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The Entitlement Is Very Real!

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I’m sure you guys came across this synthetic entitled siren’s videos from a while back. Plastic lips, plastic nose, plastic breasts, plastic booty, cake-faced up to the hilt, fake eyelashes, fake nails, these Western females be looking real goofy and ridiculous out here walking around like deformed, freakish mutants.

As you can see, this is exactly what the Western dating market for the majority part has turned into, entitled delusional harriets going around proclaiming that men they don’t know from Adam from the beginning ought to be taking them out on dinner dates, smh.

Brothers, you have to understand, the overwhelming majority of women in the West no longer want long lasting relationships, companionships, marriage and a family, instead they’re only looking to be doted on and lavished with anything and everything material and superficial.

On top of this they simply want free, non reciprocal attention from as many men as possible, this is why so many of these females have no problems hopping from one penis to the next as well as showing themselves off in a sexually provocative manner on as many social media platforms as they can with a significant portion now taking explicit imagery to the next level using websites such as OnlyFans.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Western dating market is very close to being 100% contaminated, this is why I now strongly promote brothers seeking quality stargates in traditionally minded foreign women if possible whether locally or in a different country.

I’ve also stated before that any Western women who expect you to take them out to dinner straight out of the gate should be avoided at all costs, dinner dates should only be implemented when you and your significant other officially become a couple.

As has been brought to light time and time again, there are too many disingenuous females out here in the West looking for free meals at the expense of men, don’t be that sucker.

A few of the reasons why more men are wisely choosing to opt for coffee dates is to keep costs as low as possible as well as avoid being used to fill up the stomachs of women who genuinely aren’t interested in anything past stuffing their faces with expensive grub on the man’s tab.

In my opinion coffee dates, a walk in the park or meeting in other public spots such as shopping malls are a lot better options than going out to dinner because the interactions and conversations are much more concentrated and focused on getting to know the individual instead of having the food take away from the moment.

The more attractive the woman, the higher the entitlement complex intensity. Lastly, if these women were truly looking for love and companionship(which most of them aren’t), shouldn’t meeting up with the man and spending quality time with him regardless of the location and the activities involved be the main focus?

The female above claims to be a real estate entrepreneur, from this we can safely assume she believes her income gives her some sort of leverage in a relationship, hence why she’s still single and hoping that one day Prince Charming will roll in on a white horse and scoop her up(that’s never going to happen).

By the way as a quick side note, notice her Instagram page is full of half naked pictures, I hardly came across any photos in relation to her proclamation of being successful in the real estate business.

As has been stated time and time again, the more money women make, the less options they have available. The above is why many men have no problems going down the beauty scale to say a solid 6 or 7, as they know the plainer looking women are typically more down to earth and less likely to present them with problems.

Gentlemen, save your money and never allow any of these entitled harpies you don’t know to shame you into spending ridiculous amounts of money on dates.

Most Western women outside of contaminated snatch have nothing of substance and true value to offer, this is why they’ll aim to distract you with the razzmatazz of expensive dinner dates in order to hide this as well as many other shortcomings. Don’t get caught out by these unprincipled, forever wanting buzzards. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Expensive Introductory Dinner Dates

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “The Entitlement Is Very Real!

  1. Verbs, great article this Friday.

    To me the overly plastic, bimbo look never did it for me. It is excessive and a woman that is naturally pretty can ruin her looks in the face if she puts on layers of make-up. That is why I’ve never liked the heavily done-up look on women. I would rather look at a woman who doesn’t need to enhance herself with cosmetic products.

    As for the woman’s attitude and presentation she tells me everything I need to know about her: useless and a liability. The Jezebelian attitude and entitlement are more reason for me to stay focused and grounded in getting myself on the path to be able to travel in the future. This job market sucks in the U.S. and I don’t need a western woman to further keep me down with misandrist tripe, we have enough issues to deal with as is.

    The witchcraft and Satanic nature of feminism has all but eroded dating here in the States and I will say thank God I’m still a virgin. As for a first date, my ideal place is a park or a bike trail/pathway. A nice walk allows both parties to get to know each other/vetting and get to see how the other person is.

    1. Kameran Fleets,

      Don’t be in a hurry to get rid of your virginity, in particular don’t even think about wasting it on one of these delusional and broken modern Western females.

      I can’t stand the fake look either, Western women in particular in their delusions of grandeur believe that they have the right to dictate to men what we should and shouldn’t like about them, their audacity at this point is beyond ridiculous.

