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April Mason Throws In The Towel On Black Women!


You know what’s funny, everything Mason said in paragraphs 2 and 3 are exactly what free thinking black men have been stating for the longest concerning this modern day black female, yet when we were bringing these same relevancies to the table, we were labelled as whiners, complainers, misogynists, black women haters etc, just thought I’d point out the overt double standard here.

Additionally, wasn’t it around 4 years ago that match maker Rebecca Lynn Pope also announced that she would be retiring from the dating and match making sector because of exactly the same problems mentioned regarding these black sirens?

As if things couldn’t get worse for the black witch contingent, now we have the high priestess of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin completely abandoning her swirling shrine, temple and philosophy in addition to hooking herself up with a BLACK MAN(yep, you read that correctly).

Isn’t it funny how these failed swirlers always turn pro black when the chips are down and it’s even more of a shame that there are a plethora of sucker black male simps waiting in the wings who are only too willing to accept such traitors and charlatans back into the fold.

How many years did Christelyn Karazin spend slating off black men while at the same time promoting her white lord and saviour Captain Snowy as a better alternative?

I told you 5 years ago that the Swirl movement was a dead duck, a ridiculous pipe dream that the merchant Karazin dreamt up in order to fleece her gullible black female acolytes out of their cash, much like your local on the corner institutional church beast pastors do every Saturday and Sunday.

The base of Swirl Mountain is littered with the dry bones, fresh carcasses and the blood of so many black women who in their folly have attempted to reach its summit, very few black women have been successful in conquering Swirl Mountain.

The modern day black female is finished, there is no escaping the Blackistani hellhole she’s created with her own contaminated snatch and sexual irresponsibility, she is going to have to stew, cook, marinate and burn in her own failures and attempting to get herself a white man isn’t going to save her from the wrath to come.

Also, as I stated in a recent article, black women will always remain defective beyond repair no matter what race of men they manage to get with because as we’ve been pointing out forever and as Pope and Mason were finally forced to acknowledge, black women as a collective simply aren’t fit for either dating or marriage because they refuse to listen, refuse to cooperate, they always shift the blame, refuse to take any accountability for their actions and never believe that any improvements can be made on their part just to name a few of many outstanding issues.

Slowly more black women are beginning to realise that things are about to get pretty rough out in these streets and being so called “strong and independent” simply isn’t going to cut it and carry them through the coming trials and tribulations fast approaching.

However, don’t be fooled, where an extremely small minority of black women may be genuinely repentant, realise that feminism has taken them for a 60 year plus joyride and acknowledge that they do actually need a man, most of these black harriets unfortunately have opted for the path of attempting to shame black men back onto the plantation(sideways begging) and in more extreme cases implementing various techniques of witchcraft and sorcery in their efforts to lock down young black boys into dealing with black females only, the Critical Race Theory being one of their latest enchantments/spells, no doubt created and co-crafted by Admiral Sleet himself.

However, I’m glad to see that younger generational black boys and men simply aren’t falling for the Okey Doke, they refuse to be told who to date nor will they be bullied into sticking with their female counterparts exclusively, especially in light of the fact that most black women hate them anyway.

Everybody is throwing in the towel on black women as they come to the realisation they’re a lost cause, even Iyanla VanZant a devout acolyte of Oprah realised a while ago that it was a chicken wrap for the black witch.

SYSBM on the other hand will continue to grow in leaps and bounds for years to come, as I’ve stated many times before, non black women are only happy to swoop down and scoop up the productive brothers most black women choose to reject in favour of Slim Sauce, Sheggy, Cheezy Grillz, Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, 12 Gauge Mike, Two Snacks etc.

The swirl movement is done, black love is done, black unity is done, the so called black community is done, black society is done, black girl magic is done and has now been replaced by black girl tragic, colourism is done, featurism is done alongside any other victimhood, woe is me “isms” these black sirens choose to conjure up, the future is not looking bright for the modern day black female at all.

