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Whenever there is any contention amongst black men, you can pretty much guarantee that in the overwhelming majority of cases, a black female is at the centre of the problem.

Notice how the black siren immediately ducked out and ran for cover as soon as the dude started shooting up the spot, so much for black women being so called “strong”.

This is why I have to laugh whenever these black sirens claim to have the backs of black men as so many black men have lost their lives because of the mouths, actions or both of black females.

I’m not sorry when I say that I don’t see white and other non black men exchanging gun fire over women, it just doesn’t happen.

Reason 569,984,987 as to why black men with sense and intelligence need to abandon black women as well as the hellhole they have spawned called “da communitah”.

Two black men lost their lives at the hands of a psycho blue pilled black male simp over a black female or something related to her, what a waste.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. The police have seen the footage and now the guy is in prison because of a black female.

    Women in the west can easily get away with murder compare to men.

    At this rate, no man should be seeking quality stargates in this list of Anglo saxon nations.

    Northern Ireland
    British channel islands (Guernsey, Isle of Man, New Jersey)
    British overseas territories of Gibraltar
    British virgin islands in Caribbean
    Republic of Ireland
    New Zealand.

    I would add this infomation to the sysbm tenants.

    I had to leave the UK to seek a white girlfriend where English ain’t the national language.

    1. Can someone give me a link to the case Verbs put up above? (Did it happen in the UK or the U.S.?) I found the video absolutely disturbing and felt bad for the 2 men gunned down. Morale #1: Never bring a knife or SCISSORS to a gunfight.

      1. Never-mind, as Money Cultural said, it happened in Brooklyn NY, so I found it easily.

        1. Thanks, I repeat, it was disturbing on multiple fronts. So many children living in that apartment and many of them weren’t even HIS biological children! No wonder it was noisy. 4 years of kids running around above you & a body-builder who probably walked around with lead feet. No wonder the guy snapped. (not condoning the killing though)

    2. Wittexton Witwijf,

      I’d have to throw in the rest of Western Europe as well, let’s not pretend that the women in related countries aren’t as problematic. Maybe slightly better than those in UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but none the less they can and often do pull fast ones using the Western court system to “upgrade” themselves.

      Let’s not forget that Spanish female who attempted to pull a fast one on her ex husband/football player Hakimi but fortunately her plan backfired because the guy wisely put most of his money and assets in his mother’s name:

      Central and Eastern European women are the better bet because unlike the West, the countries in those regions do NOT reward women for walking away from marriages.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The above video reconfirms the reason why I avoid black women because I don’t want to get killed and lose my life. I want to live at least to 90 years old in 2072.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. I’m not getting caught up in a black siren’s beef and drama.

  3. Yeah, I heard about this. I saw the video clip on Twitter which that platform have gone dark. I wanna know if the police caught him yet. The man took out a nine and start firing at the two black men which are now dead.

    I know that there black men that have are six feet under all because of a woman. Most of the time we have seen black men fighting for a woman’s love and affection. And the result is one goes to jail, the other goes to hell and the woman is getting her punany soaked inside by Rapid Fire Rasta.

    We have two men lying dead on the floor and the man is goanna do a life sentence all for a woman. Lord have mercy.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women. They are looking for them with firearms too!


  4. Someone sent me this half hour commentary video the other week of a married black woman arguing, yelling and getting in the face of some Hebrew Israelites in front of her husband and child. It is definitely an interesting listen and you’ll see why I posted it and how it’s relevant to the topic at hand:

    I’ve seen white women act like this as well, true, but you know where the kweens are concerned every negative female trait is multiplied 50x. I can only imagine how she’d treat her husband if he was a brother.

    This same behaviour is why they keep getting their backsides clobbered or locked up when they go to other countries. Because of their own actions, no one believes them or cares anymore. Of course, the go to excuse is always racism. But funny how as black men, we’re going to those same countries and not having these problems for the most part. In fact, the tide is turning and more people are finally starting to see what brothas have been saying the whole time as Dennis Spurling recently pointed out.

