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Smh, Evidence:

This video has been doing recent rounds within the last few days, a young principled black boy moves in to check his 304 mother on her twerking/whore type behaviour.

I can only imagine what horrors the lad has been experiencing back at home, most probably listening to his mother regularly getting her cheeks clapped hard and fast by Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Two Snacks And Chunky Bruh.

This is reason 987,598,999 not to place your seed into these unbridled, sexually depraved, loose harriets called black females. Where was her dignity, nowhere to be found. The son had more respect for his mother’s image and reputation than she did for herself.

That’s a major embarrassment when your young son has to step up and check your 304 behaviour, of course the black witch herself saw nothing wrong with what she did, it was just another day putting her sexual proclivities on public display.

And these will be the same black harridans who wonder why nobody wants to step up and deal with them on any serious level. Parade themselves like premium whores and sluts yet at the same time like delusional knuckleheads demand that folks(especially black men) refer to them using royal titles, smh, get out of here with that rubbish.

Meanwhile in other news:

Would you believe that they took this unbridled black female pyromaniac to the hospital for a “psychological evaluation”, yet had this been a black man trying to do the same thing, the police would’ve carted his backside straight to the slammer.

The modern day black female, still the State’s agent/flunky/asset receiving preferential treatment for heinous crimes, smh. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. The little son will have issues with his mother everyday.

    There is only two outcomes if he gets older.

    He will either become a blackistan male or a thinking black man.

    If he keeps checking the behaviours of his mother, he would end up dating out with a white girlfriend.

    The police would never send black men to the hospital to do a psychological evaluation.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’m rooting for that young boy to eventually become an SYSBM™ practitioner or a Passport Bro.


    So Damson Idris recently decided to add his little two cents on this gender war and decided to chastise black men and stick up for the kweenz in his IG stories.

    Apparently, he’s seeing a lot of “unprovoked” hatred towards the always oh so innocent black women on social media. According to him, brothers like us feel the need to humble bdubs so we can feel more like men, but the bad news is we “aren’t men to him” and other black simps, therefore we all need to “grow up”.

    Of course it was just some vague, generic statement with no examples of what this “unprovoked hatred” is, nor did he post in a way that could be challenged.

    Now, I liked to see a young breh from my city make it and become successful, but my respect for him has dropped. It’s interesting how the hate towards black men is always either totally overlooked or justified to these simps. Never any comment on black women who openly mock and express hatred for black men, calling us bullet bags, calling for black baby boys to be aborted, ridiculing us for wearing suits and looking presentable or for going on vacation and just minding our business. Of course, these dudes NEVER see that. It’s just our reaction.

    I’m sick to the back teeth of these guys. I wouldn’t care if it was just your typical youtube grifter, but when celebrities do this it just makes things harder for us.

    Tell me, what other men generally use lofty phrases to describe their own women? You never hear white men refer to their women as “Mother Queen Aryan Viking Goddesses”. You never see white men or any other men uplift and defend single mothers and/or those who live in trailer parks or filthy council estates and exalt them no matter what they do. You never see white men tell other white men they have an obligation to dig into their wallets and subsidise the dregs of white society, just because. You never see white men willing to throw their own comrades under the bus for some random white chick they don’t even know. The list goes on, but you see where I’m going here….

    The difference between bdubs and other women is that while other women can be on the feminism wave all they want, when push comes to shove, they know where their bread is buttered. Ultimately, they’ll let the man lead when he’s shown he’s fully capable. They also have the sense enough to know what the hierarchy is and how they should fit in if they want to survive. A black man could be 6’10, muscular, earn eight figures and have the intelligence, leadership skills and other manly qualities never before seen in history, and black women will STILL feel like they should have some kind of control over him. Why do you think it’s such a shock and a relief for black men who date other women and experience the difference? To say it’s a breath of fresh air is an understatement. There’s a reason black women HATE to see us happy and flourishing with other women, because it highlights THEIR own failures.

    Our detractors will say you never see other men bash their women like that (which isn’t really true). Well maybe not, you know why? Because they don’t have to. Their women are mostly submissive, let them take the lead and aren’t nearly as disrespectful. You got Eastern European men standing outside Wickes in the mornings looking for work and they got wives and children at home who cooperate with them. Their wives don’t demand six figures and all these other expectations on their mental checklist.

