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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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This is one of the fundamental reasons why SYSBM™ Knights and practitioners have exited the community and actively encourage other free thinking black men to do the same.

This unfortunately is what black society has become, an endless cesspool of sexual deviancy, debauchery as well as an arena for violence and murder. These wattless black females heavily contribute towards the perpetuation of the volatile climate within “da communitah” via choosing to have sex with as well as bringing forth children from the most irresponsible, mentally unstable characters in black male society.

Tiawana loves getting piped down by Slim Sauce, 12 Gauge Mike and Two Snacks, she enjoys releasing Jezebel from her confinement, dabbling in the dark side and the black witch wouldn’t have things any other way.

The black community is destroyed to the point where outside of a miracle from the Most High himself, it can NEVER be rebuilt or restored.

This is why at this stage the pro black, black love pundits have to be laughed at as they are fighting a battle that cannot be won. This is because they deliberately choose not to recognise the modern day black female as an enemy combatant, they’ll only acknowledge her as an ally even though she’s never proven herself to be so.

If you’re a black man with at least 2 brain cells to rub together you know I’m right, remove yourself from the pile of ashes and rubble called black society and build yourself a new life elsewhere where you’ll actually stand a chance of making something positive and constructive out of your life.

Finally, in other news, I’m sitting on the sidelines watching all of the chewbaccary unfold with JustPearlyThings and the racist and egregious statements she recently made concerning black folks while interviewing renowned white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

The number of Negroes who’ve come to her defence has been off the chain, however since most black men only respond to feminine energy, this is to be expected. Black male YouTuber Sa Ra Garvey had also brought some other “interesting information” to light before JustPearlyThings copyright struck several videos on his channel.

SYSBM™ Knights and true practitioners never had and never will have the problem of women infiltrating our space because we aren’t simps and we prioritise the free thinking, heterosexual black man.

Black men who refuse to harken to black male masculine leadership will ALWAYS fall victim to women, whether they be black, mixed, white etc. SYSBM™ specifically focuses on black male masculine leadership, this is one of the primary reasons why to date we haven’t been rendered down into a laughingstock like other black male spaces.

The Black Manosphere will continue to be looked upon and considered a joke as well as a bread and circus monkey show as long as the blue pilled simps within it refuse to put free thinking black men first above all and instead constantly run to the women who get their talking points from the same men those simps won’t give credit or the time of day to.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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11 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. What are your thoughts on this video?

    I haven’t seen the full interview but this is what happens when a black male space is allowing women to be leaders.

    The difference between a negress and JustPearlyThings.

    JustPearlyThings is taking accountability.

    A negress would never take accountability.

    Although she never claimed to be the current leader of black manosphere, she knows most black men cater to feminine energy.

    She also knows most black men are into negress females.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      To be honest for me personally, the interview with Nick Fuentes wasn’t really the problem, racist white men will continue to be racist until the cows come home, the real issues as far as I’m concerned were her references to black men from the motherland as “her Africans” in addition to her statement that slavery wasn’t all that bad and that films like Roots exaggerated the severity of the slave trade which couldn’t be further from the truth.

      All of this was bad enough however Sa Ra Garvey’s latest video has brought some extra information to light regarding some of the other shady practices JustPearlyThings is engaging in including the exploitation of blacks such as King Richez and Auntie Jenny who have signed themselves to her network for mealy mouthed pittance percentages in return.

      The fact that JustPearly Things flagged Sa Ra Garvey’s channel aiming to prevent more information from being released on her studio “exploits” is highly suspicious. None of this would have ever taken place if black folks had set up their own instead of continuing to believe that white folks stuff is better than theirs.

      Additionally, another problem is the fact that black women are agent saboteurs who have been given the task of ruining and destroying any constructive endeavours black men attempt to embark upon within black society, hence why black men MUST build AWAY FROM BLACK WOMEN in order to be successful as well as prevent such destruction from taking place.

      Black men also need to be proud to occupy and run spaces that DON’T include others, everybody else is allowed to have their separate spaces, however when it comes to black men, most are successfully shamed and guilted into including outsiders, Passport Bros being the most recent example of this.

      Is JustPearlyThings genuinely holding herself accountable for her actions or is her apology merely a PR damage control manoeuvre aimed at preventing more damage to her brand from taking place?

      Left leaning, liberal, black female following blue pilled black men will continue to get caught out by fleecing merchants as well as crafty swindlers be they male or female.

