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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Gentlemen, I’m still in the process of finalising the website transfer, I’m aware that the latest article posted on the 14th January has gone missing and I’m trying to find out what’s going on and exactly where it disappeared to. Hopefully, regular posting/scheduling should be back to normal by next week. In the meantime feel free to use this 19th January 2022 Open Mic Wednesday. You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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73 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Happy Open Mic Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! I don’t know what happened to the site, but I kept getting this message about my internet not being secure every time I tried to get on; I eventually was able to get on the site securely, but I missed the last article. Hopefully, you can find it back; anyhow, here’s an article I came across that talks about national digital vaccine cards:

    The powers that be have wanted to implement these measures for the longest; they are one step closer to this goal (thanks in part to the media hysteria surrounding Convid).

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Whenever you type in a web address, you’ll notice a padlock symbol appear in the address box to the left, if you click on that padlock it will open up this box below:

      From there you can click on the “certificate valid” icon and you’ll see this which can also be expanded on by clicking on the details tab:

      This certificate is what I was waiting for and the lack thereof was causing all the problems that you as well as other commenters here experienced.

    1. I just ignore any mention of hospitals being overwhelmed now; it’s all BS!

    2. Upgraydd,

      I remember back at the end of 2020 when the whole Convid-1984 plandemic was almost a year into full swing, a woman from Gloucestershire UK went to her local hospital and exposed the same thing, there wasn’t even a security guard in sight.

      Of course in typical government draconian fashion she was arrested, both her documentation of the empty hospital and her arrest can be seen in the link below:

      Mind you, she hasn’t been the only one to do this, I’ve seen several videos of other individuals going into hospitals to film confirming that their respective governments have been outright lying about “hospitals being overwhelmed”.

      The mainstream media and anybody else who has facilitated the continuation of this con need to be burned alive at the stake, countless lives have been lost and so many businesses have been destroyed over this scam.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m just waiting for the so called “fact checkers” to swarm in and say that the report doesn’t say what it blatantly says, smh.

  2. Masks and Convid tracking “passports” to be scrapped in the UK.

    Now, Boris is a cooked goose and has been taking the absolute mick out of all of us, so this could just be trying to duck and dive by win a popularity contest. Mask holes will be crying in their soy milk breakfast.

    Much better to see him, Gargoyle, Professor Pants Down and SadGit Savage sharing a prison cell with one condom to share between them. The biggest con in the world needs to be corrected with harsh punishment. Whipped, tarred in the street then sent to the Hague for Worldwide TV judgment.

    1. Michel,

      You already know that Sadiq Khan is NOT going to be happy with the mask mandates being lifted(not that I ever followed it anyway, exemption is the key), when masks were voluntary before the dude was wetting the bed because he was the odd one out because all other train operating companies kept in line with the guidance.

      Again, I have to keep on pointing back to this article which has shown us that masks clearly don’t work, not that we didn’t know this anyway:

      In order for Boris to retain his position, he’ll have to walk back everything that has been put in place including needing to get tested in order to travel back into the country from abroad as well as having to fill out a stupid passenger locator form.

      I’m still a little confused and equally cautious at this sudden turnaround because when you compare the UK to the rest of Europe, most European countries(western ones at least) are continuing their descent into oblivion. Indeed, those who have facilitated this con need to be hanged or at least burned at the stake.

      1. My. God. SERIOUSLY???
        Just let it go Sadiq and take all your TfL Karens with you. Dude seriously cannot take a hint – and to be fair most tube goers can’t either, too far gone in mask fear.

        Brown Napoleon – your little Convid racket is done. Now get to the Hague.

        I’m Exemption Lord out in these streets. 😂

      1. Yep! Married man was balls deep and busting nuts inside his side chick Antonia. Then told the rest of us to stay inside.



    It don’t matter if Boris Johnson resigns as prime minister or gets removed by parliament , political wars never changes, always the same cycle.

    The UK government will find a replacement and probably someone who ain’t much different than him, maybe a lot worse.

    On Tinder I’ve seen white vaccinated women showing vax stickers on their profiles.

    1. Witwijf,

      I hope the police and the military are ready for bloodshed because that is the way things will go when they attempt to round up the unjabbed and place them into camps. Agreed on Bojo, he’s simply the current face of this convid scam for this country, the faces may change but the agenda continues to roll on and remains the same.

