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They Can’t Change, They Won’t Change – Part 2!

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Years ago we SYSBM™ Knights and Practitioners rightfully concluded that the modern day black female was beyond redemption and that any roundtable discussions with their involvement were and still are a complete waste of time.

The video above is a quintessential example as to why more black men are choosing to get their passports and take their chances elsewhere. I hope Richie Mac cleansed his house with sage and holy water after that contentious black siren left to ensure all the demons she came with were also cast out of the building.

Myself personally, there is absolutely no way that I would’ve invited a black witch to my property to have a roundtable discussion concerning the Passport Bros. Again, notice how hostile, aggressive and abrasive the wench was even in somebody else’s abode.

As SYSBM™ Practitioner and YouTuber Andre Brooks discussed on a recent panel with Richie Mac, the hatred and disdain black women have for black men runs very deep:

It just goes to show you how the overwhelming majority of black women treat black men with disrespect by default regardless of the environment. Regarding the first video, a stranger invites you to his house in a totally different country and you still don’t have the common courtesy and wisdom to exercise any decorum and humility, smh.

I laughed extremely hard when the harridan said black women love black men because we SYSBM™ free thinking brothers know and understand such a statement is complete and utter bollocks.

Black women will freely use any and every opportunity presented to throw black men under the bus, where is this so called “love” for black men she’s talking about…………of course in reality, nowhere to be found.

“We don’t want to date outside of our race”, is this witch serious? That was one of the biggest lies she rattled off in that clip. If white men were prepared to date and marry black women in significant numbers, black women would roll out of “Da Communitah” in a heartbeat never to be seen or heard from again.

Any female who doesn’t believe in traditional gender roles in my opinion is defective, she should be rejected and quickly replaced with a NORMAL woman.

I don’t feel sorry for that masculine daggle’s husband either(the guy with the dreads) because he knew what he was getting himself into before he married her.

My suspicion is that he was swooned in by the booty and the breasts and believed that those “assets” could help him ride through the negativity, however the guy’s silence as well as his facial expression speaks volumes, he looks so broken, miserable and defeated.

Gentlemen, I keep on telling you time and time again, Keisha and her squad are NOT about to allow you to ride off into the sunset with your non black female significant other without at least attempting to sabotage and destroy any interracial relations involving black men whether they be FOREIGN or domestic.

These black harpies are travelling to foreign countries mainly because they want to ruin relations between ourselves and the local women, whether through instigating trouble with us directly or spreading their feminist doctrine of failure, misery and pestilence to the women around themselves.

I understand that Richie Mac has a brand to protect and so he has to tread with some caution, however over here I won’t be doing that. This is why I told you Negroes to STOP extending olive branches out to the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure because every invitation you offer them, black women look upon you as weak suckers.

The modern day black female is NOT fit for purpose, she has completely lost her way and as a result is of little to no value to any man yet alone black men. She knows she’s of little worth, however because in her eyes she’s above black men, as far as the black witch is concerned, black men have to take her as she is.

DON’T believe these black harpies whenever they claim not to care about who black men date, marry and have sexual relations with, if they were truly indifferent regarding the above then they wouldn’t be following you to the ends of the earth.

The scheming feminist black harriet is looking for a pension plan, a retirement fund and as far as she sees it, YOU’RE that fallback option and backup plan regardless of where you reside on the planet. Additionally, never forget the black female’s contractual obligation towards the State.

Brothers, as I always say keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six because the black witch is out here on the prowl looking for victims she can prey upon. Black women absolutely hate to see black men happy when that happiness is outside of their control.

These black harridans had first choice of the best and the brightest black men and they chose to reject them in favour of 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, Chunky Bruh, Roof Top Trey and Field Mouse, now they’ll have to face the consequences of making such a reckless decision.

Ignore and avoid these black sirens wherever and whenever possible especially if you’re on vacation or living in a non Western country, NEVER allow them to ruin the tranquility and peace you found through NOT dealing with them.

Gentlemen, feel free to discuss anything mentioned in the video, you’ve got the floor, what are your thoughts? #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Daggles Are Out Here On The Prowl, Protect Your Neck, Watch Your Six

Most high Bless

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42 thoughts on “They Can’t Change, They Won’t Change – Part 2!

  1. Brother verbs I can tell you this for free ,the she-demons of the communitah led by Umar Johnson the shameless liar are on rampage mode. SYSBM ship is leaving the dock, the passport train is on full steam ahead.

