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Is This Your Queen, Any Volunteers? #SHORTS


No black man worth his salt is going to step up and deal with this 45 year old, green haired, aggressive, masculine, BBL and tatted up single black mother, she can be “ready” until the cows come home, sorry, in this case the juice is most definitely NOT worth the squeeze.

The delusional mindset of black women at this point is off the chain, 45 years of age with a daughter and she expect a man of quality to lock her down. You may be asking how I know she’s 45 years old and a single mother, check out the caption in the link to this video below(sorry, links are now dead at the time of release):

Yep, that’s her, teaching her daughter to twerk in front of the camera so she can post the cringe video to TikTok, black women, the worst parents on the planet bar none. I keep on saying the there is a serious dearth of attractive, quality women within black female society and these tatted up, masculine, hyper aggressive females in 2022 is what most black men are unfortunately encountering.

The sad part about this is most black men believe women like this are normal, they don’t see anything wrong with the fact that she looks like an Egyptian hieroglyph or a national roadmap with those tattoos plastered all over her body. This is an unattractive practice that many women have picked up and run with in their quest to be like men, smh.

It just goes to demonstrate that no matter what the age, black women never grow out of the need for attention from random men on the internet, this woman is 45 years old, has a daughter but is more concerned with getting clicks and views from miscellaneous strangers as opposed to keeping her head down, looking after her daughter and bringing her up in a respectable manner.

This female is outside her prime by at least 15 years and now she’s concerned about finding a quality black man? No doubt in her younger years she was ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey and Field Mouse.

Thefairynailmother needs to take 20 seats with that “black men are scared” nonsense, nope, you’re over the hill woman, black men worth their value are homing in on younger, child free, FEMININE, in shape, cooperative, submissive, TATTOO FREE, quality women who are not going to give them problems or challenge them.

This dread headed black witch is simply trying to gaslight black men into paying her some attention, there are plenty of blue pilled simps out there who would be willing to clean up on her behalf, however we already know that black women especially despise the very black men who exalt and worship them.

Gentlemen, as I’ve stated before in a previous comment, a cloudy and extremely dark day is looming over the horizon for black women as a collective, they’ve made this decadent, degenerate bed and they’re going to have to lay in it BY THEMSELVES! #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Ran Through Single Mother Ought Not To Speak

Most High Bless

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10 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen, Any Volunteers? #SHORTS

  1. “Scared” is the wrong word.

    My definition of high quality women are only non black, cooperative, feminine, childless, loyalty, integrity and committed.

    Most black men cater to feminine energy.

    The black manosphere is the perfect example.

    JustPearlyThings has done well in building her own platform to try encouraging minority of black men to date out with a white wifey.

    It ain’t a good look at all for a white woman to be leading a black movement.

    It ain’t a good look at all for a blackistan man to be completely dominated by negress women.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t scared of black women I am just not being the volunteer clean up man for a 45 year old black single mother who has been well past her sexual prime years 15 years ago. As a SYSBM childfree black man at 40 I am only interested in dating beautiful childfree non black women who is in shape and who wants to build a solid long term relationship with me. Single mothers are left over women that no decent that is worth his corn wouldn’t even touch. Excellent article Verbs because this particular article made me laugh.

  3. Same tired old talking points that have been proven false lol. The scraggle daggle never learn 😂.

    1. Yup they say the same sh*t over and over. Trying to literally insult and bully Black Men into dealing with them and their baggage. What do they hope to accomplish?

  4. White Sugar Honey: Yo still coming over, right?
    SYSBM: Yeah, the rain can’t stop me!

    Yo Verbs, when you said that no black man worth a salt, I nearly couldn’t read the damn article because I laughed out loud in the living room. Holy shit!

    Black man are not scared of black women. Some of them don’t wanna deal with them because of the dysfunctional behaviour of the black women who are ratchet and there are more and more of these women now.

    As you see, I’m not afraid of black women. I’m not afraid of this women. It just that she’s a woman that looking for a Russell Wilson type dude and take care of a child that is not his. Listen here SYSBM and the Passport Brothers. We are goanna see another Russell Wilson, guarantee that.

    As I saw the video of this harridan twerking, her daughter was twerking as well. I don’t know how old is the daughter is but all I know that the daughter is goanna be the “For The Streets” girl later on in life as her mother is for them roads.

    And when she was twerking, there are goanna be simps who are goanna be lusting for her because she is shaking that backside. It looks more of a thirsty tape video instead, you get me?

    A woman who is now 45 years old, you must be thinking that she should act better then that. But in the end, these ghetto ratchet scraggles like her don’t change.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggles are coming after non black women.


  5. God look at this discount BBL ass, twerking, horseface, tattooed loudmouth, Section 8 daggle. These black hoes getting worse and worse. You damn right I’m scared lol.

  6. The late Kevin Samuels introduced this thing called “SIGN Language” in one of his shows; SIGN stands for “Shame, Insults, Guilt, Need To Be Right”, and this green haired daggle is fluent in it. The shame is in her initial statement in calling us scared, the insult is in her remark about coming out of a bootyhole, the guilt is in her remarks about Black men not acting while Black women do, and the fact that she even posted this drivel shows her need to be right.

    To set the record straight, Black men aren’t scared, we’re DONE; we’re done with lack of accountability on the female’s part (as clearly demonstrated in the video). They also never differentiate between thinking Black men and the small percentage of Black men who do the things they complain about; then again, the shaming language wouldn’t work if they did. This is just more ammo to use when asked what we’re saving ourselves from or why we are getting our passports; as MadBusDriverX has stated in past videos, “Who you date is politics”. #SYSBM #PassportBros

  7. Yeah she’s absolutely right. I’m scared of her.

    I’m so scared of this middle aged single mother daggle, I’m running the fuck away from her as far as possible. I’m extremely scared of her I can’t even listen to whatever nonsense she’s babbling on about. My god this Jezebel scares the living daylights out of me so much that my Tena piss pants are full. Run like fuck!

    Let the lame ass Jedi mind tricks work in your favour brothers. Dogs sense danger, why can’t we?

    1. Michel,

      The delusions of grandeur are very real in this one, she’s deciding to prattle off this garbage appeal at 45 years of age, you cannot make this stuff up.

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