      The issue with women such as the above is there is always going to be some blue pilled simp who will be willing to give her the world even though Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Chunky Bruh got to smash for free, smh.

      The Jezebel/feminist spirit is strong in so many of these Western harriers and it’s slowly beginning to spread to other parts of the world. ALWAYS keep the dates simple and never allow these women to shame you into spending unnecessarily high amounts of money on them.

      1. One thing you all are not considering is that this woman and women like her are the masters of illusion…the reason @veexoxoxo prefers not to go on a coffee date, bomba date, or meet for drinks is at some point she will have to engage in a somewhat meaningful conversation…in a location that doesn’t have the bells, whistles or distractions that a dinner restaurant would provide…

        You see when you are a stripper, an escort, an OnlyFans model, or for that matter a content creator….you make money by providing and fueling sexual illusions for men….by the dance, the hour, or the video….

        So after you ask her about her breast, her BBL, fat transfer for the snatched waist, fake eyelashes, nails, and hair…

        Where does the discussion go when you ask her about her career, where she attended college, her plains for the future?? See she will need a distraction like a dinner dish to take a picture of, some chic decor to pose next to…anything to avoid meaningful dialogue…

        So don’t spend too much time or valuable brain cells trying to figure it out….it only about the distraction and illusion….its nothing personal or deep for that matter

        1. Teresah,

          On the contrary, we completely understand exactly what is going on with Western women and how they deliberately place emphasis on the man needing to achieve things for them because they bring nothing of true substance or tangible value to the table, the last paragraph in the article sums this up well:

          “Most Western women outside of contaminated snatch have nothing of substance and true value to offer, this is why they’ll aim to distract you with the razzmatazz of expensive dinner dates in order to hide this as well as many other shortcomings.”

          Additionally, I’ve talked about Western women being lazy and worthless in other articles on the website. Trust me, we see what’s happening. Men in the West just need to stop being duped and hoodwinked into believing that they have to kowtow, conform and adapt to women who belong to a dysfunctional dating market because they don’t.

  2. She said that the man did not want to get to know her by asking for coffee dates.
    Coffee dates is the form of getting to know each other.

    I give shout out to Verbs because the Coffee Date topic is very important subject and one of my favourite because this shows BW’s true colours and motive.

    Also this was the good time for Verbs make this subject because last week these BW come up with the list to restaurant to avoid in the 1st date, the BW are so ghetto about it so list not just went viral, this even went to the local TV news for the Country to see. The reason they come up with the list because the BW could bot shame the Indian guy and inface the Indian guy verbally pimp slap her because she was trying to shame the guy over the Cheesecake Factory restaurant. But the shaming the Indian guy backfired as he stand is ground based on his Indian cultural principle.

    All they want is to make simps to pay Premium on the 1st date for nothing because the simps will believe that they will get laid on the 1st date which will not happen.
    Only non-BM and thugs are exempt from paying Premium.

    1. MMT,

      Much appreciated for the shout out sir. I’ll continue to harp on about keeping dates simple because these modern day females aren’t deserving of the extravagant things they expect from random men they don’t know.

      At this point enough is enough, however we already know that the blue pilled simps are the ones who will continue to brown nose and bootlick for these types of females in the hopes they’ll eventually land themselves some snatch.

      Very few if any of these women are virgins, kempt, demure, humble, píos, feminine, friendly, submissive, cooperative, natural etc yet they want men to pay over the top prices for tainted, broken beyond repair goods, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Modern western women in 2023 are so fucking deluded when it comes to taking women out on expensive meals for a first date that it’s not even funny. I only do cheap coffee dates or cheap drink dates for a first date because it shows me whether women who are genuinely interested me or not. The only date good looking women who are a 6 or 7 out of 10 in looks because they tend to be real, down to earth and they really like you. The only way I will take a woman out on a expensive date if she is my wife or long term girlfriend and we have been together for a long time.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The rule of thumb is simple, if she wants you to spend excessive amounts of money on her for the first date then that female is only about your money and resources and should be gotten rid of with the quickness.

      Sadly the overwhelming majority of Western women because of the indoctrination and programming of social media as well as feminism have been lead to believe that men are only a utility to be used at their will. Avoid any women who hold to that type of mentality like the plague.

  4. There’s some women you can just look at and tell right away they’re a total waste of time and this chick is one of them. I’m not even gonna dignify her b.s. with a drawn out reply. Females like her are the reason why airports all around the western world are filled to the brim with single men more than any other time in history.

