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Another Plantation Kansas City Shuffle!

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This masculine looking black female who has decided to spray paint her hair red is asking the question as to why black men have not provided a community with resources for black women, however the question is a completely disingenuous one because deep down Cheftyree is fully aware as to why “da communitah” is in the destitute state that it is.

Gentlemen, beware of Kansas City Shuffles and Jedi mind trickeries such as the above which once again are designed to keep you locked in conversation with black women so that you never actually make the move to leave the plantation.

Don’t believe for a second that this dark siren is stupid, in real time she’s observing the mass exodus of black men from the building and just like her blue pilled, pro black simp flunkies is equally pulling out all of the stops attempting to stem the flow as well as implement some sort of damage control(which also isn’t working) in an effort to salvage what little remains.

Black women already know that they walked away from black men during the days of slavery, fast forward to the 1960s where they once again repeated the same treacherous actions via their embrace and acceptance of feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies.

Additionally black women happily signed onto State Directive 101 which strictly instructs them to keep black men and black society flat on their faces for eternity if they wish to continue receiving government assistance, welfare, section 8 housing etc. Black women have willingly sold their own people down the river and they’re quite proud of this feat.

In view of the black female’s atrocious historical track record, her ridiculously high debt coupled with her ultra financial recklessness, what black man in his right mind would want to build or provide resources for such a traitorous and irresponsible creature, I’ll wait?

Again, we can easily deconstruct and break down the reasons behind the lack of resources within “da communitah”, however it is more important NOT to get caught up in this ever repeating conversation that black women and their blue pilled simp brigades continue to conjure up in their efforts to DISTRACT and PRETEND that black women are seeking out some sort of resolution to the huge rift they’ve deliberately created between themselves and black men, it’s all a smoke and mirrors deception and illusion.

Understand that black women are NOT seeking any form of resolution, they’re the reigning queens of the swamp and they wouldn’t have it any other way, the major issue they’re facing is black men are now waking up at an astronomical rate and realising that the black unity/black love/black community juice is no longer worth the squeeze.

As I’ve stated many times before, SYSBM™ till the wheels fall off and even then we’re still prepared to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly. Let these black sirens seek out “resources” from Pookie and RayRay, let 12 Gauge Mike and Field Mouse build for them, after all these are the guys they love and openly embrace while at the same time giving the educated, upwardly mobile, intelligent, non criminal minded brothers the middle finger.

Lastly, this harriet seems to have forgotten that men providing for women is a TRADITIONAL CUSTOM, since black women have brazenly cast traditionalism to the side in favour of modernity, they are no longer entitled to that traditional practice and as a result, it has appropriately been withdrawn. Traditional customs and practices are reserved and carried out for TRADITIONAL WOMEN ONLY:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Keep Your Eyes Open For Black Female Smoke And Mirrors Trickery

Most High Bless

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40 thoughts on “Another Plantation Kansas City Shuffle!

  1. She is asking why Asian is making big hustle in the black community.
    I go some answers.

    #1. She went on saying how good Black Men take resources from the communtiah. News flash!. The ghetto have no resources so there are no resources to take.

    #2. Same as #1. Each BM earn their own resources and they can use it as they please. If they want to take it else where, they can as they earn it with hard work.

    #3. In the hood, the reason why there is no Black Business because of hook ups and they rob each other. Now I know these Pro-black will talk about other cultures does haggle. There is a clear difference between haggle and hook-up. Haggle is based on item value and hook-up is simply the broke black bum thinks they entitle a product for free because of their colour of their skin. Other culture understands where to put friends and business aside which your friend/family member runs a business. You are not getting it for less or free because you are skin or kin folk or else you are not a customer at all.
    Also sometimes your homeboys robs you. Look a BW business owners as their own friends steal from from their own, such as weaves and hair stuff. You will not play that shit in Asian as we seen the beat down BW get for stealing.

    #4. Same as #3 and as a result black business cannot thrive. It is better to run a black business elsewhere and out of the hood.

    #5. Asian make a killing because BW are the most consumers for Asian salon shops. Look at the weaves they buy, they all talk about how broke BM are but they put themselves in huge debt for a wig and fake makeup which make them more of an ugly than before.

    #6. Same as #3 and #5. The Matriarchy run communitah never become customers in the Black Establishment. David Carrol stated one time that you have a BM who runs a restaurant for 30 years and rarely gets customers. As soon as a Korean open up a business selling the same product as the 30 year Black Business Man, the customers raking in the Korean store and Koreans making 3 times the money in a month than the BM in 30 years.