      As for jabbed women, I personally would never touch any woman who has taken the bioweapon. Such individuals are not only contaminated physically but also mentally.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    A white doctor tells Sajid Javid that he refuses to get vaccinated because there is not enough science to back it up. Thank god for that because people are starting to realise that the vaccine is a biowepon that is going to kill you. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to take the fucking vaccine.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      So many people sent me that clip. It’s about time more people begun waking up to this scam and the fact that the so called vaccine is a bioweapon.

      I believe at this stage there are too many people dying as well as collapsing from blood clots, heart and other conditions for the government to continue covering up the fact that these are all jab related.

      These days you can’t even get through a football match or any other sport without either a player or a member of the public in the stands needing some medical assistance:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Its a shame that so many people took the vaccine without doing proper research on the side affects that it causes.

  5. So, we’re only 19 days into the New Year, and we’ve already seen 3 notable celebs who’ve died: Betty White, Sidney Poitier, and Bob Saget. Let’s start with Betty White, the last surviving Golden Girl who died 17 days shy of her 100th birthday; I noticed that many magazines jumped the gun on publishing issues that celebrated her life as a centenarian (had she lived to see it). I must also add that she was a hottie in her younger years.

    Sidney Poitier KBE, a Bahamian-American actor who was the first Black actor to win an Oscar, died at 94 years old; he was known for starring in many classic films, one of them being “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” which addresses the racism, prejudice, and bigotry of American society. This film is SYSBM in nature given the film’s plot and the subject matter it addresses; not only was Poitier portraying a practitioner of SYSBM in the film, he later became one in real life after divorcing his first wife. When I told my mother the news of his passing, she said she enjoyed his films from back in the day; I wanna see his films now.

    Lastly, Bob Saget, of “Full House” and “Fuller House” fame and former host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, died unexpectedly in his hotel room in Orlando, FL; he was found unresponsive, but there were no signs of drug use or foul play. Not much else was shared about his cause of death; I think we all know what likely happened to him: he was jabbed.

    RIP Betty White, Sidney Poitier, & Bob Saget

    1. Apparently, there persist rumors of Bob Saget being an extremely vulgar comedian, just like the late Robin Williams.

      1. The hell with Bob Saget. He’s a piece of shit if you take the time to look into it…

  6. Everyone in the house of parliament and the public want Boris Johnson to step down as prime minister as people found out that he and the other members of parliament was partying during the lockdowns. My questions is that who is goanna be the next prime minister? But the thing is that when Britain has not had a great prime minister for years. I have said that on my new article.

    Right, Kid Organic made a video of this swirler. I have no issues of black women dating out just the same as black men dating out but guys, when you see the heifer, you wanna put this in quarantine. That weave, star. I have to shake my head when I see that weave. And the white guy who is taking her to the woods in his Ford F – 150, he goanna ghetto gag this one, in the plantation. When a black woman, ghetto ratchet one goes into interracial dating which is no problems at all, she ends up getting ghetto gag by the below average white dude.

    As these simps and the ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging hoodrats who are coming after non black women who are with black men, I have something to say. Keep your white sugar honey safe in 2022.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I saw that video by Kid Organic, here it is for those who haven’t seen it:

      I remember coming across that poor excuse of a black female a few years ago, she’s always been saying the same thing, how she doesn’t date black guys(big deal, no skin off my nose) and how essentially she’s the property of Admiral Frost.

      She’s mentally unhinged and those white men running through her know it. Again, notice how she just like the overwhelming majority of these so called “swirlers and divestors” can’t get a General Sleet to cuff her.

      I don’t have any problems with black women dating out, I simply wish they would shut their mouths and simply get on with it instead of trying their hardest to make black men jealous when we really don’t care.

      As for Bojo and his parties, the PM is just the icing on the cake, remember we’ve been seeing various individuals including Professor Pants Down Neil Ferguson flouting the same rules they’ve been telling us to adhere to from the beginning of this scamdemic.

      1. I’m goanna do an article of the swirling scraggle daggle on Friday. Admiral Frost and General Sleet just wants to have sex with the scarggle and then throw her after wards. And when she gets heartbroken, she will try to flock back to black men.

