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Just Pearly Things Vs The Black Siren!

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I remember some months ago many of you guys talking about JustPearlyThings and how she has black women shook up in these streets, I thought I’d finally weigh in more on the situation.

I really have to laugh at how triggered so many black women have become over JustPearlyThings aka Pearl Davis, since Pearl has risen in popularity black women have literally been running around like headless chickens throwing their toys out of their prams(buggies).

What is Pearl’s transgression you may ask, that’s simple, she’s managed with ease to gather large swaths of black men around herself without first going to, bowing down at the feet of as well as asking black women for their permission and approval for her to interact and intermingle with brothers.

As I’ve stated many times before, black women view black men as their slaves, assets and commodities, in the black female’s eyes any WOMEN outside of themselves who wish to interact with black men must first go through the black witch for acknowledgement and approval.

I know it sounds crazy, however this is how the mind of your average black female works, as per her contractual obligation towards the State, in exchange for State treats, welfare and benefits, the black female is entrusted with the task of keeping the black male in line so he never becomes a threat to the system of her white lord and saviour Admiral Frost.

JustPearlyThings time and time again illustrates exactly why so many black women in the West continue to remain single at such an astronomically high clip, Pearl also demonstrates how most black females are professionals at running their mouths albeit extremely lousy at listening to and acting on sound advice.

Additionally, as a white female Pearl is subliminally sending the message to black women that she and other white women like her can roll in and take whatever black men they choose at any time and there’s nothing black women can do to stop that from happening.

The modern day black female is envious, jealous and afraid of the white female, black women wish they were white women so that they could be chosen by white men. Black women glue the hair of white and other non black women to their heads in their attempts to distance themselves as far as possible from their own visage and heritage.

If black women could snap their fingers and instantly turn white, I estimate a minimum of 90% of the black female population would immediately disappear. Black women are extremely envious of the fact that white women overall despite their various shortcomings are still heavily desired by men of all races.

Black women hate the fact that when it comes to dating interracially, black men excel far in front of them by leaps and bounds while the black witch is left resorting to begging as well as attempting to shame and guilt trip other races of men into dating her(which doesn’t work anyway).

These modern day black females via their own hands have relegated and back burnered their backsides into obscurity and oblivion, they honestly believed they could continually snub their own male counterparts without heavy repercussions and dire consequences coming down the pike.

Black women hate the fact that Pearl gives black men room to tell their side of the story, something which black women have fought hard to prevent.

Just think back to the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s when black women were flooding various daytime talkshows slating and dragging the image and reputation of black men through the mud, at what point did these black sirens give you black men any equal airtime to respond to their railing accusations against you, I’ll wait?

God is good, he always has a way of bringing equilibrium and justice to those who have been wronged. It’s fantastic to see black men finally getting their voices heard after so many years of the conversation being extremely one sided.

As for JustPearlyThings, I’m just going to sit on the sidelines with my popcorn, freshly squeezed juice and continue to watch the show unfold.

In recent times Pearl represents the first high profile white female who has brought a major upset and rumbled black female society to its core, I strongly suspect that she won’t be the last.

Whether you like Pearl or not, you really have to chuckle at how upset black women are at her for simply speaking the same truths that black men have been stating for the longest but to no avail.

Black women’s fun in the sun has now ended, they played their hand however not for the long game. It’s now time for the free thinking black man to get some shine BY HIMSELF without black women always jumping into the frame trying their utmost to steal glory and attention that wasn’t meant for them. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

White Women Continue To Roll In With The Heavy Hitters, Black Women Continue To Take Massive Ls

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Just Pearly Things Vs The Black Siren!

  1. Shaniquas, white male incels and chosen ones from Sweden and Russia abandoning the cold war and collectively crying and moaning about “white genocide” and the “great replacement” in 3, 2, 1…..

    Just finished reading your article Verbs and you licked it out of the ball park! These black women really think that they are some master race and that people are supposed to worship them because of their birth. Just like the racist liberal and the neoconservative chosenite, who despite their differing political ideologies have the same belief of racial supremacy.

    Who are these people similar to again….it started with an N and was lead by an Austrian painter.

    Pearly Things’ declaration is great news, insecure pathetic assholes trying to reenact their glory days by bullying and abusing other people are not my problem.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Black women honestly believe they’re in charge of black men and that no other races of women can interact with us without first getting their permission and approval, talk about a serious Napoleon complex.

