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They Hate Black Men Looking Out For Themselves!


Do you see how no matter what, black women as a collective will always attempt to derail black men especially when it comes to us looking out for ourselves and each other? Calls herself a christian(which is convenient seeing how she’s a single mother of 4 children) yet all I heard was Jezebel speaking.

There was nothing the guy said that was wrong or incorrect, however as we already know it is the black woman’s duty as per her obligations towards the State to ensure that black men and black society remain flat on their faces, don’t think for a second that this occupation changes when black women claim to have “found God”.

Remember what I’ve stated many times before, how most black women will use God, Christ and the bible as a smokescreen to hide their malevolent works, this heifer here is no different, attempting to dissuade men from prioritising and improving themselves deliberately misusing the bible to do so, smh.

By the way, would the Most High approve of weaves, heavy makeup and fake eyelashes, somehow I doubt it, however I hardly see any so called “christian” black women repping their natural state. The brother was talking about black men prioritising themselves OVER OTHER PEOPLE, not the Most High.

Additionally, a belief in the Most High doesn’t mean that you now completely abandon your own life, isn’t it the same God who has given you that life to live it out to its fullest?

This chicken head stays dropping goofy advice, here is another video response she made when somebody asked her a legitimate question concerning what the benefits he would have raising another man’s children ie being a clean up man/janitor, just listen to this goofette’s response, smh:

Notice how she ventured clean around the block with her response, however please take note how she never actually answered the question and we all know the reason why. There are NO benefits to taking on board the children of another man, NONE and Bianca L Gibson knows this hence her up the garden path and back around 10 blocks filibuster type speech.

As per usual notice how the harriet attempted to use shaming tactics in order to hide her serious lack of a reasonable response. Of course she brought the bible into the equation when it has nothing to do with the topic being discussed nor the specific question raised but hey, this is how your average black female operates.

She rattled off nothing but vain ramblings, however I’m sure there is a blue pilled simp who is satisfied with her response and would be more than happy to accept the leftovers. Again, as in typical black female fashion note how these harpies will lean upon the bible whenever they get placed in the spotlight or encounter difficult or inconvenient questions.

As we can see there are absolutely no positive benefits to dealing with single mothers outside of quick and easy access to sex, to be honest sex should preferably be sought after from women who are also childless, however having been there myself a very long time ago, I do understand how single mothers can conveniently provide a much needed sexual release.

Filibuster Gibson is your typical black female, slept with a load of quick shot busters, got pregnant by them and now is upset that quality men refuse to give her the time of day because of her “excess baggage”.

Gentlemen, continue to give these single mothers an extremely wide berth, the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze plus there are plenty of single, childless women in the world. Additionally, never allow these same single mothers to shame/guilt you into dealing with them trying to use Derrick Jaxn lame talking points such as “a real man will take onboard another guy’s children without hesitation” and “single mothers are for grown men only”.

Finally, never be afraid to show other black men who are willing to listen and learn the truth about dealing with single mothers. Remember, these black harriets don’t want you to warn other black men concerning the perils and dangers of being the clean up man, this is the main reason why they attempt to shame and guilt trip you into being silent(if you no longer deal with black women why are you still talking about them, remember that line?). #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Single Mother Avenue No Matter How Tempting It May Be To Venture Into

Most High Bless

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8 thoughts on “They Hate Black Men Looking Out For Themselves!

  1. Gentlemen,

    This is very strange, this article after going ghost popped up out of nowhere in my drafts folder this morning, however unfortunately the comments you guys made before are gone, I apologise for that. Feel free to make other comments if you wish, I believe the comment disappearances may have something to do with the transfer of the website to a different host, however even I’m still scratching my head.

  2. Notice how in the first video….the chic in the black shirt….Ms. Godly “Christian” woman. Anyone else notice the LACK of a wedding ring?

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date single mothers as a childfree black man at 39. I prefer to date a childfree non black women.

  4. Single mothers can conveniently provide a much needed sexual release? Right, there three gyal I had sexual encounters where single mothers. Two are from Jamaica and the other was a fat chick in Stonebridge, North West London. Listen here. The women has three things which was wrong with the chick. One, she’s a single mother. Two, she was a single mother. Three, she’s a weed smoker. She was the last black woman that I had sexual encounters with. Single mothers are mostly good for is just a sexual release but not a relationship for a childless man.

  5. What did I say before it got ghosted? Oh yeah, don’t bang single mothers without a condom. Also you will never come between the mother and her child, so don’t even bother.

    1. Michel,

      I know some red-pillers like to bang Single Mothers.
      The best advice is not to deal with them at all. Even do not banging them at all, condom or not.

      There is a wise brother said ‘It does not matter how attractive/glamorous the single mother are, even they are wife material, always say No to Single Mothers, focus’. This was from the Facebook Group.

  6. Single mothers are wholly reprobate and a total no-go. The only circumstance(scripturally) that you can take on a woman with kids is if she’s a widow…and no that doesn’t mean her Pookie is doing a life sentence…her man must be deceased and out of the picture.

    Your best bet is still a childless female.

  7. What did they expect? The very same, boring, articulate, not hood enough black men that they overlooked when they had it going on, to come back to insert some anti virus software? These broads are insane to think a child free man should accept the step daddy role.. She should ask her Thug Negro to handle his responsibility…

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