      Meanwhile SYSBM will continue to go from strength to strength precisely because we are territorial about our sector and we don’t have a problem keeping folks out who aren’t supposed to be here.

  2. Pookie kills Shanquita and baby Pookie. Laquisha stabs Tavon in his sleep, then drowns her 4 bastard nigglets

    These sort of stories are just another day in Blackistan.

    That’ s why I laugh whenever I hear a hotep idiot talking about giving back to da communitah.

    Da communitah doesn’t give anybody anything, except debauchery, dishonor, disgrace, degeneracy, depravity, deceit, and death.

  3. “Black men who refuse to harken to black male masculine leadership will ALWAYS fall victim to women, whether they be black, mixed, white etc.”

    Mic drop!!! There is nothing left to be said. Another timeless quote for The Book of SYSBM!

    Respect bro!!


  4. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I am a SYSBM black man and that I walked away from the black community a long time ago and I ain’t ever coming back to save it. Black women have destroyed the black community so badly that it will never recover. What makes me laugh is that you still have these black men simps saying that the black community is great and that there is lots of quality black women around which is a lie because good black women in 2023 don’t exist. As a childfree black man at 40, I will never ever have kids with a black woman because they are the worst mothers on the planet.

  5. Right, when I saw the video of the deceased woman and her son and they got killed by her some thug that was slamming her down on the bed, it really goes to show how much the ghetto ratchet black woman love this thuggy, thuggy dudes. How much they love these type of men.

    Some of these black women really don’t like the good guy. They really want the worthless black men who has nothing going on with their life. I have been saying this all the time. They love the thugs and the hopeless men that will drive them crazy.

    And in Just Pearl Things. I heard about the racist comments she said. And also, she was interviewing a good for nothing racist beta male Nick Fuentes. And Sa Ra Garvey bring up some interesting thing things before she JustPearlyThings struck him with copyright. I don’t know what copyright she struck him with. Lord knows.

    And you know what else which doesn’t surprise me at all. There are a number of black people who are defending her. That doesn’t shock me. The homosphere continue to crumble and SYSBM are goanna sit down and just watch it crumble in front of them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  6. I was going to make a comment last week but since you made more information about Pearl Davis and I listen to all viewpoint from MadbusDriver, Kid Organic, Shawn James and General Tito. I am going to write my mouthful on this:

    My thoughts on Pearly is she make some real content as observe from the side-line like Verbs stated because she talks to Black Men, Women and others in person just like Kevin Samuels. This is something that the manosphere could not do which I agree with Madbus.

    Do I watch Pearly’s videos? No I do not. Because she is using Kevin’s talking point. I learn knowledge from Kevin Samuels, David Carroll, Kid Organic, Slaying Evil website such as SYSBM, MadbusDriver, General Tito and other thinking brothers such as Quincy and Money.
    There is nothing to learn from a Becky such as Pearly.

    Even she does not claim to be the leader of the Black Manosphere, but she did took leadership of the manosphere.

    On the MadbusDriver video he made about Pearly, people thinks that Madbus is hating on the Becky.
    The point MadbusDriver is making on the video is not a beef towards the Beckies such as Pearly, the issue is that it took a Becky to lead the black manosphere. Yes some thinking brothers here support Pearly, however what you will never see thinking brothers do is to invite her to Thinking Male panels – key word: ‘Male Space’ something that these manosphere never understand.
    Yes, SYSBM may support Pearly, Beckies, Latinas and other women, but you will never see any thinking brothers, especially SYSBM knight inviting women in any race regardless (White Women, Filipina, Latina, Chinese, etc) to a SYSBM panel. Why? Because it is a ‘Thinking Brothers Zone’ so no women is allowed on SYSBM live chats. This is what Male Space is. Accountable Commentary mention few times on his videos are no women zone channel

    All the people keep on going about the biggest mistake for the manosphere is to invite women to the panel. I am going to remind you all why this happen:
    Remember at 2017 and the hit list where these BW want to shut down BM YouTube videos and what happened when all the thinking BM fighting hard? That is right Obsidian and Oshay could not fight the Black Feminist so they decide to throw the towel at these Black Feminist Youtubers, the Black Manosphere surrendered to the Black Females when Obsidian say ‘call it a truce’. Meaning chop your own balls off for women and turn this Manosphere into a fucking joke with this stupid alliance, making these BW moderators, Admins on panels, website and Facebook group. Oh of course, if you are thinking brother, you get blocked and banned from the manosphere because BW get buthert and they run the Black Manosphere. Stupid, stupid truce. I call it chopping your dick off for the manopshere when they have this stupid feminist/Manosphere Alliance. I am glad that SYSBM decide to leave and withdraw as soon as they saw something wrong with that group. It went from Red pill to Blue Pill.

