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She’s Right But The Situation Cannot Be Fixed Now!


Free thinking black men have been saying these exact same things for the longest while but because black men don’t have a loud enough voice, we’ve simply been ignored. It’s too late to correct the destructive path black women themselves have chosen to embark upon, black women as a collective have rolled the dice and unfortunately have chosen pain, misery, suffering, death and destruction as their final destination points.

The reason why the black female of the US is above criticism is because she has been weaponised by the State against her own people, the bigger problem at the same time is there are too many black men who either just can’t see it or read the writing on the wall but refuse to accept it as the truth.

As I’ve been stating for the longest, the best way to deal with this modern day dysfunctional black female is to simply abandon her, walk away, leave her to rot, stew, marinate and burn in her own failures, the suggestion of beating black women in order to obtain submission from them is not behaviour normal, stable, level headed black men engage in, that is the 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Cheezy Grillz, Two Snacks, Chunky Bruh zone.

You shouldn’t have to physically discipline a grown woman, such action already demonstrates that the mentality of that particular female is beyond repair and as a result she should be abandoned with the quickness.

Now, this has always been the position of TRUE SYSBM practitioners, the abandonment model has never changed, however as per the article I wrote detailing Rajaee Black killing his ex wife and his girlfriend, some yellow bellied, blue pilled simp Negroes got butthurt and reported the article to the previous website host who subsequently shut down the entire Slaying Evil website.

I’ll keep on stating that SYSBM is for the very, very few, NOT the many. There are black men lurking out here whose mouths claim to be in support of the SYSBM philosophy and lifestyle, however their hearts very much still reside with this black female, they simply can’t let her go and still believe they can find “the one” despite all of the evidence demonstrating the contrary(SYSBM in theory but NEVER in practice).

As I’ve stated before, these days it’s no longer black women fighting and railing against heterosexual free thinking brothers, nope, instead we’re now having to face off against these soft, weak, effeminate, emasculated, blue pilled black male simps who have been dispatched by the black witch herself to wreak havoc upon those black men who choose NOT to follow, bow down to and worship the sacred cow of “da communitah”.

Black men with sense and intelligence for the longest while have been wisely concluding that black women just aren’t worth the trouble and have been choosing to take their chances elsewhere with women of other ethnicities with more success overall in finding a compatible long term companion.

Of course as Shemeka Michelle stated, black women will come out and call black women like her “pick mes” and will forever call those black men like us who hold them to account “n****s, coons, Uncle Toms, sellouts” etc.

At this point this modern day black female is the equivalence of a car insurance write off, she cannot be saved nor redeemed and anybody foolish enough to think otherwise and who still attempts to do so will be forced to embrace the same recompense and judgement coming to her.

This is exactly why black female society will never change and will progressively swirl further and further down the toilet bowl, because these pestilent black male simps are too far brainwashed and too stupid to figure out that NO IMPROVEMENTS will ever come about without correction and holding the feet of these same dysfunctional black females to the fire of accountability.

Shemeke Michelle is right about black women as a collective destroying themselves and everybody else around them, however she’s dead wrong in believing that the situation can be turned around and fixed, at this stage IT CAN’T, the modern day black female is done and there’s nothing anybody outside of the Most High himself can do to change that.

Gentlemen, continue walking away from these dysfunctional black females as true SYSBM practitioners have been doing and at the same time watch your six because as commenter Schadenfreude has said, we have many Trojan Horse/Agent Smiths of the failed state of Blackistan out here lurking in dark corners as well as observing from a far taking notes and reporting back to their black female overlords.

Always remember, not everybody who flies the banner of SYSBM is SYSBM. Again, let us NEVER forget that we have many evil, red/green eyed black men out here who just like their black female creators get extremely angry, upset, bitter and envious whenever they see productive, free thinking brothers who have successfully broken free from the plantation flourishing. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Modern Day Black Female Is Finished

Most High Bless

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35 thoughts on “She’s Right But The Situation Cannot Be Fixed Now!

  1. All blackistan males are the biggest enemies to every black man dating out.

    In western societies, any black men with conservative white women will need stronger security protection.

    My term of blackistan males implies to black males choosing not to date out.

    Black couple relationships are cursed globally, not only in USA but worldwide.

    1. Witwijf,

      I’d have to agree, you rarely if ever see so called “black love” working even though these same blackistani simps are constantly harping on about it.

