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The Whatever podcast host Brian Atlas is spot on, these women have to first prove themselves to you in order to qualify for provisioning services.

As I’ve stated many times before, providing for a woman is a traditional custom reserved for CLASSIC/TRADITIONAL WOMEN ONLY, modern day females need NOT apply.

It’s amazing to me how modern women expect you as a man to provide for them off the bat without them first proving themselves worthy enough to be provided for, smh.

I still believe having women on these podcasts overall is a waste of time because it gives said women the impression that what men specifically want from them is up for debate as well as negotiation, IT ISN’T.

However at the same time I do understand the exposure aspect where men can actually see in 4K the spoiled brat, entitled mentality of most women in the West as well as the serious lack of quality they bring to the table.

When it comes to the dysfunctional Western dating market, my personal recommendation remains the same, don’t involve yourselves in it, get your passports and never look back.

There are plenty of traditional, non feminist minded women in other parts of the world who are more than willing to play the traditional role they’re supposed to and reciprocate without complaint, pushback or protest.

If a man makes any conformation to a dysfunctional dating market outside of abandoning it, that makes him a certified simp.

Don’t be a sucker, don’t be that guy. A man is not noble, admirable or courageous because he chooses to deal with dysfunctional females, such actions make that guy a knucklehead.

ALWAYS walk away from female dysfunction, NEVER adapt or believe you have to accept unbridled, uncouth, unruly, degenerate behaviour in any form from any woman.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. With no exaggeration, da communitah will literally accept a brother who is a drug dealer and murderer before they accept a clean cut dude with a woman from a different race.

      He could have discovered a cure for all the diseases in the world, but all the wig stealers, bundles of sticks and blue pilled simps in this hellhole “community” would only care for who he chooses to lay with. It’s hell being a normal, intelligent straight black man with a good head on your shoulders who just wants to live in peace. “White supremacy” is a walk in the park compared to the shit we have to deal with from “our” own. I’d rather live around Pinhead’s group of Cenobites.

      No wonder so many black men put Blackistan in their rear view when they achieve success.

    2. A 17:36 minute video dick policing a Hollywood actor. Some in the comments calling him by his name in a Tyler Perry movie. These delusional heffas can’t tell a movie from reality. Bishes even looked up his court documents to see if he was divorced. These Section 8 hoes got all day to play detective and gossip online but can’t cook a meal from scratch for their bastard kids smh. The man’s own daughter is marrying a white man but the hyenas got no problem with that. Imagine sacrificing for these thankless heffas, staying in the home, suffering with their mama for 20 years and they got the gall to bring home a white boy. I mean Obama’s daughter brought a white boy home, even the first Black POTUS gets no respect. These black bishes are a damn mess. Congrats to Richard T. Jones for snagging a mature rice bunny, better late than never. Going Asian is the best choice you can make in 2023. I know summa y’all are snowmen, but Western white girls are going downhill in a hurry they’re going for Pookie too.

      Happy Open Topic Wednesday!


      1. I wish these harlots (as well as their hotep simp flunkies) stay tf out of our bedrooms, & leave us be. I’m sick of these harlots acting like they own us. I find it funny how these hypocritical harlots get up in arms whenever a famous/regular bm decides to date outside their race, but want to celebrate, & make all kinds of excuses when a famous/regular bw does the same. I hope bm of his caliber continue to leave them behind. They’re annoying asf..

      2. Hypocrisy has no limits.

        Notice that a negress has to be famous in order to get a higher chance of dating a white man and other non black men.

        A black man don’t need to be famous in order to date a white woman and other non black women.

        I understand perfectly that Asian women are the best choice for black American men in 2023.

        There are only a very few areas in Europe where any thinking black man could date a white woman.

        Eastern europe has higher divorce rates than western europe and anglo saxon nations combined.

    3. I had to stop watching after the 1:37 mark; the dick policing is unreal!

    4. Brotherdanunlimited,

      This is not the first time I’ve come across this black female host critiquing black men who’ve either chosen to expand on their dating options or who have been rightfully critical of black women. The dick policing, berating and constant disparagement of heterosexual free thinking black men just doesn’t stop, smh

        1. JD,

          Racist non black men and the black witch are two sides of the same decadent coin, they’ll viciously attack any women who speak in favour of black men, smh.

  1. OOOOOOHHH watch out fellas! Apparently the “Big Divorce” is coming and supposedly we’re all in for a rude awakening from these western harridans LMAO. You only need to watch the first two minutes:

    This over the hill hag is seriously talking about women are tapping out en masse because men are so garbage blah blah blah and how Barbie was a great influence on their decisions, LMFAO!!! But at the same time we’re supposed to be concerned that grown adult women who were so easily influenced by a silly live action cartoon will refuse to be married and see that as a loss. She’s really talking like we should be scared or something lol.

    She must have been living under a pile of a rocks, because clearly she never got the memo that there’s a thing called Passport Bros and men already “tapped out” a loooooong time ago, hence why they have been flying out to non western countries and settling with foreign women BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT YOU. You can’t brag about how you’re gonna beat me in the race next week when I already ran through the finish line a month ago. Silly cow.

