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Everyday, More Lies, Smh!

Do you see how black women have even gotten these fruity Negroes to repeat one of the pinnacle lies of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure that black men who choose to date out can only get with the bottom dregs of the non black female dating market?

When the Tik Tok videos of black men and white women demonstrating their appreciation for one another were at their peak back in 2019 and the early part of 2020, the main reason why many black women had such a problem with them is because the “black men can only get with ugly and fat white female rejects” mantra was immediately smashed to pieces.

For years the black witch contingent have run at full speed with this blatant lie and at the same time haven’t hesitated to push and promote it relentlessly at any and every opportunity that’s presented itself.

The Tik Tok black male/white female phenomenon was and still is a serious blow to the black witch’s overt agenda attempting to smudge the image, reputation, character and confidence of black men, this is one that the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure have never recovered from.

Unfortunately, there are still many members within their camp(as seen above) who either haven’t gotten the memo yet or point blank refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

This creature above is a complete and utter disgrace the black masculinity and manhood, hell will freeze over first before I ever listen to and take seriously the ramblings of a homosexual(I’m still looking at black men sideways who listen to Kevin Samuels but claim to be heterosexual). Besides, what fruit boy stated above can easily be disproven with only a few links:

Black women and their blue pilled simp cronies stay lying on free thinking black men even when said lies can so easily be slapped down and refuted. I don’t see black women as a collective changing their ways for the better especially as more black men begin throwing in the towel on them and instead choose to venture into the interracial dating arena.

Additionally, we know that the “black men can only get with fat and ugly non black women” is pure cap simply because racist white men and their black female flunkies for the longest while have been going well out of their way and putting in maximum effort trying to dick police us.

I really don’t know what black women as a collective thought they would achieve by getting a homosexual black male to rattle off their oft repeated lies seeing as black men as a collective outright reject homosexuality. You have to be pretty desperate to recruit fruity pebbles to speak on your behalf, but hey, blue pilled black male simps unfortunately come in all shapes and sizes.

Bonnet, lip, eye, nose and tongue piercings, fake nails all on a dude, you cannot make this stuff up. Lastly, guess who promoted this video on their Tik tok profile, that’s right, Filibuster Bianca Gibson, remember her, the one who couldn’t answer the simple question as to why a man with no children should take onboard somebody else’s, smh.

Once again, do you see how perfectly aligned black women and homosexual black men are, isn’t this same Bianca Gibson supposed to be a Christian, therefore shouldn’t the witch be speaking out against homosexuals and the fruits thereof instead of promoting them?

As I’ve stated many times before, if black women could have things their way, every black man would be a homosexual and thus no longer be a potential threat to the faux leadership position black women have been given over the so called “black community” by their white lord and saviour General Sleet.

Gentlemen, the overt war against black masculinity and black manhood continues, guard yourselves at all times as attacks are coming in from all sides. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Black Female Camp Continues To Repeat Lies That Have Already Been Debunked And Proven Incorrect

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Everyday, More Lies, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    That weird fruity gay looking black man is chatting shit and lies in saying that black men can only get ugly looking bottom of the barrel non black women. These instagram videos and tik tok videos destroys those myths because you get all sorts of black men with very beautiful non black women and it pisses off black women and racist white men because it goes against their narrative. I started following the white woman and black men in love on instagram plus these relationships between black men and non black women are genuine unlike the majority of black women/white men relationships. I thank God that I am a free thinking masculine black man.

    1. What amazes me, is the gulf of difference between, say, the James Baldwin gay black man…and “miss thang” above. This moist booty creature believes itself to be an honorary daggle. At least Baldwin was not completely useless, unlike the thing above: he spoke out against racism at a time when it absolutely wasn’t safe for him to do so. And wasn’t nearly as flamboyant as Miss maggle in the video. I’ve come to understand that these effeminate males hate any black males that are not as soft as him.

      1. JayInChi,

        These homosexual black men are an enemy to black women but most black women are too stupid to figure this out, the fruits are competing for the same thing they are, black men.

