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Financial Stability Required For Femininity, Really??


Now, Miss Leshai is one of the better looking black females(which in this day and age is a very rare thing, natural hair, as far as I can see no tattoos, no makeup or at least very little of it), however as per usual black women always have to rattle off these goofy, shallow statements that are clearly not thought through properly.

A woman has to be financially stable in order to bask into her femininity, really woman? Isn’t it funny how women in poorer countries have absolutely no problems basking in their femininity:

If anything I would argue that in some cases an abundance of finances or at least the reliance upon them and materials for happiness can actually bring out the worst in certain women, that is embracing the decadent and vain elements of Western culture.

The fact of the matter is as we’ve seen time and time again, black women as a collective focus way too much on finances and materials especially when it comes to what they view are the most important components in a relationship. Notice how they rarely if ever mention the words love, commitment, companionship, and most black men still think these women are a viable dating and marriage option, smh.

They are the primary group of women on this planet who place a much greater emphasis upon money and material wealth chiefly because most of them choose to adhere to their inner Jezebel as opposed to keeping her locked up in the cage where she belongs.

The Jezebel spirit is the primary reason why many women regardless of race cannot “bask in their femininity”, finances have nothing to do with a woman’s feminine nature. The Jezebel spirit is also the reason why divorce is at an all time high, additionally, aren’t the overwhelming majority of divorces in the West initiated by women?

Feminism which is a major branch of the Jezebelian fraternity I would argue is the chief reason behind the explosion of divorce in Western nations, all we have to do is compare divorce rates in pre feminist times vs those post. Or better still compare divorce rates in the West compared to non westernised regions.

Too many women especially those of the black female variety foolishly believe that finances somehow equate to leadership qualities, no, a man’s masculinity and a sound character is sufficient for premium leadership, financial stability is simply a bonus offshoot.

A man’s main purpose on this planet is to reproduce ie keep his legacy and family tree in continuance, some men prefer not to have children, that’s their personal choice, however as I’ve stated many times before such a path is not the norm.

However in recent times it has been these simpleton minded women in their folly who have introduced the idea of a man needing to have some sort of exciting, complex grand master plan/massive scheme for the future already mapped out in order to satisfy them.

This has to be one of the main reasons why I now strongly advise SYSBM practitioners to preferably seek out foreign or non westernised women where possible as more and more I’m noting that larger swaths of Western and westernised females are rapidly losing touch with reality, what’s important and what really ought to be a priority in life.

Having children and keeping your family tree going is the so called “master plan” if you want to call it that, as I’ve stated before anything outside of that is a bonus. Foreign and non westernised women recognise this which is why they look upon the man’s personality and character first while Western women stay clocking a dude’s financial as well as material status, smh.

Finally, this idea of financial stability to your average modern day black female is quite different to that expressed by non black women, to black women it means that you must be prepared to feed her Jezebel cravings whenever said black witch decides to let her out of the cage and give her a free reign of the yard unsupervised.

Non westernised non black women on the other hand are more than satisfied with you simply creating a stable environment in which they can help you fulfil your purpose ie having children regardless of how much money is available.

An abundance of money doesn’t automatically bring stability to a household, the characters of the individuals involved determine that. Any woman who does not exude femininity AS STANDARD needs to be given an extremely wide berth and avoided at all costs. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Femininity That Is Dependent Upon Finances Is Merely An Act Of Deception

Most High Bless

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47 thoughts on “Financial Stability Required For Femininity, Really??

  1. So that’s why Miss Boss Bitch is wearing floral skirts and long hair.

    Only kidding, she be twerking outside Chick-fil-A leaning out the back of Admiral Sleets ride.

    “You can’t judge me nigha!”

    BTW just what’s supposed to be a Chick-fil-A? A misspellt chicken fillet or something?

    1. Affordable food for filling or feeding chicks. I figured it was some earlier netflix and chill type wording…I could be wrong though.

  2. “If anything I would argue that in some cases an abundance of finances or at least the reliance upon them and materials for happiness can actually bring out the worst in certain women, that is embracing the decadent and vain elements of Western culture.”

