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Avoid These Types Of Women! #SHORTS

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Dealing with the first video, slap your boyfriend in the face just for looking at another woman? Any man worth his salt would ensure that he’d send that woman flying across the room, she’d soon learn never to raise her hands to a man again. Only a simp or a man with no self esteem or self confidence would allow a woman to enact violence upon him with no repercussions.

This idea that men can’t look at other women while out with their significant others is unrealistic, I will not allow any woman to police my vision and I most certainly will not be allowing the woman I’m with to slap me in the face because I’m looking at another female.

Merely looking at another woman when out with your girlfriend/wife is NOT disrespectful behaviour. The disrespect begins when you initiate flirting with said woman or indicate that you’d like to engage her in a manner that’s beyond being cordial. These modern day women because of their subscription to feminism are well out of pocket and genuinely don’t understand anything.

This is why I’m NOT interested in any of these fraudulent campaigns that relentlessly paint the picture of women being continual victims of endless violence and abuse at the hands of men, the above demonstrates the complete opposite and is more the norm because women know full well that there is a system in place where for the most part they can get away with violent behaviour against men with little to no consequences.

I see this Jazzy Fit harriet has managed to find herself a simp who’s obviously OK with being slapped in the face by her if he’s caught looking at another chick. He must be a simp for her to feel so comfortable rattling off that jacked up advice, she’s looking to get women hurt out here peddling that reckless banter.

As for the second video, this is the typical scene across the UK on Friday and Saturday nights, women going out, drinking it up, getting plastered, staggering in the streets and in some cases instigating trouble against men who are simply minding their own business.

Men must never tolerate violence in any form from anybody, women included. My personal advice remains the same, if you encounter a situation where you’re locked into an unavoidable face-off with a violent woman, if you can clout her and get away with it then by all means do so.

Alternatively if in the US, don’t hesitate to use pepper spray or a taser in order to subdue any unruly sirens who come at you aggressively. You as a man are NOT obligated to accept and tolerate violent advances from women.

In Western nations most domestic violence is initiated by women and equally half of domestic violence victims are men but the lamestream media doesn’t want to talk about these inconvenient truths, are we surprised though? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Violent Women Are So NOT Attractive, Avoid Them At All Costs

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Avoid These Types Of Women! #SHORTS

  1. If a man turns the other cheek after being slapped by a woman, some christians would say that is the right thing to do.

    They would say that because of the bible to use Jesus as an example.

    Even some non christians would say the man shouldn’t hit back.

    The reality is a lot of western women want equal rights.

    They should either abandon feminism or abandon god of yahweh

    They can’t have it both ways.

    If they want to be treated like a man then they should expect it in return.

    If a man does defend himself and slaps her back, he gets arrested for it.

    It would be on social media and mainstream news.

    The USA is banning TikTok app because of war with China.

    I reckon in future, more white American women will try moving to the UK, like JustPearlyThings

    1. Wittexton Witwijf wrote:
      “I reckon in future, more white American women will try moving to the UK, like JustPearlyThings”

      I do not want American Beckys coming to the UK because they are worse than UK women. They can stay there. I take a foreigner instead.

      1. “I reckon in future, more white American women will try moving to the UK, like JustPearlyThings”

        No, American Feminist Beckies will not try moving to the UK en masse. Why would they leave the emasculated country that coddles and enables them?

        1. Only the minority of non feminist white women would try to move out of USA.

    2. Wittexton Wiwijf,

      Christ gave the TEMPORARY commandment for his disciples to turn the other cheek so that he could properly ground them in the gospel before his departure from earth. This is the crucial part that many of these institutional church beast pastors fail to teach.

      If you read in Luke 22:36-38 shortly before his death Christ instructed his disciples to buy swords because he would no longer be around to defend them.

      The cereal box/boil in the bag Christianity that’s commonly peddled today is deliberately propagated in order to cause Christians to stand down from fighting against evil and its works.

      Any man or woman has the right to defend themselves from outside attacks and nobody has the right to tell those individuals otherwise.

      If women want to hit men, they should fully expect to be clouted back.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Any woman who use any form of violence against me, I will hit them back because they have no right to put their hands on me especially if I don’t know them and I am not bothering them and I am minding my own business. Women need to learn that actions have consequences.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with your bro. Women must learn to keep their violent hands to themselves or pay the price for stepping out of line.

  3. Verbs,

    I am going take it further and deeper than you think on this topic:

    This also applys to dating because I come accross a lot of women especially on the sit stating that they do not like men chatting to other women when dating online.
    I say this to these women who think like this: I can chat to who I want. Why? Because I am single. The only time I stop chatting to other women if I am in relationship and taken – 100%. Until then and as long as I am single, I have options and that is that. I tell these women my simple principle – whoever gets me, gets me. Lock stock! Until then, I can mingle as I please.

