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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, this was send down from the Lord, chief and commander himself MBD, looks like we’ve got another hit-piece on our hands and it seems that this black feminist is a close associate of the fake academic Aaron Fountain himself as she makes reference to him in her article(no surprises there):

One thing many more black men need to understand and understand well, anybody who refuses to bow down to and lick the muddy boots of the black witch contingent, but who instead chooses to uphold and protect his masculinity and manhood is automatically viewed as an enemy and must be demonised, shamed and negatively labelled.

Since the modern day black female has been given the faux leadership position over black society by her white lord and saviour Major Frost, she has always seen black masculinity and manhood as a serious threat to that position and in turn has gone out her way employ various techniques to ensure that black males don’t develop their masculinity properly and flourish into their full manhood.

And to think we’ve still got so many blue pilled, pro black male simp knuckleheads out here who foolishly believe that black women are on their side despite the overwhelming evidence demonstrating the contrary, smh. Brothers understand, you merely attempting to get your house in order is seen as a code red, omega level emergency by black women and their blue pilled simp flunkies.

SYSBM continues to grow in strength and agitate those who feel threatened by it, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here fellas, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Masculinity And Black Manhood Both Must Always Be Protected And Upheld

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I will never bow down to a black woman or any woman of any race because I value my manhood. The government are now saying that vaccinated people can travel without getting tested. I reckon by the end of this year or in 2023 that unvaccined people can travel without getting the vaccine, being tested or isolating when they come back from holiday. The other day there was a big nurse nhs staff protest in Trafalgar Square because they don’t want to get vaccinated and they will lose their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated and I don’t blame them at all because they can see what bullshit that the government is doing to this country by making companies force their work staff to get vaccinated and nobody should be forced to do anything. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to get vaccinated.

  2. If they do not understand by now ….. Amongst the mountains and mountains of evidence. No pun intended bro’s. Then so be it, you can only tell them the truth….. If they reject it. Meh! #saveyourselfsocalledblackman

  3. Black females, especially the pseudo educated ones, won’t hesitate to tell black men that they don’t exist to validate your masculinity, they don’t exist to make you feel good about yourselves, they don’t exist to keep you in your comfort zones.

    But simultaneous to this, they and their blue pilled black simps, demand that the black man exist first of all to validate their femininity, the black man exists to make them feel good about themselves, and the black man exists to keep them in their comfort zones.

    Here is what I say to black females and their blue pilled black simps. A black man has the right to dislike you. A black man has the right to find you undesirable. A black man has the right to find you repulsive. A black man has the right to reject you. A black man has the right to ignore you. A black man has the right to have women who are better than you.

  4. “She explains that on dating apps, Black women are often not selected by male partners, and when they do garner attention, tropes of them as sluts or welfare queens also mean they face fetishization and derogatory language. According to Adeyinka-Skold, “[Black women] are the only racial group to be excluded by non-Black men and Black men.””

    This is what it comes down to, no one can blame the Black Mansophere for BW being UNIVERSALLY rejected for dating and marriage. Dudes string them along for gutter sex but thats about it. Once again this point drives BW crazy because for most of them when it comes to dating its a BM or nobody, and good BM dont want them anymore.

    Also notice that the BW who wrote the article compared the BM she was on a Zoom date with to Black trolls on twitter, but she still had 3 hour date with him. You think that she would have hung up earlier if he bothered her that much, but BW are desperate for any attention they can get, and you can see this desperation reflected in their dress and behavior.

  5. Another ape negress complaining about preference rejections and mostly jealous of conservative white women.

    Eugenics was mentioned in the article about sysbm philosophy.

    Eugenics is needed to wipe out black societies universally.

    Unfortunately the black male simps outnumber black men dating out on a global scale.

  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday afternoon,

    Nicole Young: “MBD’s language veers close to eugenics…”

    Me: So, and?

  7. As far as Aaron Fountain Jr, he made a farewell video as he is leaving YouTube:

    He’ll be back eventually.

    Also have you guys hear about the Manosphere Meetup last year?
    It was good because they were talking about business, building and solutions.

    People are hating on the meetup because they did not mention anything about Black women or any women in general and why should they. Brothers are thinking about building and women are not part of it.

    1. Good to hear. Brothers have finally glommed on to the fact that BW and their simp drone flunkies bring nothing but confusion and chaos whenever straight Black Men want to build. The best way to move forward is to ice them out.

    2. Man Of Tomorrow did several videos about it when it initially happened; that’s the only way I heard about it.

  8. Have all seen this?

    I don’t even watch F&F only heard about them but damn. The black manosphere or shall I say the manosphere in general is a joke nowadays. From my observations some commentators make good points however its action that I prefer to see. As all I’ve seen is talk mostly.

    Some channels like sandman for example is just constant whining about women nothing else. What makes it worse is he is part of dominant society so has it easy by default, could even implement changes without being challenged. This is why I have no sympathy for white men. Then you have the grifters like Umar Johnson or classes trying make money off unfortunate people.