    Exactly, that combined with a Western court system that backs the woman up in most family court and criminal cases. These women know from a young age what they can get away with, they have likely seen their mothers use the system against their fathers. This is a cultural problem among BW, adding more money into the mix wont fix it. Like you pointed out, women in dirt poor countries are plenty feminine and family oriented, whereas BW in developed countries are masculine and often self-oriented.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      The cultural issue amongst black women is a very serious problem, in 2021 and beyond they’ve completely lost their way. Things that ought to be lead by love, commitment, companionship, fellowship etc instead this modern day black female decides must be headed by finances and materials, smh.

      The Jezebel spirit in combination with black women being raised in a cruddy culture and as you stated a so called “justice” system that caters towards female dysfunction are the main drivers behind massive marriage failures in the West.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid gold digger women like the plague. I am only interested in dating women who going to be with me throughout the good times and bad times in life and whether I am rich or poor. Unfortunately there are way too many gold digging women on the planet that out number all the decent women that are left and thats what makes dating in the 21st century so damn hard for decent men because the majority of women nowadays want the man to be perfect (I. E he has to be 6ft plus tall, has a 6 pack, got to make 6 figures, has to have 4 University degrees, has to be well travelled, has to be vegan, has to speak 4 languages, has to be a bad boy, has to be very good looking like the 8 to 10 in looks etc) while these modern day women bring nothing to the table.

    1. I know about gold diggers. I have experienced it. I’m from an area that have so many gold diggers and they end up with being baby mothers and being single for the rest of their lives. When a gold digger is around, you have to protect your money.

    2. Quincy,

      Like Kevin Samuel said “You have to be God to meet the BW’s dating criteria”. Yet, at the same time the White Man have to be mutant midget dwarf with no legs and arms and they can still get BW which we all see on Social Media. BW will say ‘Love is Love’ which is not true.

      6ft tall, 6 figures, 6 pack, 6 inch cock. All 6666’s.
      Sound like a devil number. But they expect a man to be god when they describe a number of the devil.

      No wonder why BW do not like Good productive men and have kids with thugs.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is why SYSBM Knights like Kirigakure Jones as well as SYSBM practitioners such as Sigma Jones continue to stress how the type of culture the woman is raised in is so important in determining what kind of woman she’s going to be.

      Western women in general have become extremely delusional in their approach to dating and marriage because they live in a society that caters towards their wacky way of thinking.

      Unfortunately too many women in the West only realise that Western society has lied to them once they’ve past their prime and are no longer the focus of attention.

      As Witwijf pointed out, it is mainly liberal minded woman who are the primary ones drafting up all of these unrealistic expectations for men they want, black women being the chief culprits of them all.

  4. Black women always want to charge you extra for thing should come standard in a relationship!

    1. A people of bad business practices, not all but enough to fuel this website for centuries. Worse and more unscrupulous is charging extra for something YOU KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE IN STOCK AND HAVEN’T HAD IN STOCK FOR 50+ YEARS.

    2. DeAngelo Staples,

      Indeed sir, and additionally black women want extra credit for duties they ought to be carrying out as normal, smh.

  5. There is a famous quote stating “money can’t always bring happiness in a relationship”.

    Women in dirt poor countries with third world issues would lose femininity in western liberal cultures.

    Materialism ain’t promoted as much in non westernised societies compare to westernised societies.

    The only way to find a family oriented woman in the west is in areas that are predominately conservative.

    I wish the UK was ultra conservative like most places in Texas, banning abortion, banning trans females in sports, not mandating vax, still has death penalties.

    Black females are exactly like transgender females, unfortunately only one of them could become pregnant.


    1. Witwijf,

      Socialism plus feminism breed some extremely disgusting women, the UK unfortunately is a primary example of this.