    Concerning the comments about Ebony Williams saying she can’t marry a bus driver, that is what I call stupidity that has ever existed ever since the universe came to existence, that brother who is driving the bus is earning his money in an honest it’s no surprise that a successful non black woman would fall in love with the brother.

    Brother Verbs I swear when Ebony Williams that ungrateful, worn out pathetic, shitty mess said that statement made me almost hit my PC, and then they bubble diarrhoea that Becky, Maria, Ling Ling and Yakamoto are taking their black men. Believe me brother non black women are checking for brothers despite the brothers doing different jobs eg plumbing, carpentry etc etc.

    Brother verbs now I understand why the communitah is in dissaray.

    1. Edward Maina,

      Too many black men are afraid of the modern day black female and refuse to put them in their place. As a result we have a community that is lead and operated by females who continuously make emotional and irrational decisions to the detriment of themselves as well as everybody else around them.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I ain’t extending any olive branches to black women because they foolishly destroyed their own lives and it’s their stupid fault.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’ve yet to see any black women show any appreciation towards any black men who’ve reached out to them ie extended olive branches of reconciliation to “da sistahood”. Black women religiously scoff at any kind gestures black men show them, this is why the ridiculous negotiation/horse trading/reconciliation table idea put out there by non SYSBM™ practicing black men is already a dead duck on arrival.

      1. Verbs,

        A video was going around Twitter just last month of a black chick throwing away a bunch of flowers that a simp bought her. These Klingons do not appreciate any kindness shown to them by non-Pookie black men. These matriarchal negroes will never learn.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Real talk, Whenever I think of women showing appreciation towards men, black women never come into thought because they are the most greedy, selfish, mean spirited, cold hearted females on the planet. On the very rare occasions that you manage to run into a black female showing a black man love and appreciation, there’s guaranteed to be a cohort of angry and bitter black sirens castigating that woman for not staying on code ie treating black men like garbage. Those black men who are still choosing to to deal with these black females and accepting that they are no more than her grunt work flunkies ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Western women travel to Thailand only to make an attempt of breaking up relationships between traditional women and men from the west.

    The negress and the blackistan are always going to try sabotaging black men with white girlfriends or asian girlfriends.

    Black family members would fuck up the future plans of a passport bro.

    Black liberal christians are the worse kind of people to be around.

    Blackistan families prefer living in shitholes.

    I really don’t want to visit any family member for Christmas day.

    I prefer staying where I am and not come to the UK.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The two main objectives of black women who follow Passport Bros to foreign countries are as follows:

      1. To ruin, sabotage and destroy any successful relations between black men and foreign local women.

      2. To attempt to continue syphoning money and resources from said black men just as these black sirens did on Western shores.

      Most non SYSBM™ practicing black men still want a seat at the table of “da communitah”, they want to be invited to the barbecue/cookout events, hence why they refuse to go all out and condemn these modern day black females and their continued treachery.

    2. Anything with black mixed in is potentially a bad move even Afro latinas etc. blackistan is dysfunctional asf.

    3. Idiots like Dennis Spurling aka The McFlurry King and ObSiDiAn still have hope for the cummunituh. They can’t detach from the black vajayjay.

  4. I am going to make 2 cents on this and will Michael MisterTea’s talking points.

    I remember topic about how Passport Bros taking L’s

    I agree with Michael MisterTea’s comment about he does not like taking shots at Passport Bros but SYSBM have to take shots at Passport Bros on these occasion.
    I remember few videos mentioning about beef between SYSBM and Passport Bros because to Western women because of the men want to hashtag SYSBM. Verbs made a comment and have set the record straight that there are no beef and SYSBM is not part of any battles because SYSBM are not interested in any online wars at all, SYSBM just want to be left alone, that is it and keep it that way.

    When haters take pot-shots at Passport Bros, they just want to deal with the hood and Keisha. When SYSBM takes shots at Passport Bros, that is because they keep on posting bragging rights far beyond that they are now put on the Dick Polices’ and Western Females ‘No 1 most wanted list’ and they are not going to spend all day making videos, not they got their simp orbiters funding 304s plane ticket hunting those Passport Bros down to start beefs there.

    This is another reason why Passport Bros and SYSBM never be alliance because Passport Bros brags and SYSBM stays in silent.