    Also these are same women who says ‘I do not like men chatting to other women’ getting lots of messages in their DM by men, some are thristy simps.
    This same happens to Facebook, they get mad when you made friends with their friends and other women, even she reject you.
    I can make freinds who I want to, I am not like the Pro-Black telling other people who to make friends with that is their choice, you reject them, they keep it moving simple.

    The women acts like they own the dating scene which they do however they still have to compete against foreigners anyway.

    This is just a double standard for these women.

    1. MMT,

      The double standards with women in the West are incredible and are only still in place because the blue pilled simps have enabled women here to run amuck. They don’t want you talking to other women, meanwhile their DMs are chocked full of simps hoping to get a whiff of their snatch.

      This is why the passport is such a blessing, it enables any man to easily bypass all of the garbage that Western women put out and instead head in the direction of traditional foreign women who they can interact with normally without any funny business.




  5. SYSBM: You’ve been a bad girl, I need to spank you!
    White sugar honey: I can’t wait!

    Avoid these women at all cost, holy crap! Do you know how many women putting their hands on other men? I have seen it tones of times or women beating up other men but most of the time, its like the woman beating up the man because he’s has another woman he’s dealing with.

    The girl who says slap your boyfriend in the face if he looks at another girl. If a man hits back, then what? He gets in trouble and the men are saying that “That’s a female and so on!” but the man reacted when she puts his hand on her.

    I’m a man that has cheated before and surprising enough, no gyal has never put their hands on me. They were pissed and I mean very pissed but it hasn’t happened to me before. And you must be thinking “Yo blud, you cheated and you never get bruk up!?”

    Right, them women we are seeing in the video, they are very toxic and these women can bring so much problems in a relationship. They are problematic in every away and these type of women need to be avoided at all cost.

    I know that these a non black women and I don’t mind dealing with a non black woman but even some of them act a certain way.

    And when you look at things with the men, you know why they are getting their passports and getting out of dodge — I mean flying out of dodge!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.

    Oh, one last thing, I was at my brother’s mums funeral today, I found out that I have older sister and also, I have a great gran niece! When I heard that I have a great gran niece, it was like “I’m really getting old!”


  6. I wanna say this. You know that women can be victims of domestic violence. Men can go through it as well. There are men that have been through domestic violence when it comes to marriage and even relationship. There is a tv movie called Men Don’t Tell starring Peter Strauss and my Jewish boo Judith Light and it’s about a husband who is getting terrorized by his wife. It’s an old tv movie.

    Anyway, laters again!

  7. You know, the very fact that we even have platforms for giving relationship advice to total strangers shows how far Western society has fallen; now, this Kim Kardashian doppelgänger says to slap a man in his face for looking at another woman? That is very poor advice to give out; there’s a video of a woman who did a public prank where she touches a random man’s hand on the escalator, and his girlfriend smacks him in the head for lookingto see who touched him. Can you imagine the outrage if a so called “Alpha male” podcast host told his male listeners to KO their girlfriends for lusting after other dudes?

    Just this week, I listened to an episode of an old XM satellite radio show called “The Opie & Anthony Show” where the late comedian Patrice O’Neal shared some of his relationship advice, and he dropped this one gem: women compete with other women physically, whereas men compete with other men mentally; with that said, could this explain why we see the scraggle daggles overcompensate for their lack of femininity with how sexual they can be? Could this be the reason why they risk their health getting breast implants and BBLs? Could this be why they have resorted to attacking foreign women who were raised to have traditional values? Could this explain their disdain for Passport Bros and SYSBM? They are called “sexual marketplace communists” for a reason.

  8. That female is gonna run into the wrong man one of these days. He may wind up in prison, but she will wind up in a pine box – because his response won’t be half-assed.

    If women want to demonstrate masculine energy by putting hands on a man, that means they’ve consented to being treated like a man. And they won’t like the result.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      These delusional violent women seem to believe that the simps that flood into their inboxes who worship them as well as drink their bathwater doesn’t equate to how things operate in the real world.

      There are plenty of men out here who respect themselves and who will NOT tolerate violence from any woman, myself included. Violence from women especially must never be allowed to get out of hand because it will get worse if left unchecked.

  9. Adding to the subject of women slapping men for looking at other women, this reminded me of an article where this fat, atrocious looking woman made her SIMP fiancé take a lie detector test upon returning home to prove he is not looking at other women, even going so far as checking his phone, email, and bank statements, and banning him from looking at magazines and ANY television program featuring women:

    P.S. To piggyback off of my first comment, I mentioned the late comedian Patrice O’Neal sharing that women compete with other women physically, and this woman policing her SIMP from looking at other women rivals the scraggle daggle’s jealousy and her efforts to stop Black men from choosing other races of women women over them.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I can’t believe the dude actually married this woman, his confidence and self esteem must have sunk into the deepest underground cave imaginable. She’s put herself in a position where she can’t work and the guy is willingly facilitating her laziness instead of telling her to get off her fat backside and head to the gym, smh.

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