      Black women as a collective stay left leaning to their own detriment, this is one of the main reasons why so called black love can NEVER be revived.

      How can black men who hold to traditional family values ever form a successful confederacy with a group of women who prioritise the killing of unborn children in the womb thus automatically rendering the building strong black families null and void?

  2. In the US, marriage is a bad deal for men. It is an act of self flagellation for successful black men who marry daggles.. If you are a black man who has worked hard and achieved financial success, to even think of marrying a daggle with less to lose than yourself, is an act of self hate.

    There are two daggles in my office at work. Both are in their fifties, one is 59. They both look horrible to any man with standards. They have affirmative action jobs, and make pretty good money. Both are married to black males who are often in between employment.

    These daggles are the primary bread winners in their households. They talk to their husbands badly over the phone. One, the older one, has an office husband who is an older black obese simp. In their cases, at least their husbands have nothing to lose financially. For myself, even that wouldn’t be enough to tolerate the likes of either of them.

    There is simply no rational reason for a black man who has it going on, to marry the average scraggle daggle. Those who do, must suffer from some serious self esteem issues.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I’ll have to agree with you, marriage in the West is an extremely raw deal for men, this is why I don’t recommend it even with an ironclad prenup. I recommend that men only get married in countries where there are NO LAWS that can be used against them in the event of a separation/divorce.

      Women are incentivised to get divorced way before the marriage is even out of the gate and off the ground and social media has been the main source of witchcraft driving women(who claim they’re smart by the way) to believe that they’re better off “free and single”.

      Marriage to black women is most definitely out of the question since they are the least married and the most divorced. As I’ve stated before, marriage is a traditional custom that the overwhelming majority of Western women are NOT entitled to because of their subscription to modernity.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Imagine a woman who is not even physically attractive, who doesn’t bring intelligence nor any type of service attitude to the table. This same woman believes she is entitled and should be served just because she has a vagina.

        She’s typically overweight and harboring various female infections, because western woman practice minimal feminine hygiene, and are typically promiscuous. The scraggle daggle is worst of all.

        Now this western women will drain your income, your resources, takeup all your time, have an unpleasant and ungrateful attitude, and provide nothing good to justify these sacrifices on your part. Then, anytime she chooses, she can get the state to make you subsidize her for life with a divorce.

        I ask you, who but a simp wants that deal ?

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Thank God for Pearly Things because she has shown the world how idiotic and stupid black women are. Pearly Things is one of the first white women on the planet to give decent black men a voice to speak on the bullshit that we good black men go through in the black community every day. Also Pearly Things is on the good black man’s side because even she sees that we are good genuine men that deserves good looking childfree white women and other good looking childfree non black women as quality wives and girlfriends. I am so glad that I don’t date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The internet has been a serious equaliser in allow black men to get their side of the story our to the masses, a side that for the longest while has been suppressed by the black witch herself as well as the mainstream media arm of her white lord and saviour General Blizzard.

      I cannot deny that Pearl has provided a valuable service in allowing black men to use her platform to set the record straight regarding the modern day black witch and the many oft repeated lies she’s constantly levied against us.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Pearly Things has been a God send to us good SYSBM black men. 😊😊

        1. She got exposed this past week. I would not call her a Godsend. She was able to come in the black Manosphere space & if the Passport Brothers are not careful she & other Suzanne’s & the B-Dubbs will come in those spaces. The song by The Undisputed Truth & Temptations back in 1971,”Smiling Faces” comes to mind when describing these women & their talking points in the realm of Western Black Men.

          1. Samuel,

            This is true but remember Kevin Samuels was a fruit and black men give him a pass simply because he was holding black women to account, he’d gotten much further than any other black man in holding black women’s feet to the fire precisely because he was sexually suspect. He was allowed to grow because he didn’t represent traditional black masculinity which in turn didn’t pose a threat to General Blizzard’s kingdom and authority.

            Black men need black masculine representation, the problem is black men as a collective having been raised in single mother household typically only respond well to feminine energy.

            I a black man from the UK came in with my book Negro Wars holding predominantly US black women to account and I was told to get lost because I wasn’t from the United States. Jessica X(a mixed female also from the UK) rolled in and did exactly the same thing as myself and she was readily accepted. Like I said, until black men cut black women and their left leaning, liberal, feminist mindset off as a deadweight, all manner of outsiders will continue to step in and take advantage.