    I saw a Facebook group called ‘Passport Bros are Winning’
    Link =

    The problem about this group is you got these Passport Simps Admin letting females commenting in the group. Why? They just disruptive. Even the group members are telling the Admin to remove females members are they do not belong there. This is a male space. Take these simps and females out of the male spaces.

    Verbs, I saw this video and Passport Bros are taking lots of Ls because they keep on debating with these stupid females. Why are they keep on debating with them? SYSBM acknowledged many years ago on how BW feels about BM. Even a Kiesha trying to burn down MLK’s childhood home and she will get a slap in the wrist instead of jail because she hates BM.

    It is good that the Passport Bros are making lots of AI (Artificial Intelligence) memes around Passport Bros, but they should stop engaging with females.
    It is a waste of time doing so.

    When Madbusdriver makes videos showing interracial couple, the photos represents ‘If you build, they will come’. Meaning if the brother improve his quality of life and the good woman follows your leadership. Unlike those fake dating coaches who tell you to lead with your wallet so you deal with the shitty western women.

    I do both YouTube search:
    I search ‘Passport Bros’, I see beef between women and man. I search for ‘SYSBM’. I see not beef and old videos unless they hashtag which make it recent. Except for Madbusdriver. That is how it should be .

    I know some of you thinking I am talking negative about Passport Bros. I have no quarrel with them because I want you brothers and Passport Bros of this website here a reminder of SYSBM Tenet #23.
    Passport Bros suppose to leave the ‘Matrix’, not go back and forth with them online or even invite them to a panel which is a waste of time. BW will never change and that is it.
    The reason why Verbs make topics about BW because even SYSBM do not deal with them, they still deal with them on the personal In Real Life level such as family, work, shops such as customer service which is minimum as Black Men.

    SYSBM Tenet #23: “THE SYSBM brotherhood WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATING NOR HORSE-TRADING WITH ANY BLACK WOMEN ON ANY LEVEL AT ANYTIME, black women have chosen their particular path, in like manner SYSBM brothers have chosen theirs. Both pathways are completely opposite to one another and thus cannot be meshed together.”

    Meaning SYSBM will not be talking or having debates with these females at all. Not even other race of women. ‘Accountable Commentary’ / ‘Blackout Channel’ YouTube Channel stated many times on his video that his both channels are ‘No Women Zone’. He does not even want any women to comment on his videos period.

    1. Thank for the shoutout.

      Mister Master wrote:
      “I know some of you thinking I am talking negative about Passport Bros. I have no quarrel with them because I want you brothers and Passport Bros of this website here a reminder of SYSBM Tenet #23.”

      You are not dissing the Passport Bros. You just pointing them out as they keep on bragging towards the BW instead of leaving in silence.
      I agree to the statement about SYSBM #23 which Passport Bros keep on going back and forth with these 304s. SYSBM practitioners completely stop dealing woth BW except for family, work or shops where BW are at front line.
      You just also stating that they should stop going on Panels with these Keishas.

      I can go hard of BW on this comment but we all know where they stand with Black Men.
      I watch this video as they just wasting time on these Keishas. We all know that these Keishas like to go on Male Spaces but these men keep on inviting them to a panel. This does not make sense. We all know that these BW hates BM by nature and should let them go.

      Even some SYSBM like Quincy here stated that he gave up BW since 1996 and that is that. Few stop dating them 10 years ago and never come back.

      Madbusdriver stated that as long as you live in United States, you will never wrangle with the black community. Meaning that as long as there are feminists, old liberal simps and LGBT in the black community, you will never claim it back. He even said that which is deep words that is ‘the system feed the beast’. The community is gone and so as BW, 50 years ago. No turning back.

      Now there are rumours that next year will be open-season against the Passport Bros because of the Covid.
      In the UK where I live, there is a chance that the whole Covid thing is coming back.

      1. The Passport Bros movement isn’t a black men’s group anymore (if it was one to begin with), white and other non-black men has taken over said movement for the better part of 2023. There was a snapshot photo posted on social media last month from a news program stating “Passport Bros travel to meet women.” That title can be interpreted in different ways and I think this is something that should be kept in the inner circle and not bragging about out in the public airwaves due to complaints by many people in western society who has ears to this subject for around 40 years of male expats and sex tourism.

