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This Is Why Black Female Society Is Done!


The above is the reason why black female society is done and will never recover, there will always be blue pilled black male simps who will always step up to make excuses for dysfunctional black females instead of calling them out on their degenerate behaviour and holding them to account.

As much as I enjoy Aba & Preach and Playback’s commentary on a variety of issues, when it comes down to black women and the in the gutter image and reputation that currently presides over their heads, there is no circumventing the fact that black women are the very ones who’ve brought this situation upon themselves.

You’ll notice that only in black society do you have both men and women who will attempt to disqualify your view point as to why you refuse to date your own female counterparts simply because the reasons are negative.

As I’ve written before, you cannot step in and dictate what reasons can and cannot be used for any black men who choose NOT to date black women, the reasons are the reasons and form part of those particular individual’s experiences regardless.

There are a slew of white men who refuse to date white women(at least Western white females), they won’t hesitate in listing the many reasons why and in white male society, their reasons(with evidence en tow) for the most part are listened to and accepted.

There aren’t other white men coming out of the woodwork calling them “uncle Toms, uncle Ruckuses, sellouts, self haters” etc because white male society contains a wide spectrum of individuals from many different walks of life who don’t look down upon the next man because he chooses to take a completely different path in life. White men as a collective don’t think monolithically.

In white male society you’re allowed to be different and unique, in black male society however you’re NOT, you must bow down and conform to all things black female related. Any criticism of the sacred cow of black society ie the modern day black woman even if legitimate is viewed as blasphemy and in the eyes of black women and the blue pilled simps they govern, said critics/scrutinisers must be vilified and demonised mercilessly.

I’m disappointed at Playback for using the “white women do it too” card(mark 9:57), however this move doesn’t surprise me at all because I’ve been stating for the longest while that black women cannot be defended on any level at all yet alone within their own merits.

I’m no fan of Fresh and Fit by any means, however the reasons they listed as to why they don’t deal with black women don’t just reside with them, many other black men who have walked away from black women share these exact same sentiments.

Black women in the US are single at a rate of around 70%(page 8), their single mother rate is at 77%, these same black women because of their high insecurities every year pump billions of dollars into the weave/wig and cosmetics industry making East Asians rich while at the same time stagnating and even regressing their own economic standing.

Again, we haven’t even delved into the typical mindset of your average westernised black female, the fact that most black women hold to an ultra liberal, feminist mentality,(96% of US black women voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election, over 90% of black women voted for sleepy Joe Biden in the 2020 Presidential race) how most black women openly brag about being strong, independent and not needing a man.

We then have to deal with the fact that most black women hate black men, especially those black men they cannot manipulate and control ie the free thinking brothers with their heads screwed on straight. Did I mention the mean attitude most black women have?

Let us also take into consideration the fact that black women especially in the US have been weaponised by the government against their own male counterparts and are only too happy to carry out the evil bidding of the State against their own people, abortion statistics within black female society are just a starting point!

Additionally, aren’t these the same women who regularly disrespect their male counterparts referring to them as n****s every 5 minutes. Aren’t these the same female counterparts who talk about aborting black male children in their efforts to stem the same black male dysfunction they(black women) have placed into black boys to begin with?

Guys like Aba & Preach as well as Playback need to stay in their lane and stop pretending as if things with black women are great, folks like ourselves are out here with boots on the ground and have openly observed in real time the same stereotypes they’re foolishly claiming are “racist”.

Black female society has some very serious issues that need to be addressed immediately and attempting to give black women an “out” isn’t going to help those problems get resolved anytime soon.

Black male simping and white knighting is a massive problem and one that enables black women to continue wallowing in their dysfunction. Your boy Preach is married to a white woman, if you believe that the black female’s negative attitude towards black men hasn’t played some part in his venturing over the fence, I have some seaside property to sell you in London.

Finally, you have websites that are dedicated to allowing people to talk about their interactions and experiences with various businesses, these websites such as TrustPilot for example don’t roll in and strong-arm you into not leaving a negative review, they only ask that you don’t use profanity and that your review is understandable and TRUTHFUL whether positive or negative.

So, why can’t the same protocols be carried out concerning black men’s experiences with black women? Why is it that anything negative(as per the mindset of black women and their simp squads) must be omitted from the account? Wouldn’t undertaking such actions just blatantly be dishonest?

