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The way he allowed her to open up before rolling in with some WWE, Randy Orton, RKO out of nowhere, slam dunk manoeuvres, lol. As I keep on saying, this talk that so many women(especially these black sirens) have adopted about “not needing a man” is complete and utter rubbish.

Every level of a woman’s life has a man involved whether directly or indirectly and I’m glad more men are beginning to remind these arrogant harriets that they very much indeed need men in order to survive.

The audacity of these women, the money they use to indulge in their hedonism and pleasure seeking was invented by men, the economy which these clueless and brainless heifers partake in once again was invented and is ran by men, the shoes and the clothes they wear are created by men.

Somebody please show me some women who lives are completely detached from men’s involvement, I’ll wait.

Watch out for women who talk about going on “girl’s trips” especially if they’re already involved in relationships. A girl’s trip is simply a whore’s excursion, let’s keep it plain and simple.

Any woman who is in a relationship has NO BUSINESS GOING ON A GIRL’S TRIP. Girl’s trips are purposely meant for whores who are single.

This is unfortunately the mentality that has contaminated most women in the West, this is why there has never been a better time to get your passports and travel overseas where you’ll have a much greater chance of meeting a woman who is traditionally minded and who still has a moral compass in place.

The only reason why women in the West have been getting away with such gutter behaviour and deplorable conduct is because men(predominantly simps) have allowed them to in the hopes of still being able to get laid. How has that worked out for them? Answer, IT HASN’T. Finally:

This is the typical mentality of your average garden variety black female and rightfully by extension modern day women in general. A woman’s happiness should NEVER be the main focus of any relationship simply because it is fleeting, what makes her happy one minute will not interest her the next.

I believe one of the main reasons why marriages in the West are failing at such a high clip is because they are now being focused on the woman instead of the man.

Too many men are buying into the foolish notion that the woman’s “happiness” is the key to keeping the marriage afloat, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Keeping Jezebel locked up in the cage is definitely one of the main keys to keeping any relationship/marriage successful, fruitful and prosperous.

NEVER allow women to overtake a marriage or relationship with their hedonistic wants and desires. Never be afraid to tell a woman NO once in a while or whenever is necessary.

Lastly, NEVER allow yourself to be caught up in the spiral of attempting to satisfy a woman’s lusts, you will never win that battle and you’ll destroy yourself in the process.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    It makes me laugh when women say that they don’t need a man because without men women wouldn’t have jack shit. Everything you see in society and in the world today was created by a man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      At this stage most Western women especially black women are beyond delusional, they’ve built nothing in society but yet still believe they can function successfully without men who’ve put in ALL of the work, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. That black man in the above videos is well funny because he is speaking the raw truth about women needing men plus he is entertainment. 😂😂😂

  2. I like to know your input on this:
    This is about the ‘White Elder’ vs the ‘Black Elder’

    Basically I learn that people respect While elders more than the Black elders.
    I observe that since the EU referendum, it was the majority of the White Elders voted to leave the EU and then become the silent majority at 2019 when the Tories won hands down because when they were young and voted for the EU, they thought they get a better deal when UK join the EU, then they spend 40 years redeeming themselves to vote to leave. Until the Covid and this Ukraine made the economy in the bad shape and the government still want to stay and people wanted to leave. Well 52% voted to leave.
    It is very rare that white elders have this envy towards young boys.

    Then you have the Black Elders who are just damn liberal and still living in the plantation mindset.

    In the UK where I live, most black elders taught young BM to improve and better themselves.

    However the American Black Elders are different as they are the opposite.
    I remember watching Akwesi, some smart BM videos including Minister Jap stating they have no respect for elders in the black community because they gassing up young cats and they have this hate towards young BM because they have options.

    What is your thought about the difference between Black Elders vs White Elders?

    1. Nikon,

      I will give you my input on this as this is very good point.
      I live in London UK and I can explain as observation.

      I agree about the White Elders learn their lessons and redeem themselves which result of the Brexit in 2016.

      Let me explain the brothers, Gentlemen and the SYSBM practitioners.
      In 1970’s the young cats voted to be part of the EU because they wanted to be part of the single market and can be buddies (bros) with other European Countries and we be cool with it. Then Labour party come into power in 1997, suddenly and slowly Labour Government (UK version of the USA Democrats) giving UK sovereignty to EU and Brussels, and no one notice it. Through he years, Tony Blair keep on giving more UK powers to Belgium so much Belgium and EU can dictate Britain and other countries, putting EU laws over National law. Any National Law you put into the country EU and Brussels overrule the national. Now whole of EU becomes the political dictator, they try so hard to to sell UK people down the river to the EU politically. You think that EU was meant to be cordial and squash beef with wars? Nope, they lust for power just like a corrupt dictator. They years later the Eastern European Countries join the EU meaning All the Western Europe such as UK, France and Germany paying taxes to fund other countries whilst UK starting to become a shithole because of more immigrants.

