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Here We Go Again, Another One Is Pressed!

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Black sirens who wear fake eyelashes as well as spray paint their faces with 60 layers of makeup shouldn’t be fixing their mouths to talk about “mediocrity”. One wet wipe applied to the face will bring the overwhelming majority of cake faced harpies right back to reality ie exactly what they are, AVERAGE looking women and Stormy Pea is no different.

Do you see how social media alongside swaths of blue pilled, brown nosing, black male simps and panderers have gassed up the heads of these delusional females to the point where they honestly believe they are all somebody special when they’re not?

As I’ve stated before, NEVER listen to what women say in order to determine their position on any particular topic/discussion, instead look at their actions as observing these will allow you to make a far more accurate judgement.

Black women clearly have an issue with TRUE Passport Bros as they were the ones who chose to inject themselves into a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with them at all.

Genuine Passport Bros switched on the Bat signal advising and alerting other black men to the option of travelling overseas in order to once again connect with NORMAL women.

The signal was NOT an invitation for you out of line, disjointed black harriets to make video upon video upon video expressing your disgruntlement and discontent at sectors of black men deciding to up and leave.

Of course black women are upset, they wanted the black men they “didn’t want” to remain in place as a backup/plan B option once they themselves had exhausted their whore expeditions, we are not stupid over here.

You also have to remember that things are very tough for the modern day black female seeing as she is already at the bottom when it comes down to dating and marriage.

In times past black women would happily venture down Slut Boulevard, get their snatches bored out like a bear cave by Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Trap House Jim and Chunky Bruh, fall pregnant by the same and thereafter turn to the guys they “didn’t want” as the men who would bail them out of having the face the harsh consequences stemming from the stupid decisions they made in the past.

The fallback option is no longer available to these black sirens and they’re not happy, non black women have easily figured this out. Oh well, that’s the black witch’s problem, not mine.

Additionally, it isn’t a woman’s place nor does she have the authority to determine what constitutes a mediocre man, MEN are the ones who are to make judgement calls on this issue, NOT WOMEN.

Understand the language of your average black female, if you refuse to assist her indulging in the Jezebel religion of hedonism by parting with your hard earned cash to her satisfaction, in her eyes you’re a “mediocre man”.

If you refuse to partake in her subculture of worshipping all things material, superficial and financial then in her twisted mind, you’re a “mediocre man”.

If you refuse to accept her dysfunctional behaviour, outright reject her twisted ideologies and beliefs as well as refuse to allow yourself to be ruled over, emasculated and effeminised by her, in the eyes of your average black female, you’re a “mediocre man”.

Again, the arrogance of these Western black females is off the charts and they can’t seem to understand that they’re digging themselves a massive hole they won’t be able to escape from in the near future.

Traditional, NORMAL foreign women aren’t stupid by a long shot, they’re extremely smart in addition to laughing and winning all the way because as we speak, they’re fully capitalising on and taking advantage of the modern day Western black female’s arrogance, stupidity and short sightedness.

Black women are the biggest knuckleheads of them all because already being at the bottom of the dating market, they are the ones who’ve openly chosen to be the most stubborn and steadfast in holding onto the women’s empowerment movement aka feminism.

Black men don’t need to defecate on black women, black women by default are bad individuals by nature, this has become apparent even to those who are outside of black society.

Black women are so high off their own smoke, they honestly believe other folks can’t see just how horribly and unjustly they treat black men at the behest of their white lord and saviour Colonel Blizzard.

Gentlemen, as I’ve stated before, now that the word has been put out there concerning better women being abroad, from this point forward move in silence and pay these bleating black harridans no mind whatsoever.

Leave these angry, bitter, disgruntled and discontented black females to throw their rubber ducks out of the bath over in a different corner, they cannot control your movements nor where you choose to place your family jewels. Get your passports gents and never look back, much better options await.

Finally, Western women who by default believe all foreign women are “poor” and “cannot think clearly for themselves” only demonstrate themselves to be premium grade dummies as well as having a serious lack of knowledge and understanding concerning how folks in other parts of the world are living, never take these mullet heads seriously. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stealth Mode Is The Way To Move Forward

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Here We Go Again, Another One Is Pressed!

  1. Look , why not just don’t give a damn about what the scraggle daggle says or thinks about passport brothers! The bottom line is this, real men don’t want to put up with their bad attitude ratchet asses. And real men don’t have to!