    1. Verbs 2015.

      Having a dating preference for non black women is crime of the century in the black community.

      1. 1st Off Welcome Back/Happy New Years Verbs. 2nd Just Recently on Monday Which was Martin Luther King Day. You Got Comedian or as I Call Him ”Dark Crispy” Michael Blackson saying that King Shouldn’t be Celebrated Because he had a White Female Sidepiece. I Give Props to Kat Williams in Checking his Bug-Eyed Stepin Fetchit Looking Ass & Rihanna With her Forever Raunchy Ratchet Ass Who Posts a Picture on her Twitter Page of Dr. King with Gold Teeth. Insinuating that He was a ”THUG”. This Video from Harvey Explains it All!!!

    2. Literally happened to me working at the O2 in London. Last time I tell brothers about my dating life.

    3. The instant guilt tripping once he stated his preference is 100% accurate.

    1. @AfroFuturism1
      You wouldn’t believe how dumb the Mexican people are about this whole charade. That’s where I escaped to first and I ended up getting the hell out of there. It’s not uncommon to see a family in a car where they’re all wearing 2 masks and a visor. Also they check your temperature and forced you to put that toxic hand sanitizer on before going into virtually every store. I don’t think I’ve seen bigger slaves in my life.

      1. Upgraydd,

        When I visited Mexico last July I saw the same, every shop has a temperature gun mounted on a stand at the entrance as well as a goon making sure you’re wearing your mask. I didn’t bother with the hand sanitiser ritual, I know in the long term constantly smothering your hands in that stuff cannot be good.

        Admittedly, when I was taking Ubers the drivers were pretty relaxed and laid back. Unfortunately people in socialist countries are normally the most obedient when it comes down to government handed down dictats even if they’re to the detriment of the populous.


    Ugly ass “Swedish” athlete Sarah Atcho jacked up by the jab. At least her dumbass likely won’t breed, I wish more daggles took the jab.

    Also, physical fitness aside, most runner woman have disgusting physiques. I hate a woman with the breasts of a 12 year old boy and general masculine frame, especially when they have a face to match like most daggles. This chick without makeup looks like a dude I used to jump in crawdaddy holes with.

    1. Yep, follow them all, there’s also Australian and Indonesian equivalents.

    1. There was another video out there showing an African immigrant in China who couldn’t even get treatment while sick. No one should want to go to mainland China, Black or otherwise, its a communist run hellhole that will likely collapse like the USSR.

    2. I watched the video and didn’t even get angry. My first reaction was almost comedy.

      I don’t belittle the racism, because it is a serious matter. But any Black person who has had the slightest exposure to Chinese, should know of their anti Black racism.

      I believe that most Blacks do know Chinese are racist against Black people. In Africa, the Belt and Road Chinese, call their African hosts ‘Monkey People’.

      Most Blacks want to be in denial about Chinese anti Black racism, Desi anti Black racism, Arab anti Black racism, Hispanic anti Black racism, etc. They want to pretend that the only thing they have to worry about is Caucasian anti Black racism.

      Blacks are the only race on the planet that goes around begging other races to love them. Personally, I am more interested in their respect than their love.

      If Blacks were more interested in being respected by other races, and less interested in being loved by other races, they would get more of both.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Indeed, I believe the worst racism against blacks actually comes from non white folks, blacks who live in the Middle or Far East know what real hardcore racism is all about. Racism from white folks for the most part is a walk in the park compared to racism from say Chinese, Arabs, South Asians etc.

        The worst thing about it is when Chinese people go to Africa, the locals treat them like royalty even when those same Chinese treat them like absolute garbage in their own land, I’ve heard many Indians in Africa behave in exactly the same way. I would say that racism from Asians(East and South) and Arabs is the worst on the planet, we can throw the Jewish people in there as well.

        Black folks need to stop begging for friendships and begin standing upright and demanding respect based upon works that command nothing but respect and recognition.

        1. @JamesSYSBM @AmericanBlkMan @Verbs2015
          I’ve always found it funny that most blacks in the west think that they’re going to form some grand anti-white coalition with all the other non white people of the world and together they’ll overthrow the white man and take over. The white man is the only person on earth who has ever, or will ever give the black man a concession. Go to the middle east where they enslaved you with a brutality never approached by the white man for almost 1000 years before you met the white man and for over 100 years after the white man set you free, and ask about reparations and see what happens to you.

