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Did You Think They Would Leave You Alone? #SHORTS

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Thanks to fellow SYSBM™ Knight GW3 Extreme and commenter SYSBM Forever for bringing this extremely disappointing video to my attention.

If this is indeed true, the Passport Bros who allowed this Western black siren to hoodwink them into buying her drinks should be utterly ashamed of themselves, this is exactly what happens when you cannot fully let go of “da sistas”.

This is where SYSBM™ is a 10 mile high cut above the rest, because we’ve already accepted that black women are problematic on an international level and as a result we’ve had no problems completely kicking them to the kerb.

What have I been telling you black men for years, I’ve been warning you time and time again of the fact that black women in the West(particularly those from the United States) aren’t about to allow you to ride off into the sunset with a non black female significant other without a fight.

I’ve been warning you that in these last times black women would be pulling out all of the stops in their efforts to sabotage and destroy your ticket to freedom away from THEM.

I remember seeing a video a while back when the Passport Bros movement was at the peak of its attention, a light skinned daggle suggested that other black females should visit the countries where the Passport Bros are going with the sole aim of ruining their chances of finding true love and companionship abroad.

Now, having visited Cartagena on many, many occasions(my girlfriend being Colombian), I can confirm firsthand that there has been a serious uptick in Western black females visiting the city, they’re all over the damn place with their weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, raptor claw nails, heavy makeup as well BBLs and anything else plastic, silicone and fake.

This is what I’m talking about when I say that black women will ALWAYS want black men close by because they know that no other ethnicities of men are checking for them in significant numbers.

Black women also know that they can only be disrespectful, arrogant, haughty, mean, rude, rebellious and belligerent towards black men as a collective because no other men will tolerate their dysfunctional behaviour which is disgusting to think about.

You Passport Bros need to fix up as this is a serious L for the squad. At least learn the language of the country you’re visiting even if it’s only the basics, that way you won’t be caught off guard.

As for Western black women, they’re professionally proving themselves to be a desperate and pathetic bunch, chasing black men to the ends of the earth in their attempts to sabotage, ruin and destroy(if they can) said men’s chances of dating and marrying NORMAL women.

Brothers, when visiting foreign lands ALWAYS keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six. Don’t be like these sad dudes who are still willing to entertain the enemy.

Black women say one thing but do something completely different. They claim to not care about who black men choose to date, yet here they are actively following said black men to the ends of the earth, what a joke.

Black women are always lurking in the shadows looking to spoil a black man’s happiness, and they keep asking the silly question, what are you SYSBM™ Knights and practitioners saving yourselves from, smh?

Black women, they CAN’T leave black men alone, they WON’T leave black men alone. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are Always Lurking In The Shadows, Beware

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “Did You Think They Would Leave You Alone? #SHORTS

  1. These heauxes are MENTALLY ILL!!! The Passport Bros need to have some type of checklist to make sure the women they’re dealing with are authentic & not a Daggle in disguise!👺👺👺

    1. Val Zod,

      All this talk about “we don’t care who black men date” is all cap. This black siren went to a foreign country and couldn’t do her own thing, the first thing she did was hunt down some Passport Bros in order to exploit them.

      The black witch will do what the black witch will does, however shame on those dudes for allowing themselves to be tricked and hoodwinked by their number one enemy.

      I’m not even entertaining a black harridan in any manner like this when I’m abroad. Passport Bros are the guys they supposedly “don’t want”, yet here they are. At least these straggling fefails are finally observing and understanding that a significant contingent of black men are not willing to put up with their BS any longer.

      Like I said before, black women, they CAN’T leave black men alone, they WON’T leave black men alone, smh.

      1. Any passport bro stupid enough to deal with the scrag deserves every misfortune resulting from the encounter.


  2. Verbs,

    I agree 200% of what you say about Passport Bros taking Ls. I do not like taking Pot-shot at Passport bros, I but I have to after I saw this video because I notice that they make some memes which black females chasing BM holding passport. Nothing wrong with promoting getting your Passport, but when Passport Bros doing too much bragging rights, General Tito has warn them that these Black females will find may ways to circumvent the Passport Bros with all necessary means such as deny passport in the customer Service.
    Now for months you have Dick Policing Simps because they cannot go after Passport Bros as they just focus on Interracial Dating, these Dick Police and the rest of the Plantation Bros as funding BW’s plane ticket to hunt and track down the Passport Bros in other countries to take them back into the Plantation. It is already happening.

