.

      I know we need to unite with likeminded folks when possible. But every black man should strive to be an army of one. It is just so necessary when you consider how the whole world is out to do harm to the black male.

      1. Agreed about the “army of one” part. It’s a shame we can’t unite and conquer like other races of men but we are hobbled by today’s matriarchal simp nigga, you never know what kind of double agent you’re talking to. There used to be a thing called locker room talk, where men could express themselves freely to other men without tiptoeing through the tulips to save feelings. Now simps, hoteps and downlows will go running to their mammy and to social media to tell what you just said if you are not towing the black matriarchal intersectional feminist/pro-LGBTQ/pro-Tranny line.

        Be alert, brotha. The productive, heterosexual black man has no allies.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          These dickhead, snitch, tattle-tail, blue pilled Negro male simps are everywhere. As I’ve stated before, where black women have taken up the charge for racist white men, it is now these simp snitch Negroes carrying out the grunt work on behalf of the black witch. As AmericanBlkMan keeps on saying, these blue pilled Negro male simps have become even more of a problem, a curse and a pestilence than the black females that created them.

  27. “As AmericanBlkMan keeps on saying, these blue pilled Negro male simps have become even more of a problem, a curse and a pestilence than the black females that created them.”

    Yep, you see them right on this blog. More offended and butthurt than the actual mammy they’re caping for. Meanwhile, she’s getting piped down raw by Lil 2-Pump and not even thinking about them simps. Sad shit, brother. Only a few of us see the Matrix for what it is. Happy New Year to you.


    I’m not one to commonly use Newspeak, so let’s call it like it is: Twitter BANNED Marjorie Taylor Greene for tweeting statistics from VAERS; now you can’t even tweet government statistics without running the risk of losing your account for spreading “misinformation”. Yet again, we see a White woman who is leading the charge in this regard; where are all of the conservative Alpha males who are getting their Twitter accounts suspended?

    1. Yep, this woman has been pointing out this stuff for a while, meanwhile white dudes in so called militias are too busy pinching their dicks to Asian porn to even bother taking their kids out of public school.

      I give props to Desantis and to a lesser extent Abbot, but never forget that Kristi Noem NEVER shut her state down. There are more white liberal men raping their states than women, those “progressives” typically just have women around as cheerleaders and dick suckers (a la AOC).

  29. This also happen to Donald Trump and he was the President at the time.
    Suspending a Twitter account when he was one of the powerful world leaders is dangerous because if Twitter can suspend the President’s account then we know that Twitter has been brought by Liberals.

    1. Yet the Taliban are still active on twitter. Shows you who actually runs the US, some deep shadow masters who for some reason like interfering with children.

    2. When they ban you for “disinformation,” the official narrative has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

  30. Hi Verbs

    What happen to the topic about the Rajaee Black killing both exes and himself.
    Did someone flag it down?

    1. Mister Master,

      Yep, that’s exactly what happened, the host shut down the whole website for that one article. I’m currently in the process of finding a new host, one that isn’t going to operate like a draconian internet dictator when a blue pilled simp Negro comes crying to them complaining. It was either the guy who came to the article and complained about “violence against black women” in the comments, the fake academic Aaron Fountain or some other lame Negro who reported it. Once I move to a new host I’ll repost the article.

      1. Not again Verbs, this site was so good and these Dick police simps, stalkers like Aaron Fountain Jr and haters get mad about the article.

        Yes, I agree that what you said because they deserve to die and their deaths are justified because they were evil.

        I also think that the Asian ex that Rajee killed was poisoned by the BW that is why she turned on him.

        The blue-pillers believe that we advocate for their deaths. No we do not.

        This is what these blue-pilled hoteps simps do not understand, they believe that every life has value, let me tell you this: Villains in reality disagree with this, why because they are villains and they are bad, that is what they do, that is their nature.

        I am going to give you and brothers the Superman analogy, Man of Steel:
        We all know Superman kills General Zod, however the liberals are upset that Superman kill someone like Zod, saying that he is a ‘Cold Blooded Killer’ and he could of find another way of stopping him. Err! No he could not.

        Zod was a General and his job is to kill, conquer and destroy people, that is what he does, that is his nature and his way of life.

        Someone said few things:
        He could out move him out of the planet – Superman did that and he still keep coming back to wreck havoc.
        He could of detain him – how? He is too strong and still wreck havoc.

        Another example: The Terminator –
        We all know what Kyle said to Sarah:
        “It Can’t Be Bargained With. It Can’t Be Reasoned With… And It Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever… Until You Are Dead!”

        Note to haters and liberals reading this: Get this Kyle Reese quotes through your head because you have one life and one life only because Tommy use this philosophy which refer to Liberal women, especially BW in the west because that is what they do to men.

        Sometimes in life that the only solution is to put him down to stop the treat. Keeping him alive will continue. That is what the liberals do not get, they believe all this be nice to the villain which can get them killed.

        In life especially at war someone is going to die it is either you or them, do not believe me, ask the World War veterans when they went through draft (conscription).

        Another problem with this Black Culture is this punish the good men who makes mistakes and quick to forgive the hardcore villains, the people are cold blooded and hearted. But we suppose to love they enemies? Akweski use to say ‘Fuck thy enemies”.

        Tommy always say ‘If you play stupid games, you receive stupid prize’.

        1. These dick policing matriarchal beta male simps and stalkers are the Agent Smiths of the failed state of Blackistan. Wish there was a f*nal s*lution for the Alien Queen and her drones. “Nuke the planet from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.” SYSBM.

        1. Michel,

          Didn’t Joan Rivers 2 months before her death come out and claim that Michelle Obama is a tranny? Didn’t Obama in a speech refer to his “wife” as Michael?

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