    I have non black friends and have been to their homes, parties, family gatherings etc and I’ve seen the difference. Their women fall in line and are cooperative. One of my close Asian friends earns waaaay less than his wife and once even lost six figures in some failed scheme. Not once did his wife ever humiliate him and talk about leaving. She was upset with him at first naturally, but ultimately she understood he tried a ting, it flopped and he’s learned the lesson. A black man only has to make one slight mistake, and black women will blow the whole spot up and let the whole world know how she feels. Barack Obama was the first black POTUS for eight years and Michelle Obama still felt the need to say some dumb shit about him.

    Bamboo chewing Pander Bears like Damson are cowards because rather than address the REAL bullies, he chooses to attack the easy targets in order to keep the kweenz happy. He clearly hasn’t been around long enough, because all those women who call him chocolate lover boy or whatever will quickly turn against him and become the Princesses of Darkness the minute he says something the don’t like, dates a non black woman or is seen getting too cosy with a non black female co-star in pictures. Black women still haven’t forgiven Wesley Snipes for when he called the out many years ago and what he said was MILD.

    These simps aren’t stupid. If you got the very tiny minority of black women calling out other black women for their vicious, vindictive and satanic nature, such as this brilliant and honest tweet by ‘Daphne’ on Twitter…..

    …then these simps are also aware of it too. If other women from outside da communitah like can also see it and call it out, these simps are well aware. But black men are the most disloyal towards each other than other men are and it’s not even close. Black women are just nasty and horrible human beings.

    I’ve mentioned my experiences growing up on here in the past talking about the women I was raised by. But as men, we’re supposed to just man up, shut up about it and keep kissing bdub ass and do as we’re told. We’re not allowed to vent or stand up for ourselves. Hell, you even got black female THERAPISTS mocking black men who come to them expressing their pain, then when one of them suffers the consequences of their actions for running their big mouth, breaking confidentiality and being totally unprofessional, WE get the blame!!!!!

    Black men have never really had safe spaces to vent because even other black men will attack you as we’ve all seen countless times over the years if you dare speak up against the kweenz. The fact is, nobody should dare speak on how we choose to reprimand black women cos we’ve been the most tolerant and loyal. The reason black women are going around talking crazy and reckless in the first place is because we have let them run wild for so many years. Let Middle Eastern women act up half as much as black women, whether in the west or in their own countries, and you’ll see the homicide rates shoot up very quickly – then we’ll see how soft we’ve been compared to how other men would react. Other men don’t tolerate that shit as some black women themselves have had to learn.

    SYSBM and PASSPORT BROS are the best thing to happen to black men in modern history. It’s not a fad, it’s a growing lifestyle and nothing these simps say or do is gonna stop it. It’s not easy, but at least we’re making waves and have a way out of this mess.

    Fuck you, Damson. You lost my respect. You’ll soon find out though. Give it time…..


  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women are horrid human beings and the first above video reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women and I will never ever have kids with a black woman. I am only having kids with a beautiful childfree non black woman. The black community is fucked and finished and it will never recover. I really feel sorry for the young black boy because he had to tell off his mum for twerking in front of everybody and that’s very embarrassing. I really hope that the young black boy becomes a SYSBM black man one day and that he will escape the black community one day.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Indeed, if that young lad keeps on track, he’ll eventually find himself in the arms of a non black female repping SYSBM™. Black women regularly present themselves to the world as whores, sluts, streetwalkers, 304 etc and they wonder why so many men don’t want take them past the bedroom.

  4. Sorry bros am late , the comments above and the video showed by brother verbs clearly shows the communitah led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar is just dead.

    Brother verbs I have got a question concerning this scraggle daggle who said she can’t marry a bus driver unless the brother owned the bus, am like do these demons know that there are blue collar millionaires black men who Becky maria ,Ling Ling or Yakamoto married when they were starting?

    Back to you

    1. Edward Maina,

      Ebony K Williams aka “I’ll only date a brother if he owns the bus” wasted her prime years chasing a career when she should’ve been focusing on being in a long term relationship/marriage and building a family. Now at 40 years old plus, her reproductive system isn’t working as well as it did 20 years ago, hence why she now has to opt in for artificial insemination(IVF).