As mentioned before, all black women have left are the simps, Pookies and RayRays, outside of them they have the options of either venturing down Slut Avenue full time, becoming a side piece or alternatively crossing over the fence and becoming snatch eaters. Either way, these are issues that black women are going to have to face and deal with BY THEMSELVES.

The modern day black female as a result of the innumerable foolish choices she’s made has become a colossal failure, oh well, that’s her problem to deal with, not mine. The bottom line is nobody wants to deal with these women, NOBODY!

Brothers, continue to roll forward in your own power and never allow any of these weasels to Jimmy squeeze their way back into your zone as they slowly realise that the liberal/feminist/misandrist/communist gravy train they boastfully celebrated and basked in is coming to a rapid end. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out King Sigma’s video below on the April Mason melee. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

The Modern Day Black Female Is Seriously Up The Creek Without A Paddle

Most High Bless

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45 thoughts on “April Mason Throws In The Towel On Black Women!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    We have been saying for a long time that black women are not girlfriend or wife material because they continue to have unrealistic expectations for decent black men but at the same time continue to make stupid decisions in life by having kids with the wrong dudes. I don’t feel sorry for black women and I refuse to date them.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a group are going to have to learn the hard way about there being negative consequences to the foolish decisions they make and that they have no rights to evade the fallout. Females with unrealistic expectations for men need to be passed over and avoided at all costs.

  2. Great post. No one here will be surprised at her statements. Good BM have been saying this about BW for decades now, the problem has become so big that BW cant hide it anymore and even the “dating coaches” and “matchmakers” are throwing in the towel on them. Even young BM (mostly simps) only “date” them (if that) and rarely ever marry them, BW are done, they have allowed themselves to fall into perpetual baby momma and side chick status. As you said look for more of them to become pro-Black and begin talking about how much they love BM. Don’t fall for it, keep the Wall up.

    “The modern day black female as a result of the innumerable foolish choices she’s made has become a colossal failure, oh well, that’s her problem to deal with, not mine. The bottom line is nobody wants to deal with these women, NOBODY!”

    They turned against the only group of men that cared about them, and now they are screwed. They thought that they would be able to swirl their way out of the mess they created and have a handsome, well paid, WM waiting for them on the other side, Nope. The handsome well paid men are talking to non-BW, the only ones BW have now are pookie and ray ray, and BW will have to provide them with a place to stay, food to eat, and pay their probation fees if they want him.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      The moral of the story is you simply cannot work with black women because they’re so unwilling to self examine, self scrutinise and make self improvements based upon an honest analysis. This cannot work for anything in life yet alone dating and marriage. How can any decent black man build a successfully and prosperous relationship with a woman who point blank refuses to hold herself accountable at every turn and in fact expects YOU to be responsible for any shortcomings wrought via her own hands?

      Nope, like I said before, the only group of black men who allow these black females to evade accountability are the pro black simps(who as you’ve pointed out black women rarely give the time of day to except when they’re post wall with several children en tow), let them deal with these benighted harriets, not my women, not my problem. Winter is coming!

    2. “They thought that they would be able to swirl their way out of the mess they created and have a handsome, well paid, WM waiting for them on the other side, Nope.”

      KS (regardless of how you feel about him) sums up this point nicely in this short video:

      BW hate BM so much that they would rather roll the dice on the highly unlikely chance that a non-BM will want them rather than give BM what we want from them. Like he said, BW choose who gets to be a father, but BM choose who gets to be married, BW are giving it up (to any man) but aren’t getting rings (from any man) in return.

  3. One demographic group still has race purity simps that care about them and support their pro black liberal movements.

    I’ve never cared about black females ever and never will.

    Dating coaches are a waste of time and money in general.

    I’ve never used such service and never will.

    No thinking black man should be seeking advice from an negress.

    A very very dumb move to seek advice from an enemy on the battlefield.


    1. Witwijf,

      I’ve always stated that dating coaches are only needed where hoards of dysfunctional women are present, any man who chooses to deal with classic, traditional, feminine women can do so without the need of outsider assistance.