        I believe if the C-19 lockdowns didn’t happen, Passport Bros in its current wouldn’t exist. The followers of Passport Bros were made up of mostly Kevin Samuels’ fans (black and non-black) and the unknown internet personality Kevin Samuels didn’t blow up in popularity until late 2021 during said lockdowns. Kevin Samuels was without controversy. Some believed he was a homosexual, another portion of the population believed he was promoting black love and the troubling part of this is his dealings with not too savoring characters like Brittany Renner and Nicki Minaj.

        1. He was promoting Black Love in a private Facebook group. He would invite so called high value Black men and successful Black women to talk things out among themselves.

          I have said the peanut gallery of KS fanbase might be Passport Bros but far from SYSBM.

          They still don’t have rules of the road, it’s a free for all. Also Black men are in acceptance mode like Black women because the one thing that all men in the United States can agree on is how terrible dating/matting is here.

          It’s the Get Along Gang. You see with some of these content creators how they won’t define SYSBM when given the opportunity.

          It’s us and only us.

    2. MMT,

      This is why SYSBM™ is cut from a completely different cloth, we’re practically the only group in these black male digital spaces that not only call out the modern day black female on her continued treachery but also are not afraid to cut her off completely even if this means certain female family members have to go.

      Additionally, as commenter Brotherdanunlimited has pointed out, Passport Bros as defined by former YouTuber King Sigma(the very man who invented the term) was supposed to be a black American male group, however they never seized on the opportunity to claim what was theirs and have since allowed white and other non black men to lay claim to the title.

      From what I understand a black man owns the Passport Bros trademark, however men of every race who owns a passport and who are travelling are now calling themselves Passport Bros.

      Black men need to stop being afraid of being exclusive amongst themselves because non black men have no problems forming their own respective groups that black men would NEVER get invited into.

      1. The black YouTuber Pablo Freshcobar was the one that founded Passport Brothers which is morphed to its current name Passport Bros as you said was coined by King Sigma. Now, you have splinter spinoff groups like Blue Book Gentleman/Gentlemen distancing themselves from Passport Bros.

        When you take a look at Passport Bros in its current form from late 2022 and the majority of 2023, it’s no different from the typical, stereotypical expat community doing the same old stuff for the last 30 years.

        The YouTuber International Passport should calm down his video content and Livestream boasting Passport Bros because from what I heard from a Facebook friend of mine, his content is also getting tiresome and annoying by him asking if a certain nationality of woman/women are checking for brothas. This Facebook friend listened to I.P.’s HK episode where the guest was only there for a week and the Facebook friend stated that a week isn’t any time to develop anything.

        The YouTube content creators promoting Passport Bros in their videos are regurgitating the same talking points for views and donations.

        1. Brotherdanunlimited,

          It’s a damn shame to see a movement founded by black men get usurped to where black men outside of their own circles aren’t even mentioned whenever the topic of Passport Bros is brought up. These days every time I hear somebody define Passport Bro it’s always described as “men” or Western men” who are looking women who still hold to traditional values.

          At the beginning folks understood that Passport Bros were black American men, however as of late that understanding has been lost in the sauce. I’ll always support black men in their freedom of movement, however as I said before, Black folks need to proudly claim what’s theirs instead of always trying to be inclusive to the whole town.

          SYSBM™ has a better infrastructure and boundaries, over here there’s no room for “outsiders” to roll in and attempt to usurp the philosophy even though some in the past have tried and of course failed.

          1. Here’s some information GW3 dropped about Pablo Freshcobar, the founder of Passport Brothers which morphed into Passport Bros. Listen between 2:00:18 and 2:02:25. If this statement is true then Passport Brothers/Bros never stood a chance to begin with seeing its founder wifed up a divorced Colombian woman with her out-of-pocket five children and married her for seven years.


            1. Brotherdanunlimited,

              A slight correction on GW3’s part, Pablo’s ex wife was from the Dominican Republic but I didn’t know that she was already divorced with 5 children before he married her. His current girlfriend(who looks decent) I believe is from Colombia as can be seen here:


              Hopefully the woman Pablo has now is childfree, there are too many attractive, childfree, cooperative foreign women out here to be wifing up a divorced mother of 5. This is what happens when you roll as a step father, the children will take liberties because they know you have little to no authority over them.

              Black men really need to leave single mothers alone no matter what part of the world they reside in. I hope Pablo learned his lesson, NEVER look after another man’s seed.

              1. All of this is new news to me. I haven’t watched Pablo since early 2022. Basically what I knew was Pablo and his D.R. wife, not the other baggage aka her kids. I’m not listening into these YouTube streams like that.