  6. Is it just me, or does women like this sound stupid when they talk like this, especially BAWs? It’s funny how BAWs, and some other women, sound stupid when they start talking that shit about “A man needs money to come see this A, If they wanna see this, I need to see that cash, A man needs to make 6 figures to come mess with me.” When women starts talking that way, or thinking that way, I be automatically assuming either she’s a gold digger, or a prostitute, because I’m not looking for neither two. I’m looking for a woman. If it’s one thing, or maybe two, that I’m kinda learning, sometimes friendships, or relationships and money don’t mix that well, and money can’t make a person that happy. There are times I say to myself I rather be a broke dude than to be a dude with lots of money. I get it, we’ll all need some money in our pockets, but then again, money doesn’t really equal happiness in my books. There’s people out there that got lots of money, but they still unhappy. A woman has to be financial stable to be feminine? Are you kidding me right now? On my Lord, Western women, especially America women, they got to be the most sorriest women on the planet right now. No freakin wonder why there these MGTOW and Red pill spaces. It’s also no wonder why women in western society deeply struggle to find a “perfect” man, but on a serious tip, ain’t nobody perfect in this world. We all gonna have F ups, we all gonna make mistakes, we all gonna lose sometimes, but guess what, that’s life. The most important part is we learn from them.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      “A man has to have this, that and the other” is not part of classic womanhood/femininity, any women who rattle off such statements must be given a wide berth and avoided at all costs.

      Such retarded talk is a direct result of allowing women to run free with their silly thoughts and ideas instead of immediately checking them at the door as soon as they manifest themselves.

      Modern day women are heavily contaminated, the black witch hands down is the most filthy and contaminated creature of them all.

  7. Here is the thing:
    BW always talk about how if you got no money or job, then you cannot afford to take women out.
    If that is the case, then how come homeless bums manage to get dates?

    My advice to brothers and I did this few times:
    When a women (any women) talks about how they want a man who got money and marriage. Ask them these questions:

    1. If the man suddenly no longer work due to health or accident (e.g wheelchair).

    2. What if the man had a pay cut or made redundant.

    3. What if cirumstances changes which out of control e.g. Economy as this happens time to time.

    They maybe more I cannot think of.

    If they cannot answer the most basic questions, then they are not wife material.

    Most brothers takes wedding vows seriously and if any women are somehow hesitant to answer, then you know where their loyalties lies.

    The point of this that even men can be rich and healthy, but when the rich and the healthy man goes to misfortune e.g go broke or wheelchair, the vows out the windows and they will leave then high and dry. Also they bail out
    Why? Because they are not serious about marriage to begin with.

    Any woman divorces you over finance, they are not wife worthy to begin with and they never respect you (Vow: Rich and Poor).

    1. Michael MisterTea,

      I personally believe the better solution is to simply duck out whenever you hear any woman talking about and prioritising finances and materials as a prerequisite for dating and marriage.

      Marriage is a traditional custom, however most women in the West are NOT traditional and therefore do not qualify for it by default.

      The sad reality of the matter is most women in the West(typically liberal minded females) are actually looking for a sponsor who can fulfil their Jezebel rooted desires, the thought of having a life long companion or loving somebody regardless of what amount of money they have is a foreign concept to them.

      As prominent SYSBM practitioners continue to point out, quality culture matters.

  8. So, there’s a link between femininity and finance now? If that’s the case, what do we say about Black women who stuck by Black men’s side during Jim Crow? Black men didn’t have a lot of money then, yet Black women held onto their femininity even in the very face of oppression; it wasn’t until AFTER the introduction of free housing and welfare money that we saw the Jezebel spirit unleashed, giving way to Blackistan’s creation. History shows quite the opposite of what Miss Leshai said; if a woman doesn’t have those principles and values pertaining to femininity instilled in her when she’s young, her mother is responsible.

    Erica Leshai is essentially repeating the daggle’s talking point that it’s the Black man’s fault for why Black women are masculine; this is where game dudes come in with their faux Alpha male persona. Game dudes are agents of feminism, showing gullible beta males how to submit to broken, uncultured women under the guise of “understanding female nature”. This is why SYSBM is for the few; we understand that culture matters when choosing a quality stargate, so we don’t waste our time negotiating submission with women who don’t appreciate us unless we’re bringing something to the table.

    1. They just too coward to call out their family members for brainwashing them into the Religion of Failure so they point fingers at people who were never around in the first place (its a lot safer in the short term).