    #7. Same as #3 and #6. White Man’s Ice is always colder in the hood regardless how successful BM is.

    #8. Verbs is correct, trade black business for welfare whilst Asian takes over.

    #9. Asian women understands helpmeet in homes and business as BW do not support the BM who runs the business, only take the resources.

    #10. Same as #1 to #8. Why should a BM invest their hard earn money and resources to the failed Black Matriarchal Communitah? Thinking BM with resources they know this is financial suicide.

    #11. Same as #10. Learn from Nipsey Hustle and other fallen thinking BM comrades who build the business in the hood and end up deleted (aka dead).

    Thinking Black Men with Resources smarten up.

    If you got more reasons to add after #11, you can reply here.

    1. I got one Michael.

      #12. Sames as most.
      One brother commented (cannot remember who, I think it was Schadenfraude).
      Said this:
      BW complain that BM don’t build, but they do not respect Blue Collar Men.

      1. “One brother commented (cannot remember who, I think it was Schadenfraude) Said this: BW complain that BM don’t build, but they do not respect Blue Collar Men.”

        Yup brother it was me. Ungrateful BW actually look down on Blue Collar skilled labor who can ACTUALLY BUILD. Electricians, roofers, bricklayers, drywall men, housepainters, window guys, landscape men. Or the Teamster truckers who haul supplies. Broke bishes think they are too good for these Union men who make great wages no matter how the economy is doing.

        I have a buddy in HVAC who worked non-stop through the pandemic stacking paper while everybody else was locked down. He is a bachelor. I suspect this is the fuel for Passport Bros, a lot of brothers just stacked for 2 years & got radicalized by social media. Now hoes are bitching and crying they left, the same ones too good for Blue Collar dudes. Haha fu*k ’em. SYSBM.

        1. Thanks Schadenfreude,
          Still the best quote ever in the SYSBM realm.

          Few blue collar men stacked up the money during Covid and when the travel restrictions lifted, they travel. All the blue-pill and 304s gets mad.

  2. Strong, independent, don’t need no man. That’s the answer to her question. It’s as simple as that.

    1. Val Zod,

      They conveniently forget that part when they’re skint and desperately looking for a blue pilled sucker to syphon resources from.

      1. Black men don’t owe black women shit. End of discussion. When are they going to learn and understand this?

  3. It’s truly Sickening and Disgusting to Absolutely No End to See black women like this.They still refuse to accept the consequences of their actions.They’ve purposely caused so much Hell,Heartache and Endless Pain in what at one point in time we were proud to call our community.I have to mention him again because he’s Hugely at Fault for this and so much more..Dr.Umar Gerbilface Johnson Will Not under any circumstances Expose this woman as the Fraud,Liar and Deceiver that she is.I would venture to say that when we had the Million Man March way,way back in Oct 1996 when over one million Black Men from all over the World came together as One to Heal and Prepare to build Our Communities better than ever,Black women per their Orders from Commander Frost, Captain Snowflake and Lieutenant Pale Face had already planned Exactly how they were going to Sabotage and Ruin Us and Blame us for Everything that Always goes Wrong in the Black Communitah.

    1. Robert,

      Black women as a collective will never accept responsibility for the endless damage they’ve brought upon not only black men but black society as a whole, this is one of the core reasons why SYSBM was formed, MBD recognised that the black witch would never hold herself accountable for her actions and so SYSBM was born. A black man recognised that in order to achieve as much as one can unhindered, the modern day black female had to be completely erased from the building and construction equation.

      Black feminist gatekeeper Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson will continue to do what he does best, not open up his boys academy and continue to berate, mock and disparage black men who wisely choose to date and marry out. The so called black community is dead and slowly more black men are reluctantly having to accept the writing on the wall.

  4. She should ask the very ones she birthed and “raised”.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      That would be holding herself to account, we already know in the eyes of most black women that would be considered heresy.

  5. The negress is comparing black communities to asian communities.

    Across the globe, asian communities are more family oriented in everything compare to black communities.

    Social economics is real.

    Most black businesses ain’t supported by black people in western societies.

    The only time you may see most black businesses being supported by black people is on vacations to the Caribbean and Africa.

    Most of the money black people spend on themselves goes to asian communities and white communities.

    China owns black people in Africa.

    Rich bankers owns global governments.

    Western governments owns black societies completely.

    Black culture has always created hostile environments for catering to black women globally.