Gentlemen, never allow black females and their muddy bootlicking simp flunkies to pigeon hole you and dictate what can and cannot be said concerning your personal experiences with black women and why you’ve chosen to walk away from them, if your experiences with black women have been negative, openly declare them, if your interactions and experiences with black women have been indifferent, declare them all the same.

Never allow these shines to run the “anti black, self hate” tag either. Remember, self hatred as interpreted correctly is a hatred with YOURSELF, NOT somebody else who just so happens to share the same skin colour.

I can’t believe you have Negroes out here still trying to run that Texas Two Step. Do you see how the black female’s disjointed way of thinking has permeated even some of those black men who seem to be somewhat intelligent?

We already know why black women and their grunt-boy flunkies don’t like negative reviews surrounding the black quean, it’s simple, because more time the accusations and allegations are true and there is NOTHING black women nor their blue pilled simp squads can do to refute/rebut them. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

Gentlemen, take notes, these are your Willie D and Tariq Nasheed type Negroes, the ones who are the gatekeepers of black female dysfunction. The Late David Carroll was right, most black men simply don’t have the nuts to check their female counterparts, thus it’s no mystery as to why most black women look upon black men with utter disdain and hatred. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Female Dysfunction Can’t Be Covered Over Anymore

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “This Is Why Black Female Society Is Done!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I have walked away from black women a long time ago because the black female society is finished. In the black community you as a SYSBM black man cannot be unique because the black community will look down upon you, ostracise you and kick you out if you don’t follow their rigid rules and worship black women like they are gods that cannot do any wrong. I reckon that black kids who are born to black single mothers without a dad in the home is around 95 percent worldwide and black people celebrate foolishness and stupidity whereas in other communities doing bad is frowned upon and doing good is celebrated. Since I had my YouTube channel since June 2018 the amount of racist comments I received from other black people is astounding and that’s why I refuse to date black women and I don’t blame other black men who also refuse to date black women too due to their negative experiences with them as well. If I can’t get the beautiful childfree non black woman I want and desire to get into a relationship with then I rather stay single for the rest of my life then to get with a black woman because I have high standards for myself and let’s face it Verbs the majority of black women days are not even attractive or ladylike because they are fake looking from head to toe.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most black men have been deeply brainwashed by the black witch to the point where they’ll jump up to defend black women even though black women treat them like utter garbage, the witchcraft and the sorcery in black male society is deep. Devils like Cynthia G talk about black men being conquered by Admiral Frost, however the first individuals to damage black men aren’t whites, no, it’s this modern day black female.

      The damage at this stage is so bad that by default most black men believe that settling for less is a perfectly normal practice and will get extremely angry with black men like us who recognise our worth and understand that black female dysfunction in particular and female dysfunction in general must NEVER be tolerated under any circumstances.

      White men encourage other white men to travel, see the world and deal with cooperative, submissive, attractive, feminine, CHILD FREE women. Brainwashed black men on the other hand predominantly in the US attempt to shame other black men for expanding upon their dating options and wishing to see more of the world, what kind of backwards garbage is that?

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I fully agree with you bro. I am only interested in dating single good looking childfree non black women period. No single mothers, ugly women or fat women.

  3. Everybody is allowed to have a preference except the black man. It’s hilarious to me when you have dudes that don’t date black women themselves but they’ll try to con/shame you into doing it. I watch Tariq from time to time & I firmly believe he doesn’t believe most of the shit he says about the Queen Mother Earth Goddesses. Tariq is the same cat that said if you’re going to date a biracial woman {1 black parent 1 white parent} make sure the mother is white! I’ll give he credit on following his own advice considering his mother in law is a white woman. So what does that tell you about how he really feels. Not to mention isn’t Asian Doll the Daggle that said you have to have 3 bodies on your resume if you want to talk to her? This is who these Super Simps are simpin for??? And don’t get me started on the name Asian Doll…isn’t that cultural appropriation? I guess that a subject for another day. LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      The dick policing against black men is off the chain. The two predominant groups that engage in the practice are racist white men and black women. Other non black men also practice the same but to a slightly lesser degree. I used to watch Tariq regularly back in the day until his ultra grift became clear.

      I’m in your camp, I believe he doesn’t believe much of what he preaches. The dude talks black but lives in a predominantly white neighbourhood, he knows that most black folks are dysfunctional, hence why he refuses to live around them. As with black women, we have to look at Nasheed’s action in order to determine where he’s at.

      Back in the day Nasheed was no different to the old school Tommy Sotomayor, Tariq was openly encouraging black men to travel and get with quality, feminine, cooperative, submissive, attractive, child free women, now however it all of a sudden about “protecting black women” even though as you pointed out, his wife is mixed.