      Cowardice is not a gender based attribute. In school we learn about fearless women like Joan of Arc or noble Biblical women like Naomi, Ruth, Deborah, Esther and even cunning women…who were cunning to do the RIGHT THING.

      It is just a rolling joke at this point.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As commenter Michael MisterTea pointed out, the marriage vow “for richer for poorer” has clean been thrown out of the window, now it’s all about having good times only and if any bad times arise, the woman typically bails out.

      Recently a lot of videos on Youtube with men breaking down feminists who have saturated TikTok have been coming across my feed, I knew the dating scene in the West was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad until I ran across some of the toxic garbage these women are rattling off:

  9. Philippians 4:6-7
    New King James Version

    6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    Lying ass motherfuckers go to a church for 400-600 years and and pay 10% of their earnings instead of investing in themselves in their children and still talking about finance and romance.

    But they’re SAVED and SANCTIFIED….yet perform worse under adversity and in the face of problems than “the heathens” and “the devils”.

    Keep that Barbeque Grill going Verbs!

  10. Look no further than Will Smith, Dr. Dre and Steph Curry to put this chick’s lie to rest. Multi-millionaires if not billionaires, the best that BM have to offer, with unlimited finances, and the black women they are married to are still unsatisfied and giving them hell. Are they “resting in their femininity”? It wouldn’t shock me if hard-looking Jada left Will for a woman. If those dudes can’t keep a black hoe, what chances do normal brothas have? Don’t even waste your time, gents. SYSBM remains the best solution for the thinking Black man.

    1. “It wouldn’t shock me if hard-looking Jada left Will for a woman.”

      I wouldn’t be one bit shocked, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has already been with women.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Funny you should mention the black witch, siren and sorceress Jada Pinkett Smith, I remember Steph Curry and his wife had little to no problems with their marriage prior to Ayesha appearing on Jada’s show.

      As soon as Ayesha Curry set foot in that studio, Jada got straight to work, the spell was cast and the downward spiral of the Curry’s marriage began(black girl magic literally). From stating that she would dress modestly and solely wear skimpy clothing for her husband’s eyes only back in 2015 to posing naked and in bikinis for Instagram in 2020-21, Ayesha Curry is an example of exactly what happens once a woman decides to allow Jezebel a free reign of the yard:

      Notice how there are now a multitude of problems rippling through the Curry empire and it most definitely stemmed from Ayesha and her mother appearing on Jada’s Red Table talk. Smith only needed one member of the Curry family in order to get the sorcery and witchcraft going, however as the saying goes, two are better than one:

  11. Yes people. Happy Friday. Just finish eating some Cherry Berries from Jamaica. They just like cheese balls. Now I’m goanna drink some Hershey chocolate. When it comes to black women right, the only thing they look for a man is finance. You know why? So they can use the man. If you that nice guy which is hard for me to do, these scraggle daggles will play games with you. No matter how much things you will do for the broad, she will play you. You can’t be like the R&B singer Joe “Baby, I wanna do all the things your man won’t do. I’ll do them for you.” After you do all the things, she running straight in the arms of Street Man Ratty, 50 Calibre Gilly, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta.

    When I see the pictures, they seem to be alright when it comes to finance. They seem to be happy. But when it comes to the scraggle daggles everything to them is nothing but financial shit. And these women say that they are strong and independent. If they are strong and independent then why live off the system? Everyone knows why, star. They’ll live of the system so they can get money when they have children. When a woman looks at a man financially, she can cause problems for the man.

    You see black men in Britain are with non black women by 60 per cent. And some of them are with fat non black women which I don’t mind that. As when a black man is with a non black woman, not only he gets hate from the white beta male but he gets it from the ratchet hoodrats and the simps.

    You better keep your white sugar honey safe guys

    1. Money Cultural,

      I’m reminded of Destiny’s Child, one minute they were singing about “can you pay my bills”, the next they were chanting from the rooftops about being independent and relying on themselves financially, which one is it:

      Women are NOT independent from men, this is a harsh truth these liberal minded feminists don’t seem to understand. Without the system in place for these modern women to act a damn fool, there wouldn’t be any room for them to be claiming independence and talking that feminist jive nonsense.