    2. Blackistan refers to one of the three major countries in the Ghetto Union. The other countries are Simpistan and Cuckistan.

      Avoid the Ghetto Union at all costs!


  2. Good post. As you said she is right, but its too late. I believe that some BW like her can see the mess that they are in and speak out. But some BW are only appropriating SYSBM language in order to get attention or get a Good BM, once they lock down a sucker the mask will come off and he is screwed. Good BM can save themselves the trouble of trying to figure out who’s who by just not dating BW. Keep the Wall up.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Yep, so called “good black women” allowed this mess to come to fruition by failing to check the dysfunctional members of their sisterhood in good time, now the chickens are coming home to roost.

      Good black men are checking out of the building in their droves, they realise the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze and that they have a much higher chance of forging successful relationships elsewhere.

      Remember, these are the same black women who refer to the best and the brightest of black male society as “lames” and “squares”. What other ethnicities of women engage in this same backwards practice when it comes to describing their top tier male counterparts, I’ll wait?

    2. As you have stated and concur with, SYSBM is for the strong, few and brave BM will to color outside the lines.

      Many can’t see themselves in long term relationships with non-BW thinking they will still have a seat at the table of the B1’s, who they are truly scared of, not BW.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women have destroyed their image and its their fault. Nobody told them to have lots of kids from the wrong multiple baby fathers, nobody told them to spend stupid amounts of money on weaves, fake wigs, fake nails, bum implants, fake boobs, etc. Nobody told them to bleach their skin lighter because they are ashamed of being black. Nobody told them to get into lots of debt from their micky mouse university degrees in which they will never be able to pay the student loan debt back. Nobody told them to take at credit card debt and bank loan debt to fake being rich because they are trying to keep up with the Joneses lifestyle because they are trying to complete with their fake wig friends. Nobody told them to be obese and fat. Nobody told them to be the most shittiest parents on the planet who beat their kids to black and blue over any silly reason. Nobody told them to have kids that they couldn’t afford in the worst financial situation known to mankind. Nobody told them to be the worlds worst wife or girlfriends to decent black men but at the worship white men like gods like their white lord and saviour so that they can have those mixed race kids with that good hair and blue eyes. Nobody forced black women into feminism. Black women did this all to themselves to no point of return. I refuse to date black women and single mothers because I have walked away from black women a long time ago when I was 16 years old all the way back in October 1998 and I don’t regret it one bit and I am going to be 40 in early June 2022. As a childfree man I am only interested in dating childfree beautiful single non black women because I want to build a nuclear family from scratch with them. I thank God that I am a SYSBM black man.

  4. Indeed. Not only watch your six, but watch out for your managers at the job as well.

  5. It is not that they are above criticism it is that everyone was applying the War Maxim of “If your enemy is destroying not intefere”.

    There is really nothing to see here. Keep it moving and secure your location and the resources to survive and feed your unit. This is a joke because this same ethnic group sat in a church for 400 years, which is to say they were essentially in Christian School for 400 years. How do you go to school for 400 years and not even grasp the basic lessons??!!?!?!

    1. Lurker,

      It’s the only way black women “may” learn the error of their ways, they have to be left to marinate, stew, rot and burn in their own failures, bailing them out for all of this time has unjustly postponed the resulting fallout, no more. They must suffer the consequences of their foolish decision making.

  6. If Shemeke Michelle is being authentic, then I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her because she is going down the drain with her black sisterhood.

    What I would say to women like Shemeke Michelle is this. Don’t preach to black men about what they should do to correct the wayward black female. Take your arguments to your black sisterhood.

    The Shemeke Michelles of the world should oppose their black sisterhood, not in order to win over black men, not in order to trap a good brother. They should oppose their black sisterhood for their own survival.

    The scraggle daggle as she is currently constituted, is an existential threat to herself, her spawn, and the Shemeke Michelles of the world. She declared war on free thinking black men a long time ago, and has been waging war on them ever since.

    The best course of action for free thinking black men is to live their best lives, which entails giving the scraggle daggle a very wide berth, and totally avoiding her whenever possible. I know from personal experience that a black man with his stuff together can easily find romance and companionship away from da communitah and its denizens.

    1. They should have spoke out long ago. But I suspect they were told that some others would be available for their insurance. This promise was a lie and many have alienated their natural allies along the way. Kind of low how a people would sell out “their own children from birth. But what can I say, people should study the history of their own people.