      Most folks who went in on Fresh and Fit a number of weeks back were simply looking for views, however channels like Aba and Preach As well as Playback were dead serious with their commentary, all of a sudden they’re completely blind to black female dysfunction, smh.

      The blind protection and devotion towards black women by most black men is honestly a disgusting sight to behold, this modern day black female has shafted the black man in every way possible and yet there are still hoards of black men lining up ready to fall upon the sword for these traitors.

      1. Straight facts Verbs! It’s insane how most black men have a blind loyalty to a group of women that give zero fucks about them when it really comes down to it. Those dudes are your real sellouts, self haters, & coons!

  4. Your best bet is to just walk away and ignore them, they are wards of the state and you can’t compete with his resources. Your arms are too short to box with god (government). Most of these simps who defend daggles aren’t sophisticated enough to date out with anyone half decent so they have no choice but to defend daggles. They have no where else to go. Read Ebony magazines from the 70’s on and see their representations of “black love”. They included the relationship between Andre Rison and LeftEye Lopez as an example true strong black love, and this was AFTER she burnt down his house! If I don’t want a woman who will burn down my house or do some other extremely vindictive, hurtful, evil and down right dangerous thing to me, something is wrong with me? How is wanting to be with someone who would do something like that to you not a sign of severe low self esteem and masochism? The black woman is EVIL, not misguided, not misunderstood or neglected, SHE IS EVIL! As in works actual witchcraft, destroy her own children on purpose evil. It’s time we face the facts. Who ever wants them can have them, I’ll pass.

    1. Upgraydd,

      That’s the crazy part right there, refusing to deal with evil, malevolent women is somehow seen as “weak” and “dishonourable” in the eyes of black women and their blue pilled, pro black simp cohorts, this is how backwards many black folks have become. Indeed, walking away from a dysfunctional black society including the mad hatters who run it is the best strategy for the heterosexual free thinking black man.

      Black love is clearly dead and black women were the ones that killed it. Those black men who believe that they can still find “the one” and delude themselves into thinking that the situation within black female society isn’t that bad deserve every calamity that befalls them. How can you have black love when the opposite party views you as an enemy that has to be destroyed by any means necessary?

    2. Sir,

      I applaud you for this message. There is no obligation to deal with or tolerate the presence of an evil woman who despises productive men black men anyway. This is so easy to grasp that only a fool continues to even see these women as an option. I legit leave my house and can rarely tell you how many BW I saw during my outing because they don’t exist as viable options to me. They are simply NPCs and cardboard cutouts you have to navigate around.

      Who literally has time to entertain looking for or even having consideration for someone who has already told you they HATE you?

  5. This right here just amazes me. Evervybody can have a preference, can date whoever because “love is colorblind,” but the black man has to stick to his own, we got to keep it pure? Yeah, I definitely have a serious problem with that hypocrisy shit. They really want us to either be with a black woman because we got to keep the black race going (We ain’t keeping up with shit because the black race is done, we ain’t gonna make it as a whole), be single and miserable, or worst, be LGBTQ. These simps are not helping the situation at all, coming to the defense of the black women. Homie you ain’t finna get into that, you ain’t getting them chocolate points my dude. They can defend the black woman all they want too, but when they come across black women who’s gonna stay doing some dirty shit to them simps, what they gonna do, be a sitting duck and let the shit happen? I don’t know how much crap we done put up with as black men, but Enough is enough.

    1. D.K.Phantom,

      Nope, no choice for you, in the eyes of the same black witch that doesn’t want you as well as her blue pilled, pro black simps, you must stick with the black female no matter what. As we already know, black women don’t like their simp flunkies either, they simply use them to get the grunt work accomplished. Nobody dictates to me who I date, NOBODY.

      1. They don’t want you.
        They also don’t want you to have anybody else.

        – a Daggle on the Jerry Springer show

  6. Verbs back with the 2022 fire 🔥

    I’m glad you touched on that Aba and Preach video, I assumed it was petty bickering and dick policing on their part towards Fresh and Fit, however even they must acknowledge that brothers are making serious waves in SYSBM. It’s disappointing they’re having to tow the line, but that’s “YouTube guidelines” for you.

    Censoring opposing views, wanting to keep you locked in your town, shaming, coercion and threatening harm for even hinting at criticism. Does that all sound familiar at this time? BW are MK ultra programmed by the very same communists pushing slavery on all of us, but we were the testing ground and the bellwether for actual social change.