      Unfortunately most white collar working black females think they’re better than everybody else including the hard working millionaire blue collar black man.

      You have to understand that most black women are hedonistic, superficial and materialistic in their approach to life, they only want a high earning black man to roll in in order to subsidise their high on the hog, ivory tower lifestyle.

      Ebony K Williams forfeited her purpose during her prime years and now a a woman she’s useless. A high earning black man is going to look straight past her to the 20 year old, down to earth, FERTILE female who has her priorities in order and understands that the family must come first.

      So many women have been hoodwinked into chasing the empty career carrot, however as a female being a wife and a mother is the highest honour any woman can achieve despite what the feminist propaganda machine puts out.

      You’re right, there are many millionaire blue collar black male workers out here, however most black women are too stuck up to recognise this, but to be honest, they aren’t even qualified for those men or even average men earning an average salary.

  5. Another Open Mic Wednesday, more queanz being queanz. Yup it’s a slap on the wrist for the black female domestic terrorist trying to destroy a national landmark. If that had been an Arabic guy wearing a Muslim scarf, they would have rightly branded him “terrorist” or if it had been a white man, it would have been a racially-motivated hate crime/domestic terrorism, but the military-trained (Navy) would be arsonist gets “psychiatric evaluation.”

    Of course, the plan is for her to do as little time as possible, so she can go back out and cause more chaos. Has it been confirmed that her motivation was the rumor that MLK cheated on Coretta with white women?

    Bros, SYSBM and Passport Bros are having an effect, you are seeing it, when you withdraw your attention and post your W’s with non-black or foreign women on social, they lose their minds. From incessantly making TikTok videos about Passport Bros, to trying to burn down an iconic Black Man’s childhood home, these black bitches (and their (m)aggot sons) are sure making a fuss over the “educated lames” they said they didn’t need or want.

    I am sitting back with popcorn and enjoying the show.

    SYSBM Forever, pay no mind to these matriarchal simp son-husbands. The best thing for intelligent BM to do is to completely bow out from the so-called “gender war” and go full SYSBM. Let your dating choices and social posts do the talking, to go back and forth with these heffas means you still want them on some level, and unlike other races of women, masculine US & UK heffas gain strength from arguing, conflict and negativity. Withdraw your attention and they go insane like the MLK arsonist.

    On another note, RIP to the great Andre Braugher. Pemberton on “Homicide” was his signature role for me. He was only 61, in the same ballpark as Lance Riddick whom we lost earlier this year. The jab is taking these brothers (and Matthew Perry) out relatively young, I don’t care what anybody says.

    Another old guy ramble. Have a good SYSBM week!

    1. MK-ULTRA Chick She was told to do that.

      😭Andre Braugher RIP he got it from the mud a Chicago kid, loved him in Glory and Get on the Bus and Tuskegee Airmen tv movie.

  6. Verbs, and everyone that’ll read this comment: Whenever I encounter videos like the two above, and see the comments of folks defending that ignorant shit, it makes me sick to my stomach. This is why I be saying Black Americans, we got to be one of the most easy, vulnerable, ignorant people on the planet. First video, I’m gonna feel bad for that kid because his mama twerking, showing off that porno behavior. Adult entertainment done over-saturated in America, and I can tell. When that Onlyfans started to boom in America from when that COVID incident happen, I knew shit was gonna get worse. Probably my high yellow black ass is better off dating in other countries like Latin America and Southeast Asia, because if I try to date here in America, these women wouldn’t last a day, nor a damn second around me. But you know what, that’s cool because they wouldn’t last a damn second around me because
    A) I’m a cornball, lame, square, geek to them American women.
    B) There are certain things I don’t get down with when American women be doing silly shit.
    C) These American women make one little false move around me, they gonna learn that I can be a good person, a well rounded person, but I can turn into a whole another person if you try some funny shit with me. Normally I don’t be that way in life because I’m a good guy, I’m kind to people I come across, but I’m learning a real hard life lesson that I can be a good person, but I can’t let people take advantage of me, use me, and damn sure can’t be nice to everybody.