      If you went to Japan for example, do you think you’d need a dating coach or so called relationship expert out there, NO, enough said.

      1. Unlike the west, Japan in specific(and Asia in general) has levels of how much ratchetness they’ll allow in their society. Traditional females exist, but they still have red light districts and massage parlors. I was following a young Japanese girl on YouTube who flat out stated that there is no LGBT or feminist matriarchy over there, either. I’ve learned the importance why men should lead families, not women.

  4. I do not blame her for just quit on BW. David Carrol mention this last week.

    Even she was helping BW to become wife material. She is just getting hate just to make them better.

    BW are just pure liberal and they like the way there are.

    Then they compain that they can’t get brothers and lose to Beckys.

    They cannot be helped.

    1. MMT,

      The overwhelming majority of black women simply are NOT wife material because they aren’t classic and traditionally minded. I’ll continue to encourage black men who are looking for long term companionship to AVOID black women at all costs.

      The liberalist mentality is one of the black woman’s main stumbling blocks, one that she point blank refuses to address. Leave them to their own devices is what I say, there are plenty of cooperative women from other ethnic backgrounds who are not hellbent on being dickheads towards productive brothers.

      1. @Afrofuturism1

        I’d definitely bone Mayor Beetlejuice’s wife myself.

  5. BW’s have always been like this. Can anyone point me to a time in Negro history when there was actually genuine black love and a thriving black community?

    1. Tony Stacks,

      Regarding a thriving black community, you would have to go back to Black Wall Street, concerning genuine black love, I honestly don’t know because the last 60 years at least have shown us that black women have no problems abandoning ship when other options are made available to them.

  6. This is a critical moment for Western BWs. Great article Baba.

    For years Slaying Evil has said the SAME things that Rebecca Lynn Pope, Pink Pill Karazin, and April Mason is now saying. What could be a bigger statement than Krystalin Karazin falling from the Temple of Swirl Mountain? How many BWs believed the white male worship hype, only to be left with an empty bag of dust; while the grifters walkaway cash heavy?

    If the self-appointed ‘gurus’ can’t help Western BWs; what can the average BM do but expand his options fully? Will male feminist cucks, HOBOsexuals and CommuTep drones attack the BW who are quitting on their so-called ‘Queens’? Will they ask are these women allies to BWs at-large?

    Don’t hold your breath awaiting any beta cucks speaking out against the turning of the tide on the Western BW, by other BWs.

    Slaying Evil is being vindicated in real time, but will never receive credit for warning all those that attempt to climb Swirl Mountain, that “Most are DOOMED to fail.”

    Focus on developing yourself Thinking BM, there are sunnier days ahead. In due time, some public celebrity will post #SYSBM and the season will have changed.

    1. King Sigma,

      Appreciated bro. The writing has been on the wall for a very long time, these black female so called dating coaches and relationship gurus tried their best to cover up for the huge deficits in the modern day black female’s character as well as her behaviour, however when black women themselves aren’t even helping the situation by deliberately going out their way to damage their own image and reputation, as a simp or a black female apologist, there is only so much ignoring and sweeping under the rug they can engage in.

      Black women will continue to trundle downhill while at the same time pretending that everything is OK and merchants and grifters will continue to exploit these black harridans for their own monetary gain.

      Black men with sense and intelligence read and accepted the writing on the wall a very long time ago and took the necessary action required in order to circumvent the problem, only knucklehead type Negroes and those in denial(Shawn James etc) will continue to hold out hoping for a miracle that will NEVER manifest itself.

  7. Babatunde,

    I had a comment ready for this topic
    but you covered EVERYTHING I had to say with your usual brillance and wit‼️

    The #SYSBM movement has been vindicated in EVERY way imaginable and Babatunde and MBD have been the 4Star Generals⭐⭐⭐⭐ in the war against the Weave Walkers.


    The Weave Walkers are literally the modern day version of “Lepers”, no one wants to be around them or even in their vicinity.