    As for the article, I agree. To quote what that pimp said in the movie Taken to Leslie Nielsen “There’s no negotiating, the price is the price.” Men need to stop having these discussions with women and bargaining as if they’re in the middle of a sale and put their foot down. You be traditional, follow my lead and submit, or you can bounce, simple. In other countries where the men are still men, just the mere thought of even having this conversation is laughable.

    These women stepped out the kitchen and were given a few inches and they’ve taken several acres, now here we are.

    Too bad the best example I found of an extremely rare female who is the pinnacle of beauty, purity, femininity and exudes all the qualities of what a real woman and wife should be was a young 21 year old who I posted on here a few weeks ago.

    To say the west is done is an understatement. It’s burnt to a crisp and only divine intervention can save it at this point but I think the Creator/Divine will just let the whole thing destroy itself and replace it with something different and I wouldn’t blame Him/It.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      The problem is these modern females are they act like this is the new era for women and they are fighting back against marriage such as ‘Big-Divorce’. Just like how BW saying for years that they are boycotting BM and having this new trend of war against BM.

      Newsflash to these western females: They been doing this since 1960’s/70’s aka Feminism, the difference is the feminism has been genetically mutated every 10 years. Every decade it mutates, it gets ugly and ugly, which causes devolution to these western females, also the legal system made is rigged against men.

      Then around pre-2010 which Red-Pill was the form of the counter-attack to these feminist system, which created MGTOW, SYSBM and now Passport Bros.

      It is funny that they can try and make this new threat to men and I am thinking ‘is that all they got’. They can hold relationship or sex hostage against men all they want because as the ‘Anti-Simp Bro’ said: ‘Fine, we got over 100 countries to choose from’.

      This ‘Rude-Awakening’, this will change nothing anyway as just like Kevin Samuels death changes nothing to these BW. They can celebrate Rude Awakening and KS death all they want.Bbut they still be here. Fat, ugly, unattractive, femcel, hitting the wall, never get a quality man, buying a dog.

      Speaking of dog, I seen video how BW cook great food for a dog, put all the effort and being feminine with cooking skills for a dog. But they will never do this to a BM.

      1. “Speaking of dog, I seen video how BW cook great food for a dog, put all the effort and being feminine with cooking skills for a dog. But they will never do this to a BM.”

        I saw that same video, I can’t find it now. I posted it a few Open Mic Wednesdays back. Yup, that black hoe made a literal gourmet meal for her doghusband but making a BM a plate is “slavery.” Yup they’ve gone full bestiality now. I think these 304s somehow got WORSE after Kevin Samuels died. Passport Bros are undefeated. SYSBM.

    2. SYSBM Forever,

      My response to “the great divorce”:

      These Western fefails aren’t going anywhere, all that is going to happen is them continually watching as more Western men choose to opt for non westernised foreign women instead.

      The bottom line is Western women are extremely selfish, have no self control and most definitely have NO understanding of the fact that they’re entitled to nothing from men.

      They want to live an out of this world princess luxury lifestyle ie they want men to dote on them, worship them and serve them while they reciprocate absolutely nothing in return. Western women have become the most laziest, useless females on the planet and the modern day black female is the most slothful slug of them all.

      As I’ve stated before, I don’t worship women as that is akin to paganism/satanism. That stat about 45-50% of Western women by the year 2030 being single and childless is looking very accurate and right on schedule.

    3. HA! Women 🍵

      That TikTok goes to show just how unoriginal Western fefails are; does she not realize that the “Great Divorce” took place already with the advent of the Red Pill? Has she never heard of MGTOW? Also, women base this move on a movie centered around a fictional character while men use real life examples to explain their moves, but that’s “girl math” for you; go cry into a tub of Breyer’s, will ya?

  2. SYSBM: It was raining this morning.
    White sugar honey: But he stopped raining in the afternoon.

    Happy Wednesday guys. Money Cultural here. Busy as usual as with me writing an article and writing a short story.

    Right, note to men especially black men. don’t deal with a woman who is not down for you. If she is not with it when it comes to you, don’t choose her and just choose someone else. I haven’t a chick who wasn’t down for me at all, so I wasted my time with some of them. Why I wanna be with a chick who is goanna waste my time?

    As the state of ratchet black women, black men are getting their passport and taking the fast plane out of here to look for a cutie overseas because there are no good black women left. Some black men say that there are some good black women around but the good black woman is like a rare car made in small numbers.

    When I see these women on these podcasts I was thinking pretty as they are, how smart these women really are. I was thinking that these women are not bright. And some of the women on these podcasts have only fans as well.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.



    The great thing with us as SYSBM brothers is that we don’t give a single fuck what black females have to say about us dating and marrying out and we’re not afraid of them. The problem for other black men is they still feel the need to justify and explain themselves, particularly when they’ve made the grave mistake of having kids with these toxic harridans like the brother in the video.