    1. Donovan,

      Yep, and they’ve been done for a long time. Brothers who can read and accept the writing on the wall simply need to move on to greener pastures.

  12. Then how come these “professional” black women are some of the meanest harridans around, not to mention the most UNprofessional?!!!

    There was a black female “professor” at my university that had hair shorter than me and an attitude befitting a hood daggle. This was despite her Masters, her money and other accoutrements. Likewise, she had NO man, kids and was likely a snatchivore. Femininity my ass.

    These things are many times the opposite of femininity. Men do not get hard because you have a doctorate, they get hard because you look and smell good, suck and ride their eggplant like it’s going out of fashion, cook halfway edible meals and plan on waking up in their arms and having a family with them.

    In fact, here’s something most don’t realize: having a high education is for, obviously, getting good jobs and such. In other words, providing a good living. This, leading a conversation with these things is a MALE trait, because the man is the provider traditionally. Women, mainly black ones don’t realize how stupid they’re being by thinking that this is a trait that attracts a man.

  13. I once told a woman, who was shocked at my asking her out when I did, that women who’re actually attractive don’t need to be dressed to the nines to catch a man’s eye. Hell, most men despise the type of pomp and circumstance that these costumes require, I know I do.

    No, a women who’s actually beautiful will look good and attract a man physically just wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants. Hell, in my opinion women dressed like this are MORE attractive because you get to see how they really look and how they purport themselves when not all dolled up.

    Likewise, a woman who needs five billion gallons of makeup and the most extravagant of clothes to look halfway decent is ugly. That’s just putting lipstick on a pig.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Spot on, attractive women with genuine confidence don’t have to lace their faces with 1000 tons of make up, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs and any other external appendages. In addition to this, if they hold to a traditional, classic mindset, their natural femininity will always shine through regardless.

      I’m in your corner as are other men who are worth their salt, I despise makeup, weaves, fake eyelashes, tattoos, expensive clothes and other garbage many women wear or brand themselves with in their attempts to increase their attractiveness, I don’t deal with fakery.

      Let’s look at the cream gobbling hoodrat and now self made single mother Britney Renner for example, once you cut past all of those thick layers of makeup, the chick is just an ordinary plain Jane looking harriet, here is a couple of videos of her illustrating what I’m talking about:

      I’ll keep on stating that makeup, fake eyelashes, weaves/wigs, fake nails etc are just pure witchcraft plain and simple.

      1. Is this the chick who said she could jump from “dick to dick to dick to dick” and still have a meaningful relationship? Then had a breakdown? The tattoo of Beelzebub on her arm says it all. And she’s raising the next generation of dysfunction as a single mother. I keep telling y’all nikkas these light-brites some of y’all fetishize are worse than dark-skinned Shaniqua. SYSBM.

    Another example of black women’s inherent disrespect for black men. This screenshot represents how ALOT of black women think/ act. It also explains why black woman/ white men relationships tend to “last longer”.
    A black woman admits that she treated her white boyfriend better than her black boyfriends. Notice she used the phrase, “best behavior”.
    Not a surprise to any smart black man but many black men are still in the dark…
    Black men!!! Do you know why this happens? When a black woman gets with a black man they see themselves as the prize. When they get with non-black (specifically white) men, they view HIM as the prize.
    Needless to say… SYSBM!!

    1. Matt M,

      “Not a surprise to any smart black man but many black men are still in the dark”

      This is exactly why the “stop whining and complaining about black women” crew keep trying to shame individuals like myself into silence. Yes, most black men are addicted to this modern day black female and so no matter what evidence you bring to the table, they will still return to and willingly interact with the she devils they know and are all too familiar with simply because they can’t let go.

      There are too many black men out here who raise legitimate concerns about black women yet they’re unable to move past that same black female, those dudes are a complete waste of time.

      I’m reaching out to those black men who see something is wrong, have no problems putting the pieces of the puzzle together, who yearn for positive change and those who are actually willing to TAKE ACTION in order to bring that change about. Indeed, SYSBM is the way, however it’s a pity that most black men just aren’t cut out for this path.

