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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, as we see a lot has been and still is going on. Gentlemen, what’s on your minds for this weeks Open Mic, as always, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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42 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. You will notice that with so called fat right wing conservative white men, they will still sadly go out of their way to virtue signal so as to not “be mean.” After all, “what would CNN say about them?”

    This level of pussyism and caring what your enemies think about you is why white men are losing their countries. Again, they can’t even keep tranny men out of the bathroom with their daughters. They could end feminism overnight, don’t let these MGTOW folks fool you. The problem is, they’re too afraid to actually put their foot down on anything. This is why Muslim immigrants are reaming them wide and deep.

    This is also why the rhetoric of Trump upset so many of even the men. I remember a dude coming into a gas station I worked at in 2016, with the local paper reading that a local TN politician could be Trump’s running. This white guy shouted to the heavens that the politician was too nice of a “Christian guy” to run with that “mean jerk.” These are the same dudes who bitch about the pussyfication of the culture, mind you.

    Hard times bring hard men, easy times….

    Never trust someone who has a magic bullet but thinks using it is “too mean.”


    This is in India I believe where this poor village man has this jab forced on him. The countries that should be fighting this the most are lock stock and barrel with it, namely Asian countries.

    Likewise, African countries like Rwanda I believe are doing the same, forcing ppl to get jabbed to even leave their village. So much for “da muddaland,” black leaders are always the first to sell out their people. Where are all the big time pastors saying something?

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      What the ???????? It wouldn’t surprise me if the Indian government has ordered the police and the death shot administrators to go to the poorest areas/villages and carry out this garbage. Notice the skintone of the old codger and remember how India operates with their caste system foolishness. Why aren’t the other villagers smashing their heads into the dirt? Plenty of blood will run in the streets before anybody forces me to take a State issued injectable I don’t want.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’m with you on this. I would never let anybody force any type of pharmaceutical on me. I believe the pharmaceutical industry is as corrupt as the petroleum industry, maybe more so.

        But a word about Indians. I am not surprised that the Indian government would force villagers to take jabs. The Indian government values the life of a dog or a sacred cow more than it values the life of an Indian citizen. At 1.5 billion, the Indian government considers Indians to be disposable.

        I work as a computer programmer, so I have been around countless Indians who are in the US on what is called an H-1B visa. Indians are imported to the US on H-1B visas to undercut the pay rate for native born computer programmers in the US.

        Having been exposed to Indians for years, I can testify that no cohort of people worships the Caucasian phenotype more than do subcontinent Indians. I often hear Indians bragging about having lighter complexions than other Indians. One Indian tried to tell me that Indians are Aryan people. Didn’t Hitler say the Aryans were blond haired and blue eyed ?

        I’m around plenty of Indian females too. I’m really not attracted to their women. And some of these women come into the office giving off some of the most stomach retching odors you will ever smell. And this is supposed to be the cream of the crop. No thank you. If you smell this bad fully clothed, I don’t even want to imagine what you smell like naked.

        Some might disagree with me. But the most color conscious, Caucasian worshipping people I have ever experienced, are subcontinent Indians. They are also the most dishonest, disingenuous, and unscrupulous people I have ever experienced.

        When I hear black people taking as if Indians would empathize with them, I quickly realize that they have no real life experience with Indians. There probably is the rare exception, but most Indians view Black people as lower than dirt. Hence their color based caste system.

        In general, Indians do not like Black people, especially Indian males. However, they will exploit Black people if they can. Hell, they exploit each whenever possible. And they subscribe to every negative stereotype ever invented about Black people.

        1. Brother this is my experience with Indians as well to a tee. Dudes keep talking about Desi chicks, but I’m not seeing it.

          When I used to go to gentleman’s clubs locally(in my early twenties) or even out in general public settings…these dudes would try to CONSTANTLY lay claim to white females and get rejected. I’ve had numerous WW confess that they absolutely despise and are disgusted by Indian men. These dudes take that “Aryan” linkage and run with it, but these WW dgaf….they are lower than dirt to them. So when these WW choose a brother….they can’t handle it

        2. AmericanBlkMan,

          I cannot disagree with you on Indians and their deep level of white male worship, in deciding who are the biggest bootlickers of General Blizzard, I would contend that it’s actually a toss up between them and the East Asians. I remember coming across a TikTok video of a dark skinned Indian female who exposed how all of the actors and actresses in Bollywood are of a lighter hue, no dark skinned folks allowed.

          As for the odour, I see that issue more amongst the elder generations, not so much the younger lot. The elders cook with strong herbs and spice, the smells stick to the clothes which many of them don’t bother changing before they go out. Many of them outside of this do have serious hygiene issues that need to be addressed, let’s not even talk about defecating in the streets.