        You’ll notice how more time homosexual black men give out terrible advice to black women that keeps them single, how convenient, as far as the homosexual is concerned, more black men for him, smh. Effeminate black males unfortunately are everywhere.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These sugar in the tank Negroes are no different to the black daggles they successfully emulate, they’ll repeat the same lies as the black witch in their attempts to put a dent in black masculinity and manhood. I don’t listen to maggles and I most certainly disregard the vain ramblings of a homosexual one.

  2. The Weave Whales and the effeminate Bonnet wearing Beta Maggle Black Males are in such desperation of the TSUNAMIC number of Black Men dating/marrying White Women that they’re taken to the throw everything against the awall and see what sticks approach🤣.

    The IG page below and Tiktok is a constant reminder of just how GREAT Black Men have it with White Women and it makes them bleed in their panties with hatred and envy…AND I LOVE IT‼️

    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼🤴🏿👸🏼🤴🏿👸🏼🤴🏿

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      The desperation is very real, it’s not enough for black women to repeat the same lies hoping that something will eventually impact, nope, now they’ve resorted to recruiting fruits to carry out their grunt work, smh. SYSBM continues to mangle and destroy the lies of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure as well as their sugary maggle cohorts.

  3. The same black women who use the “black men can only get with ugly and fat white female rejects” mantra, see it as a good thing when black men get with ugly and fat black women.

    As for myself, I have never been with an ugly and fat white woman. But I have been with attractive and shapely white women. Even back in my simp days, when I was still doing the daggles, I didn’t do ugly and fat black daggles. Now granted the black women I did do were bimbos, but they weren’t fat and ugly.

    Here’s the thing. Too many black men have a scarcity mentality when it comes to women. What I learned a long time ago is that men with a scarcity mentality about women, tend to settle for the worse women. All simps have a scarcity mentality about women. A scarcity mentality is one the hallmarks of simping.

    I have an abundance mentality when it comes to women, because they are everywhere. There is an abundance of women in the world. There is no need for me waste my sex or my seed on a physically disgusting woman of any race.

    I simply don’t get how any man can acquire a scarcity mentality in a world teeming with women of all sorts. It requires some serious self esteem issues for any man to have a scarcity mentality about women.

    1. I would argue the scarcity mentality is pushed by feminist public policy and that relationship control in the the West has been placed into the hands of any woman willing to abuse it(socially liberal females). I will say that this mentality IS an illusion as it is based upon the perception that only certain men are getting chose. The reality is that the society has a hyper exaggerated focus on degenerate socially liberal minded women choosing(purposely) weak/effeminate or stupid/criminal minded men. To embrace the scarcity mindset illusion is to ignore that there are traditional(socially conservative) women who are out there looking for socially conservative(at least not socially liberal) men. It’s just that the nature of these socially conservative women dictates that they will not be as loud or as overt.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Unfortunately in 2022 this scarcity mindset that you talk about exists in most black men because we see that the overwhelming majority of them still choose to deal with black women despite the horrible way black women treat them and these same men compromise and settle for much, much less than they ought to.

      Finding a woman isn’t the problems these days, it’s locating a woman of high quality that can often times be difficult, however that being said steering clear of liberal minded women makes the job a lot easier.

  4. What in the god’s hell did I see Verbs?
    You are damn right, this person is a creature.

    Some people need to watch out for these hotep bearded guys because back in the days, I was taught that having a beard makes you masculine, but now I see them as a homo-cuck. Especially White Men.

    It reminds me of a woman where she had a proper mustage and beard. Even in Minister Jap show show this and this is in the UK.
    Some brothers call them the ‘Creature’ because the simps supports this.

    Also this creature need to shut the hell up meaning keep is mouth shut because he is the product of Matriarchy being a hater will emd up with a man-d1ck in his mouth by the gay community. Also the gays will consider as a ‘Bottom’.

    1. Mister Master,

      These fruits stay the enemies of black society, however black women being the leaders of “Da Communitah” have brought them into the fold as if it’s a good thing. Black women as a group will form a confederacy with anybody that has heterosexual free thinking black men in their crosshairs, smh.