  5. Bro you are a better man than me. I couldn’t make it past the 6:15 second mark of the video. I thought it was going to be black men
    discussing our experiences traveling. May God bless your ears from having to hear such things. I just can’t watch them yap! I refuse to listen to black women talk about so called black men’s issues.

    1. G1,

      It’s the usual story whenever you have discussions and black women are invited, they’ll seek to dominate the show, won’t let anybody talk and refuse to acknowledge another person’s position even if said individual is right.

      Like I said before, mot black men still want black women, they cannot accept that black female society has been fragged beyond recognition and as a result can’t be saved and restored.

  6. This is my opinion: SYSBM is way more advanced and vital for black men than Passport Bros. If only one of the two could exist, the latter could take jump as far as I’m concerned. I’m not saying this in any kind of superior manner, or in an ‘us vs them’ kind of way, because it’s not that.

    I find that a lot of Passport Bros know full well the nature of black harridans, but still can’t detach themselves if they tried. Most of them are under the impression that it’s ONLY some ABWs who are the problem. The naivete is staggering. Granted, most of them are American and only know the states and their women are obviously the loudest and at that forefront of this mess, but this isn’t 2003. Everyone is on social media nowadays. They should know or at least have an idea of the nature of bdubs in the UK, France, South Africa and even Brazil which many of them think is Black Woman Unicorn Land. Same shit, different location.

    I was listening to Dennis Spurling’s latest podcast on the way back home on this topic.

    It would have been a 10/10 if it weren’t for the simple fact that he kept telling BWs he’s talking to them from a place of love and that he wants to warn and save them of what’s to come if they don’t change their ways. I’m sorry, but fuck that noise.

    I’m not trying to “save” them from shit. I’m not trying to debate or have any discussions with them about anything like these dudes in the video trying to reason with bdubs who still talk crazy to them. They know good and well what they’re doing and have been doing for several decades now. Let whatever happens to them as a result of their actions happen. I want pure fire and brimstone and the full wrath of God heaped upon their heads. How many black men are in prisons, mental institutions and even the graveyard because of them? Why the fuck would I want to prevent them from finally getting their just deserts? The tide is turning and I don’t want anything disrupting it.

    I say that we’re more vital for black men than even Passport Bros because for one thing, what we do encompasses all the things Passport Bros do anyway. We just have the sense to know that bdubs ain’t changing and we’re not easily swayed just because some of them may look halfway decent and show some skin. Any facade of change on their part will just lure these dudes in until they get caught up in some way, which happens all the time.

    A group of Passport Bros are way more likely to get played by bdubs over any true SYSBM brother. If some black female even tried to step to us while abroad and start some mess when we’re with other women or demand we pay them attention, we ain’t gonna stand there and acquiesce like some punks and explain ourselves. They’ll get slapped down with the quickness – figuratively and maybe literally if it got to that. We won’t be left with egg on our face because some bdub managed to beguile or seduce us in some way (like that idiot bitch pretending to be Brazilian so fools could buy her drinks). We’re way more resilient, disciplined and won’t let these black harridans try and creep in through the backdoor into our lives.

    Passport Bros and brothers trying to “save” them could take a leaf from our book. Respect to them, but they need to do better. I still support them, but no one can fuck with SYSBM and I’d love anyone reading this site for the first time try to challenge me on this.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      It’s like having a problematic car that instead of selling, you keep coming back to each day hoping that the issues will magically disappear.

      This unfortunately is how most black men feel about black women and black women know this, hence why they continue to be disrespectful towards black men without remorse.

      Like I’ve said before, black women know that they can be disrespectful, arrogant, rude, belligerent and rebellious to black men because most will accept the black female’s bad behaviour and will refuse to challenge her because they’re afraid to, having been mentally castrated by the matriarchy.

      Another issue with the Passport Bros movement is as first defined by ex YouTuber King Sigma, it was supposed to be a movement specifically for black American men, however because they refused to seize the reins and rightfully claim it, now every Tom, Dick and Harry holding a passport in his hands is laying claim to the title.

      I see so white men claiming to be Passport Bros even though they don’t need the title because they already have the clout and the reach when it comes to the international dating market.

      White men have been travelling to foreign countries to find wives for the longest and have never put any title on their movement. Once again, too many Negroes are too nice and want to be inclusive of everybody even though non black men create exclusive groups all the time which black men are NEVER invited into.