    Just know that a real quality woman worth knowing who is happy to spend time with you would be more than satisfied with a coffee date or something very simple which requires little to no money. In my personal experience, if a woman is really into you like that (and feels safe with you obviously), then she’ll even be willing to cook at her home or yours once you have a bit of a rapport. I’d be surprised if Miss Entitled over here knows how to boil an egg.

    The problem is these western bimbos think we’re all so stupid and aren’t hip to their nonsense by now. That clout chasing bdub with the Cheesecake Factory stunt only highlighted this to even more men. You go overseas, the women know you have money but very rare do they insist on expensive dates or being lavished just to stunt on social media in front of their followers. What does that tell you?

    If a woman insists you part with a lot of cash, she’s not interested. Simple as that. Don’t waste your time with with these silly “I AM the table” females. All that money they insist you spend on them can go towards a plane ticket, a suit, bills, a few PS5 games, a charity or a group of homeless people or something….


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      Well said, as you mentioned, a woman who is truly into you won’t care about how much money is spent on her for either the first or any dates for that matter. It’s truly sad to see how dysfunctional the Western dating market has become.

      I remember in my younger years when going to the park as a date was a very big deal. Back then the focus really was about getting to know the individual, however those simple days and dates have long gone being replaced with the entitlement garbage we have today.

      At this point I honestly don’t see any better solutions for men in the West outside of getting a passport and travelling overseas to non Westernised countries in order to once again intermingle with NORMAL women.


  5. If a woman refuses a coffee date on day one and only wants dinner in restaurants, that is the exit sign of a red flag.

    Just walk out on her and never return.

    The western dating market is already 100% contaminated.

    I won’t be shocked if the eastern dating market becomes influened by their contamination within the next 20 years due to higher divorce rates in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia etc.

    The best countries for thinking black men to get divorced where women can’t take half of assets are in Eastern Europe and Islamic nations in middle east, including Asia.

    This information is crucial of many options where a thinking brother can actually find love out of Eastern Europe.

    I don’t want to risk marrying.

    I would rather just cohabitate with a white girlfriend.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I still wouldn’t say that the Western dating market is 100% contaminated, however I would say that at this point it’s so dysfunctional that it really isn’t worth getting involved in.

      I’ll always stand by the same principles I’ve been stating for the longest, marriage in the West is a no no and any man who is still seeking marriage should only do so in countries where he cannot be shafted by the court system if Satan eventually gets into the woman’s head.

  6. Black men did not engineer the racist social pathologies of western societies. It is not their responsibility to fix them. Likewise, black men did not engineer the pathological self-loathing of the black female. And it is not their responsibility to fix this. It is not in their power to fix any of these.

    What black men can do is to stop simping. This is totally within their power to do.

    When black men simp to the scraggle daggle, they feed her emotional pathologies, they perpetuate western pathological mutant feminism, and they do grievous harm to themselves.

    No black man worth a damn would even take this woman seriously, sporting duck lips, fake nose, plastic body parts, hair weave, industrial make up, talons, and an emotionally disturbed attitude.

    Any black man who would take her seriously is an irretrievable blue pilled black male simp.

    1. AmericanBlackMan,

      You continue to highlight the blue pilled simp as the major catalyst behind delusional females such as the above and you’re always on point every time you do so. The blue pilled simp is the main reason why plastic, cake-faced sirens have become so brazen, haughty and arrogant in their approach to dating.

      Their delusions of grandeur could easily be overthrown overnight if these spineless simps would simply grow a backbone and not placate or pander to the delusional expectations of these modern day females.

      Most of these mentally challenged Western females are going to have to learn the hard way about humility and accepting reality for what it actually is.

  7. SYSBM: TGI Friday was great.
    White sugar honey: The one in Wembley Park is the best one there.
    SYSBM: Money Cultural is from Brent.
    White Sugar Honey: I know that.

    Right, I have now plenty of women being entitled. There are so many women that think they are entitled of something of something. This entitlement. I don’t know where it’s coming from because I’m from Brent, North West London. All I see is weed men selling weed on the streets, people going to work, single mothers raising kids on their own, black men getting stopped by police, cops rolling by, people getting murdered on an occasional basis.

    There are more and more women acting like this. Remember the list of women that wouldn’t go on a date? Cheesecake Factory is on the list. I heard that the Cheesecake factory is not a one-dollar menu. When I saw the food, I was like how much that cost especially the cheesecake. Some of these places are not cheap. So, I really don’t know why they get upset if a man is taking them to the Cheesecake Factory.