      Now they young men become elders after 40 years of seeing this shithole of a UK.

      When 2016 come to the EU referendum, the government try so hard to keep UK into the EU so UK people, even the liberals went hard in paint to bribe the black community to vote to stay in the EU that way if we remain in the EU, the black community will have to suck EU white cock, yes I say it again raw ‘Black culture will have to suck White EU cock’ if we stay and remain in the EU. I ask these people why do you want to stay, there response are ‘money’, ‘economy’ or ‘we can negotiate with Brussels’. I will tell you something why I say about EU cock to the black community? People believe that you can negotiate with the Devil/Satan and if you vote him in, you get rewards with the Satan’. To me staying in the EU is like selling your soul to Satan and once you do it, you can never leave hell – period.

      What these people who want to stay in EU never mention about laws and independence and sovereignty. It is all about sleeping with Satan for the sake of money and all the perks. They live in political plantation which is equivalent to Slave Plantation where they do not value their own freedom.

      I thought that we be end up staying in the EU because the vote was rigged for UK to stay because of the Slave/political mindset and stay in the plantation. But I was shocked that we were leaving. Even it was by 4% difference, but UK overcome it.

      It was reveal that it was the White Elders were the biggest voters and voted to leave, why? Because they want to escape hell and they did.

      I vote to leave even I like EU because I did not like the laws and other country telling another country what to do.

      Now the reason why the Brexit was in the mess for 3 years because since the liberals and Remainers lost ‘fair and square’ as they lost a clean fight, instead of taking an L and leave the EU, they try many way to overturn it.

      Any brothers in the USA never heard of the term ‘Remainders’, these are the liberals who wanted to stay in the EU aka Political Plantation they fight tooth and nail, even done multiple protest to stay in the EU because they cannot accept a Loss.

      Whilst the people want to leave the EU, the government want to stay because the UK politician knew that if we leave the EU they will lose their Gravy (money) Train.
      Instead of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ which UK voted for the government want to suck up Brussels and never want UK to leave and making UK weak.

      So they had to do another election in 2019 and the reason why Boris won a landslide because White Elders in Northern England just want to get the hell out of corrupted EU.

      That is the story about this EU Referendum between 2016 to 2019.

      Now the reason why UK economy is in the mess is because of this stupid Covid Rules, this low-brow Brexit instead if real Brexit and now we have UK and US sucking up to Ukraine which make the West suffer.

      Even Brexit is in the mess today wreck the economy, do I regret it? The answer is no. Was it worth it? I say Yes because if we stay in the EU. UK will be 10 times worse than todays economy with all the laws governed by Belgium and living in Political Slave Plantation.

      This is where the black community need to take note as you learn your lesson decades later and the other cultures can change history and change the present to not make the same mistake as the past.

    2. Nikon Nicam,

      American black elders especially are something else, because of their majority left leaning position, they make some of the most erroneous decisions imaginable but then want the younger generational blacks to walk down the same path of calamity they did, smh. White elders overall are better individuals because as you’ve pointed out, typically they’ll learn from their mistakes, will attempt to right things they have wronged and won’t encourage the younger bucks to make the same bad decisions they did. The problem with most black elder males in the US is they’re being lead and directed by the modern day black female, she is the root behind wanting to see the younger generations fail. White society overall is being ran by the men, black society on the flip side is being run into the ground by the black woman.

    3. I agree with Verbs and Michael on this because White Elders taught to redeem from their mistake whilst Black Elders just simping. In the UK, Black Elders teach the black community to better themselves whilst in America the Elders let young BW to take control of the Black Community and turn it into Matriarchy and gaslighting young BM because they are self aware.

      I also support your statement about the EU and Brexit. I also voted Brexit, even Brexit made the economy in the mess but I will stand by Brexit because Brexit to me was not about money and economy, it was about leaving the Political Plantation.

      All the people regret about Brexit and want to re-join the EU, I say I never re-join the EU. As a black man re-joining the EU is like returning to the Slave Plantation and I do not understand why people want to go back to the Plantation.