    SYSBM is nobody else’s business. Slave catcher is over. Love is love, remember? Or does that just apply to BW and WM?

    1. Michel,

      Fresh and Fit pretty much listed the same issues with black women as a group we’ve been talking about on this website for years, however all of a sudden because Aba and Preach had been going in on them for a while, what was common knowledge before and acknowledged conveniently became “racism” and black female dysfunction no longer existed, you couldn’t make this garbage up.

      Love is love EXCEPT when a black man steps out and gets with an attractive non black woman, such a move isn’t viewed as love, instead it is looked upon as a problem. Too many black male content creators on Youtube are the gatekeepers of black female skullduggery, as I’ve stated before, as long as black men continue to make up excuses for black women and their janky behaviour, black female society will never improve, NEVER!

      SYSBM continues to go from strength to strength, you’d have thought that the opposition would’ve realised by now that the lifestyle cannot be stopped but I guess not!

  7. The black community wants non black communities to love them and the simp male want ape negresses to love him.

    The answer is they won’t love them and the simp won’t love himself.

    No other communities behave like this except the black community.

    It is easier for a white woman to date out with a black man than an ape negress dating out, everyone knows this.

    1. Witwijf,

      All of what you’ve stated are the reasons why heterosexual, free thinking, intelligent black men check out of black society and never look back.

    2. I don’t like the typical black female. She is a product of dysfunctional Negro subculture. Nor do I like the typical black male simp who is also a product of the same dysfunctional Negro subculture.

      It is not because of their skin color or hair texture that I dislike them. It is because of their dysfunctional behaviors and their warped mentalities.

      The typical scraggle daggle is mentally ill. She hates black men but loves black male simps and bottom shelf Brads. She is stupid, arrogant and super entitled, while bringing nothing but negativity to the table.

      The typical black male simp is incapable of having honor when interacting with other black men. He tries to live up to every racist Chabad stereotype about black males. He is a pest and pestilence in da communitah. He worhips the diseased, stanky, unattractive black scraggle daggle.

      I work hard so that I don’t have to live around these types. I avoid venues where they gather in large numbers, and I generally give them a wide berth. I enjoy my life, and usually my day is not darkened by their presence.

  8. When I saw this, I went in the kitchen cupboard and open up the alcohol for this. Right, you see Aba & Preach and Playback, when I saw the two videos from them; it’s nothing but dick policing. It’s all dick policing in 2022. They are doing the same thing what Willie D, Tariqa Nasheed, DR Foolmar Johnson, Woke Poofgressive, Shawn James and Bareback Fountain is doing. When a black man is with a non black woman or he says that black woman is not his preference, everyone will come after him. But they nothing when a black woman is with a non black man but most of the time some of the black woman will end up with the below average white man and use her for ghetto gaggers at the slave plantation.

    When you see Fresh & Fit podcast, when they have a black woman there, it’s nothing but a dysfunctional woman there. I don’t know why they are bringing ratchet black women to their podcast; however it goes to show how black women can be when the ratchetness comes, especially when it’s recorded. When things get recorded, the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are willing to show their ratchetness on display. And these simps are there just defending these hoodrats just to get some pum pum!

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe for 2022 because these simps are coming after non black women who are with black men for the defence for these ghetto ratchet hoodrats.

    I’m just goanna chill and have another glass of alcohol. Laters!

    1. Money Cultural,

      The so called “black community” is full of dick police officers who want upwardly mobile black men to marry black women who have been ran through and used up by the likes of Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey, Cheezy Grillz, Spoony, Sheggy etc. There are no other communities on this planet where the men are either encouraged or on the flip side shamed, bullied and guilt tripped into dealing with high mileage females and single mothers, what a shame and an utter disgrace.

      1. @Money Cultural @Verbs
        Have you noticed that generally speaking only rappers, black athletes and other black celebrities marry strippers? Now a lot of them are marrying instagram “models” lmfao. Kanye West, Montell Griffin, Ice T, Offset, the list is too long to name. In contrast just google golfer wives. Celebrity multi millionaires literally have the pick of the litter, cream of the crop, creme de la creme as they are both celebrities AND rich. How absolutely lost and fucked your entire race has to be to do that, something no other race BAR NONE does on mass? Only in black clown world do your celebrity millionaires marry hoes who got naked and put strange mens dicks in their mouths for money. And these are your millionaire celebrities, imagine what your everyday rank and file black man is dealing with. It’s time we start accepting reality. Any black man who defends them is just as toxic as they are, flip side of the same coin. I don’t care if he says some things that you like, the poison they spew will kill any chance of your success or happiness. 90% water and “only” 10% poison will kill you just the same. To any black men out there with any sense I’m not saying just don’t date daggles, run as far away from the black community as you possibly can!