  5. Interesting how Quean Jeanty said he wasn’t going to go there with the “Black men only date fat, unattractive White women” stereotype, because there isn’t anywhere to go with that falsehood! As you stated, TikTok videos of White women with their Black boyfriends proved that wrong; let’s not forget the Latinas, Asians, Indians, etc. who also have Black boyfriends. Besides, who is seriously listening to a Black sissy with polished nails and piercings all over his face about dating any race of women? Also, White men aren’t interested in Black women like that; if it isn’t White women or East Asian women, they’re not checking for them. SYSBM isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As commenter Schadenfreude stated, black male fruits have no business sticking their noses in the affairs of heterosexual black men, we are NOT one and the same by far. It’s funny how black women and their fruity pebble flunkies have no problems using social media platforms to push and promote their anti heterosexual black male agenda, yet at the same time they’ll purposely avoid elements of those same platforms that proves their rhetoric to be wrong, smh.

  6. The scraggle and her moist partner in crime = two scoops of fruit.


  7. Why is Sweet Lamb worried about who heterosexual black men are with? Ol Sugar Bear ass negro! This shows you how desperate the Daggle is nowadays. First they recruited simps to fight their battles now they need the booty warriors to join their crusade. It still won’t help them though! LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      You’ll notice just like the black witch these lotionised Negroes believe they have the rights to sticking their fruity noses into the dating and mating affairs of straight black men. Queer court jester Jeanty needs to stay in his lane and not worry about what a group of men who have nothing to do with his lifestyle are doing with their family jewels. I fully agree, recruiting fruits and sugary Negroes to speak out against heterosexual black men won’t impact SYSBM in the slightest.

  8. I’ve always been on team conservative white women my whole life and nothing changes that.

    The white chicks I’ve been in bed with in the past were all slim and fit.

    A lot of blackistan males and their ape negresses haven’t seen the tik tok vids to discover the myths proven false.

    By their logic a fat negress ain’t bottom of the barrel cause they are anti white.

    Blackistan males and ape negresses are more dangerous than any racist non black person cause they can’t critically think, cognitive dissonance.

    1. Witwijf,

      The “black men can only get the ugly rejects of non black female society” mantra is and always has been a straight up lie, black women stay trying to down black men, they see us as their competition, NOT as their teammates. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  9. Right, they say that black men get fat white woman or ugly white woman. If so, then why they fuck when I walk down the road and see black men with some fine looking white women? I was at Convent Garden and I saw a black man with a white woman and she was slim. A proper slimmers, star! There are black men who are with fat white woman because some of those black men have been with fat black women. And let me tell you something. Black men are with fat black women more then fat white women. And the black guy with them nails. Yo, blud what is he trying to do? Complete with my older sister in the nails department? I have no issues of a man who is homosexual. The man can live his life. He can do whatever he wants but yo my G! When I saw that black guy with the nails and the fingernails like my older sister, I was black men are done.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe tonight and all night because these simps are coming after her because they sees a non black woman with a black man which these scraggle daggles don’t wanna be with.


    1. These Hostess Fruit Pie negroes and their black matriarchal programmers know good and well that straight Black Men can pull white dimes. Look at the way they attacked Michael B. Jordan a few years ago for his all white girl Italian boat ride. And remember even further back when the sustas attacked Maxwell because he took pics with some white girls on his Instagram? They just want to attack the Black Man’s self-esteem to lower him to where they are. The fact is SYSBM got these people shook. These black mammies are on life support if they’re sending the Bussy Crew to attack brothers who date and marry out.

      1. These scraggle daggles knows that they are done because the good black man, thinking black man will not deal with them and the scraggs are stuck with the simps.

      2. Don’t forget Kyrie Irving when he celebrated on a boat with White women.

  10. I would respond to the video but I don’t engage with homosexuals.

  11. This rooty, tooty, fresh & fruity negro ought not be concerned with what heterosexual Black men do.

    When this negro had the gall to say “when WE black men date out…” I was like what you mean, “we”?

    I’ve said it before, a thicc/fat white b*tch is an upgrade over 90% of ABW. As someone who has indulged in white BBW love and sex, I’d say those women are SUBMISSIVE to their Black men, sexually adventurous, and they know their way around a kitchen, they didn’t get that big without knowing how to cook.

    Aren’t these always the qualities that BM on YouTube and other comment sections say are LACKING in ABW?

    And these white hoes are getting fat booties, it’s a wrap. Don’t knock a big gurl till you tried it lol!