    Now for the Chick that tried to burn down the Birth home of MLK Jr., I caught the news. Isn’t it funny that in America, Women got too much power and leverage that they can get away with anything? They can get away with anything all they want too, but the one thing they can’t away from is reality. Whatever fucked up shit they do, they can’t escape the aftermath. Either its shitting on men, sleeping around with dudes they’re way out of their league but they wanna change them, force them to commit to them, doing adult entertainment as an occupation then quitting and trying to be celibate and christian, found “god”, they can’t escape the aftermath. All I know for sure, The future for American Women is gonna be butt ugly for them, especially for the Black American Women.

  7. O’ Boy’s FunnyMikes from Wildin’ Out boy Runix both come from youtube the hoodest Mexican I have ever seen. He grew up in Louisiana, literally only dates hood black chicks. The little boy is always on FunnyMikes kid show on the Youtube.

    FYI fuck that crazy bitch who tried to burn down MLK’s house. Why not burn down Pike’s House a KKK founder. Or Andrew Jackson’s Mansion, or the Presidential Library of Woodrow Wilson. No wait Woodrow Wilson did rewrite alot of American history books for US schools. Steal the books from Wilson’s presidential Library, I mean he did fire every black federal worker so FUCK HIM.

  8. White sugar honey: Did you see the news report of a woman who try to burn down the house of Martin Luther King?
    SYSBM: I just heard about it now! Crazy!

    Right, we all know about twerking yeah. I don’t have an issue with it as my parents are from Jamaica and we all know that the Jamaican woman will twerk like crazy in these dancehall raves in JA. It’s just a dance. However, there is a time and a place for that and this ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle did it at the wrong place at the wrong time. And you what, I feel sorry for the black boy who has to check is own mother twerking like she’s in a club. And the guy who was behind her — what can say? Tell me!

    I know that the black boy must hear his mother’s ass cheeks getting clapped by Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, 50. Caliber Gilly, Street Mice and Last Long Palmer. When he gets older, what will happened to the kids when he grows up? Will he be a son husband for his mother who is for the streets? And will he date out?

    And the woman who try to burn down the home of Martin Luther King Jr. This woman really needs to go to prison not going to hospital for psychological evaluation, Lord have mercy. When a black man tries anything like this which I don’t think a black man would, they will throw him into the jail. When a white woman does it, people will call her a white supremist or racist. But when a black woman does this now, it seems like she’ll get a slap on the wrist.

    Verbs, you know you say that the modern-day black female, still the State’s agent/flunky/asset receiving preferential treatment for heinous crimes? I can’t disagree with you. Tommy Sotomayor says that black women are the lieutenants of white supremacy and I agree on that as well. But it’s the ratchet black women that are supporters of the bullshit people are seeing especially SYSBM. You will never see a good black woman do that but the good black woman is like a rare sports car that is hard to find.

    This is too the ratchet black woman who is like that ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle just like that damn house negro who was goanna torch the civil rights leader’s house. There is a old Jamaican saying and you need to take it seriously. “Duppy nah afraid fi frighten, you know.” Which mean a ghost is not afraid to frighten people. Beware!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  9. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’m glad you posted these two videos today (I definitely wanted to speak my piece on the second video); so, that first video, I believe, will be the catalyst for the dissipation of that boy’s relationship with his 304 mother. Can you imagine how he’ll be treated at school if/when his classmates see this? Also, his mother’s behavior after the fact proves even further that BW are the worst stewards of children; she didn’t even stop to comfort him after he started to cry. As for that dude whose crotch she was twerking on, he looks like the typical “guido” Italian-American dude you’d see on “Jersey Shore” who can’t mature past his frat boy phase; he didn’t even have enough decency to walk away when the boy pushed him off of his mom. I won’t be surprised if that boy grows up to date White women exclusively.

    Now, for the nitty-gritty! The situation with the one daggle down there in Atlanta, GA who tried to torch the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one that requires a very serious critique; first of all, screw this whole notion of “I truly hope she gets the help she needs” after she was caught in 4K pouring gasoline on a home that is federal property. Now, I haven’t heard much said about her motive for doing this, but I believe she was influenced by certain high profile Black women who’ve made comments about Dr. King being a “serial cheater” (B. Simone is one example); also, it’s worth noting that he did so with White women while married to Coretta. Who knows if she wasn’t influenced by the likes of the Black Witch of Scalp Summit herself, Cynthia G? Lastly, the FBA brigade have already tried to claim she’s non-FBA; these blue pilled pro Black simps need to acknowledge that the dysfunction of BW is a GLOBAL issue. Non-FBA Black women are every bit of FBA in their mind, character, and personality; don’t be fooled by this “she’s a tether” Kansas City shuffle.