    You can “still love black women” all you want, but look at how they treat you when you live your life on your own accord and they have no control over you. They’re the most vile, hateful, toxic and nastiest women on the planet and make the worst mothers, partners and friends to have. There’s a reason why black men who date other women are always much happier and healthier.

    They don’t want black men being happy, period. Even when you’re with a black woman, they’d still have something to say. Don’t believe me? Date a light skinned bdub and watch what happens.

    As a grown man, explaining yourself to a group of females you don’t even know who aren’t paying your bills or doing anything for you isn’t a good look. He should have just ignored and blocked them. They love it when you engage them on bullshit cos they feed on negative energy like the parasites that they are.

    Black men gotta man up and do better.

    1. Shawny can take his decades of so-called comic advice that he gives and go jump off a bridge in the Bronx.

    2. Rippa has two multimillion comicbooks campaigns and is probably on his way for a third one right now. Shawn needs to be calling Rippa for advice instead of opting pro black politics.

      1. Rippa is killin’ it right now. The 3rd one “Alphacore” is at $800,000. Nobody thinking about incel Shawn James lol.

        1. I actually ordered a copy of Alphacore #1 (cover C) myself.

          It’s funny how people think that being broke is somehow a flex.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I seriously HATE fuckers like this dude right here:

    These simps who never hold bdubs or pookies causing all the chaos accountable for anything, but choose to attack GOOD black men instead better pray I never get into power because I will literally go Stalin on these dudes. If you wanna see why black women won’t change it’s because of f*ggots like him.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Most black men are profoundly spellbound, they can’t break free from the sorcery and the witchcraft that has been woven into them by the black siren herself. Additionally, pro black shine bones like him are afraid to check these black harriets for fear of losing their easy access to contaminated snatch.

    2. Bro if I was in power I’d go full Pol Pot in the black communitah, Holocaust 2.0. Either that or put domes around the worst communitahs and seal them off from productive citizens.

      Don’t even know why you still expect BW to change under any circumstances. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

      But it’s good to see so many younger productive BM so radicalized at earlier and earlier ages. Many young dudes have NEVER dated a BW, EVER. I be scrolling Twitter with a smile at all the SYSBM accounts. The world has finally caught up with me, I’ve been SYSBM before there was even a name for it. These hoes ain’t never been shit.

      Keep breathing that fire I’m here for it.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        “Don’t even know why you still expect BW to change under any circumstances.”

        I don’t…

    1. Brother Dan,

      America is cooked. Dems have gone full demonic. Hell-bent on coddling, enabling and normalizing degeneracy on every level. Never thought it would get this bad. Either find a stable red state like Texas or Florida, or try and escape the West altogether.


    So these pathetic fefails (lol I learned a new term today) have to pretend to be something else just to get us to pay them any attention when they go overseas. Imagine being such a loser that you pay for a ticket and hotel for free drinks from strangers and brag about it online. Obviously they know they’re undesirable and International Passport had a recent video of how they get pumped and dumped in Korea, so now they have to pull these stunts.

    We can’t go to Japan, Thailand and now Colombia without these bdubs following us and being an annoying nuisance in some way. This is what children do. They like to clown Passport Bros, but the mere thought of black men living life thousands of miles away from them in peace is obviously something they can’t handle. I really wish more white men at home paid them more attention so they can just piss off.

    1. JD,

      She found out the grass isn’t greener on the other side. She got pumped, impregnated and dumped by General Blizzard. Where is the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin on this, of course, nowhere to be found. Even Karazin herself had to fall back to dealing with a simp black male, smh.

      1. Wow really ? I had heard she was with a black guy, but didn’t really know if it was true or not. I guess white men weren’t who she thought they were after all..

  6. Little Mr Know It All claims black men are only a fetish in Europe and Asia:

    Never mind the fact there’s plenty of black men out there and around the world settled with women from many different Asian countries and have been for years. You’re not a “fetish” if you’re married to one and raising a family SMH.

    You can’t listen to some of these dudes cos you’ll end up missing out on some great women.

    Things didn’t work out for him like he wanted so now he’s projecting.

    1. SYSBM Forever,

      In the past I’ve provided links upon links(YouTube and Instagram)to black men being in long term relationships with non black women, this fetish talk just doesn’t fly anymore. There are specialist fetish arenas for non black women to seek out black men, however these are not within the common, everyday ground.

      A black men with his head screwed on straight can easily find a white or Asian woman to be in a long term relationship with, Holleman simply needs to admit that melanated women namely black women are his personal preference and stop with the redundant “fetish” talk.

      He sounds like a black female rattling off that rhetoric, that’s exactly what the black witch says whenever she sees black men successfully exiting the proverbial plantation, smh.

    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      The daggle can’t even successfully run a bath yet alone a community, smh. Black women typically engage in some sort of skullduggery whenever they get into a position of authority/power which is why they should be kept away from important positions especially those where other people’s lives are being affected.


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