    Didn’t I tell you these gay Agent Smiths are out here dick-watching and reporting back to Dear Mama? Stay alert brothas, avoid the maggle and the daggle!

    Praise be to Verbs for providing this forum!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Ol fruit boy forgets that he’s batting for the opposite team, he believes that because he’s a black male(an extremely sorry excuse of one), he can speak on behalf of heterosexual black men, nope, not on my watch, these black male fruits need to stay in their lane and keep their noses out of the affairs of straight black men.

      The maximum level thick/bbw I would go would be Iskra Lawrence(she’s really a PAWG) though I understand what you’re saying about bigger white women for the most part being cooperative and submissive:

      It’s a chicken wrap for the modern day black female, remember back in 2016 when Professor Trick Daddy told them to tighten up or else be left to the wayside, the chickens are now coming home to roost:

      The maggle and daggle threats out here are indeed very real, watch your six.

  12. So here’s the worst part: took me 10 seconds to realize that this was a fruit and not a daggle. I honestly don’t know if it’s fruits imitating daggles or vice versa at this point.

    Nails and bangles all over the place, plus a dumb jiffy pop bag. You HAVE to be a fruit to rock one of those as a dude, it’s bad enough when daggles wear them TO WORK!!

    As mentioned previously by myself and above, these perfectly coiffed beards are now a sign of LIBERALISM or FRUITINESS in the West, especially among these seemingly masculine black men. You can look at the dudes and tell that the guy is a punk in mind if not in spirit and body.

    Also, aren’t black women “so godly?” Why are they constantly cavorting with homos then? That’s of course when they’re not eating snatch themselves. At least the liberal non-black women who pal around with batty boys don’t constantly bring up God and Christianity all the time, let alone jump around and fall out in church.

    This is why I say black women and black society as a whole are inherently liberal. Why else would they want sexual communism, with fruits as their foot soldiers?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Remember when Monique came out and said that black women should dress appropriately when out in public ie no night gowns and no bonnets, in response didn’t we have a load of knuckleheaded black men put on those jiffy pop bags in support of their black female overlords?

      Black women stay wearing head gear in the streets that is meant to be for the salon or the home, smh, those black men who rock that crap should not even be considered part of being men and black.

      Unfortunately most black women these days aren’t very bright, they’ll readily form unions with other groups that are their enemies just to try to get one over on heterosexual black men, no other groups of women do this, smh.

      Why are black women constantly loitering around with homosexuals, as you’ve always said, “ticking time dykes”.

  13. Oh, boy… I’ll say reading all of your comments first is a treat, because the surprise in the main article further up the page is something else.

    Lil’ Yass X been drinking too much mercury in the water and watching too much Drag Race to be talking about anything grown up outside his cry space. Stick to pegging, dear.

    All to stop brothers having normal heterosexual relationships with white women that every other race does freely. Why is Gimp Boy even making a monster out of fat white women anyway? Does he even know what a woman is?

    None of the white women I’ve been with were fat, so talking point in the bin, but even chubby white girls are a upgrade. PAWGs are literally designed for a brother.

    Ultimately this what the demonic daggle has resorted to, no more simps available to vomit out the same Ricki Lake propaganda? Run out of “pick me” turncoats? How about Fake Academic Fountain? Has he got his MSDNC gig yet? lol

    Running terrible weak game on SYSBM and taking L’s will soon become a habit for these woketards.

    1. Michel,

      Apparently the fake academic Fountain is claiming he has a job, perhaps now he can stop stalking and spying on heterosexual black men, however somehow I doubt it.

      As for black women, in the backs of their minds they know the jig is up, they’ve failed their white lord and saviour Captain Sleet in keeping all black men quarantined on the plantation grounds, now they’re simply going for broke.

      Black men worth their salt are exiting the building en masse, yep the same black men black women have already openly stated they have no interest in, thus I don’t see what the problem is.

      SYSBM continues to go from strength to strength and the daggle and maggle contingents are very angry at the fact that there’s nothing they can do to stop its rise.

    2. “…even chubby white girls are a upgrade. PAWGs are literally designed for a brother.”

      I fully agree with you bro 😉

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