    White women will need more biracial men in future for western societies to survive on lower birth rates in white communities.

    I could help a future white wifey to achieve that by breeding a biracial son with future white granddaughters.

    1. Keep dreaming, Virgincel

      Big Black Queens breed White children with Big White Kings in Africa, UK, and North America.

      Thousands of White children are born from Holy Black Wombs every year.

      Go back to your Black Mama’s basement 😂😂😂🤣🤣

      1. SYSBM Hating Knucklehead,

        Nobody over here cares about who incorrigible, masculine black females are opening their legs to and birthing children by, if black women want to get knocked up by General Blizzard then so be it. The truth of the matter is most black females are getting impregnated by the likes of Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, Chunky Bruh, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse, get it right lame.

      2. Hey Sustah,

        BW cannot produce white children with white men, but BM can produce Black children with white women.

        “Holy Black Wombs,” ROFL. White boys don’t like fat black bitches.

        Sucks to be you, femcel.

        SYSBM is winning.

          1. SYSBM Hating Scoundrel,

            I’ve noticed that you’re eerily silent on all of the “big black queens” who are getting snuffed out of existence by their white lord and saviour Major Sleet. Don’t worry, the former High Priestess of Swirl Mountain Miss Christelyn Karazin ran into the same conundrum.

            Let’s not forget DJ Pope who easily infected so many of you mullet heads because of your unconditional worship of white skin.

            He wasn’t the only one either, wasn’t there another white guy going around infecting you black sirens with disease?

            Don’t ever forget the relationship dynamic you have with Captain Snowy, you’re his sex toy as well as his flunky to carry out the continued destruction of black society, nothing more. You’re a fool to believe you’ll ever get a seat at the white man’s table.

            Here are a few cases just to keep your backside grounded in reality, this is what happens to you black sirens once your lord and saviour General Blizzard grows tired of you:

          2. SYSBM Are Incels,

            Are we really supposed to be mad at those links? SYSBM is well aware of the disloyal nature of BW. Just the fact that you came on a site not meant for you to engage BM you supposedly “hate” proves who’s really mad LOL. The time you spend on here with us you could be ghetto gagging your imaginary white boy LMAO!

            SYSBM & Passport Kings are winning.

            1. Yaaaaawn, you SYSBManginas are so lame and boring…. 🤭🥱😴

              No wonder that Big Black Queens don’t want anything to do with Faggot Incels like you. They only date and marry Big White Kings, just as God planned ☝️ 😉 ✝️






              Passport Pedos can’t even find a girlfriend in the UK nor the US, that’s why they support the normalization of Pedophilia with underage children elsewhere, and foreign women KNOW THAT. 🤫🤢🤮

              All of you belong to the Pedosphere, LOL ROFLMAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

              1. SYSBM Hating Femcel/Simp,

                Once again, we true SYSBM™ practitioners don’t care who oil tanking black women choose to date and marry, we have a problem when those black sirens get slutted out, used and abused by their white lord and saviour Major Sleet and then after he’s done with them want to return and demand that black men scrape up the leftovers ie perform clean up man/janitorial services on their behalf, no thanks, we’re good, we’ll pass.

                Women in the UK and US overall are DEFECTIVE and DYSFUNCTIONAL, just in case you don’t understand what those words mean, allow me to post the dictionary definitions for you:


                “Containing a fault, or not working correctly:”


                “Not behaving or working normally:”

                These are the primary reasons why black women as well as other liberal women in the West aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm. Wearing the hair of white and Indian females on their heads and you expect me to look at these black harriets as normal, what a joke.

                Your pedophilia comments will go absolutely nowhere over here because we already know that most child predators are WOMEN, here is yet another masterpiece by King Sigma(a black man with his head screwed on straight) illustrating this uncomfortable truth(uncomfortable for you, not me):

                It’s well known that black men don’t play that paedophile nonsense, your white lord and saviour though is a completely different story. The black witch is also a supporter of fiddling with young children, US Attorney Dennis Spurling had a live a month ago demonstrating exactly what these “black queens” are getting up to on their trips to Jamaica:

      3. The truth is a very small minority of white men would deal with you.

        Most swirl relationships don’t really last for very long.

        You’re only a sex toy object to white men, nothing more than that.

        At least my future relationship with a white wifey will have a structure of our family foundation.

        Black men with white women is more natural for relationships.

        It is unnatural for a black man to be with a manly negress woman of high testosterone, fake weave wigs, manly facial features, manly real hairs, big manly feet.