    The scraggs have to be satisfied with the black male simps, whether they like it or not. And yes, Pookie, Slim Sauce, and 12 Gauge Mike are simps too. Besides, the scraggs can always ghetto gag for bottom shelf Brad, if they haven’t hit the wall yet.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      As an SYSBM™ Original Knight, I’m simply watching from the sidelines as black women attempt to pull out every trick in the book trying their hardest to derail the Passport Bros movement.

      Since SYSBM is a foundational pillar of the Passport Bros ideology and to date the black witch’s coven hasn’t been able to stifle SYSBM™, what on earth makes these knuckleheaded black females believe that they can throw the Passport Bro train off the tracks?

      Yes, the black female’s lot in these latter times is going to be the Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Two Snacks type Negroes as well as the hoards of blue pilled, black male simps they created and they’re going to have to accept this. Black women cannot be upset at groups of black men they didn’t want, they look ridiculous every time they vent their frustrations over the guys they’ve rejected, smh.

      1. AmericanBlkMan/Verbs,

        I have my popcorn and thoroughly enjoying the scraggle clown show myself 🙂


        1. Thebackhandofreality,

          Freshly squeezed juice has been poured and popcorn is stacked to the brim. The daggle never fail to entertain, lol.


    Hey brother, long time no see hope you doing good. I come with this bomb news that confirm what we all knew a long time ago.
    When it come down to interracial relationship black women in this recent study:

    Jennifer’s findings:

    1) Race is the biggest dealbreaker in online dating!

    2) White men are the most desired

    3) ALL WOMEN (OF ALL RACES) preferences were strongest for white men!

    4) Gay men (except black gay men) preferred white men

    5) MEN, preferred women of their own race first!

    6) Whiteness is the defining characteristic for women

    7) Digital xesual Racism is real! There is PERSISTENT ANTI-BLACKNESS that operates in the psyche of “White, Asian, Hispanic, Multi-racial, straight men and gay women”. Every group participated in anti-blackness, except black men. THIS INCLUDES GAY BLACK WOMEN.

    Yes you heard correcly even tough non black men contact black women the least, black women contact them the most,and even black lesbian prefer white women.

    That confirm that the ”colorism arguments” and ”self hate accusation” was projection on their hand all around.

    We already knew this but it always good when material, stats are done to prove it.
    You should see the deflection of these women and thinking that is somewhat a victory when they are at the bottom still, nothing has changed, despise thirsting over white men, writing book, swirl movement, white men still give them their ass to kiss.

    To finish I always find it funny that black lesbian prefer white women, seem to me that they know what’s up themselves too 😂😂😂😂😂.

    Enjoy these my brother, and don’t hesitate to use these new facts. I just hope black men Starr dating the women they like without shame.

    1. Tyrone NYX,

      Good to hear from you brother, it’s been a long while and I appreciate the drop which I’ll be checking out in it entirety shortly. One thing I would have to say concerning points 2 and 3 is black men are quickly catching up because of the anti masculine, feminist agenda being openly pushed by General Blizzard. As we speak he’s just about holding onto the number 1 spot.

      I watched a video from a white guy living in the Philippines and even he said that white men aren’t the kings over there anymore, black men are now the ones being sort after the most. Times are changing indeed.

      The black witch is done, she’s destined to be nothing but a footnote in the history books, as I always say, oh well, that’s her problem, not mine. The worst mistake black women made was turning again their own male counterparts, they’ll pay dearly for making such a foolish and reckless decision.

      1. I could agree that points 2 & 3 are a bit concerning. Although its based on a small focus group.
        Despite all, this group had particularly done to this world they’re most desired, seems the status quo is still exists. Yet they complain about white men but still desire them. This is why I watch what people do not what they say.

        As for my fellow black men don’t seek white worshippers in any race, granted not all are like that but there is that segment in all groups. Things are changing, true. However why is whiteness a defining characteristic. The same whiteness that gets sunburnt and sprouting dysfunction across the world. I prefer a woman that tan naturally

        1. Jon,

          We have to remember that General Blizzard has spent the last 400 plus years propagating himself as the best and the finest choice of male on the planet and since the advent of the television as well as advertising, the delusional sorcery has only increased in its potency.

          Fortunately the propaganda is now beginning to wear off due to King Cold’s promotion of anti masculinity, feminism, LGBTQP, gender neutrality, pedophilia as well as other sexual deviances, though not quickly folks are beginning to see Shea Whitey for who he truly is.