    The AVALANCHE of Black Men with White Queens has been so absolutely devastating that it has traumatized them so severely that they’re digging into their old and FAILED bag of tricks(4hr Livestream about aborting Black Male babies)in total desperation.

    Keep up the GREAT work brothers, keep building the wall HIGHER and STRONGER so the Weave Walkers will NEVER be able to breach it‼️
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      Thanks bro, your kind words are much appreciated. Like I stated to King Sigma, there is only so much covering up you can do especially in the face of black women as a group working directly against those who are trying to encourage people to see them in a better light via engaging in degenerate and decadent behaviour and being proud to do so.

      Unfortunately black women as a collective don’t seem to want to understand that there are heavy consequences that follow for making foolish and dumb decisions, consequences that they are now going to have to face ALONE.

      Exactly what positive outcomes did black women expect opening their legs to the worst of black male society while at the same time sticking two fingers up at the best and the brightest black men available?

  8. Like Emperor Palpatine, all is happening as Verbs has foreseen. Black female fuckery has reached critical mass and cannot be deflected from or denied anymore. Y’all on this forum dismiss Kevin Samuels as a homosexual but it was his influence that revealed black female toxicity to almost mainstream levels i.e. the world is now seeing what BM have to deal with. And black hoes being the chameleons they are, are pretending to fall in line. The sad news is that black simps will fall for the banana in the tailpipe and continue to rescue these white dick sucking traitors, especially whoever supposedly is dealing with Christelyn Karazin now, after years of shitting on BM. In any normal culture there would be consequences for uplifting the enemy and shitting on half your own race, but not in The Upside Down aka the Black Gynocracy.

    SYSBM has been vindicated gents, but this does not mean we let up. Keep improving yourself for that quality non-BW stargate.

    1. Yeah KS might be gay and Tommy is a simp, but they are both master chefs when it comes to roasting modern day BW. KS has over a million subs now on youtube from exposing BW dysfunction and delusion, BW are done for dating and marriage, not even the pro-Black good girl act can save them now. Some dudes (simps) might use them for sex but thats it.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Appreciated sir. Allow me to touch on the Kevin Samuels issue for a moment. I won’t deny that elements of Kevin Samuel’s success has shone an even bigger spotlight on just how problematic black women as a group are and has shown a greater portion of the world exactly what decent black men have been voicing concerns about, however in the same way that we frequently talk about black women and their image and reputation, we also have to look at the impact on the image and reputation of heterosexual black men when they choose to prop up a homosexual as their representative and leader just because he’s calling out those same dysfunctional black females.

      As I’ve stated before, my main issue with Samuels is the fact that he’s a clear homosexual but is attempting to masquerade himself as a heterosexual black man. SYSBM is all about having high standards and re-establishing HETEROSEXUAL black male dominance, in the same way you can’t be SYSBM and still deal with black females, you cannot claim to be SYSBM and support homosexuals even if they’re calling out black female dysfunction.

      It’s all well and good now the Kevin Samuels gravy train express is running at full steam, however when this guy eventually comes out of the closet, how is it going to look for those black men claiming to be heterosexual who followed, propped up and fully supported the dude? As I’ve stated before, it’s always the fruits who conveniently get the most traction within black society.

      Samuels got the overwhelming majority of his talking points from the Black Manosphere, SYSBM, IBMOR, MGTOW, Red Pill etc so there is very little he says that I disagree with, however the bottom line is black men still need HETEROSEXUAL black male representation.

      I will never allow any homosexuals to represent me in any way, shape, form or fashion, dudes need to look past the short term gains in terms of black female skullduggery being exposed on a greater level and begin looking at the long term strategy at play here which is once again an open attack and an attempt to erase the masculinity of black men.

      Tommy Sotomayor has lost so many channels calling out black female dysfunction, however a fruit in the form of Kevin Samuels comes along doing the exact same thing and manages to accumulate over a million subscribers without his channel being affected, I find that extremely suspicious.