    I also agree with MadbusDriver that the reason why the Black Manosphere declare war against SYSBM and the Thinking Brothers because deep down the Black Manosphere want the BW, the scraggle daggle, the 304s and I seen this a mile far.

    I listen to Shawn James on his take on Pearly and he goes on and on about why the manosphere never cancel Becky and the ‘White Supremacy’, but they want to cancel him when he go against the Passport Bros and SYSBM.
    I am going to give you a reason why the Passport Bros spending time cancelling Shawn and not go after Pearly aka ‘White Supremacy’:

    1st, lets talk about Pearly – I not worry about Pearly and the White Supremacy because they are not affecting me at all, yeah there always be White Supremacy but there is nothing Pro-Black can do about it, if they got a problem with White Men, they can do something about it, stop asking ‘Thinking Brothers’ to do something it.

    2nd, Lets get to why many Passport Bros try to cancel him. This is because people like him was the original ‘Passport Gate’. People who dick police BM who they date so yes, the Passport Bros retaliate why? Because Shawn was taking post shots at people who are living a life which does not concern Pro-Blacks like Shawn. These detractors act like they are expert on other countries even they never left Unites States of America, let alone out of the Hood. If they never leave the hood, then what do they know about other countries? Is is because it is what you see on TV how they portrayed other countries as evil slum and think America is the perfect saint of freedom. I know other coutries as flaws too and some are like ‘Shit Hole’ which Donald Trump describe it, but those people who live in the ‘Shit Hole’ do overcome poverty and become better and educated than the west. Despite the below poverty they live in the females there still retain femininity and know how to be a women. Unlike the West who got White Daddy support system them and they still call it oppression because these western women are ungrateful bitches, yes a lot of them. And then you have BW expect good BM who is law abiding to pay premium on the first date or else they are labelled ‘Broke’ and ‘Dusty’, but will not say this to non-BM. Yeah, these BW can call Filipio all the names such as ‘Shit Hole’, poor, dusty and whatever because they living below poverty, but at least they are more educated than the western counterpart.
    Another reason why Shawn lost a lot of subs and patron when he critiquing Travelling Bros, not Passport Bros, Travelling Bros. It is not because they are but-hurt over Shawn’s opinion, this is because these are the guys, especially thinking brothers donate support to Shawn when he was a struggling business man when does his books. Before the thinking brothers, SYSBM can in to the Male Group, he was a broke businessman making books with 3k YouTube subs. Thanks to the Travelling bros, SYSBM, Obsidian and the thinking men, he gained 10k+ YouTube subs, he had big supporters and donation. As soon as he talk shit about the Black Men who support his business, they unsub him. I do not blame them. Because the lesson you learn is never turn your back on the brothers who made you successful and never bite the hand who feed you.
    You think these Pro-Black community support Shawn’s business. The black community do not give flying fuck and rat shit ass about Shawn and is Comic Book. To the communitah he is nothing but an incel lame. At least on one of his videos acknowledge Obsidian and the thinking brothers help in make is business successful, not the Pro-Blacks. So he need to remember who made him successful.

    Back to Pearly.

    I notice that when an American YouTuber move to another country, they pimp Americans. I give you 2 examples:
    1st – Oshay Duck Jackson, he made good videos, but not much views, as soon as he move to Poland, he starts talking about how American BM should stay in the Hood and build for the communtah, talking all Pro-Black and supporting BW, why because he does not live in the hood and not put up with this western mindset. Keep on going on about he is a busy man studying medicine and talk that he is superior to American BM because he lives in Poland. He is not studying at all and pimp BM because if you are really studying, you would make 3 videos per day.

    Another one, Just Pearly. She is American and she made good amount of views. As soon as she move to London, UK she is now talking Pro-Black towards America and take the Black Manosphere Throne. Pimping Black America reaching over a million subs so fast, quicker than Kevin’s channel.

    I know one guy from Netherland call himself Coen, making money pimping Black American Females because BW see white men as god live David Carrol say about white skin covers flaws.