          Just like your average Negro male has been bewitched and spellbound by the modern day black female, so many folks around the world have been enchanted by Admiral Frost especially those who have adopted his mentality and benefited financially from his system.

          I 100% agree with your sentiment concerning black men ensuring they avoid women of any race who worship white men.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women need to fuck off and leave us good black men alone because they don’t determine how we live our lives. If good black men is getting rejected by black women all the time in terms of dating and relationships then we have no other choice but to date non black women who love and appreciate us for who we are because we have sexual needs too.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is exactly how SYSBM™ came about, black women openly rejecting the guys who have their stuff together and who don’t have criminal rap sheets 6 miles long.

      They reject the guys they “don’t want” but then still complain about the guys they “don’t want” when those men choose to venture elsewhere in order to find love and companionship, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Black women are upset because they cannot exercise the first right of refusal option as freely as they did in the past. Oh well, that’s their problem, not ours.

      Black women don’t get to determine the reasons given as to why black men are walking away from them, the sooner they get this through their knuckleheads(though they won’t), the sooner they can stop frustrating themselves.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women don’t make any fucking sense in their choices in life.

  4. If someone wants to date a foreign woman and English is her second language, learn her first native language.

    This is very important to know what is being said.

    Don’t want a situation where she is speaking in her native tongue and being clueless of not knowing what she said.

    She can explain what it means but won’t say what every word means.

    I’m using Duolingo everyday and hopefully I could find a white wifey that is either fluent or interested in learning what I’m learning.

    It is funny that negress women automatically just assume by default of foreign women being poor and not educated to think for themselves.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I completely agree, in general it is good to learn a different language in order to keep the brain active, sharp and productive. Black women are only showing the world just how stupid, ignorant and narrow minded they are every time they fix their mouths to talk about foreign women.

      The Negress of the United States hands down is the dumbest individual on the planet, she genuinely believes she knows it all but in reality doesn’t have a clue about anything.

  5. These bottom feeder hoes are always crying about something. Blah Blah Blah. LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      The victimhood continues with these black females, this is why they need black men close to hand, they always require somebody else to conveniently scapegoat and blame for the problems they’ve brought into their own lives via their own hands.

      1. Verbs,

        Bizarre how these strong, independent queens are “running rings around Black men” while simultaneously the biggest victims of the so-called “Black Patriarchy.” So weird.

  6. White sugar honey: You’re spending the night, right?
    SYSBM: Yeah, I’m staying with you tonight.

    Slut boulevard, holy shit. Give me directions, lol! That’s next weeks article for me.

    When the passport brothers first come around, they have been attacked by the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles from every corner. They are mad because the good black men (I’m not one of them) that they put on the shelf and taking their passports and flying the fuck out of dodge to look for a woman overseas and it’s mostly black women.

    The passport brothers thing which I don’t have a problem with is not a British thing. It’s more of a American thing because in the UK, black men rather date interracially, so it’s a US thing, you get me? But there are black men in the UK that talk about the passport brothers and it’s never negative.

    There is a guy I know from St Thomas, Jamaica and he lives in Marsh Farm, Luton. He said that he wants to go to the Philippines to look for woman. I said go ahead. They will cook and clean for him. Even though he can cook and clean.

    Not only the rotten, ratchet scragglies are coming after the passport brothers but there are simps that are coming after them as well. Not only the black men who are simps but the white beta males with small knobs like small dick Dave.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  7. Okay, let’s start with her first words: “Black women do not have a problem with the Passport Bros”; stop the 🧢! If that is so, why is she so upset about us leaving? Isn’t it funny how the so called “most educated” are triggered by Black men leaving the states for “poor” women in foreign nations? If these women are so poor, wouldn’t THEY be the ones taking advantage of us as Westerners? They sound like White conservatives who complain about immigrants “taking” their jobs, especially when they come with the “Birth Of A Nation” style slander against us.

    Also, who are they to dictate what our reason is for choosing foreign women over them? Let’s say you had a cooking competition (like Chopped) and they finally announce who the winner is; do you think the runner up could tell the judges not to talk about where they had fallen short, let alone shame them for their decision? It would be pretty pathetic of the contestant to do so; in like fashion, the scraggle daggle is pathetic for trying to say we shouldn’t talk about them when they’ve dropped the ball.

    Lastlt, I shall leave you with this video on the 7 reasons the straggs don’t want you to travel:


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