        1. Upgraydd,

          Your post is just spot on. As so many of us have said over and over again, the scraggle daggle is toxic, the black male simp is toxic. Yes, they are flip sides of the same coin.

          Many of the richest and most famous black males love to simp. Note Will Smith and Russell Wilson, to name two. Many of these simps actually preach simping, like its a Gospel.

          But the problem is bigger than the individual scraggle daggle or individual black male simp. As you have pointed out, it is the culture of ‘black clown world’ that mass produces people with the mentality to behave so dysfunctionally while seeing it as normal behavior.

          I totally agree that any black man with sense, should run from the toxic culture of da communitah. And if he is not able to run from it physically, he should run from it mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

      2. When I see a black man who wants to know where black men are putting their dicks in, other dudes must be wondering is this guy is homosexual. We are goanna have more and more simps in 2022 and they are willing to defend these ghetto ratchet hoodrats that they love and adore.

      3. Avoid the reprobates of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan) at ALL COSTS!

        That is all.


    2. “Latinas are the biggest threat to BW but White women are still their nemesis.”

      Goddamn that’s a very powerful statement right there.

      1. Yeah, black women are raised to be independent but some of them are living off the government just like their mothers like the antagonist in the 2009 movie Precious.

      2. The blonde haired, blue-eyed White woman haunts Black women’s dreams. BW are petrified that BM will hop the fence with WW and never come back, no matter what they say. Money Cultural is right that Latinas are the new stealth contender for Black Men. More and more are stepping out and dealing with us.

        When Trump was in office I predicted that with Latino men getting deported in ICE raids, a lot of their women left behind would start dealing more with BM. Especially those in close contact in school, etc.

  9. I watch legend of winning the Ethiopian guy from AMP and Playback he is meh. I have only watched 1 of Aba and Preach videos I think they may be African not sure,so I am not qualified to speak on them. They may have only dated there tribes women in the past thus they may not have a good scope of American black women. Again I don’t know much about their show . May they all continue to have great success though . #respect

    1. Aba is Ethiopian. Preach is Haitian.


  10. Black wimps, err simps are pathetic. As mentioned, they’ll cape for a group that cares about them less than a vegan cares for the price of pot roast. Black women don’t even care about themselves, they just mosey through life like scrounging animals.

    What do these simps get out of this? These idiots don’t even get a herpes-ridden blowjob, let alone a real relationship. That’s like constantly simping for Ford and they won’t even give you free gas for your Taurus.

    Black people are retarded kid in the class, especially black women, because for as much as they bitch about racism, not enough people are being mean to black folks and telling them the honest to God truth. For one, they need to realize that they have the worst group of FEMALE LIFE on the planet, lower than goats, pigs and birds. Maybe when they realize that and start cracking the whip, they’ll start making a turn for the better as a culture.

    Money Cultural mentioned Monique’s character in Precious. THAT is black women’s image, and the sooner that black women and their simps are FORCED to recognize this, the better. You don’t sell bbq shit sandwiches with moldy by pointing out that a T-Bone steak might not always be perfect.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These dudes don’t even get any crumbs nor scraps that fall from the black witch’s derelict table, they get absolutely nothing in return for heavy simping and bootlicking services rendered. Indeed, the image and reputation of the modern day black female is square in the sewer system, however it seems that black women and the simps that worship and pine after them either haven’t received the memo yet or they point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in 2022 when the words “black women” are mentioned, nothing positive comes to mind, NOTHING! Mind you, that is their own doing, nobody else is to blame but them.

