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He Told The Truth – No Lies Detected #SHORTS


Boom, not a single lie detected in what he said, of course the nay sayers being black women themselves as well as their pro black SIMPleton cronies will immediately scramble to deflect everything that was stated and attempt to put the blame back on the black man because the sacred cow of “da communitah” must be defended at all costs, this is what they do.

The black witch wanted her question answered and it was, like the guy stated, there is much more that can be elaborated on when it comes down to how black women alongside their white lord and saviour Colonel Sleet have single handedly destroyed black society, much more.

SYSBM was born directly out of all of the dysfunction these black females created and continue to happily perpetuate to this very day, stop asking us what we’re saving ourselves from when the reasons are obvious and out in the open for all to see.

Of course as per usual folks such as the fake academic Aaron Fountain are nowhere to be found when videos like this pop up, he has been one of the principle apologists for black female dysfunction, attempting to label the information above as inaccurate when the history says otherwise.

But let’s be honest, most black women already know why there’s a growing disdain and hatred towards them coming from black men, they simply believe that if they keep on asking the same questions, eventually they’ll get a different answer, errr, NO. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Whether You Like It Or Not, The Truth Is The Truth

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “He Told The Truth – No Lies Detected #SHORTS

  1. No lie detected.

    More than part 2.

    I have part 10.

    10 reasons why they can’t expect a different answer.

    It’s always the same result and never changes.


  2. To be truthful, most black men wanted BW, they chose not to because they are not wife materials. Plain and simple.
    They are just not making themselves marketable when it comes to dating.

    As for hating BW, Brother do not hate them, they just understand and accept them.

    And then they start getting mad that BM going elsewhere. Even Kevin Samuels said that they are competing against other women around the world.

    I remember the Black Hotep Feminist said (this was a meme Verbs put this website over a year ago):
    “No sex, if you do not protect and support BW.”

    The man responded:
    “Go ahead, we got 190+ countries to choose from”.

      1. Sheriff X,

        That is the one. I read that the whole thing. 100% real talk.
        BW do not need to figure out why they no one wants, they know 100% anyway.
        They just deluded.

    1. Agree completely with your comment Mister Master! YES, that cat was correct when he said “we got 190+ countries to choose from.” No lies detected. I’ll explain why…

      When I first touched down in East Africa well over a decade ago, our hostess took us to Carnivore – one of Africa’s most famous dining spots & a meat eaters paradise with crocodile, zebra, ostrich meat among others.

      On the dancefloor dancing by herself was this classy looking 22 year old Kikuyu gal — about 5’7, 130lbs, beautiful radiant skin, a kicking sexy physique, beautiful smile with nice long natural black hair in that cute college girl ponytail style. No fake hair/weave shit at all! Did I mention she had a slamming body?

      So I get her digits, invited her to a cookout event by the pool a few days later at the flat me & my pal were renting with a lot of our local & expat friends. She even invited me to her sister’s wedding 2 weeks later.

      Anywho, I met her parents. Turns out her dad was a University of London trained Psychiatrist who back then had a practice there & here. The mother was an educator (secondary school teacher) and her other uncles were all very successful businessmen. Kikuyus are the black Jews of Kenya when it comes to dominating business especially banking & telecom. So this was a very well off family in terms of business, academics & connections.

      She had just graduated from USIU in Economics & Business Admin & was going to do her Masters in the UK. Also an avid reader who loved Shakespearean plays, classical music & Scifi books. Spoke/wrote amazing English; a very VERY proper & classy gal in terms of her level of sophistication & how she carried herself in the presence of my acquaintances. Everybody liked her – a lot!

      So what’s my point?? Well, before that, I would be partying in Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa. There were more cute sistas back then BUT the attitude was annoying af. Heck, I only dated like 2 black women in total, EVER, in Canada! 😉 No problema. Naturally, I always dated white English, French Canadian, Italian or Asian women — at university or via the vibrant House Music scene.

      Yet a brotha like me comes down to Africa & have dated far MORE sistas with similar backgrounds & stature to the classy one I met above at Carnivore when I first arrived on the dark continent.

      Now, COMPARE that to only TWO sistas I’ve dated in Canada although those 2 were pretty kool — maybe bcuz their best friends were NOT black. 😉
      It’s like night & day. And I didn’t even have to put too much effort into making a connection. Yes, I made the first move, walked the walk & was a well spoken gentleman. Qualities all SYSBMers have.
      And that’s what still blows me away: the absence of Western BW ATTITUDE coupled with that shitty libtard feminist MENTALITY. Over here on the dark continent, it’s still a MAN’s WORLD; ain’t ever gonna change!