    This is another reason why I am against SYSBM form a coalition with the Passport Bros. Because SYSBM always keeps a low profile and pay these BW no mind, they just walk away and leave them be. However, when you have Passport Bros bragging all the time, you know these females will always stick their nose in some-one elses business and make a video about it. You do not have to make video towards these BW, they will find you and make all the bitter videos as we all saw for many months.

    Verbs wrote:
    “Black women say one thing and but do something completely different. They claim to not care about who black men choose to date, yet here they are actively following said black men to the ends of the earth, what a joke.”

    Because Passport Bros going back and forth with these BW, BW are now using the ‘Hail Mary’ aka the Last Resort.

    1. MMT,

      You last sentence sums up the major problem and why black women are following black men no matter what countries they go to. There are too many black men(not true SYSBM™ practitioners) who are still engaging in conversation with these black harriets.

      From earlier on this year I stated that the Passport Bros need to start moving in silence. They’ve put out the good message to other black men that there are BETTER options available to them, now they need to move more low key.

      As I keep on saying, most black men are tired of black women but not to the point where they’re willing to walk away from them. As long as black women see this they’ll always be able to infiltrate the ranks of any black male groups/digital spaces who still choose to entertain them with ease, just look at what happened to Black Manosphere 2.0.

      I fully agree with you when it comes to the bragging and boasting, it’s gone on for long enough. Now it’s time for the Passport Bros to manoeuvre with more discretion if they’re truly serious and determined to steer clear of Keisha’s plantation.

      The Passport Bros movement is lacking structure, they need a set of rules/guidelines/tenets just like we have here at SYSBM™.

      1. MMT/Verbs2015

        Speaking of moving in silence, I agree.

        I respect International Passport’s youtube channel, however at this point, I think all the videos he has about women need to be moved to his Patreon. The higher level stuff is already on there anyway for more exclusive members. I already know he wants to focus on the more important topics like IT skills, property, cryptocurrency and other stuff with Theo which is great. No one can get in the way of that.

        But while the videos on the type of women you can meet abroad are informative, youtube is a public platform so you can’t stop others from listening. All the undesirables such as black women, Pookies, incel white boys and jealous pro whack simps and others have access to it and I don’t like that.

        Obviously I can’t tell him how to run his channel, but that’s what I would do if I were him.

        Brothers should have learned from that fool Auston who blew up the spot in the first place and now keeps changing his tune.

        The rest need to be a lot more quiet from now on, cos sadly some brothers talk too damn much. The one thing I can respect about the Chinese is that they know how to move in silence and get shit done. They’re never loud about it. They may not be our friends, but we can take that leaf out of their book.

        1. The other thing I forgot to add: wearing ‘Passport Bros’ t-shirts and other merch isn’t a good idea. It’s a bit cringe not to mention real corny if we’re being honest lol. Why draw attention to yourself like that and put a target on your back?

          You just know the overweight weaveheads will make a beeline for you and for some women in these countries it might be a turn off due to the anti PB propaganda. Not to mention some of the native dudes who might be haters. Don’t make it easy for them. CIA agents don’t wear ID badges when they’re not working on American soil.

          This is what I mean when I say brothas need to move smarter.

          1. You are asking the loudest, most shit-talking, chest-thumping, video-making, braggadocius, signifying monkeys to “move in silence” LOL. They finally got one over on da sistuhs and are doing their end zone celebration dance, so don’t expect silence anytime soon.

  3. Why not just go for the simps in their own backyard? They got pathetic black men fighting for the attention of ‘muh kweenz’ at home all day long. Why aren’t these black daggles going for those guys then? They’re everywhere. And they’re willing to put up with any level of disrespect and mistreatment – it’s a dream come true for a black witch, surely.

    If them brothers really fell for that shit (IF….because remember black women lie about shit all the time for clout), then they’re just fools. SYSBM would have told that chick to get lost from the jump.

    This is really just about black female egos. They only want to hassle the black men they know they can’t have – including the ones they themselves turned down – because attention from ALL black men and first right of refusal is so important to these childish pea brained bitches.