    To end this introductory comment, MadbusdriverX just released this short showing the successful outcomes of SYSBM:

    This is proof that SYSBM produces excellent outcomes of offspring when you choose the right stargate; always remember, Quality Stargates Matter. #SYSBM #ThisIsTheWay

  10. A single, washed up white British woman who supposedly doesn’t care about male losers going abroad, makes several videos on the topic and flies herself all the way to Thailand to complain about the men getting with the women.

    The way she absolutely tells on herself here and proves the Passport Joes points is hilarious:

    I can confirm the dating scene in the UK is nothing to write home about either. British females of all races generally have got stuck up and bad attitudes for the most part and don’t hold a candle to the women in other European countries. All the women I’ve dated for the last few years have been foreign born. You know things are bad when even white men no longer want their own women. One of my colleagues is a 58 year old white guy married to a 35 year old woman from Thailand and he’s having his first kid with her even at his age. Times are changing.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      I can confirm the same, there are plenty of attractive home grown women in the UK but as soon as they open their mouths, that attractiveness disappears with the quickness. Feminism, socialism as well as social media have all contributed towards the contamination of so many UK females. I’ve only dealt with foreign women since late 2008(back then UK females weren’t great but they were a lot better than what they are today).

      White men have been walking way from Western white women for a very long time, they were the proverbial canary in the coal mine. I know a guy at my workplace, he’s married to a Thai woman and doesn’t regret his decision to go foreign at all. You’d think that Western women would observe their lives becoming worse as a result of embracing feminism and change course, however it seems that most are determined to hold onto that religion of failure until they hit the grave.


    Blk Queen who is dumb enough to give a cop an illegal substance to a cop during a routine traffic stop is found to have left her kids (10,6 & 4) alone in a hotel room overnight when they were absent from school the next day. As Tommy Sotomayor said… THE WORST STEWARDS of children on the planet but how else are you going to get Government handouts?

    1. P.S. The woman left her three 10 and under kids alone in a hotel room at night to sell drugs. Doesn’t get much classier than that. Then again, look who we’re talking about.


    Further addressing blk women’s promiscuity…

    Black woman gets drunk, attempts to dance with another woman’s husband, assaults the woman after she objects, jumps behind the bar to make herself a drink and proceeds to gets arrested. 😂 If the man was white. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit actually.

    SYSBM, as if you needed any more evidence you should…

  13. So now the jealous, bloodthirsty hyenas and their backup singing, pathetic weak simp minions want to cancel this Asian girl who literally hasn’t done a thing to anybody:

    Obviously they still haven’t learned their lesson and have gotten brave again now that the heat’s died down from when they went after Filipinas. They’re so far gone, they hate any woman who MIGHT catch the attention of black men. Lord, what did we do to be cursed with these lot? SMH.

    SYSBM is vital like air and water.

      1. Verbs2015,

        She’s westernised, I get that, but it’s the principle. Even if she had remained in Thailand and made a video of herself doing the most innocent activity and there was a random black man in the background who just happened to walk past minding his business, it would have been enough to set off a trigger in the black harridan’s brain like a Manchurian Candidate and the claws would come out.

        White women resent the attention Asian women get from white men too, but even they aren’t nearly as bad and don’t form virtual lynch mobs – plus you wouldn’t have simp white men backing them up and repeating their talking points. Bdubs take things to a level other women don’t go.

        1. SYSBM Forever,

          You’re not wrong at all, these black harriets and their blue pilled, pro black squadrons take things to a whole new level when it comes to persecution of non black females especially. Any non black woman who gets a morsel of attention from black men is guaranteed to be verbally mauled and savaged by the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, we’ve seen this happen so many times before. Let’s not forget how the black witch contingent went after that white female named Booty Bri.

    1. JD,

      Sandman MGTOW is a very sad man. Like I said before, these guys are so called “MGTOW” until they see a black man with a decent or attractive white female, then they immediately turn into Dick Police Officers. As I’ve stated before, black men don’t create the rules, we simply deal with the hand that we’re given.

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