    The peril these KKKeishas have put countless black men in because of their lack of respect, tact, social intelligence and situational awareness is staggering. Every feminine, submissive woman knows you don’t confront men, you let your husband/boyfriend handle the situation if it’s that serious.

    Needless to say, as SYSBM we already know our stance when it comes to these harridans and the rest of the useless communitah.

  5. That killa man was just shot by police Wednesday morning. The body-builder man that was shot outside the apartment with his “son” wasn’t even the 27-year old’s biological father! He was playing stepfather to the youth. So he was living with a woman who had children from a previous relationship!

    Verbs, when I saw the names in the story, I realized how dysfunctional the family is. Listen to this, the woman’s name is Marie Delill, she is from Haiti. Her son who was killed is named Chinwai Mode, which sounds West African. The stepfather who was killed was Haitian but playing stepfather. The 10-year old girl who witnessed the shooting is named Nhallayah Lister and the sister of the 27-year old. And OTHER CHILDREN live in that same apartment! No wonder the killer neighbor complained about noise!

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I don’t know what was said between that man and the stragg, but the guy who came out of the apartment wielding scissors is just as mindless; also, note how as soon as that man jumped in, the guy decided to pull his gun and shoot both of the men in the hallway. Just senseless all around; in other news, an LA model was found in her fridge with her wrists and ankles bound. Telling from the details of the discovery of her body, could she be another casualty of Swirl Mountain?

    1. Yup if I had to guess, I’d say she’s another Swirl Mountain casualty. Her ghetto gaggers session got out of hand.

      “When I start dating white men, just know I tried my hardest with you coloreds.”

      Another one bites the dust. Oh well, not my issue.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’m of the same thought process as yourself and commenter Schadenfreude, looking at the circumstances the possibility of her being taken out by Major Sleet is very high indeed.

  7. UK Black Lives Matter activist will be jailed 2½ years for embezzling charity funds! The picture of Xahra Saleem shows a *HEFTY* sized black woman with dusty weave.

    She made a total of 2,512 payments over a 15-month period, buying herself an iPhone, iMac, clothes, beauty treatments, and spending £5,080 on Uber EATS. She spent £5,080 on Uber Eats but spent the other £31,000 on other luxuries…no doubt including the beauty salon!

    She lived in the Bristol district. Again, Black Lives *DO* Matter but the movement has been hijacked by scraggs!

    1. This is what these black hippos mean when they say they be “on the frontlines” for murdered Black Men lol. Over 5000 quid on UberEats alone, fat lives matter.

    2. Longtime Lurker,

      My position has always been that SOME black lives matter, not all because there are a lot of black folks engaging in detrimental behaviour not only against their own folks but also against those outside of black society as well.

      As for the fat witch Saleem, she got off lightly. Had that been a black man that judge would’ve have put him away for at least 7 years plus.

      This is yet another example illustrating how most women(especially black females)have no self control whenever they have access to somebody else’s money.

      She just couldn’t keep Jezebel locked up in her confinement, she had to let the witch loose, smh.

      The judge also said:

      “You do not set out to defraud anyone”

      I don’t believe that for a second, I reckon she set out to raise that money for herself from the beginning and believed she could get away with not handing any of it over.

  8. Gentlemen,

    These are the 12 Gauge Mikes and Slim Sauce type young Negroes that we have here in the UK, always up to no good and then want to fight with security when they get caught trying to steal or engaging in some other foolishness. The security guard has to saluted to the maximum, beat them up first and ask questions later. This incident took place over a year ago at Westfield Shopping Center Stratford, UK brothers will know it well.

    PS. Whenever incidents like this occur, typically there is always a stupid woman in the background shouting her mouth off believing she knows what’s going on and what’s best, smh:

    1. Verbs2015,

      The Westfield in Stratford is a known gang hangout. All the ignorant trash love to flock there. That’s Wasteman Wayne, Crack-Vial Craig and Roadman Ronnie territory. There’s never a week that goes by without some kind of fuckery going on, which is why I’ve been avoiding that place for years now. I only go to the Westfield in White City because it’s bigger, classier and has a much better and safer crowd. I can’t imagine taking a date or family to Stratford. It’s a nice shopping centre, but they’ve turned it to shit. Of course, when something happens to one of them because of their own stupidity, the “black community” will start to hold marches and protests and blame white supremacy SMH.