    The overwhelming majority of brothers are not even Passport Bros – they are just simply on holiday. Many black men are outright ignoring black women abroad. They know we don’t want to see them. Unfortunately, ignoring them isn’t enough. They insist on acting the fool like children so now we have to be on guard from stuff we shouldn’t even have to contend with.

    They claim they’re gonna sabotage other black men’s chances on dating other women. I guess that means harassing us when we’re out on a date or hand in hand with another woman on the street. Of course, they’re unintelligent, so they don’t stop to think about the repercussions this will have. Their image is already down the toilet. When other people, particularly women, see this behaviour, it’s only going to make them empathise with good black men and pursue us even more while despising black women without us having to say a word.

    Non black men who aren’t even checking for them in the first place will REALLY want to keep their distance and have contempt for them. This is why black women are always talking about their bad experiences abroad more than black men are. Way more. We rarely have an issue.

    As sensible black men, we’re in the process of cleaning up our image and we know that in order to attract quality women, we need to improve ourselves in all areas of life and be at our best wherever we are. I mean, that’s just common sense. We’re well aware that if we go somewhere and act the fool, there’s consequences and it reflects on all of us. Our counterparts that we’ve been cursed with will NEVER improve and make excuses for their behaviour all the time and even blame us directly. Of course this is all our fault somehow:

    We’ll be alright. Black women are actually a necessary evil, so all this will go in our favour more than we realise.

    Just a heads up – if you’re ever in South Korea, it ain’t like the west. To my understanding, if a woman starts trouble and the authorities are aware of it, they won’t be on her side. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained…..


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The bottom line is they know that Passport Bros have the money, all of this talk about them being “the broke guys they didn’t want” is all cap. These black sirens aren’t stupid, they’re more in shock at the fact that there is a contingent of black men who are at the least willing to go elsewhere and look at the foreign landscape.

      Like I said before, having visited Cartagena on many occasions I can confirm firsthand that daggles are flooding in by the truckloads(the same thing is happening in Cancun, Mexico). Honestly, if I wasn’t in a relationship with a Colombian woman I would be heading straight towards either Eastern Europe or East Asia(Philippines especially).

      The daggles are look incredibly ridiculous right now, travelling out to foreign lands to harass the same black men they’ve been claiming they didn’t want for the longest. Like I said above, they CAN’T leave black men alone, they WON’T leave black men alone.

      I must admit it is satisfying to see these arrogant black sirens sideways begging for the attention of the guys “they didn’t want”, all said black men have to do now is STOP extending olive branches out to these ungrateful heifers, stop engaging them in conversation and give them the boot completely. #SYSBM™

      1. Verbs2015,

        Shame that they’re flooding Cartagena now. I prefer Medellin, but sadly all the loudmouths are slowly turning it into a mini DR so now the whole world knows about it. Just a few years ago, it was still somewhat of a hidden gem in terms of tourism, at least when I was there in 2019.

        Unlike South America, bdubs have the worst luck in Europe because they can’t blend in the same way, plus the men really DON’T want them at all. Even in Italy where they used to claim the men just luuurve tha sistas, I’m seeing videos of them complaining cos they get hostile stares or mistaken for hookers. So they’ll only make it worse for themselves. The brothers are still eating though like we always do.

        Black men need to ignore them and I mean IGNORE them. Avoid eye contact the same way you would a barking dog or a crazy person on the street shouting gibberish at you. And yes, because they have childlike minds, in some cases that might cause them to make a scene and become hostile. But just simply make it clear to the non black woman you’re with, or any group you’re around that you don’t know this individual and let them carrying on with their tantrums. Again, no eye contact or engagement of any sort. THEY will look bad, not you.

        Some may say ignoring them is rude and ill mannered. Oh well. They were that way to me for as long as I can remember while the cowardly “good” ones never spoke up for me. I no longer have any interest in being the “bigger person”. Been there, done that and they only slap away the olive branch you extend to them anyway.

        And to all the weak black men still engaging in debates and explaining yourselves to these harridans whilst abroad, ask yourself (or them) if they would have even looked in your direction back home let alone approach you? Exactly. So fucking man up for once. You don’t owe them shit.

  4. That’s Because they’re obsessed with Columbia, Brazil and The DR and won’t expand their options.Go to Eastern and Western European Countries and even better Scandinavian countries where Weave Rodents are in very short supply and Scandinavian women absolutely LOVE Black Men and treat them like kings.