            1. Verbs2015:They had No right whatsoever to dismiss you because you’re from the U.K. . You’re a Brother and one of us and have Every Right to come on a platform and speak your mind.The fact that they accepted Jessica X who is from your home country and rejected you is downright sickening, inexcusable and unacceptable.These are the same Dummies who let Dr.Umar Johnson speak on their platforms and say whatever foolishness and Nonsense he wants too.

  4. This is why a black man can’t be sysbm if dating a black woman.

    This is why I might have to cut ties with all of my relatives in future when I do find a white wifey girlfriend.

    It has got to a point where if my future girlfriend wants me to cut ties with family relatives for whatever reason, I won’t hesitate to do so.

    The negro wars book describes the true genetic nature of blackistan negress females.

    The reason why black women think that they own all black men is because of blackistian males.

    Blackistian males are the direct source of the main problem.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The blue pilled, black male simp aka the Blackistani Negro in recent times has become a serious pestilence and the number one reason why the black witch is able to continue her reign of terror unhindered.

      As I’ve stated before, left leaning black folks are the reason why the so called black community continues to trundle downhill at an ever increasing and alarming rate. If such are family members who have to be cut off then so be it.

  5. When Pearl started blowing up on YouTube predictably the black bitch was shook but what I really found amusing was how many cats in/on the periphery of the so called Black Manosphere were shook as well. I wasn’t surprised because as we all know most of those dudes still take their marching orders from the black witch no matter how hard they try to disguise it. It was hilarious watching those cats lose their minds over Pearl. Some of those cats were even more upset than the black bitch they were cappin for! LOL! SMH.

    1. Val Zod,

      I honestly don’t understand how any male can call himself a man while at the same time taking orders from and having his authority usurped and controlled by a female.

      Those so called Negroes will be the first ones screaming about “masculinity” and how black men need to “step up to the plate” while at the same time bowing down to and grovelling at the feet of the black female, smh.

      Those sorry Negroes are the reason why black men are looked upon as he planet’s cleanup men/janitors. At this stage separation from destructive Negroes both male and female is a must.

  6. Just Pearly Things is the white woman who has stepped in and did the heavy lifting for advocating for us Black Men. So why is the daggle shook?

    Ricki Lake, Jerry Springer, Steve Wilko’s, Geraldo, Jenny, Oprah Donahue broadcasted around the world the trope of “nighas ain’t shit, nighas need to look after dey baby daddies, i don’t need a man” etc whilst the few interracial couples shown were also treated with much derision.

    So consider Pearl as one part of Black men’s dispensation for 400 years of unpaid forced labour, sadistic violence, chattel slavery and a breeding program akin to domesticating wild animals, as well as racist laws intended to further shackle and silence the most hated men on the planet. Nature always finds a way.

    You’ll notice the new series of Luther on Netflix (a show famous for the sexual tension between Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson) now has a black female sidekick – in other words, Luther is now “owned” by the black witch.

    1. I remember watching Luther TV show a few years ago.

      Hollywood are afraid of getting cancelled by blackistian females.

      They would only release movies and tv shows that won’t piss them off.

      Black women are in the same bracket like LGBTQ.

      I’ve realised that Pearly hasn’t got any negress mates.

      At first, I thought she had negress friends but turns out I was wrong.

      JustPearlyThings is actually helping black men to date out while doing the lord’s work against demonic forces of blackistian people.

      She is a keeper for a black man who wants to go sysbm.

      I only see white women defending black men in western babylon societies.

      There is hope for me in the UK but I can only seek a white woman up north.

      I’m avoiding down south.

    2. Michel,

      These deceitful black females kept talking about and continue to prattle on regarding black men needing to look after their children, however they conveniently seem to leave out the part that they themselves deliberately choose the guys who are NOT cut out for fatherhood and long term relationships.

      Imagine that, choosing to open your legs and give sexual access to 10-16% of black men but then attempting to berate the plus 54% of brothers who are single and CHILDLESS, you cannot make this stuff up.

      Regarding Luther, I remember highlighting years ago the fact that when it comes to getting shine and attention, black women want both all to themselves but whenever the same is directed towards black men, these black harridans always find a way to muscle their way in so that black men can never receive the same for themselves.

      See if you can search engine “famous black male chefs” without black women also being mentioned, smh.

  7. I can give you my input on Pearl Davis:

    I assume that she will be the next Kevin Samuels because Kendra G is like the Kevin wannabe with the style.

    I knew she will soon the be the White Woman version of Kevin because she already not just took the throne, but the Leadership of the Manosphere.

