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Where Is The Lie Though? #SHORTS

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She never lied at all, it’s a shame that the overwhelming majority of elder black women remain steeped in evil, spite and wickedness and are more than happy to steer these younger black females down the same path of calamity, death and destruction that they themselves were encouraged to enter into(which most did) by their elders, the cycle never stops.

You’ll struggle to count on one hand the amount of elder black females who’ll willingly hand down solid, sound advice to the younger generations. When was the last time you heard an elder black woman telling the younger women NOT to live a 304 lifestyle, I’ll wait?

When was the last time you heard an elder black woman warning younger black men concerning the perils and the dangers of dealing with 304 lifestyle worshipping black females, I’ll wait?

Now, I’m not stupid and am no fool, I’m in no doubt of the strong likelihood that this “pink haired” elder most probably was a wild one in her younger years and is only now choosing to “do the right thing” because she’s hit the wall ie her options have run dry.

At the same time however, since these modern day black females are determined to 304 themselves into oblivion and since they refuse to listen to black men, somebody else has to step up.

In this instance her message is geared more towards young black men who unfortunately for the majority part(at least in the US)still choose to deal with these trash black females on a dating and mating level.

You have to get to know these women indeed, that is a must. NEVER allow any woman to bully, rush or push you into getting married. As an Original SYSBM™ Knight, I only recommend marriage in countries where there are no laws that are stacked against men in the event of a separation/divorce.

As I’ve stated many times before, as far as I’m concerned marriage in the West is a solid NO NO. Avoid women with no morals, those steeped in hedonism, superficialism, materialism as well as those who don’t value themselves like the plague, they’re only fit for the sewers as the streets are too good of a place to give them.

Additionally, women who are obsessed with social media especially TikTok and Instagram as well as those who repeat the degenerate lyrics to trash rap music put out by these bottom of the barrel, no talent, 304 female rappers also need to be avoided at all costs and given an extremely wide berth.

I personally believe that men should only have sex with women they’d have no problems staying with long term, the “need to bust a nut” culture has gotten so many black men caught up in the court system, the child support racket is a serious and relentless beast.

Leave trash women for the yellow belly, blue pilled simps to sift through and manage, if they want to play and wallow in the gutter then let them have at it. Gentlemen, always keep those standards HIGH, NEVER allow any female or blue pilled simp to shame you into doing otherwise. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

DO NOT Place Your Seed Into Gutter Trash Females, You’ll Be Very Sorry

Most High Bless

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6 thoughts on “Where Is The Lie Though? #SHORTS

  1. Why is she warning black males about blackistan?

    What is the catch behind it?

    What is the hidden agenda behind it?

    The answers are clearly to trap black males to stay on their plantation.

    SYSBM and passport bros to the opposition is like they have a gun to their head to say something about it or else.

    If I do have kids with a white girlfriend, it’ll be my job to make sure my kids don’t have an identity crisis.

  2. A lot of these old black broads used to rip and run with the street dudes back in their day. I know this from my own family. From the old jazz dudes of the 30s-60s to the pimp daddy/dope man of the 70s to today’s mumble-rap thug niggas, nothing has changed. Where do you think these modern-day 304s learned this sh*t from. These are the elder black women who want to rebrand as church ladies lol. Sounds like Grandma there wants to denounce what her generation created. Her age group was fully onboard with the “I don’t need no man” welfare agenda that produced this generation of tattooed, twerking, fatherless crack babies. I would say this was sage advice, but consider the source. SYSBM.

    1. Regardless of who wins the US Presidency in 2024, things are about to get very real for Blackistan in the US.

      White zaddy has taken Affirmative Action away from the scraggle daggle. The race quota jobs that the scraggle daggles used to get, are now going to Hispanic and Asian women.

      This further complicates things for the Pookies and Ray Rays who live off these scraggle daggles.

      Blackistanis are going to be forced to return to using hard work and common sense to survive, like their great grandparents did.

      They are going to have to develop some character to survive the hard times, which means less time for thot culture, thug culture, degenerate hip hop culture, superficial hotep nonsense, hard drugs, and the glamorization of all manner of urban pathologies.

  3. She is telling the truth, but the issue with her stating this is that she’s only addressing the symptom, not the source; these young 304s didn’t just come out of thin air. If David Carroll were still alive, he would ethered this pink haired fossil of a stragg in his Rabbit Hole series; this is part of the reason why elders are not respected much in the communitah. Would you respect someone who set you up for failure, then turns around and triea to play the moral authority role?

  4. SYSBM: There are so many 304’s, boo!
    White sugar honey: Focus on me, sweetie!

    The reason why we have so many 304’s is because of the last generation of women from fifty to sixty years ago. And what makes it worse that these former 304’s in the past is trying to making them be whorish or encouraging them to go for the worthless black man. I have an ex in Jamaica and let me tell you something. She was the district bicycle. Ever man have took a ride on that. Now, the wheels are flat, the 27 gears frigg up, bike chain busted, breaks destroyed, they ride that hard. Now, we have so many 304’s, black men are now just getting their passport and leaving these hoes behind.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


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