    Did you see what happened to Auston Holleman when he landed in Romania, he didn’t want to leave. Now he’s gone from one heavenly Eastern European environment to another in Poland where he’s having the time of his life free from the the Global pestilence known as Weave Rodents.

    You guys are well aware of my European hangouts such as Germany, Italy, France,Beglium and all of the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Findland, Iceland and Norway. Absolutely GORGEOUS fit, feminine and friendly women. Now the draw back is the high cost of living and extreme cold but get yourself you a blonde hair blue eye Scandinavian Queen to cuddle up to during those cold winter months.

    Or…visit Eastern Europe such as the aforementioned Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croata, Latvia, Serbia,Albania and before the war MOST DEFINITELY Ukraine. The women there are just as beautiful and very traditional and even the cost of living is very LOW compared to Western European Countries and a GLEEFULLY low Weave Rodent infestation.

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      To be honest, I believe we’d be fooling ourselves if we held to the belief that visiting countries with more non black folks would stop these weave rats from still choosing to scurry in our direction, that being said I am of the impression that running into them would be far less frequent, most definitely.

      Auston Holleman should’ve hit Europe instead of Africa, now the guy can’t believe how feminine Eastern European women are when compared to the black females from the motherland he was previously dealing with but he would’ve known this had he listened to free thinking brothers like us from the beginning.

      I’d have to agree with you, there are so many other countries to visit if brothers are looking for quality women, for example countries like Mongolia and Indonesia are heavily slept on, there are plenty of quality women in those lands.

      Like I said above, if I wasn’t dealing with a Latina then I’d be heading either straight to Eastern Europe or East Asia.

  5. They are more likely to follow the passport bros to South america cause these areas are visited by black American men the most.

    If more black men decide to travel to Asia, Western Europe or Eastern Europe, these negress females will follow them there too.

    Some passport bros aren’t clearly sysbm.

    No negress can get in my way in front of my white girlfriend.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      As commenter Quincy Fitzpatrick always says, I fully agree with you bro. These black sirens will follow black men wherever we go, however I do honestly believe we would encounter them at a reduced rate in Eastern European and East Asian countries.

      The extension of olive branches out to these black witches needs to stop, black men who are serious about breaking free from the chains and the shackles of “da communitah” and its dysfunctional leaded called the modern day black female need to go all the way and never look back.

  6. SYSBM: I’m real tired, boo!
    White sugar honey: Come sit down and rest, hun!

    Whoever mad this video is mental in the brain. What’s wrong with people? I’m tired because I was at Sloane Square, Brixton and in Central London, my left knee is sore and I’m tried. If this is true, if the passport brothers are buying drinks for this scraggly drinks, then this could be an L for them.

    I know that the passport brothers movement is more of an American thing but if this is true, then yeah. They should be ashamed of themselves. The passport bros don’t even think about doing this. and the ratchet black women are not letting black men go with the non-black women without a big fight.

    There are some black men say that there are some good black women but the thing is that the good black woman is a unicorn. The good black woman is a rare car that you don’t see in the road.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  7. “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.” – Ra’s Al Ghul

    This quote is the first thing that comes to mind while watching this video; peep how she’s acting on camera: smiling, girly finger waving, snd she looks like she’s having fun hanging with American Black men. This is some next level chameleon behavior! I never would’ve imagined the scraggle daggle would try this, but I can’t say that I’m surprised; this is what happens when brothers cannot take mama’s tittty out of their mouths (as MadBusDriverX has stated in the past). This is what separates SYSBM from Passport Bros: we not only move in silence while abroad, but we have completely written off ALL Black females as their dysfunction has made its way all around the world; be safe out there, and don’t let this be you. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Indeed. This continual extension of olive branches to the daggles will be the death of those black men who still believe in the back of their foolish minds that through all odds they can still find that unicorn. Most black men even in 2023 with so much evidence being presented to them still refuse to accept just how far gone most black women are.

  8. Verbs 2015.

    As a childfree SYSBM black man at 41, I walked away from black women a long time ago and I ain’t ever coming back to date them.

