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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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Nothing really to report outside of(as YouTuber Lord Destro would say)watching the chewbaccary unfold between the Black Manosphere and their new elected leader JustPearlyThings.

As I was saying to King Sigma recently, the problem with most black men is they are left leaning, liberal, spineless, blue pilled simps who because of their single mother upbringing have a strong desire to be lead by and be ruled over by women.

They are only able to take advice, guidance and yield to the authority of women, they’re unable to harken to the authority and leadership of strong black male masculinity. Had the Black Manosphere had strong black male masculine leadership in place from the beginning, women would NEVER have been able to walk through the front door and turn the sector upside down on its head.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, SYSBM™ still remains strong and robust because free thinking, masculine black men are running the show, we don’t allow women to come in and dictate the day to day runnings of the philosophy.

My personal conclusion surrounding the creation as well as the aim of the Black Manosphere is as follows, it was simply a feigned concept crafted with the illusion of travelling in its own direction, however its real purpose/intent was to have black women engage the frustrated black men who wanted them in the hopes that some kind of resolution could be reached between both parties regarding black women passing over the so called “non select guys” for the likes of Slim Sauce, Two Snacks, Field Mouse and Cheezy Grillz.

I don’t really see how this can be viewed in any other way, a space that was supposed to be for black men allows black women to enter with ease and run roughshod within its sanctum as soon as they began hovering around the perimeter??

Most black men still want black women, those black men who are able to break free from the plantation spellbinding trance are extremely few and far between.

Most black men claiming Passport Bros status are NOT genuine Passport Bros, in reality they’re blue pilled simps who’ve simply used the moniker because black women once again chose to stick their noses into a discussion that was never meant for them which gave said infiltrators yet another opportunity to engage these same black females in conversation, once again hoping that they could get them to change for the better(that will never happen).

The same goes for SYSBM™, most guys who claim to be SYSBM™ practitioners aren’t, if you could look into their lives you’d see them sliding into black women’s DMs and inboxes on the daily.

In conclusion, whenever you see a genuine movement/ideology arise within the black sector that deviates from dealing with, following and worshipping the sacred cow of black society(aka the modern day black female), know that most black men who claim to be a part of that migration are only there pretending to depart in the hopes that black women will pay attention, vocalise their discontent and in turn those fraudster Negroes will go running back to their “queanies” at the speed of light ready to “have yet another conversation” in the hopes of change/reform.

Keep dreaming Negroes, your black witch is proudly walking down Stubborn Avenue, she’s NEVER going to change for you, however most of you suckers will never be able to accept this and will still return to grovel at her feet to your own demise and detriment. Continue searching in vain for that unicorn black female, all the best. SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. What is your thoughts about marriage when the woman wants to keep her last name or hypen it.
    Normally the woman give up their last name and take the man’s last name fully when the get married.
    Now some female like to keep their name or hyphen with the husband and keep their surname.

    Your thoughts.

    1. Nikon Nicam,

      Keeping her last name is simply an open demonstration that she’s not willing to submit to her husband. Any woman who wishes to keep her last name or hyphen it alongside yours is a red flag and should either be abandoned or used for recreational purposes only, DO NOT marry such a female.

    2. Verbs 2015.

      I will never allow black women to enter my YouTube channel videos because my channel is a man’s channel and it is specifically aimed at men especially black men. These black manosphere black men are fucking weak because they let black women control them. I am so glad that I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40 because I will never let a black woman control me or my life choices. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎🇬🇧

      1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

        Indeed, black men need to stop feeling the need to bring around and include women in everything they do and they most definitely need to break out of the trance that has them so easily following women instead of listening to and following the advice and instructions of black masculine men. This is why SYSBM is a cut above the rest, over here the heterosexual, free thinking, black masculine male is prioritised and put first, NOT the black witch.

    3. Nikon

      I like Verbs response as it is funny when he said the women are not worth marrying if they want to hyphen and I agree with him.

      I am glad you bring this up because there were debate about this some men said ‘it does not matter’ or the women say they lose Identity when they take their husband’s full last name.

      To be honest I do not like this hyphen names anyway as the married woman does not value marriage regardless if they want to keep their last name or not.

      Me, personally, if the woman is seriously want to get married and want to be a wife then they have to ditch their last name and take my last name. Hands down. No hyphen because it is about respect.

    4. A surefire way for modern women to keep their last names is to stay out in these streets. If I marry (unlikely) she’s taking my last name, no hyphens, no discussion.

  2. We all start out thinking that the culture we are born into is the norm. And it is the norm for us as long as we never leave that particular cultural bubble. Which is why I started out as a blue pilled black male simp.

    But the more exposure I got to the world writ large, and the more educated I became, I begin to listen to how black women talked, observe their behavior, and study their philosophy about relationships, especially their relationships with black men, without the filter of the Blackistan subculture.

    I soon realized that I didn’t like people like this. This evolution occurred before I ever heard of SYSBM. When I first became aware of SYSBM, I was elated to learn there was a cohort of Black Men who were having similar observations as myself, and forming similar points of view as myself.

