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Is Anybody Up For This Task? #SHORTS

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This degenerate ritual of eating booty has to be one of the most bizarre as well as disgusting sexual practices I have ever come across. It’s not like snatch munching where assuming the woman’s PH is where it needs to be and she practices good sexual hygiene, that area will be clean.

Nope, you have chicks out here demanding that men perform oral services on a bodily orifice that expels waste which is NOT meant to come into contact with another human. Additionally you have blue pilled simps who are so desperate for female approval and validation that they are more than willing to debase and dehumanise themselves for the off chance they MIGHT land themselves some cooch.

This video was forwarded to me, I have no idea where the above video has come from, I don’t know who the black female in the video is, however it doesn’t surprise me that once again for any form of attention, black women are willing to get in front of a camera and let the world know about what they like getting up to in the bedroom.

As well as Pookie, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce and Two Snacks, she’s even willing to literally accommodate a homeless man in her house/apartment as long as he’s regularly tossing her salad, smh. Have black women become this desperate now, accommodation provided and paid for in exchange for booty eating services, really?

Remember once upon a time when bedroom antics were private and folks kept their sexual exploits to themselves? Now it seems like everybody is trying to outdo the next person by taking sexual recreational activities to the next level and advertising the resulting engagements on social media.

As a free thinking heterosexual man who fully embraces traditional masculinity and manhood, I’ve NEVER eaten any woman’s booty, I’ve NEVER had my booty eaten/salad tossed by any woman and that’s the way it’s staying.

This is the problem when you allow certain women to run loose with their imaginations, they’ll always come up with some of the most outlandish and disgusting practices and without fail there are always men out there who are willing to “experiment/give it a try” in the hopes they can get some sex.

Licking a woman’s butthole as far as I’m concerned is no different to running your tongue up and down the putrid and rotting contents of a local dumpster. These women who want their booty eaten like groceries can exit stage left because I’m not interested and I refuse to capitulate to female degeneracy.

This is the problem when individuals engage in degenerate sexual practices, each time around they always have to push the bar a little further in order to reach the same high.

Somehow when it comes down to black women, I very much doubt that her booty is clean because we already know that black females in general and hygiene don’t mix at all. The simps have got this one covered, all the best to them…………………YUCK. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

NO Booty Munching For Me, The Simps Can Enjoy Themselves With This One

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “Is Anybody Up For This Task? #SHORTS

  1. It feels great that I am a black man minority to have never been in relationships with a black female.

    It feels great that I am a black man minority to have never fucked a black female.

    I think I’m literally less than 1% of a black man in the world to continue avoiding negress females my whole life.

    A white wifey always wins me over.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      Had I taken your position when I was younger, my life would’ve turned out quite differently. Avoiding dealing with black women in term of dating, you’ve not missed out on anything at all, in fact I would say you’ve gained more peace of mind and contentment.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I will never eat a black womens or any other womens bum bum because it is fucking nasty. Black women have become so desperate now that they are willing to expose their sexual exploits to the whole planet and they have no shame in doing it. I am so glad that I refuse to date black women as a childfree SYSBM black man at 40.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The minds of these women stay in the gutter and being the lords and rulers over the black community, they believe that all black men must accept their degenerate though patterning without question. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass, exit stage left.

  3. It’s even talked about in the Bible how sexual degeneracy ALWAYS eventually leads to even greater depths of the same, making it eventually IMPOSSIBLE to be spiritually redeemed from! As “the deceptiveness of sin hardens our heart (soul),” and yet the modern black witch freely engages in it!? SMDH! #SYSBM

    1. Andre,

      Black women stay degenerate to the core and then wonder why increasing numbers of principled black men are choosing to give them the middle finger and instead focusing on locating and connecting with CLEAN women from other ethnic backgrounds. Most black women are locked into sin, enjoy such bondage and literally have no intentions of setting themselves free from its shackles.

  4. This type of sexual depravity is very widespread in Blackistan. A high percent of those black male simps with extreme butt fetishes (most black males) engage in this type of behavior.

    Black homosexuals do this and more. Pookies and black male thugs engage in these practices when doing time.

    And the scraggle daggles have always done this for bottom shelf Brad.

    The bottom line is this. Be very circumspect about kissing any daggle, and be very circumspect about sharing eating and drinking utensils with black folk in general.

    You really don’t know where peoples’ mouthes have been.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      These Blackistani females and their blue pilled black male simps love engaging in all manner of debauchery, depravity and decadencies and they feel no way about it because the black witch herslef has normalised and grafted in reprobate behaviour into black culture.

      These modern day black females are literally walking sewers systems on legs, wide berth them as much as you can and as you said, be very weary around the black male simps who still worship and speak highly of them, they’re also most likely contaminated.

  5. The internet is loaded with videos of bottom shelf Brads urinating in the mouthes of scraggle daggles. Then there is the Dubai porta potty phenomenon. The depravity and degeneracy is real.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Not to Mention ”Toxicity”. SYSBM For Life!!!

  6. These are just the type of women Dr.Umar Gerbilface Johnson refuse to talk about.He’s so Damn worried and Overwhelmingly concern about Black Men having Sex with White Women.This Degenerate Buzzard in the video could care less about another man’s personal hygiene let alone her own and self esteem since she wants a homeless man to eat her butt like groceries.

