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Black Female Disrespects Her White Zaddy!


I have to disagree with Future on this one, in this case she belongs to the sewers because the streets are too good of a place to give her. This simply goes to prove the point I made when I wrote my recent article concerning the high priestess of Swirl Mountain Miss Christelyn Karazin and her divorce from her estranged husband, I told you that black women will remain defective beyond repair for life no matter what race of men they date or marry.

Black women act as if black men are the problem as to why they can’t behave themselves correctly, yet here is another example of so many where a black female is acting up and playing the fool not only in front of her white lord and saviour but also in front of his friends, smh.

Additionally, this dude is clearly a softy as he’s struggling to express how he really feels about her out of pocket behaviour. You have to understand that this behaviour has arisen with him because he’s allowed it to, it didn’t simply pop up overnight.

These black females stay engaging in jackass, goofy behaviour in their desperate quest for attention, she has her white boyfriend and yet she’s still partaking in janky, disrespectful behaviour, smh. Also, as Afrofuturism1 would say, peep the shade!

Even though it was revealed at the end of the video that she has coverings over her breasts and is wearing shorts, the fact of the matter is that type of flashing behaviour is typical of sluts and whores. Respectable, modest women would NEVER dream of doing something like this even as a prank.

Then on top of this, did you peep this goofy’s reasoning behind the prank, how she feels that because her man can walk around with his arms out and topless that she should be able to do the same, really heifer? Then she talked about how “he’s controlling and she’s over it”.

The long and short of it is this dark skinned black witch wants to be a rebellious, belligerent harriet, she desires to return to the same out of pocket, slack jawed behaviour she was wallowing in(her roots) before she met her white zaddy.

Again, he’s a milk toast, bottom shelf slacker who’s been falling short somewhere along the line which is why she’s eventually mustered up the courage to pull this disrespectful garbage. Again, a classic traditional woman would never dream of disrespecting her man, even as a joke. Unbridled, loose minded females, whores and sluts however have absolutely no problems doing stuff like this.

Women like this for the sake of your dignity and self respect must immediately be kicked to the kerb as from that point onwards the disrespectful antics will only increase in size and frequency. Also, do you see how this dumb chick is literally playing into the correct definition of a coon, entertaining white folks with knuckleheaded behaviour in order to make them feel comfortable and entertained?

Once again, where is the fake academic Aaron Fountain on this, as stated before it’s funny how he conveniently disappears whenever his black queenies engage in tom foolery and put it on video for the whole world to see.

This is yet another piece of evidence clearly demonstrating that no matter what race of men you place them with or environment you put them in, black women at some stage will respond to their inner Jezebel callings. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Once A Black Female, Always A Black Female

Most High Bless

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23 thoughts on “Black Female Disrespects Her White Zaddy!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Wow that black woman on the above video disrespected her white lord and saviour. I thought that black women worship white men like Gods. 😂😂😂

      1. I always DELETE that useless Recovery Windows partition & restore from a recent system image. If not, you’re back to square one with a “default” setup after a disaster, having to reinstall everything again & set up drivers, install apps, etc…kinda like that scraggle’s default disrespectful programming. 🤣🤣

        On a more serious note, Zaddy needs to stop simping – else he’ll always get treated exactly like his dysfunctional gf is doing. And in front of his friends to boot! Those same friends will talk badly behind her back. Guaranteed!

        No wonder BW over yonder have sunk like the Titanic. I could never ever see myself being in a relationship with a “Western” born & bred BW. Nope, can’t see it!

  2. Certain pranks ain’t acceptable at all.

    I consider it a mental disorder for any male that chooses to be in a relationship with a black female.

    The same mental disorders for LGBT relationships.

    Even WM are being disrespected by black females.

    Once born as a negress, always a negress in North America, South America, Europe, East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, South Africa.

    It don’t matter where in the world, they are all the same.

    If they are being friendly, its all an act, not in their dark skinned nature.


    1. Witwijf,

      When black women begin challenging their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost, you know something is seriously wrong.

  3. Good luck to that.
    At least the white man has a bit of morals because it could be worse.

    If it does, do not come to black men after this if this fails. Stay there.

    Also no BM in the picture or the video meaning they cannot blame BM.

    1. Jeezus Kriste,

      You already know they’ll be looking for some way to implicate black men, that’s how these black sirens roll.

      1. Verbs2015
        We are Always the Go to Spit Bucket Whenever Ratchet BW Especially American Ratchet BW Mess up in Some Capacity!!!

  4. I believe the scragg in the video was triggered to become the center of attention, because of the presence of the white women. Now, this is an average looking young black female. She’s not fat, but who knows how she’ll look at 40.

    Those of us who know the black female well, understand just how insecure black women are when it comes to white women. Her boyfriend is obviously a beta cuck, and his friend is another thirsty beta cuck Brad. I say that because the friend was taking pictures and enjoying looking at the scraggle daggle.