      I do not care if people disagree about EU being a Plantation because EU was a corrupt and run by unelected dictatorship and American need to take note that you can do the same because if Brexit causes the UK to go down at least we are out and stay out because it always a cost for freedom that is simple. You break free from the plantation and you can choose your own path and destiny.

      I remember Joe Biden become President and meet Boris Johnson (BoJo) in Britain. Joe advice BoJo to make UK to re-join the EU. After Joe return back to the America Boris gave Biden an middle finger telling Joe ‘don’t tell me what to do’. Just like Obama went to Kenya to meet the African leaders to form the Gay Alliance in Africa. African leaders was cool with the LGBT stuff in Africa with all the talk. As soon as Obama went back to America, the African leaders told Obama to f#ck himself because they are not letting Obama pushing LGBT agenda in their own country of Africa. You think African leaders approve the rainbow/alphabet agenda? Hell No.

  3. i look at these scenarios from the point of view of what did the black male simp do to enable it. The daggle in the vid is hardly a 4 on the best day of her life. Plus, there are no redeeming qualities of character.

    When a black male simp wifes up and pedestalizes such a creature, he has already lost. Plus, black males are responsible for who they plant their seed in. The scraggle daggle is the worst mother on the planet. She is exponentially more destructive to her black male offspring.

    As I’ve often stated, the daggle simply lacks the agency to cause all this harm on her own. She must be enabled to cause this damage, by the black male simp.

  4. Verbs,

    Honestly, that last video, that movie? I’d say that guy’s very lucky! I’d say that, that black woman isn’t so bad. He got the better end of the deal than she did. No I am not trolling, and I am not defending her but hear me out:

    The woman is GIVING the children to HIM. That is so freaking rare! Most men have to fight a lifetime battle just to even see their children once every several years. The family court system is totally against men and is an instant KO loss when men are trying to win a custody battle or even visitation privileges. She just said, “here you go”. No fighting, no neck cracking, no attitude, No flying plate, No calling the cops to have YOU removed from your own home, No screaming, No Domestic Violence, NOTHING. Just “here take it”. That was the easiest, simple agreement ever made in the history of the Anglosphere. That is the luckiest man to be alive and he should be jumping for joy. Why? Because…

    Single Black Women make the WORST mothers as they the biggest child abusers, molesters and some even rape and prostitute their own children off. The man can rest assured that his child will be with him in safe hands. The fact that this black woman abandon the child so easily shows that she never really cared or loved the child. Does it really make sense for a child to have a mother in it’s life if the mother has NO motherly instincts or care to be in its life? at all?
    I never want to be friends or relatives with anyone if I make them feel that they don’t want me to be around. If they don’t care for me, I also don’t want to be around. Many black women HATE their children and show it by action of abuse. Is it wise to want that women to be a mother to the children that doesn’t even want to be with them for the sake of “she’s their mother”? I think that is incredibly unwise..

    Besides, who is to say that the guy can’t just find a new mother for the child that WILL love and care for it? There is no evidence that Children NEED to be loved by their biological family to be members of society. Non-biological parents who love children as if they were their own biological children are just as good. Even if you disagree with me, I think you would agree that it would be a better choice than biological mothers who Beat, rape, sell, and kill their won children than a non-biological parent who will treat them as if their are their own. The man, after his heartbreak, can simply move on and find a woman who can fit that role.

    Next big important thing, She doesn’t want alimony! Alimony is the biggest killer for men. Alimony is not like Child support where after the child is 18 then the payment stops. In some states, its a life-time slave plantation. it is one of the biggest things that impoverishes men. All that hard work he has done. All the money who saved, the car, the house (if he owns), is safe in his hands as well as for the children. He and the child can rest assured that they will not be homeless and he will not be jailed and lose the child because he lost all his assets and can no longer pay for Alimony. PLUS, since HE has the child , there will be no astronomical child support he has to pay because he has custody. MANY women of all nationalities screw their men over this way. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT? and the final and most important thing that I think the writers did not pay attention to

    Since she will be with this rich NBA guy, that means SHE will be making more than the guy she left, right? So that means, SHE can pay HIM for alimony support! of course they have to get married first, but still, she will be the one who has to pay him. You can think of it as revenge for the normal guy for abandoning her “family”.

    The only thing I can see that has happened to that guy is probably a heartbreak and being humiliated by being compared to a NBA player. That can heal overtime with another, more faithful and traditional woman. but most guys that get screwed over by their cheating, lying, thieving exs Lose FAR more than just a heartbreak. It can financially cripple them for life. My father still has not financially gotten over his divorce and that was many years ago. Many men who lost all their earrings and assets as well as a broken heart simply kill themselves.

