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We Know The Real Reason – Stop The Cap!

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Gentlemen, don’t be fooled by the wild propaganda and old wives tales Western women are spreading through the airwaves talking about maturing and wanting to “find themselves” as to one of the main reasons why so many of them are getting divorced in their 30’s.

This issue is not a complex one once you understand the nature of the overwhelming majority of Western females and how they operate.

Whenever Western women talk about wanting to “find themselves”, what they really mean is a strong desire to release Jezebel from her confinement so they can be carefree sluts and whores according to their feminist drive as well as social media directive.

Again, peep the contrast, you don’t hear women from non Westernised nations talking about wanting to “find themselves”, they instead focus on finding a man, building a strong family and sustaining it for life.

Non Westernised women have their priorities in order, they put the family first, even if they have a career ongoing or one shortly to commence, having a family will always remain at the top of the “to do” list.

On the flip side, just take a look at large swaths of Western women, they have a stable situation(marriage, family, security etc) but because of their greed and selfish nature, they seek to move themselves into a position of instability just so that they can scratch that carnal itch.

I’ll keep on saying it till the cows come home, most Western women have turned into hedonistic, superficial, materialistic savages who are only living for the moment and who are constantly on the prowl for that next instant gratification fix.

Instant Gratification Boulevard is a never ending path of pleasure seeking and enjoyment often times leading you to sacrifice your moral compass, standards, ethics, integrity, dignity and self respect in order to keep the high going and unfortunately many women in the West have now been suckered into living in this fashion.

The truth is in 2023 most Western women are NOT WIFE MATERIAL, marriage should NEVER be offered to them. We’re observing in real time what happens when men put matrimony on the table for women who simply aren’t built for long term commitment ie to be normal, stable wives.

Gentlemen, that passport has become very important now more than ever. Additionally, SYSBM™ hasn’t just become a case of saving ourselves from the modern day black siren, we’re now faced with navigating through so many non black females who have also become contaminated with the women’s empowerment doctrine and gynocentric philosophy.

This is why I suggest if possible finding your quality stargate abroad in a non Westernised country, KEEPING HER ABROAD and NEVER bringing her to the West unless it’s for a short term visit.

I’m still all for marriage however ONLY if you reside in a country where in the event of a separation/divorce, you won’t be taken to the cleaners. Marriage in the West most certainly is a NO NO.

Brothers remember, marriage is a TRADITIONAL CUSTOM, therefore women who are NOT traditional should NEVER have it offered or given to them.

Men for the most part have remained traditional, Western women on the other hand have thrown away their traditional values and customs, this is why divorce is so sky high in the West with women initiating the vast majority of them.

Prolific Western divorce rates have NOTHING to do with men “not growing” and everything to do with women evolving into mutated, unrecognisable creatures who are no longer compatible with traditional customs, marriage being one of them.

Feminism and especially social media both have ruined most Western women. Stay safe out here gents, as always keep your heads on a swivel and watch your six. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Western Females Never Fail With The Garbage They Spew Trying To Justify Dysfunctional Behaviour

Most High Bless

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22 thoughts on “We Know The Real Reason – Stop The Cap!

  1. What a load of bollocks! Western women in their 30s are too young to have been told all the things she’s saying, we’re not living in the 1910s.

    The fact is, men and women are NOT equals. Never have been, never will be. We each play a role that complements the other once we come together. For all these debates, podcasts etc, it’s all actually very simple. The problem is people just make things way more complicated than they need to be, so now everything is a total mess. Men don’t even wanna approach women anymore because of all the risks that come with it, let alone get married. What used to be a basic, normal process between men and women that worked for literally thousands of years has turned into something weird.

    Honestly, I dread to think what a total clown show the western world will be 20 years from now.

    My only hope is that other countries don’t allow this malarkey to spread to their societies or else humanity is done.


    1. SYSBM Forever,

      If we just go along with what’s she’s saying regarding men telling women what to to back in the day, weren’t the women back then of better quality compared to today? Exactly, from the modern day we can clearly see that women need to be prevented from “finding themselves” because whenever they do, they turn into hedonistic whores, sluts and radical feminists.

      When was the last time you came across a woman who claimed to be on the journey of “finding herself”, engaging in constructive, wholesome, non degenerative activities, I’ll wait?

      This is why the Most High put men as the head of women, he knew exactly what would happen if the woman was given a free reign(exactly what we see happening in Western society today).

      The bottom line is most women are not the brightest bulbs on the tree, they’re too easily influenced to engage in activities that are detrimental to themselves especially if they are purely pleasure based.

  2. Allowing women to be themselves is allowing women to have power over men in relationships.

    This is very dangerous because women can get away with murder easier than men in the west.

    This is very dangerous because women are competing against other women that is only based on looks.

    This is very dangerous because it allows women to break up family units and become single mums/moms.

    This is very dangerous because it allows women to get away with emotional abuse and physical abuse.

    White women are falling from grace in Anglo Saxon.

    I’ve given my number to a white girl from Czech Republic.

    She has plans of going to Uni.

    I might visit Czech Republic in future.

    1. Wittexton Witwijf,

      The best white females reside in Central and Eastern Europe hands down, I hope things do go well with that Czech female. Indeed, women must never be allowed find themselves because in most cases they turn into the worst individuals imaginable.

      This is the reason why men have been put in charge of women, women always spiral into the pit of degeneration, reprobation and filth whenever they’re given a free reign of the yard unsupervised.