      Today, I am very happy with my current gf having gone past the 4yr mark a few months ago. Suffice to say, it would be close to IMPOSSIBLE for me to meet quality black women with feminine good looks/shape, EDUCATION & personality in the feminist enclaves of the UK, US & Canada COMPARED to the quality of sistas I’ve PERSONALLY managed to date over here. And I’m fussy af — really REALLY fussy when it comes to girlfriend selection bcuz I DON’T like drama like some of u cats seem to have with previous ex-girlfriends, so I choose wisely.

      And I haven’t even mentioned…
      That hot exotic 5’9 Kikuyu model who would put Naomi Campbell to shame with her unique Kiyuk looks, taut firm petite bod, fabulous long hair with kool double ponytail hair look, zero attitude & genuine class, who was EASILY hired by Emirates over 7 years ago after she applied. I simply was not interested in moving to humid Mooselim Dubai.

      Nor that very cute brainy 5’6 Meru tribe gal with the most amazing personality I’ve ever dated; a rising star in business/management — always getting promoted — who has now emigrated to France for advance study & a career. Or that very stylish petite & feminine 5’6 traditional light skin French Muslim (very moderate) gal from the Comoros island in the Indian Ocean who came here to learn English about 12 years ago & is now living/working in France.

      And all from good solid traditional families. No woke progressive crap. So in total, 5 primo quality feminine non-Western girlfriends. You just don’t find quality educated BW like that in the degenerate scragglefest West with their heads screwed on tight. Hence my unicorn metaphor for my current gf.

      Sorry for the long rant, but I just wanted to share my dating experience in these parts bcuz I sense some of u may incorrectly THINK that I’m dating some uncivilized unga-bunga type bush womin since I’m in that alleged shithole they call Affrrica. Nothing could be further from the truth. lol

  3. You know every 4yrs you have the Summer Olympics but between that are the Winter Olympics. Well Queen Kong competes in the “Victim Olympics” 24/7/365 and then they take a brake for a few hours and compete in the “Oppression Olympics”.

    They’re the MOST insufferable, self absorbed ,insecure, jealous, racist, broke, belligerent, masculine, undatedable and unlovable group of females on planet earth.

    Everyone is getting tired of them even White Girls are finally growing a spine and calling them out for their insufferable and racist rhetoric‼️

    They’re mad and desperate because they know their sexual marketplace value is lower than Whale💩 and most men regardless of race would rather gargle BATTERY ACID while simultaneously having their scrotum crushed than date a “Queen Kong”‼️

    1. Lower than whale shit 😹😭 on no you didn’t…

      Being called bullet bags and they wonder why White women are overtly sniping black men en masse?

      1. Man, that’s cold. And highly insulting to whale shit.


  4. Once again, no lies detected as I have listen to his video before. Combined with additional factors that BM experienced, the BW in the United States and those with a westernized, feminist mindset are toxic. Therefore should be avoided.

    1. { Combined with additional factors that BM experienced, the BW in the United States and those with a westernized, feminist mindset are toxic. }

      That’s a big YEP!! Hence why I will never step foot in another toxic “westernized, feminist” country bcuz black womin REALLY overplayed that “mindset” to the detriment of the entire fukin Communitah.
      Ka’blewie!! Blown up! Destroyed! Dysfunctional beyond belief!

      Seriously, the black communitah can NEVER ever be repaired unless a mass culling take place BCUZ the remaining black males simps are fukin LOZERS who put up with all that degenerate “feminist” shit — and from FAT fugly, fake hair, weave wearing (scratches head) “women”??
      No thanks, I have better options here in Africa & to the East in EurAsia IF I ever need to uproot my black ass.

      The West is dead & I only got one life to live.

      1. No arguments from me there @Black Picard. Also read your above comment. Congrats man and sending you strength for your relationship with your girlfriend to continue.

        Do always cover your senses even in times of happiness.

        1. Thanks for the props BlackJedi. The funny thing is that, if I didn’t go the Sunday vegetable market that day with my Kenyan neighbour to buy pineapples, bananas, sugar cane juice & watermelon, I would’ve NEVER met my current gf. That’s a scary thought.