      Black men have always been the most resilient when it comes to standing against homosexuality because we are the most masculine men on the planet, however there are certain nefarious individuals lurking in dark corners who see our stance as a major problem and are working tooth and nail to alter this long standing position.

      The homosexual agenda is at play right in front of your eyes, Samuels is the current tool being utilised to sow the seed of homosexuality deeper into black society, however unfortunately so many black men are too fixated in the glory of him lighting up black women to see the bigger picture of black men incrementally being primed and acclimatised into accepting the same homosexuals they’ve righteously been pushing back against for the longest. My masculinity is NOT up for sale nor will I ever compromise it.

      1. Verbs2015,

        I’ve never been to England, so I’m wondering how common is black male homosexuality over there. Here in the US, black male homosexuality is off the charts, especially in the so called black Mecca cities like Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, NY City, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, etc. Meanwhile, the scraggle daggles are becoming carpet munchers at an alarming rate.

        Da communitah with its matriarchal culture has mass produced black fags for decades. Now it is staring to crank out scraggle daggle carpet munchers at an alarming rate. Da communitah mass produces toxic black females, homosexual black males, and dysfunctional idiot thugs. The few wholesome heterosexual black males that the communitah produces, must navigate a living hell.

        This is why I give da communitah a wider and wider berth, the more knowledgeable and aware that I become. It is not just a wrap for the scraggle daggle, but also a wrap for da communtah, the hoteps, and all the stupid black race purists.

        Anyone with half a mind should be able to see the correlation between immersion in pro black hotep idiology, and the myriad dysfunctional mindsets, character defects, and aberrant behaviors, that such immersion fosters.

        More and more, I view the scraggle daggles, the Pookies, the thugged out Tyrones, the hordes of black homosexuals, and the armies of everyday black male simps, as all part of the same big toxic ball of wax.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          There is a black homosexual community in the UK but it isn’t on the scale of the US, though the agenda to try to make black men the new face of homosexuality is still in full swing over here. Additionally, I believe it was at the 2019 Pride march, black homosexuals found out the hard way that being a fruit doesn’t stop their backsides from being discriminated against based upon their colour, I believe fellow blogger Michel brought forward an article demonstrating this.

          The so called “black community” is a cesspool of filth, degradation, degeneracy, debauchery, reprobation and as such should be abandoned without hesitation. It’s only taken this modern day communist black female 50 years to turn black society into a pile of ashes and rubble, yet clown court jesting minstrels like Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson are still trying to tell me that I must wife up one of these straggs, NOT A CHANCE!

        2. { Here in the US, black male homosexuality is off the charts, especially in the so called black Mecca cities like Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, NY City, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, etc. Meanwhile, the scraggle daggles are becoming carpet munchers at an alarming rate. }

          And to add to AmericanBlackMan’s poignant observations of the black Amerikan homo scene, I wish to bring attention to another disturbing reality involving masculine brothas.

          I don’t know about u guys, but I’m seeing King Anglo, who obviously controls the burgeoning Porn industry trying to emasculate BBC “performers” by now showing numerous episodes of virile black men giving anal to primo female porn stars. Personally, I don’t think black males are “into” that anal sex nonsense. Correct me IF I’m WRONG!
          But, once again, King Whitey & his deranged producers will do anything to “dirty” authentic masculine black sexuality.

          Are u SYSBMers noticing this too? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great seeing the brothas slamming primo feminine non-black hotties on BLACKED. However, now that it’s gotten very popular, it seems like King Cold is trying to dehumanize the brothas by “encouraging” disgusting anal sex scenes, which is definitely NOT a black thing. I know the “superior”, degenerate “Christian” Anglo Saxons are generally into that shit (pun intended!), but it was never really part of black culture — unless I’m totally naive & don’t know any better.

          My point is that King Anglo can NEVER show black men in a positive light — always gotta use their wealth to “entice” certain elements of black society to do things that goes contrary to their TRADITIONS.