          Any black man who believes that Indians would empathise with them is a fool, I’m the opposite to yourself, I like Desi women, however I’m not a fool to allow that liking to cloud my judgement as to who Indians really are and what they think about black folks(which isn’t very nice at all). As I’ve stated before, racism from white folks is a walk in the park when compared to racism from South and East Asians as well as Arabs.

          No arguments with me on Gandhi, he was incredibly racist, however in light of his origins we shouldn’t be surprised. I have to look at black folks who quote Gandhi with a serious sideways look. As commenter Afrofuturism1 has stated many times before, it’s usually the Indian males who are the core issue, take them away and the hostility towards black folks would be far less.

          As for the dishonesty and disingenuousness you’ve mentioned, I can’t even argue with that because I’ve unfortunately experienced this firsthand myself.

      2. The laptop class of mostly light skinned Indians were all for lockdowns. They weren’t the poor darker skinned Indians that had to fight to keep their stores and restaurants open.

        These light bright Indians look down and the dark ones and hate to be reminded of them. It is much like the Mexicans who pass as white: they decry “racist” immigration policies only because they want America to take their “dark savages” off of their hands.

        Myhese ppl are racist AF, that’s why they especially can’t stand black people. God forbid a black man even get hard looking at a desi woman, it’s WW3.

        1. Desi women don’t do anything for me. I just find them undesirable. They all pine to be white.

          Hell, when I go white, I need the real thing, not the wannabe. Honestly, I just don’t like Desi women because I just don’t like Desis.

          Many people don’t know that Mahatma Gandhi was an extreme racist. He was an ardent supporter of Apartheid in South Africa. He was part of the ‘colored’ class in South Africa under Apartheid. He was okay with being inferior to whites, as long as he was superior to blacks. He believed in racial hierarchy.

        2. Afrofuturism1,

          How many times before have I highlighted how Africans get treated so badly in India, yet when those same Indians come to the motherland, they’re treated like royalty. I would have to say that Indian and South Asian men in general are much more insecure that white men. A white man will see you with an attractive white females, in most cases they’ll grumble, launch a few n words and that will be the last of it.

          Not these Indian men though, if they see you with an attractive Indian woman they’ll want to burn off her face and burn down the apartment/house you’re staying in with YOU IN IT. Again, just like the predicament of the black witch, these Indian men know that outside of their female counterparts, no women are willing to take them on board en mass.

          The worst thing is black people have done nothing wrong to Indian people for them to have such a deep disdain and hatred for us, however just like the divesting/swirling black female, Major Frost as per usual gets a squeeze and a clean pass despite the atrocities he’s committed against Indian folks. Shea whitey destroys their country but Indians hate black folks more than him, make that make sense.

          1. That’s exactly why they’re lining up and signing up for Bill Gates’ toxic Bree, despite his killing legions of them with similar stuff beforehand.

    1. Oh yes it’s quite possible. In wide spread use? Also possible, but I doubt it. I’d like to see someone do a study on PCR AND Antigen tests kits…maybe get some type of peer review study going.

    2. If that PCR kit contained smart dust, then it’s possible. Mostly PCR is for DNA collection so they can kill yo ass with the next flu according to your race.

    1. I’m glad those truckers are stepping up. Trudeau is a liar, an asshole and Fidel Castro’s son.

  3. The five European holiday hotspots you’ll be banned from in half term if you’ve not had a booster jab.

    Spain – 270 days
    From today, Spain will only permit Brits to enter if they can prove they were fully vaccinated against Covid within the last 270 days.

    Italy – 180 days
    As of February 1, Italy will not consider Brits who were double jabbed more than 180 days ago as vaccinated unless they have had their booster.

    Netherlands – 270 days
    The Netherlands has introduced a nine-month expiry date on a vaccine certificate.

    Switzerland – 270 days
    Switzerland has also placed a nine-month expiration date on vaccine certificates.

    Austria – 270 days
    Austria has also introduced a nine-month expiry date for vaccine certificates – so Brits need to have had their booster jab if their second dose was more than 270 days ago.

    To find a white girlfriend unjabbed will be extremely hard to find.

      1. They had barely used them to begin with. They were known for being open in 2020.

  4. @Veerbs

    Have you heard about what’s going on in Canada right now?

    1. Kameron Brown,

      Yep, we talked about the beginning of the the trucker’s freedom convoy in last week’s Open Mic Wednesday.

    1. Well known Dark Cult sacrifice ritual. Someone just got a promotion on the back of that.

    2. She was a pretty good looking multiracial daggle. I googled her. She had a law degree from Wake Forest. That’s a pretty good school. She also had a net worth of 5 million dollars at age 30.

      They said she kept her personal life private and there is no information available about her love life.

      What this tells me is that she was probably doing some bedwenching after dark, with a high value Brad. You know how this always ends when the daggle wants more and threatens the Brad.

      Oh well, I’ve heard it all before.