    Both these bottom shelf Brads had zero game. If they had one iota of game, they would be ghetto gagging this scragg. Believe me, the first time she encounters a bottom shelf Brad with the slightest amount of man in him, she will be getting ghetto gagged. And most likely loving it. Scraggs like this one, want to be ghetto gagged by their bottom shelf Brads. Her bottom shelf Brad is too soft for her, and she’ll walk all over him.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      It’s funny, these black females can never garner attention engaging in something constructive, nope, they always have to bring some sort of foolishness to the table. Again, I highly doubt that the two non black females would’ve pulled that kind of stunt to entertain her blackside. Bottom shelf Brad failed, his black female flunky got uppity and turned rank.

      1. Verbs2015,

        One of the cucks in the video looked like he has some Asian blood. In the US, 2nd and 3rd generation Asian males are typically Brad wannabes. So the dynamics are the same as for white Brads.

        One of the other women looked swarthy. She might have had some Latin or Mid Eastern blood. Dynamics are still the same as if she was white. Black women have the same insecurity and inferiority complex with all non black women.

    2. { I believe the scragg in the video was triggered to become the center of attention, because of the presence of the white women. }

      I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Good call!
      Fucking insecure BW who are allegedly QUEENS. Riiight!
      What frigging queen acts like that in real life?

  5. Another wild, attention mongering, dark skinned BW and a beta WM, they deserve each other.

  6. Being a black woman should be classified as a mental disorder/illness…shout out to David Carroll!

    1. Constitutional psychopathic inferiority without psychosis is employed here as a generic term to include the six classes of constitutional psychopathic states noted in the nomenclature;1 viz., criminalism, emotional instability, inadequate personality, paranoid personality, pathologic liar and sexual psychopathy.


      Individuals who show a lifelong and constitutional tendency not to conform to the customs
      of the group, and who habitually misbehave, and
      have no sense of responsibility to their fellowmen
      or to society as a whole. These individuals fail
      to learn by experience and are inadequate, incompatible, and inefficient.

  7. Even with a white dude, they still gonna act the fool. I swear on my lord, I’m pretty much better off dating outside the black community, not messing around with the BAWs because I don’t know what the hell they got going on with themselves acting like clowns. Women, do that stuff in private with yo dude you messing with, not when y’all have company. I just don’t understand black females that do that type of stuff thinking they gonna attract somebody. They gonna attract the wrong attention, acting like a pornstar where ever they go, and it’s not even funny.

  8. Although they do worship Lord Euro, they also have a history of enslaving Lord Euro as well. Often times its a master or slave type of deal with those two.

    I have no issue if they are both sane and normal people who find joy genuinely in each other’s company as man and women and not for nefarious purposes such as slave play and terrible attempts at local or world domination.

  9. Right, the reason why she did this is that she is looking for attention. And most of the time when scraggle daggles do some dumb shit, they only doing that just to get attention and they get the wrong attention. I have no issues of a black woman in a relationship with a non black man just the same as a black man with a non black woman but most of the time the black woman will get a beta male. And where is Bareback Fountain you ask? Well, he’s having a romantic dinner with Shawn James. Dinner for two shit, you get me?

  10. Two words: Attention Whore. In regards to that video.

    Even under the guise of a prank why would record and allow everyone in this world to see her stupidity in regards to the double standard. Especially since women collectively are held to practice decency when it comes to clothing and appearance when socializing with other people.

    I once again overestimate the desperation of Western women’s need for attention. Especially Black Western women. David Carroll is correct that the mental disorder should be studied through the actions and attitude of Western Black women and those with a Western feminized mindset (of all ethnicities) aka the BBB (Bitter Black Bitch).

  11. Notice that this was not a pathetic or scrawny looking dude, albeit it’s a guy who acts like one. This is a major issue with a lot of white men in the west, the dudes you’d think would have some balls are the biggest punks.

    White men and daggles are one in the same in another area, as I’ve mentioned before. In a few years, not only will SHE suddenly be pro-black, but the white guy will suddenly be MRA/MGTOW, with his fight against feminism involving a lot of jerking off to Asians.

    A white guy who’s half way worth a damn shouldn’t even get a blowjob from a daggle. The fact that one that looked like this was even entertaining that average at best girl shows you how pathetic he was.

    The ones who bitch about it the most (feminism, ghetto culture) CREATED it. Don’t let them escape responsibility.

  12. Only in Western society will you see this kind of dysfunctional behavior tolerated from women, especially the daggle variety of women; what happened to Captain Blizzard here, his balls drop off? Don’t stand there and whine like a punk; put some bass in your voice and tell her to leave the room and not come back until she’s fully dressed. Prank or no prank, you still practice decorum and demeanor; if this were a Muslim man’s wife doing this, she would end up missing like Gabby Petito. Never allow your quality stargate to feel comfortable engaging in behavior like this. #SYSBM

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