    Long live SYSBM ! May it grow and prosper !

    1. One other observation. I have come to believe that before the mass of black men can break free of their worship of the black witch, they must mentally break free from the cultural matrix of Blackistan itself. When they do, they instantly become a better version of themselves.

      And I am not saying they should start worshiping other cultures. Just look at the various cultures as the bubbles they are. Take what’s good from them, and leave the rest behind. When you start looking at cultures objectively, it becomes manifestly obvious that Blackistan subculure is more pathological than other cultures, more self destructive to its denizens than other cultures, and truly does not nurture nor promote the best interests of its male population.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        Well said, it doesn’t do any harm for black men who are still trapped on the plantation to be open to taking from the good of other cultures in order to break the deep spell of Blackistan over their lives.

  3. “Most black men claiming Passport Bros status are NOT genuine Passport Bros”

    I agree with this quote.

    “Most guys who claim to be SYSBM™ practitioners aren’t”

    I agree with this quote too.

    If I was born in a black country, I would be single and a virgin my whole life.

    Unless if I had money to leave a blackistian nation legally in that situation and marry a white wifey.

    Luckily I was born in UK and grew British.

    Funny that JustPearlyThings is leading the black manosphere and most black men are into negress women.

      1. Talk about putting the “gay” in “Gaelic”…

        Unless there’s something I’m missing about the unicorn, it would seem VERY odd that someone would choose THAT specific mythological creature as their national mascot.

        (To be fair, Shazam: Fury of the Gods portrayed the unicorn as something that is actually cool.)

  4. It seems like the manosphere have a leader and that is Just Pearly Things. The reason why the manosphere is in complete rubble is because they where bringing in the women. That is the reason why it’s in pieces.

    When I talk to the men who are the simps, I’m always hard on them. And the reason why I’m hard on them is because that they are not listening. When I say something, it’s always the men.

    I call it the homosphere at one point because that they wanna know where black men are putting their penis in. I think they are still doing the same thing.

    SYSBM is continue to grow, so does the passport brothers but the thing is that these simps will continue to attack SYSBM and passport brothers.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! It’s a bad look when a WHITE female takes on the role of leadership within a space that was originally intended for thinking Black men; this is why you should NEVER allow females into your space. Speaking of women entering this space, MadBusDriverX and General Tito did videos addressing the issue:

    MadBusDriverX’s take:

    General Tito’s take:

    I must tip my hat to MBD and all of the SYSBM Knights for separating themselves from the Black Manosphere because they (Black Manosphere) keep taking L’s, from allowing the daggle entrance into the conversation, and allowing an outsider to come in and trademark the space’s name; now, we have a non Black woman leading the conversation. I mentioned this before, but alot of these red pill conent creators are really blue pilled at heart, which is why certain YouTubers can easily make negative bias content against these red pill posers.

    One thing I will give Pearl is that she’s more savvy than the stragg in that she’s built her own platform and has risen to fame in such a short period of time; this whole debacle should be a learning experience, but I doubt this will wake up the blue pilled simps. As MBD always says, these men can’t take their mama’s titties out of their mouths; true red pilled men will develop and start to eat solid food whilst blue pilled men will remain stunted in their growth. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve already watched and commented on MBD’s video, I going to check out General Tito’s video later on this afternoon. Indeed, the Black Manosphere keeps taking L’s because they can’t keep women out of the day to day runnings of the sector.

      Like I said before, I personally believe the supposed aim for the Black Manosphere that was put out for public consumption was in actuality a front for the real purpose which was to gaslight black women into re-engaging the black men they constantly rejected into conversation.

      SYSBM is cut from a different cloth in that we recognise the importance of black male masculine leadership and how heterosexual, free thinking, black men must be put first above all including the black female, something which is very much neglected in other black digital spaces and sectors.

      Until black men begin shaking off that single mother upbringing that’s still influencing negatively them to this day, expect many other women to roll into the Black Manosphere running dictates as well as controlling their masses.

      I’ll give JustPearlyThings some credit in the heavy work she’s put in to grow her platform and brand. That being said, the fact that the majority bulk of her audience comprises of black men is scary, disappointing and clearly demonstrates how most black men will only harken to feminine energy.

      1. “Until black men begin shaking off that single mother upbringing that’s still influencing negatively them to this day, expect many other women to roll into the Black Manosphere running dictates as well as controlling their masses.”

        These matriarchal, woman-worshipping negroes are a lost cause. SYSBM is the way.

  6. Remember how I always say that WW are taking their marching orders from degenerate BW? Does this sound familiar? Is there a single babymama epidemic in the white community that I don’t know about? All these western women are racing to the bottom in their victimhood smh.

    “White Men won’t defend or be there for us all the time 24/7, they don’t even do their duties to protect or defend our Nations even now.

    So to all the Pro White Women we should make this a reality to train and start defending ourselves for our children’s sake⚡”

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