    This is one of the luckiest man I’ve ever seen even if it is a fictional movie. Although I would hate and resent if a woman did that to me, but if I got a deal like that, I wouldn’t be as bad as most guys experince…

    1. You miss the point big time. He lost by planting his seed in this beast. He lost by wifing this beast.

      Until black men in mass, start making better choices in women, they will keep losing.

  5. Negress women are telling blackistian males they don’t need a man.

    Yet, blackistian males are still choosing to place their seed into them.

    Although men have built societies, even white women have a lot more innovative inventions than negress women.

    1. It’s the male equivalent of filters, posting 10 year old pics, and not disclosing that you’ve got kids. All’s fair, ladies. The playing field is leveling, love to see it.

  6. White sugar honey: Have you make love in the rain before?
    SYSBM: No, white sugar. Guess it’s a first time for everyone!

    He video of the chick with the blonde weave says that she don’t need a man and she has a child. I don’t believe when a woman says that she don’t need a man. Because when or if she gets attacked, then what? And the other thing, who breed it off? It must be Rum Head Fraiser or Weed Man Jake or Machete Man Briggy shoot up in her and breed her up.

    And the other video of the wife leaving her husband for a basketball player who probably hasn’t won a NBA. If that basketball player chooses her, marries her and be a step father, he will branded as a simp. The black men especially white men will look at this and say that he did a Russell Wilson.

    As black men seeing this mediocre shit on a daily basis especially with the women in the family members, they are starting marriages with non black women or they are going overseas just to look for a woman to wife up!

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming non black women.


  7. This may sound sexist of me but, MAN came first! Women came from MAN not MAN came from woman. So yes, MEN are the ones who created everything that women take for granted today.

    Without MEN there is no civilization!! When women claim ” I don’t need man” , wether she knows it or not She stills lives off of a man in some way.

    What she really means is, ” I want take keep taking resources from men (child support, Alimony, government assistance, etc) but don’t want to do anything for men”
    It’s unreal how delusional black women are!

  8. A) With Women (especially black women) that be on that Strong and Independent, Don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself, they gonna learn the hard way that Women need men, and Men need Women, Period! I don’t give a damn what nobody says. That “Don’t need a man, Boss B” mindset is not gonna last in the long run. That stat mentioned a while back about 45% or 50% of Women in America will be single and childless in 2030 will come to the light. Hell it might be here before 2030 if they keep this shit up and the other bullshit they are on.

    B) Girls Trip: I’m not assuming by the double standards because they can keep accusing black men of sex tourism and being predators, when clearly they’re evidence of women going to Jamaica and other places promoting sex tourism and messing with boys. How I know: I have a few sources, so don’t worry about that. That “Stella got her groove back” got a dark turn to it. A Youtuber named A Beautiful Lies mentions about the hedonism tour on one of his videos, and he mentioned that they’re promoting it overseas, but they’re promoting it here in America. Me personally, I’m not somewhat surprised because nowadays, sex and porn became the big business in America. It’s like everybody nowadays have an onlyfans, and they wanna make a quick buck out of it. I don’t have a problem with folks doing onlyfans, that’s their business, but don’t cry wolf, deal with the consequences, know the fact that you made a choice, and move on. Nobody forced you to do it.

    C) I remember that movie 35 and Ticking. That scene literally described the dating market in the west. Morals and Values and True Commitment are a thing of the past now, and it’s sad. Sad with a capital S! It’s like, You come across videos on Youtube, and TV, and they are women on there talking about how they want this type of dude, they want that type of dude, and when they come across a dude they want, they looking stupid became the dude they want don’t want them, or used them as a playtoy, or both, getting rejected by them because the dude got options and probably has common sense. Then you got women crying on camera with the crocodile tears talking about how men dogged them out, they ready to “settle” down later in life when its too late, getting ghosted by the men they desire, man it’s too much. I got more to say, but that’s all for now because I’ve gotten the point now.

  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! First, I’d like to point out how the guy in the first two videos has that old school rap hype man energy; he has that type of energy that Fatman Scoop had, and it suits his podcast very well. Notice how that blonde hair hairhatted stragg immediately tried to say she didn’t say what we heard her say at the beginning of the clip; the delusional mindset of these modern brauds makes me hate social media. It’s like these females live to have their L’s posted online for the world to see; sometimes, I can’t believe the level of delusion they’ve sunken to, but I’m glad to see there are red pilled men responding with logic and truths, especially in song:

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