        This description sounds like a transgender that perfectly describes black women like you.

        Speaking of basement, I have my own home.

        Your basement is probably very messy knowing the obesity reputation of people like you have.

        I would never want to live in a toxic environment like yours.

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The modern day black witch is a greedy and selfish individual who is looking for blue pilled black male simps to continue gatekeeping for her while she executes her ongoing mission to destroy what remains of black society. Indeed, the only black businesses that get regular support in the West by black folks are barbershops/hair salons and grease spoons.

      This modern day black female is a dummy, she really expects black men with sense and intelligence to build and provide for her while she takes the money invested straight over to Kim’s beauty supply store or Hong’s nail salon, you cannot make this stuff up. Get yourself a traditionally minded non black woman, at least you know you won’t be pestered for cash to buy weaves/wigs as well as all the other excessive BS externals most black women invest heavily into.

  6. This scraggle daggle is so last century.

    First of all, I as a thinking Black Man do not identify as being part of her conceptual ‘black community’. I might have done so when I was much younger, but I am so past that.

    Scraggs like her are my enemy, and I can see this now. So are the blue pilled black male simps who are psychologically and emotionally her counterpart. Actually, she and the blue pilled black male simps are the exact same being, except one has male genitalia and one has female genitalia.

    Da communitah is a fantasy construct, straight from the sickest recesses of General Blizzard’s mind. Yes, this scragg enjoys her appointed role as lord overseer in da communitah. But we thinking Black Men will no longer provide her with resources.

    This scraggle daggle and others like her, must get their resources from Pookie, RayRay, Slim Sauce, Bottom Shelf Brad, General Blizzard, and the bitter black sisterhood of failure.

    She knows that Pookie, Slim Sauce, and RayRay are deadbeats. She also knows that Bottom Shelf Brad will give her ghetto gags, but no resources.

    This leaves General Blizzard and the bitter black sisterhood of failure. General Blizzard will only find her useful as long as she can keep the black male collective corralled and downtrodden. Once she loses that function, she is of no use to him. The bitter black sisterhood of failure is, each and every one of them, looking for a black male simp sucker to fleece. So they are not building shit. They are not looking to build, they are each one on a quest for a black male simp or a cleanup black male simp. Once the simps are gone, they will be lost in the wilderness with only each other.

    No one else but the black male simp is even capable of tolerating their ugliness, masculinity, bad attitudes, promiscuity, emotionally disturbed minds, bad feminine hygiene, lack of nurturing skills, stupidity, selfishness, and general lack of worth.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    I am not going to give my future hard earned resources to the black community because its already destroyed. I am only going to give my future hard earned resources to my future childfree white / childfree non black girlfriend and my future mixed race kids.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Indeed, put your money and resources into the areas that you choose, things whereby the recipients will show you love and appreciation, not a nasty attitude and entitlement where they believe by default you’re supposed to invest in people who don’t give a monkeys about you to begin with. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  8. Ain’t nobody building for a face like Leslie Jones Jr here. Ain’t nobody coming home from a 10 hour day of building to look at Magilla Gorilla. That’s just off rip. Remember Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships. We get Shaniqua.

    Keep stacking your loot in secret and get out the communitah, young brothers. SYSBM & Passport Bros in effect.

    PS: I remember this woman she made some anti-Passport Bros videos surprise surprise.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      When this siren’s Tiktok channel was still live, I remember coming across several of these same videos where she kept comparing other communities to the pile of ashes and rubble called black society, mind you the same society herself and the rest of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure have utterly destroyed.

      The audacity of these horrible looking creatures to talk about why black men have not built anything for them while still having a fully fledged contractual obligation to the State to keep black men and black society flat on their faces for eternity, smh. #SYSBM™ #PASSPORTBROS

  9. SYSBM: What you got for me, snow bunny?
    White Sugar Honey: I have some easter eggs for you. They taste so sweet!

    Right, here is the thing. When you go to the so called black community, all you see is Asian stores that are selling groceries and weave. And the ratchet black women is buying out the weave. There are some black businesses but they are barbershops, Caribbean restaurants, record stores, clothes stores and so on. Go the Harlesden, North West London as see.

    When you see that oriental groceries, the money they are making is going to their community, not the black community. And the thing is the ghetto ratchet hoodrats is spending their money to the Asians to get that weave that they are addicted to.

    Let me tell you something. If their Asian had a sale and sell the weave half price, yo Verbs! The scraggle daggles will by out the weave without thinking. The weave will sell out. Let me tell you something. The Chiney man Mr Chong is hustling the community and it’s the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles especially the ones in the UK are the main customers.