      2. Verbs,

        Even I like his videos as he make good content.
        I am sorry to burst the Black Manosphere and Oshay’s bubble and bad news for them that Kevin Samuels is now call himself a ‘Male Feminist’. Good thing SYSBM brothers dodge more bullet.

        1. Andy C,

          Negroes don’t learn anything, this is what happens when you’re raised by black women and don’t bother to decontaminate and deprogram yourself from the years of feminist garbage you’ve been subjected to. Samuels is marching black men closer towards LGBTQP Rainbow Summit under the guise of reprimanding black women and most following him can’t see it.

          Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same decadent coin, yet another incremental step Samuels is taking closer to his coming out of the closet ceremony.

  9. Wait, Christelyn Karazin got herself a black man? Who is the simp is dealing with her? Here this guy. I knew that she will go back to get a black man. And I knew it will be a simp. As you look at it, black men are not dealing with black women because most of them are scraggle daggles. There are some black men say that there are good black women around but the thing is that wear are they? Look at Britain and you see how many black men who are with non black women. i want to say more but I just can’t because of what I heard that Christelyn Karazin getting herself a black man who is nothing but a simp like Bareback Fountain, Dr Foolmar Johnson, Swag Boy 360, Shawn James and Woke Poofgressive 2.0.

    “Wife her up nigah!” No thank you.

    Keep your white sugar safe and hold her every night.

    1. Money Cultral,

      I never knew that the Queen of Swirlers has now turn pro-black. But it was predidced.
      If this was in other country she would be casted out a very long time and never come back, then she will go to Unites States of America, I doubt UK beccuase we are diverse here. Then start talking trash about American BM talking colourism just like West African Female does because she was anti BM.

      In reality, they will talk of off this anti-Black Men and brag about how they rather be single that be with a brother.
      Suddenly when Shit hit the fan, now all of the sudden, lust like single mothers that they can now become this Bull Shit Born again virgin/Christian and what the hell they would call it.

      I pity the hoteps because they taught to forgive these ex-liberal feminist and welcome back into their community.
      I understand that some situations are redeemable but stuff like this are truly not and they can stay out.

      1. I knew this is goanna happen. I just fucking new it. And you know what else? These pro blacks will take her back just to get some pussy. It’s all about pussy, nothing else.

  10. Jesus Montgomery Christ, Karazin three in the swirling towel AND snagged a black Simp? Again, black men are FALLBACK option if these chicks, they view black men the same way most men view 345 lb., 5’2” women at the bar at 2:15 am. They don’t value you, they settle for you. Even Karazin’s actions currently are a disrespect toward black men.

    These dating coaches are a dime a dozen in the black community especially, and for what? Do you see more prosperous black relationships, marriage and families? Any functional society should focus on those things anyway, but pro-blacks seem to value fixing those issues very little given their so called desire for “nation building.” That’s because you can only fix that issue by fixing the daggle, who’s likely born genetically defective.

    Black women literally better admit that in terms of sexual market value, all but the finest among them start off with 1.5 feet in the hole in terms of competing with other women. Fat women used to understand this and thus accentuated their non-physical assets. Black women, literally and figuratively, are essentially a whole group of fat ugly women.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, the witch Karazin managed to snag herself a black male simp, however what have we been stating for the longest, there are always plenty black male simps waiting in the wings ready to accept these ghetto gagged black harriets back into the fold. This is the strategy of the black witch, create the simps, play away and “have fun” then when sun begins to set on her “recreational escapades”, return to black society and choose from one of the many simps she stacked on the shelf many years earlier.

      Let’s face it, dating coaches in black society heavily rely upon black female volatility, if black women operated in a classic and traditional manner, your average dating coach would be out of a profession almost immediately.

      Like I stated in Negro Wars, there will be no positive progression in black society until the black female is brought back into line. Of course, the pro black simps will never challenge their queenies and so the “black community” will continue to swirl down the toilet, pun intended.