    2. That’s how you know she’s not sincere. If she was she’d be fighting these BW and taking scalps and pelts.

      1. @Lurker

        I like to say that if these females were so serious about what they are saying, they should have started speaking up back in the late 60s and/or early 70s, when this whole “black men ain’t shit” movement was in its fetal/larval stages. These so-called “good” sistahs could have squashed that shit like a bug before it had the chance to metastasize into the straight up cancer it has become today.

        1. @Kameron Brown,

          The so-called “good” black woman will side with her ratchet sistas against a decent black man before she would take her own sistas to task. It’s only now that it’s a state of emergency for the BW (i.e. the black men they find sexually attractive visibly dating out and loudly giving up on BW) that the Shameka Michelles are speaking out.

          Remember these so-called “pick mes” were nowhere in sight during the whole 90s-00s when BW were going on talk shows slandering BM with zero pushback.

          1. Schadenfreude,

            Irrespective of the sincerity of the Shemeke Michelles of the world, the wisest course of action for Black Men is to first attain and retain a high paying career, then seek and find romance and companionship among nonblack women.

            Since the 1960s, the black male has been systematically replaced in the black household by the welfare check in the US.

            Also since the 1960s, the black male labor participation rate has been falling. In 2022, the black male labor partcipation rate in the US, is the lowest it has ever been in history. What this means is that there are more Pookies and 12 Gauge Mikes than ever before.

            At the same time, the black female’s labor participation rate has been rising. It is now the highest it has ever been in history. This is combined with the unprecedented amount of government largess directed toward the black female, to make her the undisputed holder of the purse strings in Blackistan.

            This has always been the social engineering goal of the beta cuck Chabads who run social policy in the US. Their goal was to marginalize and humiliate the black male, while weaponizing the black female against him. They have been wildly successful in accomplishing this.

            The most powerful thing that the few remaining free thinking Black Men can do to buck this trend, is to be successful in their incomes, and to date out.

            This way, they become beyond the reach of the social engineering beta cuck Chabads and their scraggle daggle bedwench flunkies.

            1. AmericanBlkMan,

              Couldn’t agree more, well said. Get your money up and break the cycle.

    3. AmericanBlkMan,

      I agree, as a black woman who claims to be different, there’s no point talking to black men believing that we can somehow make changes from our end because these dysfunctional black harriets have already made it clear that they’re not interested in listening to men like us to begin with, hence our more than justified departure from Blackistan.

      I always have to return to the fact that 96% of black women who voted in the 2016 Presidential election did so for Hillary Clinton, in the 2020 Presidential race black women voted for sleepy Joe Biden at over 90%.

      What does this mean, it means there is little to no diversity amongst the black female populous. We see plenty of white women speaking out against feminism all the time, how often do we see black women speaking out against misandry and the same, I’ll wait?

      The lack of diversity in black female society is a serious problem for black men who do not hold to the twisted and redundant views of Blackistan.

    4. Being the partner to the dominant one means you are the one to have to change. That is why they go to Black men first to change before they will change.

      That is a risk SYSBM soliders won’t take. The stakes are way too high now.

      Even after 400 years people can change but 400 years as also shown me that old habits are hard to break.

      There is nobody to feel sorry for

  7. I didn’t recognize her at first, but I remember Shemeka Michelle from a video I’ve seen on Facebook a few years ago where she recited a poem about how Black women need Black men; this is the first I’ve seen her face since then. Everything she said is the truth, but somehow the truth gets misconstrued as ‘bashing’, ‘misogynoir’, or ‘racism’ whenever Black women are called to task; in light of the article written by that Black feminist witch Nicole Young, the scraggle daggle have very cleverly found a way to make themselves out to be perpetual victims. Black women always have statistics at the ready that contrasts the mistreatment they face with White women (as if Black men don’t face the same, if not worse, levels of mistreatment); you also can’t speak in a condemnatory manner about their bad behavior without them deflecting to White women or systemic economic, political, and social oppression as an excuse for why they behave in such an embarrassing fashion on a daily basis. I wonder if Fake Academic Fountain will have any smoke for Shemeka Michelle? I doubt it since Fountain can’t even deal with the trauma his own mother put him through.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women as a collective holding onto the victimhood mantle we can clearly has not and will not work in their favour long term. No man worth his salt is going to tolerate any woman who is constantly ducking and weaving her way out of being held accountable for her wrongdoings.