      Finally, you’ll notice that Passport Bros went proper mainstream as soon as the title was successfully wrestled from the hands of black men. I’m in your corner, I’ll still support the Passport Bros movement, however as you stated, they need to do better and tidy up many loose ends.

      SYSBM™ on the other hand always has and always will be in the full control of free thinking black men because we have a better infrastructure and foundation. #SYSBM™

      1. I agree 100 percent my brother about the passport brothers not codifying their movement & now Zaddys, Enrique & Mr. Kim claiming to be a Passport Brother smh . I even seen Skylar DeRoeun aka MT acquiesce to these non-black men on his podcast smh. FBA Men who are passport brothers are gluttons for punishment & even the Blue Book Gentleman does inclusion with other men smh. SYSBM is the only way I see now here in 2024 for the free thinking FBA Man.

        1. Samuel Smith,

          Black men are the only group out here who have a problem with exclusivity, non black men set up groups and organisations for their own peers all the time and won’t hesitate to make it known that outsiders are NOT welcome. Not this modern day Negro though, smh.

          I’ve see so many Passport Bros talking the “Passport Bros movement is for everybody” rhetoric. The origin of the Passport Bros movement is now lost in the sauce, FBA men had a good thing and fumbled it because they were too afraid to claim exclusivity.

          SYSBM™ is much more of a solid philosophy in that we have the tenets, a book as well as a well established history of its origin(MBD). There is NO room for outsiders to roll in and attempt to lay claim to SYSBM™, additionally we’ve already seen how certain folks tried to do this and failed miserably.

    1. Truism Stormcrow,

      I will NOT be extending any olive branches to black women in their days of tribulation and distress, they must eat dust and drink down their judgement at full strength BY THEMSELVES.

  7. SYSBM: Outside is cold. We were goanna go out and buy something to eat.
    White sugar honey: We can order something.

    The passport brothers movement, I don’t have an issues with it. if a man can’t get a woman from the country they are born and raised in, then I won’t have an issue of them going overseas and look for a woman to wife up! The reason women especially black women are going overseas is not only to ruin it for the men but frigg things up for the local women and the local women really don’t like them feminist type females who got ran thru by the worthless men that don’t care about their life.

    The second video. I know that black women have a huge distain and hatred towards black men but towards Weed Man Jake, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rum Head Fraiser, Rum Smugger Don, Last Long Palmer and Fuck All Night Freed. But when they have children with these hopeless men especially with the worthless white dude then that’s when they try to come back to the decent black man or the good black man who has his head. I did an article on Monday about that:

    As we see black women coming after black men who are doing the passport bro thing, they are attacking them because they can’t live without black men. But black men have had enough with that ghetto ratchetness from black women as they seen it from their mothers, aunts, grandmothers and old female siblings. Like I said, the passport brothers movement is more like an American thing and in Britian black men rather date non-black women as I heard that 60 per cent of black men are with non-black women in the UK.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. BWs are the modern day slavecatchers.

    Avoid them at all costs!


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Black women are trying to reel black men back onto the plantation so that they can continue to receive their dainty treats and benefits from Uncle Sam. Always remember the black siren’s contractual obligation towards the State.

  9. RICHIE MACK IS NOT SMART HE STILL WANTS TO BE INVITED TO THE COOKOUT. Stop inviting these people around you. Great article verbs.

    1. Samuel,

      You’re right, at this point there is absolutely no profit in engaging in conversation with black women, they’ve made it clear that they’re not willing to change, therefore it’s up to black men to decide which direction they’re going to take based upon the black witch’s staunch and rigid stance.

      1. I’ve said this before –

        Black men are scared to death they will be kicked out of the Black Community (The Cookout medifor). That only applies mainly to Gen X and some Gen Y.

        Gen Z however flipped them the bird and is creating the Blackish Community as we speak, they could care less.

        That is why Passport Bros aka Black men are searching for suragate Black women IE brown skin Latinas and brown skin Asian women (Issan Thai and Flipinas) .

        While these women face social acceptance problems in their own countries, Black women in this context will not accept them as part of the family as we have seen as far back as WWII G.I’s bringing back home their war brides.

        So they won’t be apart of the community and frankly they have told Black men repeatedly under no uncertain terms that you aren’t allowed to speak on Black issues anymore if you marry ANY woman that isn’t African American.

        We all know Black women aren’t changing and don’t want to be shown up by other races of women.

        That happens anyway they can’t stop it.