      Women should NEVER be over men, this is why I have to look at these dating coaches with a side eye because they encourage men to conform to female dysfunction which automatically makes them subordinate to women, smh.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why western marriages are failing and the divorce rate is so high because western women want to have lots of sex with different men so that they can try and relive their sexual prime years (18 to 30) riding the cock carousel which will have devistating consequences to their marriages to their husbands. I would love to get married to the right childfree woman to have my own nuclear family with but now I am not even sure if I want to get married because I don’t want to have a divorce against my name because I feel that I have failed as a man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Unfortunately marriage in the West has to be rejected because women here have been given too much power and as a result are incentivised to get divorced before the marriage is out of the gate. The governments of the West getting involved in marriage affairs unfortunately sparked the end of Western marriages.

      Only get married in a non Western country where there are no laws stacked against you in the event that Satan gets into the woman’s head.

      Most women in the West stay providing village bicycle services which is why they aren’t entitled to or qualify for marriage or any long term relationships. #SYSBM

  4. “Changing and growing” = Chad-chasing, girl’s trips and riding the cock carousel, funded by alimony and child support.

    Black women ain’t been shit since day aught, that’s long been established. But now even suburban Becky is racing to the bottom. The West is cooked and feminism (and social media and dating apps) is leading these hoes down the primrose path.

    I’ve said before anywhere that English is the first language is the testing ground for these social engineering psyops. You have to literally leave the West to find any kind of decent female these days.

    This woman is full of shit.

    These bishes are recreational use only, if that.


    1. Schadenfreude,

      Like I said above, I’ve yet to come across a case of a woman “finding herself” engaging in constructive, meaningful, wholesome, non degenerate activities/behaviours, nearly always women who venture down the “I’m finding myself” path turn into unbridled, hedonistic whores, sluts and feminists.

      The bottom line is women need to be protected from themselves, that’s the truth that very few if any women care to admit.

      I remember a video I came across a while back where a black female actually admitted that women in general are evil, she was 100% spot on:

  5. SYSBM: Feeling tired.
    White Sugar Honey: Me too. Come rest with me!

    The real reason why marriages are failing because that the western women just want to ride different types of cock from 18 to 30. As you look at these streets, there are nothing but hoes and sluts who want to sleep around.

    There was a video from Tommy Sotomayor 10 years ago and there was a clip of woman talking to her man on the phone. She was sitting down on a next man wood and the man ramming it when she was on the phone talking to her man. and there were two more guys sitting down waiting for their turn. Lord have mercy!

    I was goanna say more but no way. The passport bro movement is growing because men especially black men are going to the passport office and getting their passports so they can leave out of dodge without thinking. And women who are bitter are mad at this including the simps.

    I do believe in marriage but the thing is that some of the men are not marrying western women because they are not wife martial.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non-black women.


    1. Money Cultural wrote:
      “There was a video from Tommy Sotomayor 10 years ago and there was a clip of woman talking to her man on the phone. She was sitting down on a next man wood and the man ramming it when she was on the phone talking to her man. and there were two more guys sitting down waiting for their turn. Lord have mercy!”

      I remeber that clip and I cannot find that clip ever since.

      Let me explain to the SYSBM bros here about this clip:
      If I am correct, this was a clip was basically showing this 304 in the club, I think it was in the toilet if I remember.
      She was having a phone conversation with her boyfriend whist she was getting banged (bendover) by the thug.
      The boyfriend was asking what was that noise as he heard her arousal? Her response was ‘nothing’.

      I am not sure about the fate of her boyfriend or now-ex when he saw the video from World Star Hip Hop.

  6. My, my, my, this lady capped so hard, she nearly put Lids out of business! Did you notice the gesture she was making with her hand? The one where she touched the tips of all 5 fingers together to a point? When you see a woman make that hand gesture, best believe she’s about to spout off some nonsense; on top of that, she doesn’t even look like she believes what’s coming out of her own mouth! According to her TikTok page, she’s a life coach; listening to her, I couldn’t help but notice she has the same MO as your typical dating coach: she paints women as victims of male ineptitude to properly be “real men”, so every problem women have is due to something men did wrong, therefore men need to change who they are to gain her cooperation. Does that sound familiar? She also makes men sound manipulative, narcissistic, and abusive to their wives. It’s also very funny how she talks about the way things were “back then” as if she lived through those times; what woman in her 30s today is being told to shut up and sit down at the expense of her not having an identity? If that were the case, we shouldn’t have any self proclaimed “boss bitches” running around today; don’t be fooled, women aren’t divorcing men to find themselves and their voice. They divorce their husbands to ride the cock carousel!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The bottom line here is men in general need to stop entertaining and making adjustments to accommodate Western female foolishness and nonsense for the fear of having their sexual access revoked if they don’t continue pandering and placating to them.

      The Western female is completely lost, the powers that be who have manipulated her into listening to bad advise are laughing all the way to the bank and will continue to profit as said female trundles downhill even further.

      The black female is the worst of the bunch, she is the one who is the most lost in oblivion(being the most prideful and stubborn)because she thinks she knows it all and totally refuses to listen to the advice of sound minded black men.

      Western women at this stage have turned into a complete joke and a laughingstock, they simply need to be abandoned and left to stew, marinate, crash and burn in their own failures.

  7. Men think the world, females feel the world. Divorce is a business which benefits the state and the greed of females who sign that business contract.

    1. G1,

      Real talk, divorce is an evil business that most Western women have no problems partaking in because of their greedy, evil hearts. This is one of the main reasons why marriage in the West MUST be rejected at all costs.

  8. Women being told sit down and quiet? Women that are 60’s 50’s sure but, women in their 30’s no way.

    1. Mslet,

      We’d have to admit that the women who were told to sit down and be quiet were of a much better quality than these free range, unbridled Western harpies who are walking the streets today.

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