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Come On Man, Are You Serious? Part 2


He stated that so called “game” is all about mastering yourself and not all about women, yet when you visit Mr Locario’s YouTube channel, the overwhelming majority of his videos if not all of them are about the Western dating market as well as DEALING WITH WOMEN, you cannot make this stuff up, smh.

Locario’s BadBoy membership program is founded upon dating in the West ie helping men interact with dysfunctional women, yet the dude has the audacity to act as if SYSBM doesn’t have any other attributes to it, again, Hollywood screen writers couldn’t conjure up this level of hypocrisy.

Once again, allow me to explain “game” in its true context, not the razzmatazz, hocus pocus explanations these so called “experts” will give in order to get you to join their programs or purchase one or all of their products. Here is the simple definition of “game”:

Game is the use of magic tricks, special techniques and wild crafted strategies the average man requires in order to successfully interact and deal with DIRTY, DYSFUNCTIONAL WOMEN in Western and westernised countries.

In other words, if you want to strike it right with women who are NOT NORMAL, game will be a necessary requirement. What this also means is by choosing to enter the “dating game”, you’re automatically capitulating to female dysfunction(adjusting your behaviour to the woman’s outlandish, ridiculous, unrealistic requirements and expectations) which is dysfunctional behaviour within itself and essentially makes you a BLUE PILLED SIMP.

Adopting so called “game” into your life is one of the fastest ways to throw your masculinity and manhood into the toilet. At NO point should you adjust who you are as a normal man just for the slim possibility of getting some sex from ran through, rinsed out, used up, expired and worthless females, NEVER!

You also have to understand the “game” that is being played on YOU by dating coaches such as Mr Locario, in order to keep the shekels rolling in, he has to convince you and in some cases attempt to guilt/shame you into believing you have no other choice but to settle for dysfunctional women that he and his side kicking cronies have the “keys” ie access to using their “magic”.

In other words, settle for that black single mother with 7 children by 6 different fathers or hook up with that female who’s been ran through by every dude on the block.

Contrary to what Locario and his backyard flunkies teach, it is actually these so called “game” dudes who are the weak betas in that they have given in to female dysfunction and chosen to manufacture techniques in order to handle such women instead of putting their feet down and point blank refusing to deal with females who do not operate in a normal manner.

The fact of the matter is “game” only serves a purpose in the West, when you travel to countries where the women overall are traditional, game is NOT a requirement which is the way things are supposed to be and once were in western countries before the rise of the internet as well as social media.

Understand the racket that’s being played here, dating coaches are trying to “game” you into believing that going for normal women instead of dysfunctional harpies is ABNORMAL and that somehow you’re “weak” for desiring to avoid broken women and instead home straight in on traditional, functional, feminine, NORMAL women.

According to Locario we SYSBM practitioners need a “safe space” to feel good about ourselves as men, not the fact that we’ve noted how large swaths of women(especially black women) have become rotten and as a result we’ve come together to hash out viable solutions in light of the circumstances.

This is the problem with these blue pilled simp dating coaches, they think that it’s somehow noble and an obligation to weather the storm ie continually go through the cycle of dealing with obtuse, obstinate, uncooperative, rebellious, belligerent, rude, prideful, haughty, arrogant, malevolent women.

Of course they do because by you choosing to follow their “guidance”, their pockets become substantially fatter. Gentlemen, it is perfectly normal to opt out of dealing with dysfunctional women, this is normal, common sense and logical, don’t ever allow these dodgy merchants to tell you otherwise.

I don’t see white male dating coaches turning to white men who’ve chosen to avoid dealing with Western women and calling them weak, this jackass backwards buffoonery only occurs within black society and is the product of so many black men being raised in single mother households.

Of course Locario put the full clip on Patreon because he didn’t want the smoke, lol. The bottom line is this, Locario has an issue with any men(especially black men) who devise solutions pertaining to women where his products and services are NOT required, this is so obvious for all to see.

Black men in particular and men in general choosing to opt out of dealing with dysfunctional Western women has placed a massive spanner in the works of the dating coach market and they’re not happy, they thought they were going to be creaming it rich for years to come. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

Locario has a brand that he’s trying to protect at all costs(even though as we speak it’s slowly descending into the fossil record), therefore he’ll rattle off anything and everything in the hopes of at least retaining his current customer base.

SYSBM™ and Passport Bros especially have really messed up the dating “game” flow, more black men are finally realising that they deserve better and don’t have to jump through a million and one hoops as well as adopt strange behaviours, weird practices and outlandish strategies in order to get with women.