    Right, what see say the Asians and the Hispanics men provide for their women. Them gyal submit to their men. They comply to their men. If they don’t comply to them, the men will leave them in the dust. A ghetto harridan will not comply to her black man but if it’s the worthless dudes like Corner Boy Ronney or Machete Man Briggy, then she has to submit in a flash.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are hunting down these snow bunnies and cook them into a boiling pot for rabbit stew.

    Happy Easter, SYSBM!


  10. Boy, if David Carroll were still alive today, I know he’d go in on this Ronald McDonald hair styled scraggle daggle in his Rabbit Hole series; I’ll assume this Donkey Kong doppelgänger doesn’t know history, so let me refresh its memory: Black men have built thriving communities for Black people, one example being Black Wall Street (and all of it was done WITHOUT reparations). Not only that, there were great intellectual giants who’ve written literature on how Black people can build themselves up and thrive; honestly, there is no point in accumulating wealth and resources to give it back to these ungrateful miscreants who just want to leech off of another man’s labor. Also, the culture that Asians have is totally different than what you’ll find in the communitah; Asians won’t call a man “lame” for setting up grocery stores for their people to shop in. Speaking of setting up stores, is this clown haired harriet aware of how her White god gives Asian people the resources to set up shop within the Black community, but not his own? I doubt she is aware of that, but what else do you expect from a rottweiler in a dress who continues to employ SIGN language to attack her male counterparts? This is why the Wall of Silence was created to begin with; leave them there, and go save yourself, brothers. #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Bad news on the late David Carroll I’m afraid, it looks like for years he was blue pill simping for the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain and Pink Pill Pimptress Christelyn Karazin and feeding her information as to who was doing what in the manosphere. She had a video up until yesterday where she showed all the receipts of their behind the scenes communications including text messages and emails, she’s now made that video private which can be seen below:

      Ramil Amyr also covered this but it looks like he’s taken the videos he made down as well(probably at Karazin’s request). Carroll lied about taking cigars over women, for years he was conversing with Karazin behind the scenes while at the same time going in mostly on black men for doing the same thing he was doing behind closed doors. Ironically, the only person I’ve found so far who has snippets of the video Karazin made is our old nemesis D Derell:

      YouTuber Reg The Bad Guy also briefly talked about the situation:

      Basically Kazarin openly stated that she used David Carroll for insider information and unfortunately he served her believing eventually she would give up the snatch. This revelation was very sad indeed.

      As for the beastly creature who expects black men to provide for her, she’s another one who needs to seek provision and protection from 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Chunky Bruh and Cheezy Grillz.

      1. While I am disappointed in David Carroll I’m not surprised. I’ve learned to my cost not to trust anybody who disparages Jesus Christ.

      2. Well, even given this info I still choose to take what I liked about Dr. Carroll and leave the rest. It doesn’t really negate his message. I am resigned to the fact that most of the people we look up to will get outed as a hypocrite eventually.

      3. Actually Verbs, David Carroll is not a simp as Christelyn Karazin had may have falsify the receipts and this is too good to be true.

        The videos will run with Pink Pill Queen but something is not right.
        Even I saw Christelyn Karazin’s receipt but this is half the truth and the BM on YouTube claim that David is a simp but not proven as I know.

        Brian Solange has more evidence.
        More will put out in the future.

  11. Black men don’t owe black women shit! End of discussion!

    When are black women going to learn and understand this??

    1. In the communist hell hole Black Communitah, you the “educated lame” must offer up your hard-earned resources to the Black Matriarchy in tribute, and also give your time to mentor and teach the rockhead bastard kids they had with Pookie nem. Did I mention you get nothing in return but disrespect and scorn? What a deal!

  12. Good BM provide stable households and environments for their wives and children. These angry ghetto BW are mad because good BM won’t come and do that for them, completely ignoring the fact that the community is crap because they chose to shun good BM and reproduce with bums. As far as good BM goes it’s every man for himself and his family. Keep the Wall up.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Black women are finally realising that they’ll have to rely on the guys they’ve been opening their legs to for protection and provision. This ridiculous notion that the upwardly mobile black men who have been ousted as “lames” and “corny” are supposed to return to “da communitah” and build for its unappreciative backside is finally beginning to die the death. Like you said, good black men are only obligated to provide for theirs, NOT selfish strangers and haughty outsiders.

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