    Since she moved to London, she become more down to earth with Black Men because the average BM just want a BW to be fit, friendly, feminine and cooperative which every men want. BW just do not want to change and improve their product for the BM, they just want BM to accept damage goods.

    The reason I bring up Kevin Samuels because Verbs mention about how Pearly is sending subminimal messages to Beckies, actually she does not have to because White Women understand the product which Black Women do not want to improve.

    Also the reason why I consider Pearly, the next Kevin because she speaks to people, not just talk to callers, but in person in the panel and when BM talks dating, she gets the point.

    Black Women are hating because they do not talk to BM in a normal manner.

    Look at few videos Verbs put out:
    You have this Nigerian BW is upset because she getting kicked out. Guess what? Pearly is the host, means her house, her rules. That is simple, if you don’t like it, leave.

    Then Pearly just asking questions about oppression and feminism. All you hear from BW is colourism cry-babies, mind you they are getting the best life, living comfortable because White Daddy Government system whilst BM gets kick to the curb, cold in the snow, surviving on the streets because the system give BM no help at all.

    Then you have BW making response video to Pearl, every time you hear BW making response videos to Pearl just like they make videos responding to Passport Bros, you always see a ugly mutant primitive looking fat-fuck feminist nose-ring, bonnet wearing piece of shit looking sewage weave-wearing BW and you think to yourself they think they have a chance to get picked because they have this ‘Fox and the Grape’ mindset.

    1. MMT,

      The Nigerian daggle Esther is a serious problem, she’s your typical weave wearing, mentally disjointed stragg who doesn’t have the wisdom to keep her mouth shut and listen whenever required.

      How are you going to refuse to leave a person’s house after they’ve told you to get out? You cannot make this stuff up, however when it comes to black women, typically expect the unexpected to take place.

      Like I said above, regarding the physical look of black women, it’s now gotten to a point where there are large swaths of black females walking the streets looking like deformed mutants and science experiments gone seriously wrong.

      It’s very interesting to watch all of this unfold from the sidelines, black women just want the old status quo in place where they had the complete floor to speak their minds but where black men were permanently gagged into silence.

  8. Here is what Keisha and women in general have to come to terms with when dealing with Pearl, Pearl is pleasant, genuinely upbeat, happy and pleasant, which will cover a multitude of sins and makes her more than just the sum of her parts. Black women and woke women come across as bitter old evil hags, even when they’re young, and don’t realize or care that men of value find that disposition repulsive, even if in rare cases she might actually be otherwise attractive. They are so evil inside that they can’t even pretend to be pleasant for any length of time before their true bride of satan personality comes out. Pearl seems to be winning right now not because she’s the hottest, or smartest, but because she’s fresh (as in not caked up with pounds of makeup, fake eye lashes, 5″ long fake nails etc) honest, happy and pleasant. Women today don’t seem to grasp just how far being pleasant will take them, and I believe black women are incapable of being pleasant even if they did knew. Every single argument from these daggles is just a justification for their sour, vile, unpleasant nature and Pearl is the antithesis of that so you know they HATE her. How much you want to bet after they keep losing face and more arguments they don’t try to get her cancelled?

    1. Upgraydd,

      I know Pearl has already had a number of TikTok accounts banned, from my observations these daggles and their blue pilled, pro black simp flunkies have been working overtime to silence her because this is how left leaning, woke black females and their black male stooges work.

      I don’t think black women really understand just how horrible they look with the fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, 50 layers of makeup spray painted on their faces, BBLs as well as any other external and internal appendages.

      At this point I believe they just don’t care, they have no problems looking like mutants and experiments gone extremely wrong, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

      I keep on saying it, the overwhelming majority of black women at this point are beyond redemption, however most black men are still in a trance and haven’t woken up to this uncomfortable truth yet.

  9. SYSBM: Baby girl, you wanna go out tonight? I might drive the S600 AMG.
    White sugar honey: It’s raining. Just come over and get between the sheets with me.

    When I see these ghetto ratchet black women on Pearly, I was thinking that the good black woman is getting rarer and rarer. I don’t watch Pearly Things much but she showing how these scragglies are. And if you want to see a scraggly, then go on Tiktok and you will see tones of them.

    All I see with the chocolate puddings is weave, skin bleaching and so on. Black men are looking at this and start to think they should date non black women, get their passport and leaving the country or just be single for the rest of their life. Or play the field.