      1. “This is the strategy of the black witch, create the simps, play away and “have fun” then when sun begins to set on her “recreational escapades”, return to black society and choose from one of the many simps she stacked on the shelf many years earlier.”

        The saddest part about this statement IMO is that most of the simps they create are their own sons, they raise their sons to be broken simps.

    2. “Who? dick ridin’ Nature, nothing else to say man Nature moved to Marcy”
      – Nas, Destroy and Rebuild

      “Who? white dick sucking Karazin brah, Sleet got sick and tired of her shit, she moved back to the communitah”
      – Upgraydd, on

      I don’t know about you all but I find this whole scenario funny as hell. Do black women really honestly think they have a chance with the white man? I know women in general are delusional af but come on, if their leader had to come crawling back with her tail between her legs (pun intended) what chance do the rest of them have? And how much do you want to bet she fucks up that relationship too? Stay tuned.

  11. Keep the wall of indifference going as the Wicked witches of the West can never be redeemed. Continue to do your own thing, grind and strive for greatness.

    It is joyous day though to see karma inflicted towards a number of Black women who revealed their true hatred and disparity.

  12. As it has been pointed out already, April Mason (or “Ape Mason” as Kid Organic would say) has said what free thinking brothers have BEEN saying for the longest time; I once heard it said (by whom, I don’t know) that you can chase a lie all over the world, but the truth will stand fast and stand firm where it is. April Mason chased this lie in the form of the “pink pill/femininity coach” grift, but she learned the hard way that there’s no coaching the scraggle daggle; even when admitting that BW are broken beyond repair and Black men are better to work with, she still had to take a dig at brothers who thought themselves to be “high value men” because they are high earning men. In other words, highly successful Black men are still dusties!

    April’s post was an SYSBM Public Service Announcement which gives us clearance as to why she says calling BW “strong and independent” is not a compliment; as seen in said post, she’s still a bleeding heart misandrist who has yet to apologize for spreading lies on her cousin’s behalf that Black men raped her and are not protecting them; as Rick Scorpio said in his classic video, Black women will regret making good Black men their enemy. Leave Slim Sauce and the Alpha male cosplayers to deal with these hopeless hardidans! #SYSBM

    1. “but she learned the hard way that there’s no coaching the scraggle daggle;”

      I wonder how many of her BW clients she ended up fighting and arguing with. LOL
      That might have been the main reason for her quitting.

  13. They say not to shit where you eat. Sadly, time and time again, black simps prove without a shadow of a doubt that they’ll eat where the white man shits, pisses and throws up, all in the name of keeping it black.

    That daggle you now praise that once got gagged by several white schlongs? She wasn’t keeping it black! How TF can you even bitch about whitey when you’re literally honored to lick his shitty toilet bowl with stuff like Karazin?

  14. I’m know I’m late to this, but what the hell, better late than never. First Rebecca Pope, and now this April Mason chick? Lord to the tenth power, Black American women got to be the most sorriest women on the planet. Black men, Nothing you can do can get in the black women good graces. They already talking about aborting black male babies, that right there 100% tells me that black women in America got zero love for the black man, ZERO! Some of these black dudes that still “holding out for the black woman,” Throw in the damn towel already. Forget about that trying to negotiate with the black woman because they’re not gonna fall in line anytime soon. If black women ain’t got love for us, then what group of women have love for us more than? I swear, As a Gen Z black man, I can tell my future wife might end up being a non black women or a mixed woman for sure. I can feel it.

  15. Karazin only had luck with black men a anyway. Her ex husband thought he could grift off of her but eventually split when his family took him back under the condition that he leave her. She was never welcome by white men and was very awkward around them as shown by her video of the YouTube creator stream where she only spoke to black men.

    Her whole 15 year crusade began because she faked being on birth control and tried to rap an educated black man who had a future and didn’t want even a relationship with her. And like I have yold niggas for years and years, loook at every pro black bitch on youtube…..they all have a past of swirling and hating black men! and yes, the masses of low IQ negroes who are like a chimpanzee that can speak English will always be lined up to take them.

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