          I seriously got LUCKY & I owe it all to my Kenyan neighbour bcuz she went into a particular shop to check out the beans, rice & other spices my gf’s aunt just happened to be selling there:

          Pure frigging LUCK!!! So I have to thank the Most High for looking out for me that day bcuz I don’t see any other way for me to have met her.

          BTW, Kenyans are the absolute BEST BLACK farmers on the entire planet.
          That’s the main reason why I’m still here: plentiful affordable HEALTHY fruits, veggies, grains, nuts/cashews, meat & dairy, fish. There’s absolutely no way I could remain this healthy living in the dying libtard GMO-infested West with its short growing season (Winter!) compared to being right here on the Equator.

          And that’s why Kill Gates & his demonic NWO clique would LOVE to depopulate Africa & steal all her resources with this convid plandemic.

      2. Black Picard, you are so spot on with this commentary. What I have observed in life, even in black male family members who are simps, is that when a black males simps to a black female, he makes her become worse.

        The black female typically carries a lot of negative cultural baggage every where she goes. When a black male simps to her, he reinforces and encourages the very behavior that the black female should be trying to rid herself of.

        I have a 95 year old black female relative, who has been a scraggle daggle all her life. She has outlived her husband by 15 years already. When this woman calls herself dispensing wisdom to younger female family members, she is in fact teaching them the same tired ass scraggle daggle behavior that makes black women so intorable in the first place.

        I always tell black males that if they want better women, they must first stop simping. This advice falls on deaf ears to most black males. They are so blinded by the degenerate subculture of da communitah, that they don’t even see simping as simping. To them, simping is being a good black man. He has no concept of manhood, just like his female counterpart has no concept of womanhood.

        Black men should leave the communitah, as soon as they are able. And then avoid anyone, male or female, who carries the negative cultural baggage of da communitah with them.

        1. @AmericanBlkMan
          In light of all the destructive black male simplng in the older generations, the GREAT news is that today’s NextGen black males are bypassing black womin like they’re last season’s expired stock.

          This dynamic is going to create a ripple effect that will have huge implications in the future whereby a majority of black males will choose to pair up with non-BW.

          And if these plandemic conspirators are actually brought to book for a deliberate genocide, or if serious lawsuits reopen unvaxx travel, I predict more educated brothas with their heads screwed on tight will be ditching feminist libtard enclaves like the US/UK/Canada for greener pastures outside of the West.

          A good side effect is that Tricky Dick, TBallz, Ray Ray & company are NOT able to travel abroad due to a host of problems (education, employability, language abilities, ghetto mentality, etc.). So this means that good high value SYSBMers will NOT have to worry about getting embarrassed with the ratchet behaviour from scraggles or black simps which reflects NEGATIVELY on ALL Westernized black people.

          Can u see ANY country in EurAsia or Lating America putting up with the toxic ratchet ghetto nonsense that Western libtard blacks get away with? 👀

  5. No lies detected.

    Straight facts.

    !00% Truth.

    But I have to restate the obvious. As long as the majority of black males continue to wallow in a filthy simp mentality, there will always be a market for Shaniqua’s ratchetness.

    The scraggle daggle would have self destructed a long time ago, but for the vast black male simp cohort. The black male simp picks her up, props her up, gasses her up, and falls on his sword for her. He even demands that all black men fall on their swords for her.

    The black male simp is the scraggle daggle’s clean up man, flunky, ATM, yes man, sycophant, and attack dog. As long as there is an army of black male simps drooling for her, Shaniqua will double down on her ratchetness.

  6. I saw this video on Instagram where this thinking brother bodied this hairhatted stragg with his response; she can speak in that soft hush tone while playing dumb about why it is that the world and Black men in particular hate them, but nothing speaks better than a track record. Black women have done everything within the power granted them by Lord Euro to destroy Black men: they told the world we weren’t needed in raising Black boys, they made us the face of closet homosexuality with the “down low” shaming, they accuse of rape and sexual abuse without distinguishing us from the sexual deviants THEY use for sex, they throw Black men under the bus at every opportunity, and they constantly project their character defects onto brothers who refuse to kowtow to their feminist indoctrination. The list goes on…

    The brother who responded above gave some of the crucial points where Black men have become upset with the scraggle daggle, but there are still a lot more points that can be espoused about this; I’m reminded of a video where some simp negro was randomly approached by an older White woman who told him that Black men need to check Black women because they’re “ruining the country” (her words). In typical simp fashion, he invoked the “strong Black women” drivel and dismissed her.