    There are some black men would date a black woman but what kind of black woman they are looking for? The good black woman is a rare thing. The natural hair black woman is a very rare thing, so I don’t know what to say. I don’t have a problem if a black man wants a black woman but it’s goanna be very difficult.

    Hard times have not hit these ghetto ratchet scarggle daggles because they are suffering the consequences of their bad behaviour and nobody is feeling sorry for them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      At this time the most important thing to do is NOT to save black women because they don’t want to be saved.

  10. After reading your article, I’ve just remembered something that I peeped when I first came across this space: a non Black woman will always come through as a voice for Black men while the stragg will continue to embody “Birth Of A Nation” in Blackface with their talking points; Black women say they’re on the frontlines fighting for us, but Pearl is truly the one doing the fighting. Pearl is the first woman I’ve seen since Shahrazad Ali and Nojma Muhammad (for those of you who know her) that has spoken up on behalf of Black men; she’s like the White abolitionist of the Black Manosphere, helping to free thinking brothers from the scraggle daggle’s reign of terror.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women have always betrayed black men every time alternatives were put on the table for them, the black female propaganda machine circulated talk about black women standing in the corner of black men is nothing short of a myth, an urban legend and a fairy tale. To be honest the ideal situation is to be represented by black male masculinity first, however the problem is most black men having been raised in single mother households typically only response to feminine energy. Myself and other brothers have said this before, sometimes all it takes to break a black man free from the plantation spellbound trance is simple, decent, normal interactions with white and other non black females.

  11. No opinion one way or the other about Pearl as I don’t watch her. But I can guess her presence on the scene has rumbled BW. How dare this white b*tch involve herself in Black people’s business? LOL.

    As for Esther, that lacefront hairline says it all. Dark-skinned and horrible. No surprises here.

    Western BW femcels have really outed themselves as awful people on a global scale thanks to social media. Non-Black people are getting a glimpse into the hell brothas go thru with these hyenas. As more and more BM go either SYSBM or Passport Bros, expect their belligerence to get worse.

    The godfather Kevin Samuels is laughing from beyond the grave. They made him a martyr. Winter is here for these hoes. Get the popcorn.

  12. Schadenfreude,

    Kevin is the Social Media Martyr because his death causes the rise of the Passport Bros.
    You have BW still declaring war against Kevin even the man is dead over a year ago.
    His death is still haunting modern BW in this present days.

    1. Mike,

      No lies detected, BW are still fighting a force ghost. KS is the one who told BM that if they made $50,000 a year they were gold on a global level, if they made $100,000 they were platinum. KS pointed out BM out-earn their foreign male counterparts. This is while hateful ABW were calling BM “broke.” Productive, educated BM with no criminal record that ABW called “lame” or “corny” got the message and jetted out. I’ve been waiting for this reckoning for years, love to see it. Leave these hoes to Pookie nem, winter is here.

  13. Here’s an even uglier reality: lord blizzard knows how to capitalize on black gender war. Other races can easily make money off bw and bm going at each other’s throats. They don’t even have to do much to fan the flames. They need only throw out a live grenade towards either gender, and stand back while bm/bw blame each other. I’m no pro black, but I know that lord blizzard Co opted the bw long ago.
    Pearly is simply taking jabs at low hanging fruit, which takes no real effort. Even Jason Black, aka no face authority just did a show saying that it’s easy for wm/ww to echo bm talking points and expose the b – dubb for what she is, but with little benefit to us. Hell, the entire WORLD know that bw are the hardest women to deal with, due to them being infantilized in America. You would think this would make the bw act like she has sense, but no…

    1. Jonnyboy,

      As long as large swaths of black men continue to subscribe to the left leaning, liberal, feminist mindset that’s been injected into them by the modern day black female, they’ll always be somebody lining up to take advantage. Unfortunately most black men do NOT respond well to black masculine leadership either, this is how women are able to roll in and easily gather a sizeable audience of black men around them.

      The key to redeeming black men as a collective is cutting the black female off, however the overwhelming majority of black men just aren’t ready for that conversation, they would rather die on the hill pining after and worshipping the same black female who is openly destroying them rather than cut their losses and embark upon their own path. As I’ve stated before, SYSBM™ is for the very few not the many, most black men unfortunately simply aren’t interested in genuinely saving and bettering themselves.

    1. DocT,

      A short answer is many men are going to have to question the paternity of the children they’ve been looking after all these years. I believe the 30% negative results for paternity will increase significantly after this Freaknik documentary is released.

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