    3. Oh man when I first seen this on the news that was my first thought

  5. When you have crabs in the barrel, we see with black people. And it’s mostly with these ratchet black women and these simps that loves and adore them. They reason why they have this mentality is that what a person can do they can’t do. They will stop a black person who is trying to achieve their goals but will not stop a white man doing so because if they do, the white man will say “I think you better do that. And if you try to challenge me, then try me!” that’s when they back off. Now, things are different when black people are facing these carbs in the barrel Negros. We’ll be like Vibes Cartel saying “Come touch me nuh. Touch a button nuh!” you get me. So black people are talking about the carbs in the barrel shit and this is one of the reasons why there so much crap in the so called black community.

  6. WHO recommends lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions over its ‘inefficacy’:

    This is great news for me since my mother told me one of my cousins (female) is getting married and is planning on holding the wedding in both of our mothers’ native country of Grenada; I’ve never visited my mom’s island before, and my aunt (my soon-to-be wed cousin’s mother) moved back just before Convid hit. She wants my brothers and I to see where they grew up, and I can’t wait to go; I haven’t been outside of the States since I was a child.

  7. Lauren Smith Fields RIP. She tried to “make it work with us coloreds” as per her tweet. Too bad her white Bumble date was the Grim Reaper. Instead of leveling up, she’s lowered 6 feet. The cops didn’t even investigate the white man because he “looked like a nice guy” LOL. Weird how the BW on Twitter are calling for justice from the same white boys they’re trying to snuggle up to. Another one for the Swirl Mountain Graveyard. The bodies are piling up high. Too bad, Lauren was hot. Some black simp would have worked 3 jobs just to sniff her panties. What a waste.

    King Sigma is slipping, no coverage on this one. Oh well.

  8. England has all mask mandates and stupid crap dropped – but here’s the catch:
    Parliament is trying to sneak in a bill that gives Boris the Twat powers over who gets their human rights taken away. So that’s the big catch from all the restrictions being dropped.

    Boris however did pick out that the opposition leader Keir Starmer let the serial creep and pedovore Jimmy Savile go 20 years ago. All to save his neck.

    On top of Sadgit Savage trying to jib up the health workers even though there’s plenty of evidence that the shit is toxic and heads must roll.

    Lastly the media is an absolute disgrace, even asking questions surrounding VaQ deaths is akin to holocaust denial – radio hosts merely questioning the narrative get booted off. From the BBC to the NHS, private businesses to council jobsworths all taking a pay day from Billy G and Klaus Anal Schwab for their evil transhuman Reset shit.
    Even when cornered, these absolute scumbags don’t just give it up, so harsh lessons needs to be taught – international courts and military tribunals. Or just get Saudi on they ass. One Crane. One rope. Leave them dangling and tour the crane around the UK.

    1. Michel,

      Yep, I see the “revised” human rights Kansas City shuffle the UK government is trying to run, these satanic bums just don’t give up. It’s a pity that the majority of the indigenous British public don’t quite recognise the serious level of the threat their government poses to them. Smiling in their faces but behind closed doors in in dark corners scheming and crafting countless works beyond evil. Attempting to take away an individual’s human rights, what kind of deviltry is that?

      I see that the CDC has finally admitted that natural immunity to Convid-1984 is far superior than the death shot:

      This whole Convid-1984 hoax has gone beyond a joke, those people who have and still are perpetuating this scam literally need to hang or at least be burned alive at the stake. Countless lives have been lost and destroyed and unfortunately you still have masses of brainwashed idiots who have failed to educate themselves and catch up with what’s really going on.

      The mainstream media always has been and always will be nothing short of a joke, they don’t exist to keep people informed, their aim is to keep the public in the dark concerning the evil schemes governments are crafting in order to eventually enslave the public they’re meant to serve.

      I wonder if former commenter Black Caesar would still be calling us tin foil hat wearers and conspiracy theorists seeing as the Canadian government has more or less turned the entire country into a literal concentration camp.

      1. Yeah, we’re the fringe minority with “unacceptable” views. Sure…

        Black Caesar didn’t listen then so now him have to feel. 2 years of living under the harshest internment conditions on earth, known to man and is still taking the advice of the CBC and Justine Trudeau seriously. I’ll bet he’s boosted up to his eyeballs.

      2. Natural immunity is infinitely better than the jab. It is the only true immunity there is.

        Back in2020, a cousin of mine fell ill. They said it was Covid-19. He recovered at home. He never went to the hospital.

        Afterwards he started getting offers from different sources to buy his blood plasma.

        He said they wanted to use his blood to make various treatments because it had so many antibodies in it, and strong natural immunity.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The lengths the mainstream media are going to in their attempts to cover up the ongoing and further incoming damage caused by the Convid-1984 death shot are off the damn chain. You couldn’t get anymore ridiculous and nonsensical than this, smh.

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