      1. They want men with money if they are not Thugs, but if they are… Not a single manosphere talking head has mentioned this story, when you read it you will understand why. This is who they are and it has been proven many times in similar cases. Pay attention to the comments from the women on Youtube who see no difference between an upstanding man and a Thug. You cannot improve yourself to get in their good graces. You have to move to pastures new like in the allegorical story ” who moved my cheese”, which can be seen on Youtube.

  15. Lol black women always have some excuse as to why they can’t “fully bask in their femininity”. The reason that black women can’t fully bask in their femininity is because THEY HAVE NONE. Black women are really nothing but dudes in women’s bodies. That’s why they take so much pride in acting like men. Notice how you only hear black women saying retarded things like that. You never hear any Indonesian, Arabian, Columbian, Brazilian, or Asian, or any other type of woman saying the retarded things that black women say. I will NEVER get with a black woman ever again. I dealt with black women all my life and all I got was bad attitude, constant fighting/arguing, weave that smells like cat urine, rebelliousness, and constant headaches. I went SYSBM a year ago and it completely changed my life. Now I’m with a beautiful Columbian that treats me like a king and she has a soft voice, long REAL hair down to her butt, she’s very soft and submissive. She’s very fun and playful and romantic and gentle and so easy to get along with. It’s really funny how all of my problems that I had with black women instantly disappeared the moment I decided to deal with foreign women. Once you get with a foreign woman you will NEVER deal with black women ever again. Black women know that they have absolutely zero femininity and that’s why they feel so threatened by non black women. SYSBM won’t stop and its only gaining more and more momentum. Black women are finished and they’re only sinking deeper and deeper into destruction.

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      “The reason that black women can’t fully bask in their femininity is because THEY HAVE NONE.”

      Because of black women’s embrace of their mutant form of feminism, the statement you’ve made above is very true. Black women have completely lost their way, they no longer know how to be real women yet alone how to create, manage and participate in successful and prosperous relationships. I have to commend you for holding out for so long, I stopped dealing with black women back in 2005, I envy some of the brothers who comment here as many have stated that they haven’t dealt with black women at all and so have saved themselves from a whole heap of drama, grief, pain, misery and suffering.

      Yes sir, foreign women are definitely the way forward. Also being with a Colombiana I know exactly what you’re talking about, the difference in overall treatment when compared to dealing with black women is like night and day. As I keep on saying, black women are damaged beyond repair, those black men with sense and intelligence who are looking for a long term companion must begin looking elsewhere, leave black women to the simps and the thugs.

      1. I’m so happy that we both have escaped the plantation and broke free from the slavery programming. It really is a blessing from the Most High. These foreign women know that us black men are gods/kings and they treat us just like it with no problem at all.
        Being with a black woman is an absolute nightmare. I was with a black woman for 3 years straight, from 2015 to 2018. It was the worst 3 years of my life. Black woman are absolute monsters and they’re extremely emotionally unstable. They’re nothing but emotional ticking time-bombs.

  16. I acknowledge Erica LeShay as she is a rare breed of ABW. However, her stance and argument is false. Money isn’t the “end all, be all” of a relationship.

    I’m in the metro-ATL area where there are ALOT of Black female corporate snobs who date men that are of a lower caliber than them. It does not matter if they swirl. Usually they get a bottom self Brad for a relationship or a Mid-Tier Micheal as a fling.

    Also, let’s not mention the recent murder of a prominent lawyer here is Atlanta. Her name was Courtney Cox. And no, not the actress from “Friends”.

    As you can see she was a prominent lawyer living in a high income high rise. Yet, she still needs that thuggin’ love.

    Another example is Grace Hightower (Robert DeNiro’s ex-wife) isn’t able to secure 250 million from their divorce. Robert did EVERYTHING he could for this bedwench financially and she still wasn’t grateful.

    So no…money isn’t a problem why Black women can’t “rest in their femininity”. It doesn’t matter what man they get as low-brow, immoral individuals. The problem is within themselves.

    This is why even ALL the black female coaches are abandoning them.

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