    1. Robert,

      The demonstration above is just one of may reasons why more black men are choosing to walk away from black women, Gerbilface Johnson as well as other pro black pundits don’t want to accept that black love is dead and black women were the ones who killed it.

      It makes me laugh how Dr Umar desperately want a resolution between black men and black women yet is totally unwilling to hold the black female to account for her part in the destruction of the black family as well as her ongoing cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship with the State.

      The modern day black female is an enemy combatant of black men as well as black society as a whole, the problem is most black men are still under the plantation spellbound trance and thus are unable to see that they’re sleeping and interacting with their number one enemy.

  7. These are the broads the endless army of simps delude themselves into believing they can save, reform or control thru shameless begging?

    Western BWs are in full desperation mode in 2023.

    I expect more revelations like this over the course of the year, as more men disappear from their orbiter roles.

    1. King Sigma,

      The Western black female has become the biggest laughingstock on the planet, first it was Western non black females moving in and swiping quality black men from right underneath her nose, now foreign women are also rolling in strong and indulging in their fair share of the spoils.

      Things are only going to get worse for black women in the West as they double, triple and quadruple down upon everything that makes them less attractive to the opposite sex.

      They’ll continue to sink deeper into the mire of filth and degradation while at the same time claiming their drop into new levels of degeneracy are a “win” and a progressive step in a new direction……..yep, a new direction into the bowels of hell most certainly.

  8. White Sugar Honey: Your here with me. I’m so happy, boo!
    SYSBM: I’m happy to see you too!

    There is a term for ass licking or booty eating. And the original term is called Anulingus. I heard about this eating booty thing in 2011 while I was still living in Willesden, North West London. I’m goanna tell you this. There is no way that I’m goanna put my tongue up in any ass crack.

    I know that there are some ghetto ratchet black women will tell it up front of how many dudes she sleeps with and how many dicks she sucks. But what the black chick said is beyond a whole level. And the woman got her ass eaten out on a lunch break. On a lunch break? The man was having her booty for lunch, oh my goodness!

    Something like this meant to be private. But now, if a man say that he ate a woman’s batty, I’ll be like “Yo, big man!” Now, I know that there are some men that has got their ass eat. That is something that I don’t wanna anyone to do to me. No sir!

    Remember the video of when C Booty Productions explained that he got this ass ate out? Remember that guys? When I heard that, I was thinking that something else happened as well. So maybe his batty hole not only it got ate out. Someone was digging it out! And I heard that Tommy Sotomayor got his ass out. Well, it told people.

    There are something should kept quit and this is one of them. Everything is out in the open.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      It’s funny that you should bring up C Boogie, that guy was always talking that alpha/beta rhetoric, then out of his own mouth he confesses to getting his booty ate out by a tranny(a dude trying to masquerade himself as a female) which really means Boogie confessed to engaging in homosexual relations.

      You cannot make this stuff up, the guys always prattling on about alpha/beta/female nature etc are typically the first ones to be exposed as frauds. Keep your head on a swivel and watch your six out here because so many of these black male YouTubers really aren’t who they say they are.

      1. When I hear a black man say that they are alpha males, not only they are beta males but you never know what they are doing behind closed doors. I’m keeping my eyes open. Wide open.

  9. You know, when I heard the other female’s voice, I thought to myself “that sounds a lot like Daphnique Springs”; one quick YouTube search later, I found the original video which is from Springs’ own podcast (peep the comment section):

    The nasty girl in question unsurprisingly is named “Krissy Go Bang”; can someone explain why every female led podcast with the scraggle daggle is centered around the theme of sexual debauchery of the grossest kind? If it isn’t tossing salad, it’s talk about having sex on her period, or some other graphic sexual activity that should NEVER be mentioned! The communitah, aside from being a perpetual war zone, is a mass brothel that’s easier to run through than a full marathon; now I can understand why David Carroll stated in the past that he would never kiss a stragg or eat her food. #SYSBM #PassportBros

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Thanks for bringing this video to light, I didn’t even know this was one of Spring’s podcast. Black women as a collective know that all they bring to the table is a contaminated snatch, this is why they’ll either focus on their sexual exploit capabilities or they’ll attempt to harp on about what men ought to be doing for them.

      Black women have become lower than gutter, putrid, deadweight individuals who ought to be abandoned and never looked upon again, the problem is most black men are still committed to these monsters and can’t shake themselves out of the spell these same black sirens have put them under.

      I stated in my book Negro Wars that the stragg has become a curse and a pestilence upon black society, looking at the current state of “da communitah”, that statement still stands true to this day.

  10. That shit is disgusting & shout out to Skeletor!🤣😭💀 These nasty ass hoes can’t even keep their Chernobyl level snatch clean & these nasty Maggles are out here eating their asses?!?!?! The Toxic Avenger wouldn’t survive that amount of rancid pollution! You would be better off tongue kissing a Komodo Dragon!

    1. Val Zod,

      This kind of filthy banter is only appealing to the likes of Dirty Dick Rodney who is typically busting nuts in all of these whores anyway, the video appeal is to the gutter of black male society, the literal bottom feeders. Black men of quality aren’t even going to entertain 10 seconds of these types of “loose” women as well as their sewer pipe conversations.

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