          I’ve spent the last few months in Eastern Europe and have had ZERO problems. Not because they’re not racist (they kinda are, everybody is to some degree, let’s be honest) but because I conduct myself with dignity, don’t walk around with a chip on my shoulder, and I show the people and their culture respect, so I get it back. I also know that if a bunch of niggas from my old neighborhood showed up and started tearing up the place (like I’ve personally seen in Italy), they would despise the air niggas breathe.

          Is the white man perfect? No. But expecting him or anyone else to be is beyond childlike naivety. The best deal as well as the highest standard of living the black man has ever experienced is in the west. Never bite the hands that feed you. The white man doesn’t like you (and he has no reason to) but he doesn’t hate you. EVERYBODY ELSE DOES. When the black man cheer leads the decline of the west and the demise of the European he is digging his own grave.

          1. I agree, most blacks couldn’t wipe their ass without Admiral Frost, and the ones who bitch about him the key are the ones who rely on him the most. See race hustlers for an example.

            This is mainly the daggles doing in the west, but at the same time, I’m not gonna act like I’d love to win a trip to most (if any) sub Saharan African countries, either.

            I always say (especially since black folks bringing up whitey) always judge a group by how they behave and take care of themselves WITHOUT a majority of white folks around. Well, ANYONE wanna go to the Congo? Exactly.

          2. Upgraydd,

            “The white man doesn’t like you (and he has no reason to) but he doesn’t hate you. EVERYBODY ELSE DOES. When the black man cheer leads the decline of the west and the demise of the European he is digging his own grave.”

            Total spot on truth.

            This is why I always say that the only thing dumber than a wignat, is a hotep.

            They need each other in a symbiotic way.

            Both groups are full of delusions, nonsense, and bullshit.

            1. @AfroFuturism1 @AmericanBlkMan
              Hoteps always complain about the white man but he will never leave him, he will fight for his “right” to stay under the thumb of his “oppressor” yet will never lift a straw to build a nation of his own for his own people. Deep down inside he knows that would be pulling up his own skirt. One of their top leaders can’t even build up a one room school. After over 10 years!

              As for the wignat he’s living off of old glory. He USED to be great, but he let the joo take over his civilization, convince him to abandon his religion and chemically and mentally castrate his son for the last two generations. Now all he does is complain how his women is giving up the P to others races (mostly black) instead of him. Just like daggles complain how other women (mostly white) are stealing their men. Nobody wants what they’re selling ’cause what they’re selling is WACK! Shaming tactics ain’t working anymore.

      2. Fuck their respect lol. I’m interested in being left alone and if I have to interact I work my ass off to make sure that I DOMINATE my interactions with them.

  8. Gentlemen,

    As commenter and fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 continues to point out, these church beast pastors are nowhere to be found when it comes down to standing against the blatant witchcraft and sorcery being touted as a “vaccine”, however these same reprobate clerics have no problems marching their congregation members into the bowels of Hell encouraging those same parishioners(most of whom have given up the ability to think and reason for themselves anyway) to “get the jab”, smh. There are absolutely no excuses for failing to conduct individual investigations and research:

    1. You will also notice that these so called “more enlightened” eastern religions such as organized Hinduism and Buddhism have said absolute dick against all of this.

      Consider ALL organized religions and even most of their beliefs as invalid or interchangeable until proven otherwise. Especially run from any religion that preaches the spiritual mumbo jumbo much more than anything practical. As you can see, despite all that talk, most of those folks are as spiritually dead as any atheist, if not worse.

  9. The idiots lining up for blocks in the freezing cold to get tested. In some of this footage there are even people convulsing right in the vax centre in front of everybody, and the idiots still wait for their shot. The human race is finished.

    I’ve been in a few fights with security in the last couple months for not wearing a muzzle in the grocery store. As far as I’m concerned this vax ain’t killing ’em fast enough.

    1. Nothing says caring about covid like lining up huddled next to supposedly sick people.

  10. Gentlemen,

    Just to let you guys know that the regular schedule for articles releases will begin from next week Monday.

    1. Kungfumovieguy,

      Swirl Mountain claims yet another victim but the levelling up/divesting/swirling cronies won’t talk about this though.

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