    Over here yes we discuss but we also put our words into action, don’t pick dysfunctional women and call out dysfunctional behavior. We also discuss other things too which I respect.

    There are far more pressing issues in the world. At this current time I say let the system fall apart it doesn’t benefit the majority of people.

    Before we know it there may be war with China – Taiwan and Russia – Ukraine(maybe Nato but I find that unlikely since they didn’t do anything when Russia invaded Georgia).

    1. As you stated, there’s no sympathy to be had for white men. These dudes bitch about the system that they otherwise fight tooth and claw to uphold.

      A “red pill” white man is typically just a palette swapped swirler.

      1. But Peter from Sweden insists immigrants are raping all of his lily White blond women! Be a patriot!

        (what he actually means is he’s disgusted that black men are snapping up nordic girls and wants sexual communism to return for his own carnal gluttony, hidden under the veneer of “patriotism”)

        Bunch of pseudo nationalist race grifters.

        1. Yet dude is probably off beating himself blue down there to Asian or ghetto gagger porn.

  9. Happy Wednesday people, Money Cultural here.

    The article of SYSBM. I’m really not surprised of this at all and Bareback Fountain name was there as well. Listen in 2022, simping is goanna continue until Simptember comes, trust me. The feminist who did this article has a huge distain towards black men but then come back to them when the grass is not greener on the other side.

    Kid Organic made two videos. The first one was with Fresh & Fit Myron Gaines in bed with a white beta male Mr. Clean and the man is hugging him up as well. Yep, Mr. Clean like booty as well. He’s getting the lubricate ready for Myron’s butt hole. The next video is when the white beta male gives his black girlfriend piss in a wine as a prank. Let me tell you something. I really don’t wanna go on with this thing.

    And I saw a live stream of True Freeman getting drunk. When he was getting off his chair the man stumbled on the floor and piss himself. Two guys who were on the live stream were laughing their heads off. Guys, this True Semen is a real loser and I wonder why his wife cheats on him. Let me tell you something. If a man sees a club and a woman is with a man that she don’t give a fuck about and she sees him drunk like a drunk man in the street and one of the man stark mackin’ the woman, chirping her up and then telling to lets head to her place and leave that drunk negro there, she’ll go with him and leave the simp dude in the club drunk you know.

    I’m not surprised that of the article from the feminist and Bareback Fountain still don’t wanna deal with his childhood traumas so keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these simps are coming after the non black women who are dating black men.


  10. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Hard to believe we’re close to the end of January 2022 already; time flies by so much faster these days. So, I see we have a new SYSBM naysayer in the form of Nicole Young; her biography says she’s written for a magazine that’s called “Bitch” (sounds like a wonderful publication). Also, the fact that she discusses race, Black womanhood, and politics is a red flag; expect nothing less than misandry against Black men from this type.

    Now, onto the latest hit piece: so, I was not aware dates were taking place on Zoom now; she does live in Philadelphia, so there must be some mandate in place up there that led to this. So, her date King (as she called him) sounds like one of those guys who thinks he must “Alpha” his way through life to appear masculine; honestly, King sounded like he was in competition with her for the role of wearing the pants were a relationship to blossom from their Zoom date (which sounded more like a meeting with a psychologist). King is the kind of dude who you would expect to listen to so called dating experts like Fresh & Fit, Coach Greg Adams, and Alan Roger Currie (more on this mindset later).

    After rehashing her Zoom date with King, she immediately invokes Fake Academic Fountain which is her first major mistake here; this is the same fake academic who constantly stalks various content creators within this space, published yellow journalism style hit pieces without a journalism license (on a now defunct website), and threatened to doxx a few of them including Man Of Tomorrow, an Air Force veteran with military clearance who instantly got in contact with the FBI’s Indiana branch and had them visit his school. Fountain has no journalistic integrity, and I suspect he coached Nicole Young in writing this article; note how her rhetoric mirrors that of past videos he’s made, especially the eugenics argument.

    Next, she goes into some diatribe about the philosophy of SYSBM and then references the Moynihan Report, calling it “oft debunked” and having an “enduring place” in the talking points of White conservatism; this sounds like another variation of the “heterosexual Black men are the White people of Black people” talking point. Basically, our talking points sound too conservative for her; I don’t know what White conservatives Ms. Young is referring to, but I hear no mention of Moynihan or his 1965 report amongst their conversations, let alone the Democratic party he belonged to when he was alive.

    As promised earlier, I shall return to the mindset of Black Manosphere acolytes and why they gravitate towards the red pill; Ms. Young pointed out how King lamented the fact that she asked him out first and called her behavior “masculine”, which says alot about his own insecurities. He still believes he can conduct himself as a traditional man with modern women; this is why men like King go red pill: they despise what modern women have become, and wish to “reclaim the throne” by dominating these same broken women with game. Another reason I believe these men go so hard on Black women is because many of them have had failed relationships with Black women and have Black daughters with these women; they know the future is looking grim for Black women, and they don’t wish to see their own daughters suffer that same fate.