Stop following the janky, emasculating advice of these racketeering dating merchants, keep your money in your pocket or at least spend it on something more constructive. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Dating Coach Grift Is Over

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Come On Man, Are You Serious? Part 2

  1. I will tell you my input this ‘Game’.

    Game was there to help men attract women, gain confidence and know how to talk to them. PUA back in the days were great teachers at the time. Then when Manosphere/Black Feminist came in this was 2017 when Manopshere invite women to the panel, this ‘game’ became a joke because and this known as the ‘Fake Red Pill’ which General Tito explained. Now this ‘Game’ is a joke because these are taking ‘Red Pill’ to be with these stupid western females who do not respect good men. So what is to point having game.

    Since the Covid pandemic and Kevin Samuels does this life coach. This whole ‘game’ is completely redundant. In fact, it is no longer needed to this day of age because you have SYSBM teach men about important stuff other than women. Such as health, finance, resources and skills. This is the essential especially during the 2 years of Covid era. During the pandemic, no one was thinking about women. SYSBM was focusing on stuff like the lockdown, vaccine, health and finance.

    I did state many months ago about this whole PUA/coaches at war against Passport Bros. The reason why Mr Locario is taking pots shots at the Red Pill such as SYSBM and Passport Bros because they always thinking that we want these westen BW.
    Let me make this perfectly clear to these Plantation Foes: Thinking BM do not want them, you can have, I am not interested in these 304s.
    Mr Locario is losing membership because real people like SYSBM, yourself Verbs and Madbusdriver helping BM to become better. Not this game. When you go overseas, you do not need game, just be you.

    I am going to bring Quincy Fitzpatrick because he state this many times: He 40 y/o child free and no interest in BW, Qunincy made it perfectly clear that he is done with them and not coming back to them. I say well done to him and I always agree with him.

    Also I am going include Madbusriver in this because we all know why these fake coaches like him going after SYSBM and he actually said this in his previous video. This is all because these dating roaches and these fake Red Pill deep down in their simping souls that they want BW, they want Black Love whilst thinking brothers are not interested in these western modern females who are nothing but trouble.

    This whole ‘Game’ is now dead waters since Kevin passed away and the rise of the passports because good men are going elsewhere.

    I notice these Plantation Bros ask this stupid question: ‘Where are Saving Yourself from?’ Don’t they ever learn from how destructive BW and the communitah are?

    1. MMT,

      When western women began to derail and these guys first came on the scene, they had a small window of opportunity to capitalise on the ignorance of inexperienced men, however times have now changed.

      There is so much information available, more men are finally realising that they don’t have to tolerate these defunct females of western society.

      It’s beyond ridiculous to attempt to fault men for walking away from dysfunctional women, however when certain individuals have a brand to protect, they’ll say anything in order to keep their customer base in ignorance.

  2. News flash…you don’t need game if the woman is attracted to you naturally. Locario claims he has so much game but he’s in a so called open marriage. 🤔🤨😐 GTFOH!!! Seems to me that his wife is the one with game because he was dumb enough to marry her & put himself in a compromised position. Shout out & RIP David Carroll. He was right…some of these negro males are just dumb!

    1. Val Zod,

      Recently YouTuber Average Man Unplugged released a video comparing himself on vacation in Barranquilla, Colombia with a young attractive female to dating roach Mr Locario and his “older” wife, there was no comparison. I’ve posted the video below. With the quality of woman you can get abroad, it’s a no brainer to get your passport and travel overseas:

  3. Game is required for most black men that are choosing to only date black women.

    Game ain’t required for minority of black men dating out.

    I don’t need game at all.

    Speaking of game, that includes not playing video games either.

    That is something I grew up in and most women don’t want guys playing video games.

    In social gatherings is only exceptional but not by myself doing it anymore.

    I stopped 5 months ago because I have better things to achieve in real life than virtual reality.

    I have 10 personal goals in life and finding a white wifey is one of them.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Game isn’t a requirement for black men dating out as long as they’re NOT dealing with modern day women. So called “game” is definitely required when dealing with black women as they are NOT normal. Non westernised non black foreign women are the best option for black men with their heads screwed on straight.

  4. When I was growing up, we used to refer to ‘having game’, as synonymous with male confidence, style, and sex appeal to women.