      Admiral Frost views the heterosexual free thinking black man as the omega level threat to his reigning kingdom, NOT the black woman. However, black women in their constant thirst for attention always feel the need to turn the spotlight on themselves.

      Black women it’s sad to say are not an intelligent race of females, not even white women as a collective despite their various shortcomings have completely turned against their own male counterparts.

  8. The modern black female is finished all because of her dysfunctional behaviour. For a black man, he has four choices. One, he has to go for a good black woman that is very hard to find two, He has to go for the ratchet black woman who will give him nothing but problems for him. Three, He may have to go for a non black woman and the simps and the ratchet black women will come after him because he’s not with a black woman. Or four, he may have to be single for the rest of his life. He might as well choose option three. Black modern women are now finished because of their dysfunctional ways and they will not afraid to show it on display. If you want to know what a ratchet woman looks like, good look into your family and see how the women in your family behave. I have some family members who are wretched. Since my grandmother died, none of them ratchet broads haven’t taken over that ratchet throne.

    1. Money Cultural,

      As we always say over here, black men should go to where they will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated. The black female’s open rebellion against her male counterpart is a declaration of war that shouldn’t be taken lightly, unfortunately most black men are too deeply spellbound and bewitched to see that their female counterpart is an enemy combatant, NOT an ally.

  9. I view SYSBM as freedom fighters & what i’ve learned in the past few years from YouTube & my personal life experiences is u have a lot of cats that don’t want to be free. Not only do these cats want to remain on the plantation but they want u to stay there too! {Misery definitely loves company aka crabs in a barrel} It’s like MOT said on 1 of his livestreams…the programming runs so deep with these Maggles it’s like the Adamantium bonding process! That shit is embedded in their DNA!

    1. These crab-in-a-barrel maggles are the descendants of the same slave negroes who fought for the Confederacy to remain on the plantation, same exact mindset.

    2. Val Zod,

      Those black men who refuse to read, understand and accept the writing on the wall ie their females counterparts are actually their enemies deserve to be bound together to the same women until they hit the grave. As has been repeated here many times before, SYSBM is for the very few, not the many. Those who fail to question as well as to think and reason for themselves deserve enslavement.

  10. Gotta give it to Shameka Michelle, that was a righteous rant. Homeboy’s face at 3:06 is priceless lol. Unfortunately, her words are too little, too late for the gubmint sponsored, socially-engineered, rank and file black hoe, who is past the point of no return. It’s kinda sad we have to look sideways at Shamika as a Trojan Horse, appropriating SYSBM language to lock down a sucker, as James SYSBM pointed out. She’s a good looking thing. Oh well.

    Thanks to Brother Verbs for the shoutout. Watch out for Agent Smith, brothers, he can assume any shape.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      It’s all good bro. Here is a point I have brought up many times in the past, of all the black women who were “invited” into the Black Manosphere, how many of them are still allies and batting in the corner of black men, I’ll wait?

      This reason is exactly why black women like Shemeka despite her calling out the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure unfortunately must be looked upon with the utmost suspicion.

  11. It’s too late for black women and black folks as a whole in the West. Black people as we know them are not long for this world in the US or UK, after a while the darkest black folks you will find will look like Prince. It’s profitable right now for some of these light brights who have no talent (Kaepernick, etc.) to grease black folks along and give them metaphorical handjobs, but after a while, there won’t be enough non-mixed black folks for even THEM to pander to.

    Black women are not wanted for anything except maybe a quick blowjob under a bridge, with hobos as their audience (and potential future customers). No one wants them for wives, girlfriends, mistresses, side chicks, nothing. Companies don’t wanna hire them, it’s a wrap. You really think, even as desperate as hiring is right now, that companies would jeopardize themselves with the queens of shitty service?

    It’s too late, 1 black woman out of 43235542122455609876559098766567 telling the truth about them won’t fix their horrible reputation, their lack of options or even their simps foolishly defending them.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The worst thing that black women could’ve done is turn upon their male counterparts believing that they could somehow find sanctuary and security amongst other races men namely General Sleet, how is that move working out for them? Answer, it isn’t.

      As I keep on saying, black women unfortunately are now on their own, this has been their own doing, they have nobody else to blame for this outcome.

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