  11. First off, let’s just point out that UnFresh & UnFit are a bunch of clowns; they say they don’t date Black women, yet they can’t help but bring them on time and time again! I believe they continue inviting these daggles back to their podcast because the videos where Myron goes off on one of them for “disrespecting” his platform get more views than the videos where he and Fresh discuss finance and fitness; their audience of incels would much rather see Myron put a thot in her place, speaking of which, he had the opportunity to do so when Brittany Renner made a surprise appearance on DJ Akademiks’ podcast and confronted the duo:

    Although I don’t think these two are the best spokespeople for this topic, they aren’t wrong in their assessment of the daggle; it’s the same thing many in this space have said. I also noticed that you’re aware of Preach being married to a White woman; Aba isn’t married, but he’s dated White women in the past. Aba & Preach’s audience includes BW, which is probably why they responded to this the way they did; as for Playback, both of those guys are blue-pilled lames who are simping for the same group of women who wouldn’t spit in their mouths if they were dying of thirst in the Mojave Desert. More credence has been added to the notion that not every Black man can be saved.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I remember I wrote an article on Fresh and Fit a while back because they recommended that in order to attract women, you had to ditch the Android and get yourself an Iphone, what part of “game” is that? This is some goofy nonsense on it’s face, here is the video that I’m referring to for those who may not have seen it:

      I’m completely in your corner, they aren’t the best people to speak on this particular topic, though they weren’t wrong in their assessment of this modern day black female. There are very few black men out here who have the balls to acknowledge black female dysfunction and call it out, just look at the amount of guys in the Black Manosphere who started right but later on down the line folded and bowed down to the black witch.

      Black men with their testicular fortitude intact who aren’t afraid to hold black women accountable these days come a dime a dozen.

  12. Sup Verb

    hope all is well bro , ive been saying this for years, The Simp has messed up the game , they get taken to court for child support ,cheated on , used and abused, The Simp will always find an excuse to DEFEND these whores debauchery and dysfunction ,i say let them have em , while we laugh from the side lines

    1. Issuez7,

      Salute to you fam, it’s always good to hear from you, appreciate you passing through. Yep, the simps have contaminated the dating market with their muddy bootlicking antics, you might as well say that black female improvement is an abandoned project that has to be shelved due to its non feasibility. As I’ve stated before, the simp has now become even more of a pestilence and a curse than the black females who created him.

  13. Happy New Year fellas.

    I Keep telling y’all, the simp is the Agent Smith of the black community. Anything masculine where we try to exert some kind of control over our lives or environment, he’ll go running to Mammy for scooby snacks and a pat on the head. The female-identified simp even Dick Polices like women even though he is in a male body…the original transwomen.

  14. Black female culture is weird as fuck. They are the absolute worst female counterparts in the history of human culture & definitely not up to the task of helping black culture in the US (or what’s left of it) overcome the gigantic challenges it faces.

    Something is SPIRITUALLY wrong with modern-day black female, and has been for a long time. The intractable dysfunction in the hood is a direct reflection of “the hand that rocks the cradle” there. I truly believe we’re on our way out as a culture — we’re literally facing genocide because of the ways of modern black women.

    That being said — does anyone have any images or videos of Chrystalin Karazin in false mustache, mocking black men in the role of “Tyrone”? Now that her “Pink Pill” courses have blown up (& have even been featured in mainstream media) she’s pivoted away from spewing hatred of black men & seems to have scrubbed the internet of any of her “Tyrone” videos or images.

    I want to find those images for my own content to demonstrate how media will sell black men out & prop up women like her.

    She finally admitted she’s divorced from the white guy btw, saying in a tweet something to the effect of “20 years was a pretty good run”. Of course, we all know they were likely separated looong before, but the astounding thing is, in spite of having kids by the guy & ending up in divorce, she has zero bitterness toward him and NO bitterness at all toward white men. She spent YEARS slandering black men out of bitterness toward her first kid’s father, but no bitterness toward white men after this divorce.

    She claims now to be dating a black millionaire. Yeah right — now in her 40s, 4 kids by two men of two different races, with a history of bashing black men & some black MILLIONAIRE is going to choose her? lol She’ll tell anything to her super-gullible followers. What a fuckin’ narcissistic sociopath she is, but — seriously — that’s par for the course with black women. They can rationalize ANYTHING.

    If anyone can point me to images of her as “Tyrone” I’d appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  15. Have ya’ll seem Preach’s wife? He is a shame on all black men alive, stereotypical 450lb white feminist(seriously). Also Aba is bitter at getting curved by white girls.

    1. FLClimax,

      When I first saw a picture of Preach’s wife I was in complete shock, the woman looks far more masculine than him. Additionally, for all Preach’s talk on standards, why hasn’t the dude checked his wife on her size(because we already know being that big is NOT healthy) and told her to initiate some sort of health plan?

      I didn’t know that Preach’s wife was a feminist(again, where are the standards on his part). I seriously believe something more is going on with those guys, Aba has already talked about the fact that he’s been rejected many times throughout his life and Preach marries a wide load super tanker. Some folks ought not to speak on certain issues, smh:

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