    Is it really correct to say that other races and Black men hate BWs, or do we treat them the way we do because we understand them? They tell on themselves all the time on their social media, so it doesn’t make sense to complain that folks are treating you accordingly. That’s my .02 on the matter. #SYSBM

  7. Verbs 2015.

    That black man in the above video spoke the 100 percent raw truth on why black women are the most hated and the least desired women on the planet. We SYSBM black men have so many options in dating quality non black women and these black women don’t have any options in dating quality non black men.

    1. BW have options to choose, not straight-thinking men, but the simps.
      BW need to go back to the Friend Zone list, there are plenty of men to choose from.
      They will never get Straight-Thinking BM, never.
      If they don’t want Simps, too bad. Like Kevin said, “Get a dog or die alone.”

  8. Dude rattled them answers off like a robot and was ready to go for more. NONE of these issues can be refuted, it doesn’t matter what Umar, Kevin Samuels, Synthetic G or anyone else says.

    These chicks are known to be both ugly as hell and belligerent. Why would any man put up with that?!!!

    It’s a global society more than ever, you think black men with internet are going to keep putting up with this when they can get a low quality white woman that’s better looking and much better acting than the average daggle?!!!!

    Forget a good man, a good daggle is hard to find!! As always, where is Umar’s wife? Hell, even a girlfriend would do at this point!!

    1. “Dude rattled them answers off like a robot and was ready to go for more.”

      TBH I think that a lot of younger BM are ready to shut down BW who come with that type of talk just as quickly as he did. Dudes aint drinking the “Black Queen” Kool Aid anymore.

    2. Damn, that dude was so quick rattling off those negative BW receipts. Kinda like Air Jordan’s super quick first step that u have to rewind the video — in sloooow motion — to see & appreciate what the fuk he just did.

      Can ANYBODY tell me wtf he said at the 48 second mark AFTER the “Allowed their weight to slip such that sexual attraction is DIMINISHED” quote??

      Did he say “High growth hormone??” or something to that effect?

      I’m gonna post this video on Lipstick Alley whenever them single “successful educated” sistas create those tired, repetitive “black men ain’t shit” threads. Need to create a burner account with a disruptive handle. Font suggestion user names, SYSBMers?

  9. Fake Academic Fountain where you at? Playing your Arsène Wenger game again? You didn’t see it? Why not?

    Again, like MBD said when you demonise black men, you make them attractive to women.

    Enjoy it brothers, there not enough of us for all the white girls in America and Europe. They mad.

  10. Dude laid it out, enough said. BW know why non-BM don’t want them and why so many BM dislike them for dating, pretending to not know is easier on their egos though.

  11. The man said it on the video. And did you see Drake at the end? But at the end of the day, he’s nothing but a simp. As I see the way these scarggle daggles act on display, I was thinking what the hell is going on? What the hell is really going on? Black men have now walked away from the scraggle daggle because of their dysfunctional behaviour. You will never see a good black woman ever again. You will never see a natural hair black woman now because of the weave these scraggle daggles are wearing. I just did an article of the weave wearing black woman part 14 of natural beauty is better then that weave these hoodrats are wearing. And these simps are defending these scraggle daggles and attacking black men when they talk about these hoodarts but they get scorned by them when these scraggles get the pipe in the bed by Rum Smuggler Don, 357 Jimmy, Colt Five Rounds, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

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  13. For a group of men they claim are so lowly and weak why are they so interested in what we do?

    I just sit back and watch how in my lifetime it’s basically been a full court press for decent brothers. Non bw don’t even hide it and they will pull out all the stops for bm

  14. This goes without saying. A picture is worth a thousand words:

    “The black community as I know is finished and there’s no saving it and I separated myself from the black community years ago and I’m not going back to it either. These Democrats are a complete joke that cannot be taken seriously.”

    “Man I’ve made the most money ever since I left black America”

    “Brother, I’ve been gone for decades. #SYSBM”

    “BW didn’t get a seat at the table both figuratively AND literally lol”

    “Oh, there was a chair at the table for BW… just so happened that the BW pulled it out so someone else to sit in!”

    “This is why its laughable when swirlers and divestors believe white zaddy is going grant them all the power yeah right”

    “I knew at about 9 years old the Black community was going NOWHERE fast. I always felt like an outsider in my alleged community. Like here are a group of people who look like me, but I feel NO connection to them.”

    “SYSBM! or go down with the sinking ship…”

    …and the HITS keep coming!


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