    Last thing to point out about this article: there was no mention of the SYSBM Tenets whatsoever; funny how everyone who addresses SYSBM never address the Tenets. Anyway, that’s all I have to share for now regarding this article; feel free to share anything else that stood out to you guys.

  11. And another article that wont change a fucking thing lol. Congrats to her on wasting her breath/keystrokes. Less and less dudes are playing this game(especially Gen Z). And most of us aren’t even making videos or articles. Simply making different choices with your life is such a silent yet effective tactic.

    Once again why deal with people who hate you?

    1. Upgraydd,

      The mainstream media is truly a devil’s organisation, perpetually propagating lies and falsehoods. They either don’t report on the news that really matters or they’ll report on it with an extremely heavy spin.

        1. Upgraydd,

          This is the next move to open the door for these corrupt governments to exterminate all livestock and pets, remember they ran the CJD(Mad Cow Disease)Kansas City Shuffle over here back in the 90s. A lot of farmers fell for the Okey Doke and destroyed their cattle and livestock for nothing. I also see they’re trying to resurrect this same CJD bollocks once again. At the same time we have this massive push for people to go vegan, everywhere I look there are vegan products being advertised left and right. Coincidence, I think not.

          1. “You vill eat fake meat and you vill be happy.”

            – Satan Klaus Schwab

    2. There’s a vegan nutritionist and bodybuilder from Canada that I follow on IG who has posted about this on his story; he clearly doesn’t agree with the mandates that Canada has put in place, so he was thrilled to see Canadians unite to protest the tyranny. He also said that the media at first ignored the protests, then they tried to tie it to the far right and a race related cause; the Prime Minister even went so far as to label them a “fringe group with unacceptable views that do not represent Canadians”. Good to see Canadians standing up for their right to freedom.

    3. Upgraydd,

      Your boy Trudeau is on the run, he’s now conveniently “self isolating” after being “exposed” to the Rona but his rapid test was NEGATIVE. He must think all people out there are that stupid. It’s good to see Canadians finally stepping up, Australia could learn a thing or two from Canada right now:

      1. He was diagnosed with CONVOY-22.


    1. @Verbs
      Yeah I saw this and was going to post it but you beat me to it. This is how crazy the world is. But if you believe men can have babies what won’t you believe? Here is a follow up to that, this is not an isolated incident.

      They’re somewhat denying it now because of the massive push back.
      We’re living in Romans 1:26-28

  12. Well well well, we have an acolyte of the one and only Fake Academic Fountain writing more slander pieces in the mainstream press – funny that… Don’t think you can roll up with Save Yourself Black Man SYSBM articles in any of the Deep State owned publications – in fact a BM has to hide his identity on YouTube to even speak about it.

    I’m not surprised at the evocation of “eugenics” from that woman but the abortion of 20million black fetuses since the 1970s gets completely ignored. In fact I’m just waiting for the term “self hate” to pop up in a future article. We’re all used to a Daggle expending ammo on people who she has a line of hatred for, but is still angling to date anyway, why are we even shocked anymore?

    An article that boils down to the author wanting to instill sexual apartheid and dating communism, whilst enmploying the Marxist word salad playbook in order to mind control black men back onto the Democrat cotton fields. All to compensate for Nicole’s own chronic singledom. Typical.

    Fruits, daggles and simps have unfettered access to run sexual slave catcher on Admiral Iceberg’s media channels, but a brother living his life needs to be watched over and controlled like pigs on a farm? Fuck outta here.

    As for Fake Academic Fountain, he needs to go see a psychotherapist for his unresolved childhood trauma as its clearly driving his obsessive behaviour. He will never be good enough for his momma, so he just needs to accept it and heal.

    1. @Michel
      Forgive my ignorance, but isn’t only sleeping with a certain segment of males (Jack a Nigga JaMarcus, Clock Rocks, Dope Man DeAndre etc), during your prime child bearing years while avoiding and even ridiculing the productive males of your race for the simple crime of not being degenerate a form of eugenics (dysgenics)?

      Eugenics gets a bad rap but all it is is creating an environment where your best and brightest marry and procreate with each other. Animal breeders do it, and now even the Chinese are doing it openly. Only a dumb group of people wouldn’t. There is only one group of people on earth who openly practice dysgenics. What’s the name of that comminitah again?

      1. “Jack-a-nigha” 😂

        “Their body, their choice”. But doesn’t apply to brothers apparently.

        I see Supreme Judge Clarence Thomas getting called a Sellout again on mainstream television, along with Amy Barrett. White women and Black men both in the same boat against (let’s be Frank here) ped elites.

        1. Yep, notice who they demonize the most. Notice that soyboy white men are rarely demonized in the media.

          White men are the face of pedos and trannies, and it’s white women and black men who are hated by both groups the most.

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