    If you’re a man and you are taking a woman to the Cheesecake Factory or TGI Friday, if a woman is not happy and she wants to go somewhere else which is expensive, that’s got to tell you something about her.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


  8. The sad thing is, looking the way she does, she’ll have no problem finding a beauty-starved “I LuB MaH bLaCk qUeEnS” simp who will happily cave in to her demands, if she hasn’t already.

    Other than that, not much more need be said on this one. These entitled 304s unwittingly keep making SYSBM and Passport Bros recruitment videos, lol.

    Happy Friday night to you gents.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      That’s been the main theme in my response comments here, the blue pilled simps will always be willing to step up and give her what she’s looking for, they are the main reason why these plastic, freakish looking whores are able to continue wallowing in their delusions of grandeur mudhole.

  9. Looks HIDEOUS, as if someone punched her lips and they became swollen. If Black women are naturally beautiful, then why get lip injections if the African-descended race has the fullest lips on the planet? If Black women are God’s gift to the world, then why show cleavage…wouldn’t a holy God take offense at being misrepresented? If Black women are so confident, why sew or glue Asian hair on your head?

    Fellas take note, if a woman has TALONS/CLAWS for fingernails, she does NOT cook!

    1. Come on, quit lying, this lady is far from hideous. We can criticize this woman without pretending she’s ugly. To be fair I can see a high maintenance chick like her making these demands rather than a hard 3 which is most often the case lol.

      I do agree that a woman with ghetto claws/talons does not cook, she doesn’t type, so clerical job is out of the question, she doesn’t carry groceries, I even question how they wipe their ass.

    2. Longtime Lurker wrote:
      “If Black women are naturally beautiful, then why get lip injections if the African-descended race has the fullest lips on the planet? If Black women are God’s gift to the world, then why show cleavage…wouldn’t a holy God take offense at being misrepresented? If Black women are so confident, why sew or glue Asian hair on your head?”

      Robert Mugarbe use to say if God cannot please BW, then what make the man can. His quote is based on when god make BW natural beauty godly, the BW did not like it so they change it, from the hair to the toe with fake surgery, weaves and the whole nine. This was based in Africa standard of beauty and Robert spotted this.

    3. Longtime Lurker,

      This silicone/rubber based female above is all about thirst trapping dudes as well as getting more of them to jump into her inbox. As far as I’m concerned Western women for the majority part just aren’t worth the trouble anymore.

      They don’t bring any qualities of value to the table yet they want so much fronted off the bat. As commenter Schadenfreude stated, long fake fingernails also means that she cannot wipe her buttcrack properly after a taking a dump, yuck.

  10. Every time I see or hear one of these aesthetically altered broads talk like this, I can just feel in my bones that SYSBM and Passport Bros gained more recruits in their ranks; that projected single and childless rate for Western women may just become a reality faster than we think if these harridans keep it up.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I keep on saying that most black women are going to learn the hard way when it comes to constantly throwing black men under the bus. The same goes for the overwhelming majority of Western women, they’ll have to feel the rod of correction in response to their beyond ridiculous expectations of random men they don’t know.

    2. “Every time I see or hear one of these aesthetically altered broads talk like this, I can just feel in my bones that SYSBM and Passport Bros gained more recruits in their ranks; that projected single and childless rate for Western women may just become a reality faster than we think if these harridans keep it up.”

      48% of western women will be SINGLE and CHILDLESS by 2030 is the estimate. Even if EVERY black female got married, there would be 2 million left over. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving demographic if you ask me, bunch of misandrist dykes. Men are waking up to the bullsh*t, especially productive, respectable Black Men. Invest in Purina cat and dog food and get rich.

  11. Verbs, and everyone else that’s gonna read this comment, I’m just gonna keep it gangsta for you guys. Chicks like her in that video and in America: The only date they’re good for is the bedroom. That’s it. These chicks don’t know how to date. A lot of these American Women have lost their damn mind demanding expensive dates, when the majority of them are walking around the USA looking like porno bimbos. Verbs man, I hope you tackle an article one day about that list these modern women made (mainly the BW) that they refuse to go on a first date with, and the list they made of men having no business dating because that right there shows how hot headed these American women are. The American Women are on some bullshit man. No wonder why American dude are saying fuck this shit.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Western women have really lost their marbles, by so so far they’re NOT the same quality of women our grandfathers and great grandfathers had access to, yet these delusional heifers foolishly believe that they’re still entitled to be “courted” in a traditional manner, smh.

      As for that foolish list that I believe the Cheesecake Factory black harriet drafted up, I posted the list and talked about it briefly a few Open Mic Wednesdays ago but I may come back to it in the future and take a deeper dive.

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