        1. Anthony,

          What has me shaking my head is the black community as it currently stands is nothing short of a pile of ashes and rubble. This is the case not just in the US but also here in the UK and the majority of Western countries.

          Black women don’t even accept black men as being part of “da communitah”, as I’ve stated many times before, black women view black men as outside help here to carry out the grunt work of the black witch herself with little to no reciprocation.

          It’s all about branching out and forming new communities, ones where there are no Shaniquas and Keishas running amuck with their devil seed offspring also wreaking havoc.

      2. To make matters worse Richie is supposedly having a celebrity golf tournament in Pattaya later here in 2024 with all his black Hollywood connections which will bring in more B-Dubbs smh. In addition to that, the Dysfunctional Mocha Festival will make a stop in Pattaya as well smh. We know the B-Dubbs in that group wanted to come to Pattaya to see what FBA Men are doing and to see if they can pull some brothers back on the FBA Women Plantation.

        1. Samuel Smith,

          Richie Mac still wants to be able to dip his feet into “da communitah” in order to attend events such as BBQs, cookouts etc. As I’ve stated before, true SYSBM™ practitioners aren’t afraid to completely cut off as well as walk away from the black female and the community she has utterly destroyed. As for that Mocha Festival, if the pictures and the videos contained in the Instagram link below are anything to go by, Pattaya is in some serious trouble:

          The same disease ridden black whores who brought themselves to Houston last year will ensure they make their way to Thailand at the end of this year. Get ready to hear more stories of black females getting their nails done in salons and not wanting to pay the bill, it’s coming, you can guarantee it because black women don’t know how to act wherever the setting or venue is.

          As I’ve stated before, some black men are angry at black women but not enough to completely walk away from them. Put a black female in front of them with a floppy and sloppy or BBLed up booty and the overwhelming majority of them will fold.

          1. I’ve always known of that Mocha Mess and never found anything appealing about being around a bunch of overweight, twerking, tattooed up STD hoes.

            I see they wanna bring that crap to Dubai next year lol. Good luck with THAT one…..

            As for this guy Richie bringing out bdubs to Thailand, the man’s an idiot. If you still can’t detach yourself from bdubs, that’s on you, but why ruin it for for the rest of us who are trying to get away from them while dealing with other women in peace? It’s not like black females are going to be out there and conduct themselves with any type of class and dignity. They’ll just be a general nuisance, especially to brothers who are with Thai women and not a part of that group.

  10. SYSBM Tenet #23 reads as follows: “THE SYSBM brotherhood WILL NOT BE NEGOTIATING NOR HORSE-TRADING WITH ANY BLACK WOMEN ON ANY LEVEL AT ANYTIME, black women have chosen their particular path, in like manner SYSBM brothers have chosen theirs. Both pathways are completely opposite to one another and thus cannot be meshed together.”

    This right here is one of the things that makes SYSBM a cut above the rest; we have completely written the B Dubbs off, therefore we have no worries about encountering and dealing with straggs like the one Zoom To Thailand interviewed. You couldn’t ask for a more textbook example of the scraggle daggle than that woman, from her whole demeanor, her language, to all of her talking points; aside from the daggle’s husband (whose silence speaks volumes), I couldn’t help but notice how the other women were quiet throughout and looked very uncomfortable as she spoke. Every time a daggle speaks, I take that as a PSA for Black men to save themselves; like Richie Mac said, “what you just said is why we’re leaving”. Oh, and all of that talk about “we don’t want to date outside our race” is 🧢🧢🧢🧢; thinking brothers have documented how these straggs have scapegoated Black men in order to make Bottom Shelf Brad appear as a more viable option while they project that same thing onto us.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Richie Mac is better than me, there’s no way that I would’ve invited a stragg to clean my house yet alone for an interview. As the late Dr David Carroll said “no hope no change for the Negro”, I say “black women, they can’t change, they won’t change”. Black women have drawn their line in the sand and they’re not willing to compromise unless your name is 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Chad or Brad.

      The conversations between black men and black women are typically all the same where black men are hopeless trying to reason with the unreasonable, black women are determined to display their masculinity and dominance and black men end up grovelling at the black female’s feet because they’re too afraid to give these heifers both barrels and tell them how it really is.

      I remember back in 2017-2018 when you yourself said that the time for conversing with black women was done, this is the end of 2023 going into 2024 and these black females for the majority part are still the same, they haven’t changed. SYSBM™, this is the the way!

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