      Sad to say, the mandem just don’t know how to act. This is the reason why a lot of the clubs in black dominated areas back in the day got shut down and they won’t let groups of brothers in certain clubs – like what happened with Lamar Berko the other week. Yeah, there’s a racist element to it, but we don’t exactly have the best reputation because of fools like these.

      We can argue about generalisations and talk about drunken groups of white men who “do it too”, but as I keep pointing out, we live in a white dominated country and don’t always have the luxury of being seen as individuals. It is what it is.

      1. SYSBM Forever,

        The atmosphere in the Westfield at White City is so many times better than the one in Stratford. I haven’t been the Westfield at Stratford for a very long time because as you pointed out, there are too many “what blud, what fam, what, what, what” Negroes hawking around ready to start trouble if you so much as innocently glance in their direction.

        The uncomfortable truth is black folks with sense and intelligence deliberately avoid riff raff Negroes because the scum don’t know how to conduct themselves orderly in public. The amount of times I’ve been mean mugged by one of these chopper wielding street loiters, I really have to wonder how those dudes can live their lives in constant war mode, smh.

    2. Security was killin’ it with the head-butts lol. And yes it’s always some daggle chimping out in the background in these kinds of videos. And as per usual they’re busy defending Slim Sauce and Field Mouse “What are you doinnngggg” smdh.

      Single daggles and their progeny are an international problem.

    3. I didn’t hear about this and I have been to the Westfield in Stratford and the man bruk them, blud! The guy headbutt that!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women are 10 toes down when it comes to the fulfillment of their contractual obligations towards the State to keep black men and black society flat on their faces for eternity in exchange for government treats, benefits, assistance etc. Black women are 10 toes down when it comes down to the murdering of unborn children in the womb. Black women are 10 toes down when it comes to shafting black men especially through the police and the Western court system. Enough said.

    1. JD,

      I’ve moved this to the last Open Mic Wednesday. These divestors are a bunch of knuckleheads, they think they’re scoring brownie points with their white lord and saviour General Blizzard, meanwhile he’s the one calling them monkeys, coons, n****s, darkies etc and they still lap that verbal abuse up like the useful idiots they are, smh.

  9. I know this is off-topic, but I wanted to get your take on a kenyan woman from Twitter spewing divestor rhetoric about nigerian men at the link I attached ?

  10. So this utterly repulsive demographic we’ve been cursed with for counterparts are up in arms over this:

    I was watching it confused wondering what went over my head that’s causing the controversy (apart from the interracial element). Reading some of the tweets, apparently it’s because he’s not doing all kinds of backflips and cartwheels in relation to discussing his marriage to Adele and wants to keep their life private. To my understanding, he was there to promote a book of his, but they brought up his marriage to her. So now, it’s open season on black men calling us everything from mediocre and average at best – of course other women never have an issue with our supposed mediocrity.

    You ever notice as black men, some people feel threatened when you’re quiet, laid back, don’t care for being on front street and just get on with it? This is especially true of “our” women, particularly when you’re in a relationship and they can’t stick their noses in.

    As a black man, you’re not allowed to be a private person, so when you don’t give them any ammunition or window of opportunity to control you or get in your business, they HATE that – so now you’re “weird” or “hiding something”, whatever bullshit they wanna come up with. SMH.


    1. More shaming babble, it’s what the gossiping hyenas are good at. It’s none of their business anyway. Smart man, keeping his relationship airtight. Most negroes start cooning out at the first sign of a camera. An elevated gent for sure repping on the world stage with a fine-ass woman. This is what SYSBM is all about.

      You notice how Adele and Rebel Wilson both lost weight and look good, but we get Lizzo and Precious. White people as a collective do not allow fat white hoes to represent them in mass media, but the liberal jeaux gatekeepers who control media push fat black mammies down our throats.

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