    The last thing Verbs mention that JustPearly flags people’s video. I want all the brothers and gentlemen understands how YouTube works when it comes to flagging videos and copyright:
    If I am correct, that if anyone gets 100k subs, that user will get a ‘Copyright License Certificate’. It is possible to get it, even it is under 100k subs. But it is very hard to get it if you are on the less than 10k range.
    Once you got this ‘Copyright License Certificate’ any video you make is 100% legally yours.
    I give you an example. Lets say MadbusDriver got 100k subscribers (one day he will) and got this ‘Copyright License Certificate’. Any video he makes is 100% his legit. If anyone use his video example Aaron Fountain uses it for Expose the Manosphere, he will get an automatcially copyright claim against him by Madbusdriver. Madbus do not have to flag him. YouTube does it, just like you put music on your video and you get a copyright claim because of the music you put on the video. I know a lot of American Black Men loves uses the term ‘Fair Use’. Because it is fair use it does not mean you can use their video. The owner can decide to make money on it which they can because they are using Madbus’s video.
    This is what American Pro-Black do not understand about how YouTube works and why many years ago they are hating on Tommy because they assume he flags video, just like they accuse Kevin and JustPearly flagging Black Men’s video down. No pro-black, Kevin and Pearl got over million subs so they got a ‘Copyright License Certificate’ so if you Pearl’s video YouTube will do the flagging regardless of ‘fair use’ or not. They can use all that legal Fair use shit all they want, but if you use their shit, you going to pay. That is how YouTube works.

    So I hope one day MadbusDriver gets over 100k subs. 200k will do the trick for him to get the ‘Copyright License Certificate’ and he be protected and any detractors uses Madbusdrivers’ content, he will pimp them all by YouTube.

    That is all I got to say with my 3Ms (Michael MisterTea Mouthful).

  7. This is real talk Michael.

    Especially when you remind people here on why the manosphere in the mess and inviting women on Black Manosphere panel.

    It is spot on about Madbusdriver and why the manosphere is trying to go after SYSBM and yes, these manosphere truly want BW.
    They belive that inviting women to panel make Black Women change. Remember, you cannot change BW, period, that is why you see the Fake Passport Bros. When I saw Madbusdriver’s video about JustPearly, he did roast some of his fans because we all know that most are not down with the SYSBM or Passport Bros because the real SYSBM and Real Passport Bros do not make videos, going back and forth with women, especially going on panels debating with a females.
    Verbs, Madbus and I also notice fake Passport Bros going on BW’s panels because they using Passport to get back at BW, why? Because deep down they want BW. If they were truly down with the ‘Thinking Brothers’ they would just leave BW alone on social media and build your own hustle.

    People forget to remember that when you see interratial couples on MadbusDriver’s video, he is showing that, if you build, they will come and follow.
    Red pill is about improving oneself, taking the pill to get BW.

    I also like explanation about Shawn James about how Passport Bros trying to cancel him and Black Men do not go after White Supremacy.
    I will tell you this about Shawn and the Pro Black, White Supremacy is a least of our concerns in our daily life.
    Pro-blacks spend too much time worrying about what white men are doing.

    1. Thanks Nikon,

      What I also forgot when I put my mouthful. I come up with the term 3Ms (Michael Mistertea Mouthful) because Verbs said I made a mouthful on the comments which I sometime write in deep details – thanks Verbs.

      Back to my mouthful,
      I do not mind people critique Passport Bros. However, the problem is when the haters trying do debunk Passport Bros, talking shit about other countries. Stating things like, ‘Drugs’, gangs, prostitute, you get robbed, scam, women are gold-diggers/after your resources. They talk like these things does not happen in the West.

      Yes, women overseas can rob you in marriage, the difference is whilst this happens overseas, they are doing it illegally whilst women in the West can rob you legally. Let me explain difference between illegally from overseas and legally in the West.
      Overseas, they find ways to do the con and in the West, they do not need to be a criminal to do so because they got the system to do. In divorce, child support, alimony (aka vagina money) and welfare.

      Then you have BW especially Western/modern females talks about how foreign women are after your resources.
      Let us run with what they say:
      The question is why should the modern women want the men’s resources instead of foreign women?
      I mention this before few times and I will say it again: When the modern/western females say foreign women are after your money, what they really mean is they want your resources, not them. Meaning they do not want other women taking your resources because they want your resources.

  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! So, this whole debacle with Pearl making racist statements and also interviewing Nick Fuentes underscores why I don’t trust females in the Manosphere; the Black Manosphere has decimated its credibility by coming to her defense. Also, the YouTuber “Mediocre Tutorials & Reviews” has spoken against Pearl’s recent comments in a video:

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