    It had nothing to do with performing monkey tricks to get a dysfunctional female’s attention.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I completely agree, the term encompassed much more than dealing with abnormal females, as you stated, dysfunctional women weren’t even a factor when the term game was used back in the day. As I keep on saying, there are fleecers and merchants lurking on every corner in black society ready to take advantage of those who aren’t knowledgable in certain areas.

      1. I want to say a few words about the JustPearlyThings phenomenon.

        I don’t follow JustPearlyThings, but I find some things about this phenomenon to be quite disturbing.

        JustPearlyThings acquired over a million subscribers in less than a year. Most of these subscribers are black males. This translates into at least a million dollars in less than a year.

        JustPearlythings gets most of her content from black people. Huge numbers of black males are regarding JustPearly Things as their leader.

        I find it disturbing that a million black males, many without a pot to piss in, have made a Becky rich, when these same black males won’t support anything that benefits the black male collective as a whole.

        I find it disturbing that these black males seek leadership from a Becky, or any female for that matter.

        I find it disturbing that these black males need a Becky to articulate for them.

        I am sure that like most Caucasians, she has her share of racism in her heart. Even if she has a taste for dark meat, she can still be a racist.

        It is the extremely rare Caucasian who truly acknowledges his/her racism, and wages a lifelong good faith battle against it. I don’t believe JustPearlyThings rises to this level.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          It’s funny that you mention JustPearlyThings and racism because a Black British YouTuber has addressed his dealings with Pearl; listen to him in his own words:

  5. White Sugar Honey: Can you come over? I have a surprise for you.
    SYSBM: What is that?
    White sugar honey: I’m dressed up like a bunny, baby!

    This guys is for real, lord of mercy!

    These dating coaches are a trip. We know about MGTOW right but I heard it’s toxic now because the incels have taken over. We all know about SYSBM. Even the simps knows that and they still attacking it and IBMOR which stands for Introspective Black Men Of Reform. That’s what is stands for, Loccario. And the red pill is seeing the reality of things especially when it comes to women and dating.

    Now Ms Loccario — I mean Mr Loccario is always talking about game. Every time he’s talking about it. Game is when you trick and manipulate a woman who is dysfunctional. SYSBM never use game at all. They just be themselves when they are with women from another race. The game I know is playing a game on Playstation.

    When it comes to Loccario, we are not in a safe place when he’s about. It’s just like that suspect simp Bareback Fountain. Nobody is safe when that unstable guy is about. But he’s dealing with traumas when his mother beat the shit out of him when he was a child.

    When these simps get advice from these dating coaches, all they are getting are women that are ratchet as their mothers. And worse of all, they are paying a lot of money to get coach of how to get women. Go read The Art of Seduction.

    I have never ever in my life have gone to a dating coach. Why would I need to go to a damn dating coach? That is so insane of someone who has to go to a dating coach just to get a woman or women. If you are goanna go to a dating coach to get women, there are two things. One, you will not get one and two, you might get a woman that you don’t want.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times especially your white bunny as well as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. And as it’s Easter now, they are hunting down for the snow bunny as well so they can boil them on the pot. So make sure that your snow bunny don’t end up like rabbit sew.

    Enjoy your Easter guys.


    1. Money Cultural,

      One of the biggest deceptions these dating coaches have spread is men having to deal with dysfunctional women ie women who are NOT normal and that somehow you’re less of a man if you choose to opt for traditional females instead.

      Again, these guys prey on the ignorant, mainly the blue pilled simps who don’t know any better. Game as mentioned before is for lames who have chosen to capitulate to female dysfunction, don’t be a lame, don’t be that sucker, avoid so called “game” like the plague.

      1. That is true. And the worse thing about it is that these simps will pay a lot of money for these dating classes. Just go speed dating. I’ve done it!

  6. As far as im concered Cuck face locuckio shouldnt even open his mouth to speak on anything base on manosphere related topic or any ‘movements’ for that matter. lol

    1. FireLord Trillz,

      Being a cuck is the ultimate form of blue pilled simpery, additionally the fact that he married a woman on Western soil speaks volumes to his subservient mindset. It’s funny how all of these guys who have been beating their chests about being so called “alpha” are slowly being exposed for the softies and emasculated veterans that they truly are.

  7. These street niggas/plantation bros try to shame and dick-watch progressive Black Men as much as their mammies. Nobody’s dancing an Irish jig or doing the Riverdance to deal with these ran-through babymamas anymore, that ship has sailed. Weird how white men don’t need dating coaches to bag black bitches, all they need to do is exist. Why am I held to a standard the white man isn’t, and jump through hoops just to bag the least desired demographic. SYSBM and Passport Bros have finally cracked the code, simply check out, go expat, and take your resources with you.