  9. Those passport brothers who bought that B-Dubb drinks 🍹 thinking she was Brazilian were probably rookies in the passport brothers movement there in Colombia 🇨🇴. Veteran passport brothers who travel 🧳 to Colombia 🇨🇴 just don’t buy any melanted women a drink 🥃 on GP. As for Austen Holloman he recently did a short YT or FB video clip saying to FBA Brothers that in his opinion that it is easier to deal with Latin & African women for long term relationships than European & Asian women. It just proves that at least 80% of FBA Brothers prefer melanted women over fair skin
    Or lighter skin women. They still want a seat 💺 & voice in Blacknstain smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🤷🏾‍♂️. I am here in Spain 🇪🇸 & enjoying the femininity of the women as well as being less stressful than the matrix USA 🇺🇸. Also no B-Dubbs in sight which makes life more enjoyable.

    1. Samuel Smith,

      Yep, it comes down to most black men not having the testicular fortitude to cut the black witch off completely, mentally they want to hang in there because they still believe that they can find that unicorn. They honestly cannot believe that black female society is as screwed as we free thinking black men say it is, smh.

      I saw that short by Holleman, he’s repeating the same redundant talking points as the modern day black female. In the past I’ve provided links to an entire roster of YouTube interracial couples(black men/non black women) in long term relationships.

      That fetish talk doesn’t fly anymore, there are certain non black women that do deal with that department, however those are specialist arenas that have to be deliberately sort out, that’s not the common, everyday ground.

      Here is the short for those who didn’t see it:

      1. Seeing the comments from Austen YT clip just shows that the overwhelming majority of FBA Brothers desire melanted women in Latin America 🇺🇸 & Africa which is cool 😎 & I am all for it. These are the Passport Brothers & Blue Book 📖 Gentlemen. I see SYSBM Knights sticking with European, Asian( all skin types ) & European Latinas than African descent women. I don’t think 🤔 SYSBM Knights needs to merge with Passport Brothers/Blue Book 📕 Gentlemen as they fired a shot at SYSBM via Pablo Escobar on his latest YT video. He is clicked in with Obisidian & Oshay.

        1. Samuel Smith,

          Firing shots at SYSBM™? Can you send me the video and timestamp please? That’s ridiculous on its face if true because SYSBM™ is a fundamental pillar of the Passport Bros movement. Passport Bros taking a shot at SYSBM™ is them taking a shot at themselves.

          It’s much easier easier to deal with non melanated women when going foreign because they’re more receptive to your authority and as a result are more likely to follow your lead. East Asian women are leading the way in being the best selection hands down.

          Melanated women can and often are problematic regardless of where they come from, this has been my observation and why I’m more inclined to encourage SYSBM™ brothers to steer clear of melanated women altogether.

          1. Look up YT channel Pablo Frescobar. He did the video to rebuke SYSBM on Sunday or Monday. Also, I agree on dealing non-melanted women over melanted women. The only exception would be South Asian women but they have a (color issue) being told they are not beautiful. They don’t claim African descent as those in Africa, Latin America 🇺🇸 & The Caribbean.

  10. Samuel Smith,

    Do you have a link and timestamp to the video?

    Any Passport Bros who have an issue with SYSBM are more than welcome to post here and debate us (I doubt they will though).

    We do the same thing they do anyway (excluding dating black females of course), the only difference is we’re tactful and know how to move discreetly. We’re not disorganised, nor do we run our mouths and tell the whole world every single thing we do, therefore putting a target on our backs and being an embarrassment to other black men.

    We’re not mainstream for a reason and we very rarely get mentioned anywhere. Plus men who talk too much in general aren’t respected. Having a bit of mystery goes a long way and is actually more attractive to women while being more beneficial to you in life in other areas.

    That scenario with the annoying woman simply wouldn’t have happened to us. Many of these Passport Bros are the reason why these chicks are going to other countries and harassing brothers in the first place and why countries like Colombia which were once a hidden gem are now blown wide open and exposed, with more robberies and druggings taking place as a result. Some of these fools just don’t know how to deal with women generally and clearly lack an abundance mindset and it shows.

    I don’t have a problem with the movement in itself cos there’s alot of good brothers in it who are actually achieving great things, hence why I still promote it, but if some clowns wanna throw shots at us, they’ll just lose.

  11. Look up YT channel Pablo Frescobar. He is a blue book 📖 gentlemen & friends with Obisidian Ali. He made his video to rebuke SYSBM Sunday or Monday.

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