    Locario and other “dating coaches” better save their money, the crash is coming soon.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Isn’t it funny that there are sectors of black male society who’ll go out of their way to shame you out of looking for a better quality of female? If you look at non black communities this is completely unheard of. When was the last time you heard white, Indian, Arab or Asian men shaming other members of their peers into accepting subpar women, I’ll wait? So called “game” is simply capitulation to dysfunctional female nature, how can these dating roaches even begin to class such behaviour as “alpha”?

      1. “…how can these dating roaches even begin to class such behaviour as “alpha”?”

        Because the American Black Community is Bizarro World where everything is reversed. Ergo, simping and white-knighting for low-vibe females is “alpha” and striking forth for new lands to conquer (#passportbros) is “beta.”

  8. Guys like Mr. Locario are agents of feminism; who benefits more from game, men or women? Think about it: this guy is charging men money for a course to learn the “cheat code” on how to make themselves more appealing to modern women by learning how to talk to her, how to dress, how to conduct one’s self, etc., while the women doesn’t have to do anything other than exist; is it wrong to say that Mr. Locario has in a way contributed to the decline of Western dating by feeding into the female’s delusions of grandeur?

    I’ve yet to see a dating coach that doesn’t have a misandristic POV and not make it seem like something is inherently wrong with men who decide not to deal with broken females and seek out better options elsewhere; can you imagine a car dealership shaming their customers for considering a different dealership rather than addressing the complaints they have about what they were sold? That dealership would quickly go out of business which brings me back to Mr. Locario: he’s afraid of losing customers and money, which is why he’s acting as the daggle’s “slave catcher”; avoid these dating coaches and game experts like the Plague. #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As commenter Schadenfreude has pointed out, SYSBM™ and #Passport Bros has cracked the real code which is to completely bypass dysfunctional females altogether and instead home in on traditionally minded women of true quality. Of course, according to these dating roaches we are “weak” and “lame” for refusing to emasculate ourselves and capitulate to dysfunctional female nature(doesn’t the black witch levy the same charges against those who refuse to bow the knee to her authority), such a conclusion can only be reach by dudes who were raised in single mother households.

      Just like the slowteps and pro wacks, instead of addressing the shortcomings of these women these dating coaches attempt to shame men into plowing through the gutter and picking from a plethora of low quality women. As I’ve pointed out many times before, if you want folks to take your product seriously, any complaints made against said product MUST in like manner be taken seriously and addressed.

      Labelling men who do not wish to deal with defective beyond repair females as “weak, lame, corny” etc is NOT addressing any of the issues concerned and instead is demonstrating a premium form of female worship, something that these same dudes are telling men NOT to partake in, smh. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  9. I don’t know what it is about this dude Locario and other dating coaches, but that hustle is gonna drop dead real soon. Once again, why do I need to learn a whole bunch of magic tricks just to woo a woman? These dating coaches swear they know the code, but in reality, they’re simps big time. Them magic tricks they are trying to teach us to get women, it’ll work on certain women, but it ain’t gonna work on every woman on this planet earth. Also with the magic tricks, it’ll work with certain dudes, but it’s not gonna work with every dude. With Locario, first of all, why is he charging dudes a thousand bucks for his course about “game”? Does that make any damn sense? Locario is a certified, grade A simp. Last time I check, don’t this man have a whole wife or girlfriend? I’ve seen the woman too. He’s dating somebody’s mama or grandma. Once again, this dating coach hustle is gonna drop dead real soon. The hustle ain’t gonna last longer in the future, especially with sources saying that in 2030, maybe before that, 45 or 50% of women in the US will be Single and childless. Believe that.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      It was only a matter of time until a significant number of black men said enough is enough. Being mostly raised in single mother households, black men has been taught to accept much more garbage from women than they should, however with any defection, there is only so much you can take before evasive action is initiated.

      Just like the on the corner black pastors has ben taken advantage of and fleecing black women for the longest, dating coaches such as Mr Locario have been monetising the ignorance and the inexperience of mostly black men in dealing with faulty beyond repair females(in particular the black woman).

      The answer is you don’t deal with defective females at all, you simply walk away and instead search for functional women who are willing to get on YOUR program be they foreign or domestic. The dating roach arena is nothing short of Triple Cream Simp Certification and is a complete and utter disgrace to classic masculinity and traditional manhood.

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